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Alien 165: Meet the Parents Together
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Although many people came to the graveyard today, the cemetery still seemed very quiet. Sometimes, the voices of ignorant children would rise up, and quickly go down under the reminders or scolding of adults.

Even if they’re not sensible, they intuitively know that this was not the place to mess around.

Although only a few times a year, Yi Ti felt that she could walk to that place with her eyes closed, because the impression left on her was so deep, especially… the first time she came.

Don’t know if he felt it, but Yi Shao, who was carrying the offerings, thought of this too. At that time, Xiao Ti was holding the cold tombstone and refused to let go. The cry from her little chest that time, he remembered clearly to this day. In the blink of an eye, she’s already grown up.

There were so many things that time could take away.

However, it’s not necessarily all bad. At least now, she would no longer cry to the point where it hurts like before.

The two siblings had already kept in mind the various steps of visiting the grave, and Cecil had also been informed in advance. Because it’s not allowed to burn paper offerings or set off firecrackers here, the three of them didn’t bring these things. After they carefully cleaned the tombstone and its vicinity, they arranged the offerings they brought and knelt down together.

After a while, Yi Shao, with his hands folded, opened his eyes first, kowtowed seriously, then stood up. He looked at the couple whose eyes were still closed and turned to leave.

Almost at the same time, Yi Ti opened her eyes. She knew that her brother had deliberately left them a chance to speak alone. She gazed at the tombstones with nostalgia. Through the cold stone, she saw the distant past and saw the couple that could only be seen in photos now—— her parents.

She softly said: “Dad, mom…”

She had a lot to tell them.

During this period of time, she had met many people and things compared to before. For example, becoming a spiritual plant cultivator, inheriting a flower shop, and…meeting Cecil.

She told everything in detail.

But in fact, she knew that they should have left here long ago. Because she could now see ghosts, so if her parents were here, how could she not see them? However, this was also good.

Although she really wanted to see them again, it’s not a good thing for their souls to stay in the land of the living forcibly.

After a long time, she raised her elbow and pulled the young man next to her: “Hurry up and call them.”

“Dad, mom.”

“…we’re not married yet!”

“Um, uncle, auntie.”

“This is who I told you about, Cecil.” Yi Ti said, “Although he’s a bit dull, he treats me very well, and I…like him.” At this point, she blushed quietly.

Thinking back, she didn’t often say such things.

“I also like Xiao Ti very much, so uncle and auntie, please feel free to give her to me. I will take good care of her.”

“…” Idiot, you don’t know who’s taking care of whom.

Then, the two of them spoke in turns.

A long time passed just like this.

Until there was nothing more to say, Yi Ti reluctantly looked at the photo on the tombstone and stood up, her knees a little stiff from kneeling too long. But it didn’t matter because the person beside her had already firmly supported her and would never let her fall.

In this position, she naturally took his hand, and then the two walked back just like this.

Not far away, Yi Shao, who was waiting quietly, saw their posture. He slightly raised a brow but didn’t say anything, just walked quickly to the car, unlocked the doors, and turned on the air conditioner inside. Then he handed the hand warmer prepared in advance to the backseat: “Warm your hands.”

“En.” Yi Ti nodded. In fact, she wasn’t too cold, but she still accepted it.

“Go, let’s go home.”

“…en.” For some reason, Yi Ti’s nose was suddenly sore, but she nodded vigorously, “let’s go home.”

After returning home, the three prepared a Chinese New Year dinner.

Although it’s called “dinner”, they didn’t actually eat at night. Almost all were eaten in the afternoon. According to the “Yi Family Customs”, the whole family had to cook this meal together. In previous years, Yi Shao was the chef, and Yi Ti was the assistant. This year, Yi Shao was still the chef, but the Yi Ti’s throne as the assistant was forcibly taken away by Cecil.

But if they based it on cooking skills, this was quite reasonable.

Cough, even so, Yi Ti also had some specialties, such as meatballs.

Hers was rounder than her brother!

But it’s not comparable to a certain jelly alien who had a cheat.

Yi Ti liked to eat meatballs, so in addition to meat, there were radish, lotus root, glutinous rice, and shrimp inside. After frying, it was so fragrant that she couldn’t help but steal one. She was often almost full before she started, so Yi Shao would always beat her hand with chopsticks.

In fact, she could easily escape the chopsticks now, but… she didn’t want to. Because after being beaten by her brother, as long as she pretended to be in pain, he would immediately stuff her with some meatballs to eat.

The city had banned setting firecrackers since a few years ago. Although it’s somewhat lacking in the atmosphere, it’s undoubtedly a policy for air pollution, noise pollution, and safety, so not many people opposed it. However, the creativity of the masses was unlimited. Not allowed? They can! Let’s set off a firecracker recording!

As a result, the three of them could hear a lot of firecrackers in the house and felt that the year was complete.

With this feeling, Yi Ti ate dinner until full. Yi Shao also ate well, and Cecil, who didn’t need to eat, also ate some curiously.

After dinner and cleaning up a little, the three of them played “Huge Universe” together for a while, and there were quite a few people online, probably because Cecil organized a Spring Festival event. Among other things, just a Spring Festival limited edition mecha and professional suit were enough to interest many people. And these didn’t need to be bought in RMB but instead exchanged for “year beast fragments” dropped by unique monsters that only appeared in the universe during the Spring Festival.

Although they had a good time, they quit the game together and walked to the sofa at 8 o’clock, watching the Spring Festival Gala while stuffing their feet on a warmer and a fruit box placed on the quilt covering their legs.

“This year’s show is not good.”

“Yes, it’s not as good as last year.”

“There are too many dance numbers.”

“The comedic events look good.”

“It’s getting worse year after year.”

Hearing the siblings’ discussion, Cecil was surprised and asked them curiously: “Then why do you still want to watch?”

Hmm, why?

Probably because of this feeling.

The feelings from generations ago.

Many people had the illusion that on the last day of the lunar year, the Spring Festival would be gone soon. Yi Ti also felt that way. In the blink of an eye, her brother was about to start working again. And then, the OVA version of “The Shame of Online Games” was about to be released.

Although she’d watched it countless times, watching it at home was completely different from watching it in the cinema, so she resolutely bought three tickets.

The screening day happened to be the eighth day of the first lunar month, which was also the last day of Yi Shao’s holiday. Yi Ti bought tickets for the afternoon show. Although she had anticipated that there might be a large audience, when she actually arrived, she was still shocked. Anyway, there were too many people…

And not only young people but also parents or old people with children. Yi Ti suddenly felt a strong sense of accomplishment after watching this scene. And this scene was happening one after another in theaters across the country.

The first day of the OVA release was a hit!

In addition, the audience’s response was consistent praises. In the interviews with reporters, many audiences said that “the plot is good, the animation is good, the music is good” although some people still said the opposite. However, as long as this type of person appeared, they’d be beaten back by the others.

Almost at the same time, pirated copies appeared on various forums abroad, but as we all knew, these things shot in the theater were generally poor quality and mixed with shaking and noise. So many foreign audiences enviously shouted——

“When can I see the original version!”

“I just got the news, our theater may introduce it!”

“I have already bought a plane ticket to China, and I plan to watch it eight times in a row before coming back!”

Wei Feng smiled happily.

Especially the big boss, thinking that this was really a good start and would definitely sweep away the bad luck at the end of last year! It’s not in vain that he took great pains to participate in various activities to make it be released during the Spring Festival. At that time, some people laughed at him for being stupid. Let’s see who’s stupid now!

He immediately decided!

This OVA could be done several times.

They must at least have one a year!

Once he hit this board, Formaldehyde was helpless. The editor had always hoped that the author would update more and finish soon. As a result, he had to hope that Aggregate would write slower now and strive to make it last a few years to keep up with the big boss’ “once a year” plan.

And, to be honest, it’s useless for the big boss to make a decision. The initiative was not in their hands.

After all, they’re just the agent.

He could see that after getting along in this period of time, the two seemed to have no strong desire for money, so he didn’t expect them to be moved by this stuff. It’s not scientific! So although many people were jealous of him, he’s actually not worried at all. it could be said that as long as he didn’t make a mistake, no one could pull him off. Because he had long seen that it was useless to lure the two of them with tricks, only feelings could be used. Having said that, maybe he did think so at first, but now, it seemed that the two were indeed good friends.

Talking about feelings, with no real feelings between each other, how could they talk?

Then he got good news. XiaoTian didn’t seem to reject the words of the big boss, but the premise was… Aggregate, this guy, was willing to write the script. How to make a slacker be serious about writing was a problem.

And Yi Ti didn’t really lie. As a reader, she really looked forward to having more OVAs like this one. Of course, that’s for later.

At present, she’s in no mood to think about this, because the annual holiday was about to pass, and she…

should also go back.

Translator’s Notes:

*春节, Chūnjié, Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

Alien 165: Meet the Parents Together
Alien 167: Go Back Home To Get Married

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