Alien 173: Marrying Brother (1)

Alien 172: Yi Family's Morning
Alien 174: Marrying Brother (2)

Chapter 173: Marrying Brother (1) (non-relatives)

Yi Shao knew an incredible secret.

That’s when he was eight years old, and also a year after he knew he had a sister.

He remembered that it was late at night, and he somehow woke up. When he turned on the bedside lamp and sat up, the little girl beside him was still asleep, breathing lightly, and her small chest moving up and down. The rhythm was very steady. He stretched out his hand and gently touched her head, adjusting the somewhat messy bangs before jumping out of the bed, putting on slippers and walking out.

When he passed by his parent’s room, he heard a voice coming from inside.

This was originally a very normal thing, and Yi Shao wouldn’t care about it, but don’t know whether it’s fate or coincidence, when he was returning to his room after drinking water, he heard the words “Xiao Ti”.

Xiao Ti, his sister’s name.

He walked to the door sneakily and then heard…

“Xiao Shao really liked Xiao Ti, and he protects her tightly. I was worried that he would reject Xiao Ti, but now it seems that I’ve been thinking too much.”

“It’s his sister, how could he not like her?”

“That’s true. But.. if he knows that Xiao Ti is not his own sister, don’t know…”

“You’re thinking too much. The only people who know about this are you and me. How could Xiao Shao know?”

“That’s right. When he grows up, you can try to talk about it. Maybe Xiao Ti can become our child bride-in-law.”

“…let’s talk about the future later.”


His parents said something else after that but Yi Shao was not in the mood to listen. In other words, his ears “buzzed” and he couldn’t hear anything else.

When he finally reluctantly accepted this reality, he found himself in a daze, and didn’t know how he returned to his room. He sat down heavily on the side of the bed and subconsciously looked at the little girl sleeping soundly with the words “Xiao Ti is not his sister” echoing in his ears.

Xiao Ti…

Is not his sister?

This kind of thing…

Maybe noting his gaze, the little girl whose bangs were straightened out by her brother frowned slightly, rubbed her eyes and stared blankly at the dim light. Seeing the figure sitting on the bedside, she called out sleepily: “…brother?”

Yi Shao’s body slightly trembled, and his already struggling eyes became more complicated.

And as if completely awakened by her voice, she struggled to get up. Her pink bunny pajamas were wrinkled as she tilted her head and looked at him suspiciously, before asking, “Brother, why don’t you sleep?”


While talking, she held the quilt with both hands and “draped” it over her brother from behind.

Yi Shao only felt a soft little body hit his back and was tightly wrapped in a quilt. Her head rested on his shoulder, and with a “teaching” voice said: “Mom said that you will catch a cold if you don’t cover up at night. Brother, don’t catch a cold.”

Yi Shao’s heart softened instantly.

The complicated eyes also became clear again at this moment.

Is being his biological sister important?

It didn’t matter at all.

So he turned around and pushed the little sister who was holding the quilt onto the bed. She shrieked and giggled, rolled around on the bed twice then sat up and shouted, “Brother, I want more! Again!” Yi Shao covered her mouth with black lines on his head, then pushed her back again, before turning off the bedside lamp: “Sleep and go to school tomorrow.”


She rubbed against his arms and obediently closed her eyes.

With her older brother, Yi Ti always felt at ease. This was a sense of belonging she could hardly describe at this age. It’s like a bird soaring in the sky or a fish swimming in the water. She couldn’t tell what it was but it didn’t matter.

And so, life continued like this.


They lost their parents.

And then…

They held hands and finally walked out of their grief together.

And then…

They gradually started to grow up.

Yi Shao originally thought that he would treat her as his sister all his life, but it was he, who slapped himself in the face.

He was 16 that year.

Although he had received love letters from time to time since elementary school, he had never taken this matter to heart. Almost all these letters were thrown into the trash can.

Xiao Ti also knew about this. She often asked him: “Brother, among so many sisters, who do you like?”

Then he’d pinch her face.

After that, Xiao Ti, who realized that “brother likes to pinch her face after asking this”, never asked similar questions again.

Sixteen years old, just in the first year of high school, was the age of spring.

Although Yi Shao had a “reserved style”, both male and female relationships were strangely good. From time to time, his buddies in class would give him some “male treasures” and pull him to comment on which girl was the hottest or had the best figure in the class. He’d always sneer at it which always aroused anger—— “Because the girls like you so you don’t care, huh? Beat him!”

However, even though it looked like he “didn’t care”, Yi Shao, who actually had a “mensao*” inclination, had more or less realized something. For men, this understanding would more or less be accompanied by some dirty thoughts. For example… yes, just like that.

When he suddenly woke up in a sweat on a Saturday morning, his face was completely dark.

Yi Shao took a few deep breaths, calming down his still-beating heart, opened the quilt, and looked at it carefully. His face became even gloomier. With a wave of his hand, the books originally stacked on the bedside table instantly fell to the ground.

Of course, he’s not worried about the matter itself, after all, this was quite normal for boys his age. It’s just that the person in the dream…why was it Xiao Ti?

There’s something wrong with this!

Was it because the closest woman in his life was Xiao Ti?

Maybe, maybe not.

But Yi Shao decided to set the answer as “yes”, which must be true.

So he got up to wash and started…washing his clothes and sheets.

When the washing machine was almost done, Xiao Ti’s door opened and his sister, who could be called a teenager, walked out of it. After looking around, her eyes fell on him and her tone was cheerful. She shouted “brother!” then she ran over like a dexterous deer.

In summer, she always wore a nightdress at home, which he bought for her. It was probably because of this first impression that for so many years, he had always firmly believed that pink was the most suitable color for her.

Just like at this moment, her pink nightdress was dotted with white or light yellow flowers. Although the style was ordinary and conservative, it couldn’t conceal the girl’s unique youthful atmosphere and… the body that had begun to develop. He didn’t know when she’d lost the baby fat of the past. Although not too tall, she could be described as exquisitely petite. The exposed arms were white and tender, and the calves were the same, showing the beautiful curves in their growing period. Then downward were the feet that’s still as small as they were when they were young. The arches of her feet were curved, the nails rounded and tender like pink pearls, making people have the urge to touch.

With just a glance, he immediately turned his head.

There’s an indescribable panic in his actions.

Yi Shao was almost astonished to discover that Xiao Ti seemed to have grown up overnight, or rather, he had been aware of it and just pretended not to notice all this time. Until last night’s dream… this flimsy illusion was firmly broken.

In that dream, she was wearing this nightdress, which was torn apart by his own hands.

This kind of thing…

Was impossible for him.

Yi Shao thought that within a short period of time, he should no longer contact Xiao Ti until he completely forgot that absurd dream. And even though they’d started sleeping in separate rooms three years ago, she was still as close to him as before. However, she’s already a big girl so this was definitely not good.

In any case, he had to keep his distance.

His thoughts were so chaotic that he was caught off guard by her closeness.

“Brother, what are you thinking about?”

Her arms hooked his neck from behind.

Yi Shao’s body froze. He was obviously accustomed to such movements, but this time, the feeling was completely different. Through the light summer fabric, he could clearly feel her temperature and…body as she leaned in his ear to speak, wantonly spraying her warm breath.

This recognition made his blood flow speed up instantly.

His heartbeat also suddenly became intense.

He threw her away without thinking, stepped back, frowned, and said, “What are you doing?”

After being thrown away, Yi Ti took a few steps back and almost fell to the ground as she staggered. Yi Shao almost rushed up to help, but fortunately, she stabilized her body in time, looked at him with a puzzled face, then carefully and hesitantly asked, “Brother…what’s wrong with you?”

Yi Shao turned his head again, almost embarrassingly, as he turned off the washing machine and replied indifferently, “It’s nothing.” Looking at her being timid like this, his determination seemed to collapse instantly no matter how much he gathered it.

Until he took the dried clothes and returned to his room. He was about to make breakfast when she suddenly raised her head while sitting on the sofa and hesitantly said, “brother…I have something to tell you…” She then fisted her hands.

“What’s the matter?” He sat across from her without thinking. Even if he wanted to keep his distance… listening to his sister’s troubles was something a brother must do. Anything that bothered her shouldn’t exist.

Under his gaze, she blushed and her body shrank slightly, then whispered, “Brother, can you take me to buy clothes?”

“…buy clothes?” If it’s just this, how could she have such a reaction?

Under his doubtful eyes, her face turned red and she stammered as she fiddled with her fingers, “Xiao Xi said that all girls in the class are beginning to wear underwear, and her mother will also take her to buy it this week, so…”

Yi Shao: “…”

His gaze slowly fell to her chest, and some complicated images reappeared in his mind, then he felt something warm on his nose.

He hurriedly covered his nose, but facing her puzzled gaze, he was embarrassed and stood up suddenly: “That’s your business, don’t look for me.”

After speaking, he stood up, turned, and left.

He froze in place because of her soft sob.

Even if he didn’t look back, he could still imagine her now. She must have curled into a ball, rubbing her eyes with both hands, and tears running down her cheeks unstoppably. He then heard her choked voice say, “Brother, why are you angry at me?”

“…” No, he was actually angry at himself.

Wu…I know I’m wrong, so please don’t ignore me, okay?”

When she started crying, her voice was quiet, like a kitten forced to wean, making people feel distressed.

He almost turned around to hug her and coax her softly, even agree to any request. But reason finally defeated the impulse as he lifted his foot with all his strength, and thus left the crying girl behind him.

Translator’s Notes:

*mensao: I think this is self-explanatory already for the veteran readers out there. It’s sort of like a tsundere? or a yandere? Uhm, anyway, it’s like cold on the outside and warm/passionate on the inside.

Just had this thought. Yi Shao was 16 and four years older, so Yi Ti was freaking 12 years old. Riiiiiight…

Alien 172: Yi Family's Morning
Alien 174: Marrying Brother (2)

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