Alien 5: Spiritual Plant Cultivator’s Inheritance

Alien 4: The Secret in the House
Alien 6: The Second Encounter

“Spiritual plant cultivator…”

Yi Ti carefully chewed these strange words. She really liked to read novels, so she’d seen many with similar words. However, a novel is a novel, after all. She never thought that one day, those words would really appear in reality.

And, in connection to her.

Truly incredible.

She shook her head, throwing away all these distractions, and put her energy back into the letter.

After discovering her talent as a spiritual plant cultivator, the young her studied the books left by her ancestors and devoted herself to this incredible world. She walked this path for so many years that she didn’t get married. Until she entered old age and felt that her life was about to come to an end, only then did she realized that she needed a descendant, a disciple.

However, there are just too few gifted people.

Until she met a child named Yi Ti.

But by then, it was too late.

Among the books left by her ancestors, there are indeed prescriptions for prolonging life. However, it’s hard to make bricks without straw. Even with a prescription, if she couldn’t find the related herbs, it didn’t matter.

Having said that, the elder mentioned that when she was young, she found something during her travels——that is, the seemingly ordinary black stone. In the elder’s words, this is actually a “dongtian”. If Yi Ti understood correctly, it should be a kind of space.

The space inside the stone was about a hundred square meters in size and was filled with Aura that was so lacking in the world. Also, the flow of time was different inside the stone, staying inside for an hour is only one second outside. When she was young, she got it in an expedition and signed a contract with it. Initially, there were only empty spiritual fields and a mouthful of spiritual spring. After testing, she found that the soil and water inside would be ineffective once brought to the real world. Also, apart from the owner and the plants, other living things could not enter dongtian. For this restriction, the elder speculated that this involved the law of the dongtian and didn’t look deeply into it.

Later, she began to practice the breathing method and the cultivation of herbs left by her ancestors. There’s a considerable growth rate when the herbs are grown in the spiritual fields and supplemented by the space’s Aura. With it, the elder decided to restore the legacy of her ancestors and also developed a lot of new drugs according to the actual situation. Although she was very talented in blending herbs, unfortunately, her talent for cultivation was limited, so she always remained at the level of Primary Spiritual Plant Cultivator.

However, the usefulness of dongtian was also very limited.

As the saying goes, you can’t make bricks without straw. Even if it could grow incredible plants, extinct herbs are extinct. With no seed or seedlings, everything is just empty talk. Don’t even mention the legendary medicinal herbs that can help with cultivation, almost none can be found. When she found out that her life is coming to an end, although the elder’s herb collection is just a bit worse, she hesitated to try to adjust the recipe.

She still had to give it a try because if she succeeded, she could live a little more, but if she failed, she’d only die a few days in advance.

Although the letter did not say so, Yi Ti couldn’t help but feel that her appearance had made the elder more determined. So, she tried, but unfortunately…it ended in failure.

Therefore, she’s standing here right now.

Finally, the elder said this——

[Child, you are far more talented than me. When I was tested, the spirit stone only gave off a dim glow, whereas the light you emitted was much more dazzling than mine.]

[Having said so much, I don’t plan on forcing you to accept my inheritance. In your life, you have the right to choose, please rely on your own will to decide whether to accept it. No matter what choice you make, I wish you’ll be safe and sound.]

[Finally, I would like to remind you that the existence of the paradise must not be revealed to anyone. Wealthy interests will only lead to terrible danger.]

[Also, if you need help, you can go to someone nearby called Liang Chen. For my sake, he will definitely lend you a helping hand.]

”Liang Chen?” What a strange name, it’s homophonic with “good times”. Moreover, “person”, is it a woman or a man?

Yi Ti mulled over the words while she picked up the piece of black stone. In the letter, the elder said that after her death, her contract with this paradise would be lifted, and reminded her that it would be best to accept the dongtian. On the one hand, there are many high-value herbs inside. On the other hand, it’s very convenient to carry a space that can hold objects.

But if Yi Ti accepted the paradise, it represented her intention to inherit the heritage of spiritual plant cultivators.

Do I want to be a spiritual plant cultivator?

Yi Ti asked herself, and finally got to the conclusion——

She wanted to give it a try.

So, according to the method taught by the elder, she formed a contract with the stone. Almost at the same time, she felt a mysterious connection between herself and it. Then, following what she learned, she tentatively reached out to the stone that floated in the air after signing the contract and thought “come here” in her mind.

The next moment, she felt a slight pain in her wrist, and it turned into a crescent-shaped black pattern branded on her skin.

After that, Yi Ti entered it.

Her feet were near the spiritual spring, and, apart from what appeared to be a spectacular herb field, there were books on shelves not far from her, and a series of items related to pharmacy, all of which were the valuable legacy left by the elder.

However, it’s not suitable to start now. She suddenly learned so much information making her unable to calm down in a short time. Moreover, this is her first time breathing in a lot of Aura.

After looking for a bit, Yi Ti returned to reality and was shocked by what she saw.

For no reason, the whole room was packed with Cecil’s outstretched tentacles.

That’s right, packed!

”What do you want to do, ah?” As soon as that sentence came out, numerous tentacles wrapped around her and Yi Ti angrily thought. So, is this guy finally wanted to improve his diet?

”You’re back.” The soft jelly alien raised his head, watching the Yi Ti raised high by himself, his tone full of surprise and relief.


”You just disappeared,” Cecil said as he carefully set her down. The tentacles wrapped around her loosened but were not completely removed. Instead, he asked, “Will you disappear again if I let you go?”

”……” This guy…so he was worried about her. Yi Ti remembered his worried tone and her thoughts just now. She suddenly felt a little ashamed. Slightly embarrassed, she told him, “Sorry, I let you worry.”

”Will you disappear?” he repeated the previous question as if the answer was very important.

”Are you afraid of me disappearing?”

”I had information that once an Earthling vanished from the world, it means disappearing forever. And disappearing forever is equivalent to death.” Cecil asked earnestly, “I do not want to see my friend die, will you die?“

”What are you talking about?” Yi Ti could not help laughing, “I am human, of course, I will die.” Immortality is for evil spirits, okay?


”Ah, of course,” Yi Yi said quickly, “Definitely not now! I think it’s going to be a long, long time from now…well, after you’ve replenished your energy and returned home, come back to see me and don’t forget to bring me a gift from outer space.“

”You really won’t die now?”

”Of course.” To increase the credibility of what she said, Yi Ti nodded.

She thought that the other person would pursue it and considered whether to explain the general situation to Cecil. Because Cecil’s five senses are so powerful, he sensed that she disappeared, and immediately rushed over. You have to know, she only stayed in the space for a few minutes, and that time converted to the real world meant she disappeared by a few tenths of a second. Besides, this alien had a high-tech atmosphere so he shouldn’t covet the dongtian stone, this kind of thing, right?

However, he just happily said, “Great!” Perhaps because he was too happy, when he spoke, he actually lifted Yi Ti again.

Yi Ti was 囧, are they playing the upsy-daisy game? She was not a child……However, some people (speaking of which, the alien claimed himself as a “person” right? It’s not polite to subconsciously call it a jelly pudding ah) were only concerned about their own happiness. So she smiled and patted Cecil’s head, “Thank you for worrying about me.”

The next second, Yi Ti suddenly started to feel hot.

This was certainly not her body temperature rising, but those tentacles wrapped around her……

This guy was still shy?

”Hey, do you want to make me a barbecue?”

The alien’s pudding-like body trembled and immediately put Yi Ti on the ground, then quickly retracted all its tentacles. But almost at the same time, his whole body went limp, turning into a big soft cake.

Yi Ti was shocked, “What happened to you?”

”Do not worry, I just consumed some energy. I’ll recover it in a while.”

”……” Do not worry? Of course, she will, after all, it’s all because of her.

Unfortunately, this situation seemed to be more severe than the last time. Yi Ti waited for quite a long time, and Cecil only recovered to a small extent, looking like melting ice cream. In the end, she can only pick it up, (no, it is a he! Say, Cecil, should be a man, right?) thinking about going out.

”*whoosh whoosh*——“

”……” Hey! Don’t just arbitrarily decide to raise your body temperature and then melt again!

Really, you’re like this just by being hugged? There should be a limit to how shy you can be right?


dongtian: 洞天, dòngtiān – paradise, heavenly or beautiful place, fairyland. I just used the pinyin since using paradise or fairyland is awkward.

Alien 4: The Secret in the House
Alien 6: The Second Encounter

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