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Partings always felt sad.

Although it’s better to think that “parting means meeting again”, it’s only for a bit. The longer she stayed at home, the more reluctant she was to leave. Fortunately…she’s not alone.

As the vehicle drove away, Yi Shao, who deliberately asked for leave to see her off, returned home and sighed while looking at the extremely quiet room. There were the snacks he bought for her the previous two days on the table.

He walked over and opened the wooden box that he hadn’t seen before, and found a square jade pendant on it. The carved pattern on it was… Xiao Ti?

There was also a note next to it with three big characters—— present to brother.

Yi Shao drew up the red thread holding the jade pendant with his fingers, raised his brow slightly, then softly hmphed: “I’ll count you kid as an acquaintance.”

When he’s in a better mood, he turned to clean up his sister’s room, but unexpectedly found another box beside the pillow with a string of wooden bead bracelets. The message Xiao Ti left him was definitely not “present to brother” but the detailed functions of this bracelet and so on.

Yi Shao smiled and put the bracelet on his left hand, looked back and forth many times before carefully stuffing it into his sleeve. Of course, the work of his baby sister must be cherished.

Life after returning home was the same as before. Although she was a little uncomfortable at first, she soon got back on track.

Thinking back, her life was quite fulfilling, such as the flower shop (although there’s basically no business), refining medicine (why was it that they buy while dismissing the name of her medicine), and making comics and animation (great Aggregate had recently started being lazy again), playing games (yes, she’s a new generation of internet-addicted youth), breathing exercises and taking care of plants (why is her main job at the end) and so on…

During this period, after removing all the seeds she found, she also helped Xue Ye’s grandfather heal the “knee pain” he’d had for many years. The consultation fee he paid was a very gorgeous inlaid emerald. It’s in a box and inside was… the Pope’s round hat.

That’s right, it’s the same little round hat that caused him a sword to the knee.

Yi Ti didn’t know how to complain. For some people, this thing might be invaluable, but for her… hehe!

Anyway, she really wanted to smash the other knee of this “old but not senior looking shota” (Yi Ti felt that this description was full of contradictions!). Fortunately, she held it back in time.

Of course, apart from these, her life would occassionally have a little upset.

For example, Lu Kong came to borrow money again…

For example, people from the Special Department came to ask for some treatment…

For example, several other plant cultivators came to learn from each other…

Before she knew it, Yi Ti could be considered “part” of the circle now. But occasionally, she would go out for a walk with Cecil. After seeing the beautiful scenery on top of the snow-capped mountain, she was no longer a simple die-hard otaku, she’s half otaku!

She also heard Cecil say that she could buy teleporters in the plane trader. As long as she set a few points she wanted to teleport to, she could go back and forth freely. Although the price was slightly… cough, there’s hope. It’s still manageable. Therefore, in addition to the holographic online games, Yi Ti took it as her second goal.

As for the newly-made potion, she methodically hung it on the trader, traded it with points, and then bought energy cubes that Cecil needed and the things she was interested in. On this day, Yi Ti finally——

“Xiao Ti, my energy had finally recovered to a certain critical point.”

——got some news that surprised her.



Yi Ti thought for a while then asked: “That means you have a new mimicry again?”

“Yes.” Cecil nodded, looking at her expectantly, “want to see?”

“Of course!” She was very interested in this!

He glanced around, but suddenly said: “Space is not enough.”

“…huh?” Yi Ti was stunned, not enough s-space? How big is this mimicry?

Before she could think about it, someone’s hair was already dancing, and the furniture in the living room was moved to a position against the wall. The center suddenly became empty. After that, Cecil used his hair to lift up his girlfriend, and his whole body turned into a pool of liquid then merged into…

Yi Ti: “…” I-isn’t this…

“Xiao Ti, I’m letting go.”

“Ah? Wait…kyah!

The hair that changed back to the shape of a tentacle suddenly loosened around her waist. She fell from the air and into the warm and soft…blue water bed.

Yi Ti: “…” There really is a water bed mimicry! She thought he was just joking!

Actually, Cecil’s mimicry was really not a waterbed, just similar to it, and in this state, he would have a very strong defense. Of course, he couldn’t remember this at all now, he just wanted to make her smile and happier.

Yi Ti laid on her soft “boyfriend”, feeling that this scene was truly incredible.

But…it’s really soft and comfortable, she didn’t want to get up at all.

A few tentacles stretched out and swayed slightly in front of Yi Ti’s eyes as if they wanted to play with her. She stretched out her hand and grabbed one of them, saying as she tugged: “This mimicry is really interesting. By the way, what’s your real body like?”

“My real body?” Cecil tilted his head and thought. He then picked up a pen and paper with his tentacles, drew a little bit, and handed it to Yi Ti, “it’s like this.”

Yi Ti took the paper and looked at it: “O-octopus?”

Cecil: “…” TAT

“Well, it’s just a bit like it, just a bit… cough cough cough.” She must be crazy when she thought the picture was beautiful.

She originally thought that his current look was just a mimicry, but she didn’t expect it to be real. His body was actually a bit like a mermaid with his upper body completely human, yes, his current appearance. The blue hair and blue eyes were also real. But the lower body was not a fishtail but many blue tentacles. In the same way, there’s a faint fluorescent light around his whole person.

“I don’t know when I can see you like this.” Yi Ti turned over and laid on Cecil’s body, resting her chin in one hand and holding the paper in the other, speaking with emotion.

“I think it shouldn’t be too long.”

“Huh? What did you say?” The intermediate energy bars seemed to be gradually running out, and the advanced energy bars were too expensive.

“I think,” Cecil said, “maybe we can start space travel earlier.”

“Ah?” Yi Ti sat up and asked with wide eyes, “What’s the situation?”

After Cecil’s explanation, it was like this. When he landed on Earth, the spacecraft did have a problem. At that time, he took it back into his space to prevent it from causing trouble to the people on Earth. After meeting Yi Ti and gradually gaining energy, he checked again and found that the problem was not very serious, so he had been trying to repair it which was almost done.

Once it’s over, it meant they could embark on their “space journey” in advance.

The water bed gradually melted and turned into a handsome young man again. His long blue hair with a faint fluorescent light entangled her gently. His eyes, like a deep-sea bed, looked at her deeply as he softly asked, “Xiao Ti, would you like to go with me?”

Yi Ti’s breathing stopped for a moment, and then a smile slowly appeared from the corner of her mouth. She said——

“Not willing!”

The smile on the young man’s face froze: “…huh?” Didn’t you agree that we’ll go together? TAT

“Unless you put on your clothes first!!!”

It’s too perverted to say such things naked, okay?!

And more importantly——

“You have to get my brother’s consent first.”

“Okay, then we’ll go back home to get married.”

“…please don’t say such things like your making lunch, thank you very much!”

Because her life was far from over.

His too.

So, they could still write more beautiful and wonderful stories. It might not be known to others but it did exist.

This was also a kind of happiness.

Translator’s Notes:

This is the last chapter of the main story. The following chapters would be side stories.

Alien 166: Spring Festival* For Three
Alien 168: Because It's Brother

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