Alien 59: Look for Orange Grape Juice*

Alien 58: You're Her Apprentice
Alien 60: You're A Liar

*橙汁提子, chéng zhī tí zi (orange juice grape)

These seven people were undoubtedly all leading figures in the cultivation world, the kind that could shake mountains with a wave of their hand. Because at the “diamond” level, it’s no longer possible to upgrade. In a sense, it’s a symbol of status!

They were also the most mysterious people in the Hundred Ways Altar. Although many people tried to figure out their true identity, the only clear ones were “red”, “yellow” and “blue” while the rest had different opinions.

And now, Lu Kong finally figured out another one.

“You are『Orange』’s disciple,” Lu Kong looked at the note that Yi Ti placed on the table as if it weighed more than a thousand pounds, “Kneeling to the local tyrant! Can you reward me forum coins?” Forum currency was very useful. It can be used to post tasks, buy items, and also be exchanged for cash. Of course, the last one was just being a spendthrift. Even a poor ghost like Lu Kong had never dared to do it——afraid of being strangled by his old man.

“……” Pay attention to ethics.

“It turns out『Orange』was actually that Plant Cultivator. Everyone guessed it’s 『green』 since it’s related to plants.” Lu Kong muttered, “Although I had guessed that the Plant Cultivator who took you into this world must be an amazing person, I didn’t expect your backing to be so big.”

“That Plant Cultivator……” Yi Ti seized the key points in his words, “What do you mean……aside from Master and me, there are other plant cultivators?”

“Of course.” Lu Kong nodded as he replied, “Although Plant Cultivators are rare with people of this talent having a very low probability of appearing, the advantage of us Chinese is our number. Even if an alien fell from the sky, there’s a one in five chances that our people will see it.”

Yi Ti “……” In a sense, it’s the truth.

“At present, there are four plant cultivators. However, most of them were deliberately cultivated. I imagine finding you was very troublesome, someone as wild as you……cough, I mean seeing someone you could get along with is really rare.”


“But none of these spiritual masters can match your master.”

“Is my master famous?”

“Of course!” Lu Kong said with excitement, “Almost every practitioner knows that we have a very powerful Plant Cultivator in China. Just one person could run over those bunch of domesticated ones. It’s a pity we can’t see the tail of this legendary dragon. In fact, many people guessed she was『Green』before, let me tell you……”

Yi Ti listened carefully. Although she inherited everything left by her master, she never seemed to know about her past. And in the letters left, she didn’t deliberately talk about it. In her memory, she was a gentle old woman which seemed to be a bit different from the “domineering woman” mentioned by Lu Kong, but this might not be the case. After all, a master who could leave the words “If you want to know if they’re human or monster, the best way is to beat them up.” Her domineering side leaked.

She thought that the reason why her master was stronger than other Plant Cultivators was partly because of her amazing talent in pharmacy. Just one person had created many new prescriptions based on the actual situation, unlike others who could only do nothing when faced with ancient prescriptions; In addition, she owned the precious item “DongTian”. You have to know that the Earth of today didn’t have a place with that amount of aura.

“All in all,” After lecturing for a long time, Lu Kong’s saliva almost drowned her out in his summary statement, “Only by being『Orange』’s apprentice is enough to earn confidence!” He took the cup and sipped, “Right, let’s stop talking. Lend me your computer, I’ll give you the URL.”

Yi Ti was speechless, who the hell was being so long-winded?

Just then, Cecil, who had been sitting beside her, handed the computer intently. Yi Ti saw it, frowned in surprise, then directly reverses it: “Is this the site?”

“You don’t know the URL so……huh?” Lu Kong stilled, taking a few seconds to return to his normal expression as he praised, “You’re really the lover of a Plant Cultivator……cough, little buddy, you’re really extraordinary!”

“Of course,” Yi Ti naturally expressed her pride, “My Cecil is amazing.”

The praised alien also naturally showed a cheerful expression. Glittering eyes looked at her as if saying “I’m so happy being praised by Xiao Ti.”

Lu Kong looked at the “constant PDA”. He really wanted to set them on fire! In this world, women’s aesthetics were really strange, like how this soft-tempered man was loved by her sister-in-law while the sunny, handsome, healthy and good guys like him didn’t even have female friends……sure enough, should he make a trip to Korea after he earned enough money?

Yi Ti flipped over the computer and looked carefully: “This is it?”


“What do you do now?”

“Log in to your master’s account, get a verification code, then register again. Of course, you can also use your master’s account directly. Anyway, she left it to you.”

Yi Ti thought about it then shook her head: “No, I’ll register one myself.”

“Either way is fine,” Lu Kong shrugged, “Anyway, you will definitely be able to upgrade soon since there is no shortage of medicine tasks in the mission area. I’m so anxious, I also want to be a Plant Cultivator. Yi Ti, do you think I have talent?” Of course, he’s just saying it. In fact, for a family like them, if you are really talented, you must have been raised in captivity since childhood, or else why would he be here now.

Although he said that, his character was still very good and he understood matters in key places. For example, when Yi Ti showed him the note, he didn’t even look at the password. When she logged in, he also tilted his head. But curiosity was still scratching his insides, so he desperately asked: “Cough, how many forum coins does your master have?”

“Let me see……” After Yi Ti glanced at the personal account, she turned the computer over again, “It’s so much.” Is it more or less?

Lu Kong: “……” Kneeling and holding her thigh, “Asking local tyrant for nurturing! ! !”


Just then, a light laugh came——

“After losing your money, you even abandoned your basic self-esteem? Really shameful.”

“Stinky dog, what did you say? !” Lu Kong quickly stood up then turned his head to glare.

“Whoever does it say who?”





Yi Ti held her forehead. Okay, she knew it would happen.

But in this quarrel, Liang Chen obviously had the upper hand. For no reason, “the violent tsundere still took the other because of short staff”. This was really a constant truth. Anyway, the noisy Lu Kong followed Liang Chen and left, saying that he can’t accept passive benevolence, so he decided to work in his shop to make money.

Then, that’s how he found a new job.

Only until Liang Chen lifted someone and left did Yi Ti remember that she didn’t get the chance to talk about the “Aura potion”. However, she’s not in a hurry at the moment and compared to this, she’s now more interested in this forum called “Hundred Ways Altar”.

But, she was a bit troubled with the account name.

“Cecil, what do you think my name should be?”

“Long XiaoTian?”

“……this is fine.” She’ll definitely be laughed at for life! And, this circle was different. She might be personally contacted in the future, so she must be more careful.

“『Orange』 disciple——Little orange.”

“Pfft,” Yi Ti can’t help but, “What’s with this laziness?” Then if her master was called『green』then she’ll be called『little green』? Wouldn’t that be the same as Su green cousin? But the idea seemed to be good. She thought about it, then clapped and said, “Then, my name is Orange Grape Juice (cheng zhi ti zi).” It sounded like a homonym for “Orange disciple (cheng zhi di zi)”. Ti Zi was her nickname as a student, and she also drank orange juice with tapioca.

Cough, she’s definitely not hungry!

After that, she used her master’s account to apply for an invitation code.

What she didn’t know was that in this second, many people who have permission to follow the account “Orange” have received the information, making them feel apprehensive and do the same action without prior consultation.

“Orange issued a new invitation code?”

“For the first time in so many years, who is this newcomer?”

“Is it the disciple of that woman?”

“That woman’s disciple? Did she accept an apprentice? This is really going to be a mess!”


This scene no doubt proved that Yi Ti’s master, as Lu Kong said, was indeed famous to a terrible extent. And Yi Ti, who didn’t know that she had set off a big wave, curiously browsed the forum with Cecil after successfully registering.

There are many sections in the forum, such as “Deep Starry Sea, 沉星海, chen xing hai” where newcomers report; Another one was the “Scripture Hall, 藏經閣, cáng jīng gé” where some simple methods for cultivation that could be published; Another example was “Night Chat Hall, 夜談堂, ye tan tang” which was the legendary communication area; and the last one was “Hero List, 英雄榜”, the legendary “mission area”.

Yi Ti felt that these names were really down to earth. Taking another look at the top posts, she realized this forum was “copied” from somewhere because the data wasn’t cleaned clearly. “Dear friends” became “Dear Fellow Practitioners” with many people replying below with “How are you? Find your Dao!” Even funnier was the following words which said, “Believe in science, prohibit the promotion of feudal superstition” ……so what exactly was going on here?

Very speechless, she silently ridiculed them in her mind. She first went to the “Deep Starry Sea” and tried to find the place to report. Of course, to protect herself, it’s not necessary to fill in every specific information. There are also other boxes like XX faction, XX religion, XX sect and so on……if someone accidentally entered, they would think it was a “cult concentration camp” since it felt somewhat like a concentration camp for criminals.

But, where should she report?

Yi Ti looked at it, however, there were some people who have accidentally passed by and also some unaffiliated cultivators who post independently, but……

After rummaging for a while, she was amazed to find a post from “Orange”. She saw just one line of big words——join me, I don’t lack money!

Yi Ti: “Master……” Did the old woman have such amusing moments?

Looking at the timestamp, it was almost a decade ago. It seemed that this forum was just established. Looking again, Master, her elder, also wrote “private message me” with a red underline stuck to the top. One could imagine that if it’s not forbidden to chat here, it would’ve been maxed out long ago.

She sighed, then under this extremely high CTR post, issued the first reply.

Account name: Orange Grape Juice

Invitee: Orange

Relationship: Master and disciple


When she clicked send, Yi Ti whispered in her mind: “Master, I’m coming.” Coming to the world you were in.

The long silent post finally welcomed the first response in this way.

Yi Ti naturally did not know that such a response from her created countless waves in an instant——


An old man in a Tang suit, who was playing with a tablet while lying leisurely and stylishly on a lounge chair, suddenly stood up. Because of excessive excitement, his beloved snuff bottle to the side dropped to the ground and shattered in half. He didn’t even look at it as he shouted angrily towards the young fair-skinned man who was wiping antiques: “Quick, get me Orange Grape Juice! ! !”

The young man, also dressed in a Tang suit, meticulously finished his top-down movements before calmly looking up and answering: “Don’t you hate sweets?”

“……sweets my ass! I mean look for someone! Find someone! ! !”

Another place.

An old man with white eyebrows and white beard, who seemed very kind, said to the young priest standing behind him: “Go.”

This little priest saluted respectfully: “Yes. Grandpa, I’ll go down the mountain.”

“Wait……” The old man groaned slightly, then said, “If that one is in……say hello to her.”


“No, say nothing.” The old man waved his wide sleeves, sighing slightly, “It’s not necessary.”


One more place.

An elderly man with a goatee finished drinking his instant noodles, wiped his mouth with his sleeves that almost didn’t show any color, rolled his eyes, then evilly smiled: “That woman’s disciple? Interesting, Xiao Yun, go, let’s go see it.”

The girl in white lifting a barbell at the corner tried to answer and subconsciously dropped the barbell in her hand. They only heard a “Bang!” as the floor tiles shattered instantly.

“Master, it broke again……”

The man with the goatee unconsciously clenched his hand, then sighed: “This is the 12th time you have broken the floor tiles this month, look at this living room, where is it intact?”

“……I’m sorry.”

“Forget it,” The man shook his head and sighed, “Quickly pack up. Before the landlord find it, we should retreat quickly.”

“Oh!” The girl nodded, grabbed the barbell on the ground and carried it on her shoulder as she walked across the room. When passing through the door, there was a “bang!” again and the door frame cracked completely.


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