Alien 4: The Secret in the House

Alien 3: She has a little secret
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Yi Ti almost put the tentacle into the bowl only to find something was wrong, so she hurriedly loosened the chopsticks. After carefully observing for a while, she extended a finger and cautiously poked Cecil, “What happened?”

“Do not worry, I just accepted too much information at once.”

“… …” This guy is really not plugged in ah. However, thanks to the previous cookie event, Cecil’s current credit limit in Yi Ti’s mind is negative, so she asked for reassurance, “Is there really no problem?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m just…confused by the flow of information…there’s no medicine called meng…need to sort it out…”

Yi Ti: “… …” Hey, is this guy really okay? I can’t be fine with this.

Fortunately, after she finished eating and washing the bowl before returning to the living room, Cecil finally returned to normal, whether in shape or in his manner of speech. After that, he sincerely admitted his mistake and realized that he had underestimated Earth people’s ability to create “information junk”, and will be more cautious next time he does such a thing.

Yi Ti just wanted to say – next time? And, Earth is already black enough!

After some more worrying, the morning had almost been used up.

Yi Ti still has no plans to open the shop today, but instead, put her focus on a key.

After she had received the legacy of the elder, she got all the keys to the house. But after checking out the property, she noticed that one of the keys didn’t fit any of the doors or locks. It couldn’t be a junk key though because it felt very smooth, and like something that is often used.

“Is that the key to that room?”

Yi Ti looked at Cecil in surprise, “Room?” Which room?

“Yesterday I gathered all the information about the house, but only this one was locked. Are you going to open it now?”

“Where is it?”

“Under your bedroom.”


A basement?

Yi Ti realized that this seemingly ordinary house might be like her, hiding a secret. Because normal houses had absolutely no need for such things, right?

She had the impulse to go find out.

With Cecil’s help, she quickly found a loose floor tile and was able to easily lift it up. But at this time, she suddenly thought that since the room is underground, then it should be a secret place. Generally, so-called secret places have always been exclusive. Although she had inherited the house, it might be the secret basement of the elder. Is she even qualified to know?

“It’s an eight-digit password lock.”

Yi Ti looked down and found that in front of her, there really was a keypad. Looking at the keys, the password should be a set of numbers and letters. She suddenly had speculation in her heart. If….if she could guess the code, it means she was allowed to enter. If not, then she’d give up on the idea of snooping around.

Thinking so, she took a deep breath and entered “yiti0703”, which was the pinyin of her name and the date of her first and only encounter with the elder.

A soft “click” sounded after. The lock should be open.

At the same time, a small keyhole appeared in front of her eyes.

Yi Ti felt reassured, this is indeed one of the valuable assets left by the elder. Just, what could it be?

She inserted the key in her hand and gently twisted it. Suddenly, a handle popped from the bottom of the keypad. Yi Ti grabbed it and slightly pulled. The seemingly heavy floor spontaneously and silently lifted, revealing a ladder leading all the way down.

Unlike what is often seen in the movies, the lights below also turned on as soon as the door opened, it looked very well lit down there.

Yi Ti thought about it then handed the key to the jelly alien next to her, “Cecil, can you do me a favor?”

“Yes,” the slime alien agreed without hesitation.

“If I accidentally touch something down there and the door closed, I’ll have to trouble you to reopen the door.”

Cecil wrapped the key in his tentacles and replied earnestly, “Okay.”

Although the other person still looks so soft and slippery, Yi Ti always feels he looks very reliable, so she went down with peace of mind.

Besides, she does not think there is any danger below.

After walking down the ladder, and taking a few steps, a brown door appeared in front of Yi Ti. It was somewhat different from the normal doors. There’s no handle or keyholes, but it had a white stone ball in the center.


She has seen this.

Once she reached that thing, she rapidly recovered the memory associated with it.

Yi Ti remembered it very clearly. On that day, the elder had gone to the back of the shop and asked her to have a look around. Because it was raining so hard, she stayed for a while. At that time, she inadvertently found the stone ball on a table with flowers. Curious, she reached out and picked it up. But she didn’t expect that as soon as she did, the ball let out a very dazzling green light. It scared her so badly that she dropped the ball.

Fortunately, it did not fall to the ground but slipped into her purse.

But even so, it scared her terribly. As she secretly scolded herself for “having a cheap hand”, she stealthily put it back in place. Unexpectedly, she turned around and found the elder staring at her. The cup in their hand was slightly tilted and water spilled on the ground.

At that time, she apologized so much that she ignored some details.

Now that she thought about it, the elder was watching her with eyes that were really not quite right, surprised…joyful…excited…a lot of emotions intertwined together, so much so that she didn’t even notice that her shoes were soaking wet.

After that, the elder seemed to want to say something. But since she felt awkward, she was in a hurry to leave. However, before leaving, the other party meaningfully told her——

“If you have time, do you want to try planting flowers? I think you are very talented.”

She was startled at that time because she had never told anyone about her ability. How did the other party know about it?

Now that it came to this……

What the old man said might not be the same thing as what she thought.

In that case, the way to open the door is obvious.

Yi Ti only needed to……

Put her hand on it.

Yi Ti looked down at her palm. She suddenly had a kind of premonition. Once she did this, her life may change forever, from the original ordinary route all the way to an unknown direction.

Did she really want to do this?

Hesitating, she suddenly felt something touch her back. Turning around, Yi Ti saw a tentacle poking at her back with a piece of paper written with a few words——

[Are you ok?]

She smiled.

Indeed, from the moment she met Cecil, her life had changed.

Although she had lived in the “everyday” world, and also thought of not having a relationship with Cecil, it already happened. Perhaps her soft-heartedness was at work, but on the other hand, she had been so ordinary … … No, because she had been so ordinary, deep down she may have been longing for something “extraordinary” or maybe, she hoped that she’s a little different from everyone else.

Simply put, it turns out that she also had a mild chuunibyou disease, but it seemed like she found out too late.

However, there’s no need to hesitate.

Yi Ti took a deep breath and shouted back, “I’m fine”. Then she raised her hand to touch the cold stone ball.

Green light burst out like last time, and the door opened.

In front of her was a very ancient stone chamber. The surrounding walls and floors were paved with large blocks of stones, all of which showed a pattern of black and white and looked very special. At least until today, Yi Ti had never seen such a stone. In the center of the stone chamber was a straw futon, that looked like it had been used often.

On the futon were a letter and a crescent-shaped black stone. The envelope had words written on it——Dear Yi Ti.

Yi Ti picked up the letter addressed to herself, looked at it carefully, and then she read something very incredible.

The elder named “Xu Xiuying” was not an average person, and in her words, she was a spiritual plant cultivator. The so-called “spiritual plant cultivator”, as the name suggests is very good at cultivating a variety of plants containing auras. Also, they can extract ingredients from these plants and produce a variety of concoctions with different magical effects. Although these medications may have similar effects as medicinal herbs, it doesn’t contain “erysipelas (medicine)”, in short, taking it as medicine will cause damage to the human body.

There aren’t many people with this kind of talent; therefore, the status of spiritual plant cultivators has been very aloof.

This talent seems to be related to blood. In short, if the parents are spiritual practitioners, the child’s probability of having that talent is relatively high. And Xu family, from ancient times, has produced several high-level spiritual masters as well as endless intermediate and low-level spiritual masters. They can be described as prosperous. But as time went by, the world’s aura gradually decreased, and the spiritual plants containing aura gradually became extinct. Naturally, the Xu family steadily declined. In the elder’s generation, she was the only one with talent left.

And Yi Ti also has this talent, this is evidenced by the green light that came out of the spiritual stone that had been handed down in her family.

In other words –

She is born to be a spiritual plant cultivator.

Alien 3: She has a little secret
Alien 5: Spiritual Plant Cultivator's Inheritance

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