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Alien 61: You're A Master

Scenes like this happened in succession in several parts of this vast country.

But Yi Ti, who caused all this, was unaware. Naturally, since she only came in contact with this world after her master’s death, she didn’t know what kind of “bloody rain style” the old woman had set off in her youth, so much so that even when her master had been “missing for years”, there were still many people who “didn’t forget” about her——they all thought that even if they couldn’t approach the teacher, at least their child could learn from her apprentice.

Fortunately, Yi Ti didn’t know that so many people wanted her to “talk about life”. Otherwise, she would have run away in tears.

After registration, Yi Ti looked at the “Hero List” which was the mission area. She found that the posts in it could be described as “vast as the open sea (idiom, extensive)”, but the posts here forbids any reply. If someone was interested in the task, they had to use the chat software provided in the forum to chat privately with the poster. Once you decided to accept the task, the title of the post would be edited by the poster with a red font of “Accepted”. If completed, it would become “completed” then thrown into the nonpublic area by the moderators.

Because she’s just a black iron member, Yi Ti could only browse the black iron level or those posts meant for all members.

“It’s so much……” Yi Ti exclaimed, feeling dizzy.

Black Iron Mission】Recently quarreled with my brother, asking for a thug to help me punch him.

Bronze Mission】Asking a senior Feng Shui master, those who can afford to come here.

Silver Mission】There seems to be strange beasts in the mountains where I live recently, seeking a good monster catcher.

Bronze Mission】Need to be accompanied by a bronze level cultivator, the price can be discussed in detail.

Open Mission】Hundred Ways Altar had long sought from colleagues in the cultivation community for a variety of fresh ingredients. Please view the price list. If you have a treasure, you can increase the price moderately.


In general, black iron, bronze and open missions were the most common. Silver could be seen often, but gold was too rare. Besides, this was not something that ordinary people could take on. As for diamond, this was a “lifetime” task for everyone.

“Xiao Ti, click here.” Cecil held out his finger, tapping on the selective filter in the upper right corner.

“Oh, oh.” Yi Ti nodded, then arranged it by permission. Although the number of posts was much less, it’s still quite a lot. She looked a little impatient and leaned in unconsciously: “I’m dizzy……”

“……” The young man was careful not to overreact. He secretly glanced at the woman leaning on his shoulder with a faint blush on his face, eyes darting left and right.


“I-I’ll help you!”

“……is it okay?” Yi Ti didn’t look at him.


Saying so, a hair of Cecil suddenly fluttered and plugged into the USB port of the laptop.

Yi Ti: “……” Although she knew that his hair was different from ordinary humans, this was too much of a cheat, right? This guy wasn’t actually from the Sutahnna Star, he’s from plug-in star, right?

“What kind of mission does Xiao Ti want to accept?”

“Hmm, ” Yi Ti thought about it then replied, “It has to do with potions. I’m a Plant Cultivator after all.” Although according to her current strength, it might be fine to take on some tasks that require the use of force, she really didn’t like this type.


“So fast.” Yi Ti glanced at the screen. Sure enough, there were only some potion related posts left, “Any recommendations?”

“As far as your needs are concerned, this is the most suitable.” Cecil opened a post.

Yi Ti found it was a Black Iron mission. In short, the son of a rich man whom the poster knew lost his blood since he was a child……(omitted a hundred words description)and was seeking healing medicine. The other side was just asking for a potion, and the reason it was just a black iron mission was because the rich guy could only pay for that much. After all, for the cultivators, money was no longer an urgent need. They needed rare materials or herbs more. Forum coins were also popular because it could be used as a reward for tasks and also in “Treasure Garden” where you could use it to buy required items or to participate in auctions.

So any task that use forum currency as a reward or part of the reward was usually favored. In the end, these bounty posts have a gold coin sign on them which was easy to distinguish from other posts.

The details of this post ended with huge red letters——the rich man is stupid enough to spend a lot of money, come on! ! !

Yi Ti: “……” Hey, hey, is it really okay to say that? But she had to say, it really made her a bit emotional. What’s wrong with people stupidly spending money? Hehehe, it’s the type she likes!

What she didn’t know was that the post publisher was actually in an awkward position——

“Hey? Old Li.” Brushing the posts in the mission area, Xiang TianHua sighed as he answered the phone and for the 101st time, repeated words of comfort, “En, no one has answered yet.”

“When will it be available?” The voice of a middle aged man came from his mobile phone, “ShuCheng is hospitalized again.”

“Don’t worry, sooner or later there will be.”

“Can you hurry it up? I know that for someone as old as you, he is like your son. My wife said just now, if he had an accident, she doesn’t want to live anymore!”

“……don’t worry. Hold on. It’s really impossible. Isn’t it possible for you to get medicinal herbs?”

After comforting him with a few more words, Xiang TianHua hung up with a sigh.

Although many medicinal materials were now cultivated on a large scale, the demand for wild herbs was still increasing. The more the economy developed and the more steps humans take, such things were more and more lost.

The medicine that could cure Li ShuCheng was rare right now. Everyone wanted to use it for themselves or to trade for other rare things. Who would be willing to exchange it for money?

But he couldn’t help it. 40 year old Li and Xiang TianHua were old classmates who went to junior high school together. During their studies, they helped each other a lot. The two met again in recent years and after Li PengBin knew Xiang TianHua’s “real identity”, he asked him for such a thing. Old Xiang once went to see Li ShuCheng. The child had suffered too much blood loss and might not last more than five years.

He wanted to help, but he knew it himself, Li ShuChen’s illness was too serious. Even if they got precious medicine, it might not be able to cure and at best, just delay it.

It’s a pity that even for this kind of delaying medicine, it seemed that money couldn’t be exchanged.

Xiang TianHua sighed again, reaching out to edit the post. There’s no way around it, it seemed like he could only use the forum coins he accumulated over the years to offer a reward.

Just as he was about to enter a reward amount, the chat window from the forum suddenly popped up.

Orange Grape Juice: Are you there?

TianLi ZhaoZhao: I’m here.

Xiang TianHua was a little excited. This was the first person to contact him in a few days, but when he clicked on the other person’s personal information, he was given a bucket of cold water.

Newbie, a thorough novice.

Black Iron member, just registered, never completed any tasks.

But he thought again, it was probably a newcomer who didn’t understand the “rules”. Why else would they exchange precious herbs for money?

As he was thinking, the other party spoke again.

Orange Grape Juice: I have a bottle of potion here, it should be able to treat the disease you described.

According to the other party’s description, Yi Ti remembered a bottle of “培元, Pei Yuan” which should be useful for this disease. It just so happened that she also had the medicinal herbs on hand.

Xiang TianHua: “……” Con man! A don’t worry, it’s all taken care of scam!

In fact, it’s not surprising that she got such a response from Xiang Tian Hua. Just imagine, while playing games, a new level 1 gamer comes to you and says, “I have a level 99 artifact”. Normal people would not believe it.

He was helpless. He really didn’t expect that there were still guys who dare to lie to Hundred Ways Altar these years. It should be known that because registration was through recommendation, it meant that at least one person knew his(her) true identity. Once someone complained and after investigating the situation, the consequences were really serious.

As an old bird, and an old bird in a bad mood, Xiang TianHua felt that he must educate this rookie.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Are you new?

Orange Grape Juice: En.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Have you read the rules?

Orange Grape Juice: Seen it.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Then you should know that what you’re doing right now has very serious consequences.

Yi Ti: “……” Serious consequences?

She thought about it, then turned a slightly crying face toward the young man next to her: “He thought I was a liar? ……Why is your expression a little strange?”


Because something was in her heart, Yi Ti didn’t care about his answer and just turned to focus on chatting with the other person. Then an alien quietly sighed. After waiting a little bit, he moved little by little, approaching the woman next to him. Only until their shoulders touched each other slightly did he sigh contentedly——Xiao Ti is really warm.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Don’t do this again in the future! If someone complained, the consequences are not something you can afford.

Orange Grape Juice: ……I’m not a liar.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: I know, at least not yet.

Orange Grape Juice: ……

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Don’t do it later, okay?

Yi Ti: “……” No one believes the truth these days, it’s too sad!

Since she couldn’t convince the other party anyway, she simply said no more. Anyway, Cecil helped her screen out a lot of tasks, so it’s not necessary to hang on this tree.

At the same time, the “not fully expressed oneself” Xiang TianHua ran to “Deep Star Sea”. Since they just registered, there’s definitely a post with their name and should be available until now. He was going to see whose disciple “Orange Grape Juice” was, however, Old Xiang was inclined to think that “this is a solo cultivator who just joined the community”.

After rummaging for a while, he came up with nothing.

Xiang TianHua was wondering about when he suddenly saw that the latest reply to a post was “Orange Grape Juice” and quickly opened it. Looking at it, his whole body felt unwell!

After a long time, he reached out his hand to prop up his fallen jaw, then heard a “click”. They have connected once again.

Alien 59: Look for Orange Grape Juice*
Alien 61: You're A Master

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