Alien 66: All Kinds Of Knives

Alien 65: Calm Before The Storm
Alien 67: You Give Birth To A Son Soon*

On this day, after Lu Kong got up and washed up in the morning, he folded the blanket and arranged the pillows on the bed. He double-checked the room again and after making sure no hair strands were left, he took a deep breath. The reason was not only to cultivate but also because——a great devil will arrive in the evening.

After doing all this, he scratched his extremely messy hair and went out of the house. He happened to meet Yi Ti wandering out of the bathroom.

“Morning.” Yawn.

“Morning.” He also yawned.

At this moment, the two practitioners both thought——it’s a pain to get up early in the morning to cultivate!

Lu Kong said quite boldly: “Right, it’s our last morning together, so I’ll invite you to eat ravioli.”

Yi Ti couldn’t help but glance askance. The reason why this guy was so bold, was all because she lent him money! By the way, he redeemed his behavior and became complacent.

“……what’s with that disdainful look? I can definitely pay it back, trust me!”

“……” What’s with that uncertain tone?

But, since the other party intended to treat her, Yi Ti certainly didn’t object, so she shouted to the kitchen: “Cecil, no need to make breakfast, let’s go out to eat.”

“Oh.” Cecil, wearing an apron, came out of the kitchen and nodded, “Got it.” Although transformed into a human form, he was essentially different from human beings, so there’s no need to eat human food. However, to prevent Lu Kong’s suspicions, he would more or less eat these days. This behavior had no negative effects for him since it just naturally flowed out of his body afterward.

Lu Kong sincerely lamented: “Really good, ah.” Are they mocking him for not having a girlfriend? Even if not a girlfriend, a man……no, not like this!

“Then I’ll go and buy breakfast, what would you like to eat?”

After providing “order service”, Lu Kong just walked out the door and opened it while yawning.

With sleepy eyes, he seemed to see someone standing not far from the door. Probably because of the rising sun, he couldn’t see clearly. So he lazily said: “The store hasn’t opened yet, come back after ten in the morning.” After staying for a few days, he knew everything about Yi Ti’s life. However, unlike Liang Chen’s “contempt”, he was really envious! He also wanted to live this kind of lazy life! ! !

After saying this, he found that not only did the other party not leave, he instead took a step in his direction.

He put down the hand rubbing his eyes: “I said……” The words abruptly stopped.

Th-this figure is……

Under the backlight, the other party went closer and closer, and his face became clearer and clearer.

That’s the face he’d seen countless times in his sleep. Even if a lot of time had passed, the memory never faded, and instead became clearer.


It’s all nightmares! ! !

Lu Kong suddenly felt unwell all over. He really wanted to run, but his legs kept shaking, he couldn’t move. He could only watch as the other party got closer and closer……closer and closer……immediately after, that person smiled at him: “I think you should explain why you came out of my sister’s house in the early morning.”

“……ahh! ! ! ! ! ! !”

Yi Ti, who was combing Cecil’s hair in the house, heard such a scream and almost pulled on the youth’s hair. After rubbing his head to ease the pain, she frowned and said: “What the hell is that guy Lu Kong doing?” Why enact a “scream” play so early in the morning? This is the rhythm of wanting to be beaten up by the neighbors!

And Cecil, who was immersed in Yi Ti’s actions before, seemed to feel something: “Xiao Ti, he’s coming.”


“Your brother.”

“……what? ? ? ? ? ?” Didn’t he say on the phone that he’ll arrive in the evening? ? ? ? ? ?

Not good!



Similar words kept brushing in Yi Ti’s brain, so much so that she crashed. It took a long time to react……

“Lu Kong!”

Finished speaking, she hurried toward the door.

Lu Kong wouldn’t be killed by her brother, right?

No way, right? ? ?

Help, she didn’t want to see her brother in prison! ! !

“Brother, calm down for me——” Yi Ti stopped shouting.

Because when she ran to the flower shop, her elder brother was standing with his hand on a small travel bag. His clothes looked neat with no sign of any “movements”. After hearing her call, he turned his head and smiled at her, his eyes full of coddling as always. This relieved Yi Ti, it seemed that no matter what, her brother is at least not angry.(Yi Shao: Hehe, how could I be mad at Xiao Ti? Some guys who deliberately deceived her cannot be forgiven!

But then, she became worried again, because Lu Kong was holding his head with both hands and was on the ground like a turtle. He had a look of “life and death” and his body was still shaking. Listening carefully, she could hear him murmur “I really have no plans for your sister……I really have no plans for your sister……I really have no plans for your sister……”

Yi Ti: “……” How serious is this guy’s psychological shadow?

“Xiao Ti,” Yi Shao was slightly dissatisfied that his baby sister’s focus was on other people, “Don’t you see that I’m here?” Saying so, he loosened his travel bag, “unintentionally” stepped on someone’s back as he approached Yi Ti, and opened his arms.

“Brother……” Yi Ti was helpless, stepping forward and hugging her brother, “Why did you come so early?” Didn’t you say you’ll be here in the evening?

Yi Shao touched her hair, replying with a smile: “I didn’t mean to surprise you.” If not, how could I catch such a daredevil little rat?

Yi Ti: “……” Your smile is scary.

The young man picked up his sister, “weighed her”, then nodded in satisfaction: “You didn’t lose weight.”

Yi Ti: “……” Is this good news for women at all?

“Speaking of which,” Yi Shao put Yi Ti down then pointed to the pile near his feet, “Xiao Ti, when I came last time, didn’t you say you didn’t have a boyfriend?” But now I encountered him, did Xiao Ti intentionally conceal him? No matter which, there’s no excuse!

Feeling the “killing intent”, Lu Kong trembled. His tears almost flooded the flower shop.

He was wrong, he was really wrong, he should not have come to this city! ! !

“……he’s not my boyfriend.”


“Really! It’s just because he encountered difficulties, so he stayed here for the time being.”

Seeing that her brother didn’t seem to believe it, she grabbed him, went to the guest room, and pushed open the door. Although the contents were roughly packed, Lu Kong’s carry on luggage was still there which could be used as “proof”.

“Do you believe me now?”

“So what?” Yi Shao showed a kind smile to his sister, “Xiao Ti, you have to remember, I believe in you at all times.” He just didn’t believe in other mischievous men.

“……” No, you were very skeptical just now!

Yi Shao summed up his reasoning after that: “In fact, I also think you should not fancy him.” Several years have passed. Others were getting better and better, but why did this kid become worse, really not worthy of his sister!

“All said, I have nothing to do with him……” Yi Ti sighed, trying to dispel her brother’s suspicions, “And he didn’t seem to like my type, right, Lu Kong?”

After that, she found that the other party seemed to be lying down at the flower shop.

Yi Shao slightly adjusted his cuffs, calmly saying: “Come here.”

Yi Ti: “?”

Just as she wondered, she saw someone quickly run from the store and kneeled at the sacrifice of his knees: “This small one is here! ! !”

Yi Ti twitched the corners of her mouth. She just explained for this guy——he deserved to be bullied!

Lu Kong felt her despising eyes, half-sour and half joyful in his heart. The sour feeling was because she didn’t understand his pain while the joyful one was because……the more she despise him, the weaker the murderous sensation he felt!

How could Yi Ti’s brother be so powerful?

Should he say that he’s worthy of being the brother of a Plant Cultivator?

These years, every time he dreamed of the other person, he was scared, and could only comfort himself: The reason that happened was……because I’m too weak! But it’s different now. I’ve become a practitioner, a powerful practitioner who only hurts for three days even after being hit by a tank! So if they meet again, the winner must be me! I won’t be ashamed by then!

Who knew, when they met again, he didn’t even have any thought of resistance. He was completely suppressed by the opponent……

The tears in Lu Kong’s heart was already a great waterfall!

Yi Shao turned to look at him with a smile in his mouth and a knife-like gaze: “She said that my sister is not the type you like?”

“Yeah yeah!” Lu Kong nodded madly, his eyes sincere as he answered, “I like someone who had more breasts!” I am telling the truth, I swear!

Yi Ti: “……” Hey! ! !

Does B-cup women have any rights in this world? What did she get into? !

Suddenly, she was expecting her brother to beat him up, because it’s too irritating! She was so desperate to help him explain, but actually got such a return……friendship over!

Lu Kong was actually guilty in his heart: Sorry, Yi Ti, but for our future……just be patient! I will definitely repay you in the future!

He thought that such an answer would satisfy the other party, but found in horror that Yi Shao’s eyes became scarier.

“Do you mean to say, Xiao Ti is disgusting?”


Lu Kong finally found out what was wrong with him.

Yes, for a certain siscon, my sister could only despise, bully and dump people, can’t tolerate my sister being despised and bullied.

And so, he made a big taboo! ! !

He hastily struggled to survived: “Cough cough, no, Yi Ti is also very good. Ahaha, B cup is good, B cup should be proud, B cup is the average for our country! Cough cough, it’s just that I prefer C cup and above.” TAT What the hell am I saying……

Someone panicked and stabbed at Yi Ti’s chest again——I’m really sorry for being just average!

Alien 65: Calm Before The Storm
Alien 67: You Give Birth To A Son Soon*

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