Alien 67: You Give Birth To A Son Soon*

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*You give birth to a son soon (a propitiatory complement to newlyweds)

Yi Shao slowly nodded, seemingly convinced by this reason: “That’s true.”

“En, en.” Please, believe it!!!

“But I have a question.”

“Say it!”

“How did you know……” Yi Shao glanced at his sister. After seeing her cover her chest like a frightened bunny, he coldly asked after turning his head, “Xiao Ti is a B?”

“At a glance, this kind of thing……” Lu Kong’s sweat dripped from his forehead.

“That means, you’re confessing that you looked at something you shouldn’t have seen?”

“……” Stop it! Isn’t it normal for every man to look at the chest first?

Yi Ti was angry: “You pervert! ! !”

Lu Kong: “……” Did he accidentally tell his inner monologue? But he also told the truth, he heard that some women also looked at the lower body when they looked at men, t-t-t-t-this is normal!

Yi Shao nodded, adhering to the principle that “my sister is always right”: “Xiao Ti is right, this is abnormal behavior.”

Lu Kong endured and endured but couldn’t hold back and said: “I dare you to say you haven’t seen it?”

Yi Shao answered naturally: “I haven’t seen it.”

“……” True or false?

“Of course, my brother is not like you!” At this key moment, her brother really made her warm!

“Of course, with the exception of Xiao Ti, I don’t care about the physical condition of other women.” When Yi Shao said this, his expression was serious enough to move people.

Lu Kong: “……” Isn’t this the real pervert? Controlling your sister like this would be difficult for anyone to endure!

Yi Ti: “……” Brother, are you really fine like this? You can’t marry a wife!

Then, after enjoying the “warmed heart” feeling for a few seconds, Yi Ti’s heart was once again stabbed. The poor woman who fought the attack took a few steps back in a row and almost fell. Fortunately, a person supported her steadily from behind. She turned back subconsciously and said: “Cecil, thank……why are you here?” Didn’t he already hide?

“……” QAQ

Cough cough, actually, because his presence was too weak (Cecil: TAT), Yi Ti just realized that Cecil was also in the living room. This was also normal since now he couldn’t turn into slime and crawl under the sofa. But, her brother never seemed to focus on him, could it be that……

Just when Yi Ti thought she was lucky, Yi Shao turned around and smiled as he said: “Xiao Ti, who is he?”

Yi Ti: “……” I really couldn’t get away with it?

But, she wanted to take this opportunity to make everything clear to her brother. Although the situation was quite different from what she imagined, it’s also not that different.

She was preparing to talk to her brother when Lu Kong suddenly made a move!

He was guilty of “doing something wrong for his little friend” just now and wanted to make up for the guilt, so he made a decision at this instant——he wanted to help Yi Ti!

Also, he ate several of Cecil’s breakfasts these days. Being conquered through his stomach, he had to pay them back!

“Actually, he was staying in the guest room with me.”

Yi Ti: “……” Big brother, why would you make trouble at this critical moment? But, she knew that this guy was kind, just that, isn’t this reason too far fetched? Because……

“Live with you?” Yi Shao raised an eyebrow, “I remember there was only one pillow in the room.”

Yi Ti: See? This kind of thing wouldn’t deceive an elder brother who had strong observational skills.

Lu Kong: “……” What a terrible man! But, now that he promised to be Yi Ti’s guardian angel(Yi Ti: I’m okay even without you? ! ), he would carry it to the end. Then, covering his face, he “shyly” said, “Because I like to sleep on his shoulders.” Look! Yi Ti, for you, what kind of sacrifice I made!

Do you feel touched?

Do you feel moved?

Don’t you feel emotional!!!

Yi Shao: “……”

Yi Ti: “……”

Cecil: “……”

But have to say, Lu Kong’s tactics seemed to work. Because Yi Shao actually covered his mouth, slightly frowned and took a step back. A gap appeared for the first time.

He was very proud: I won!

But Yi Ti was very clear. Afraid her brother was just too disgusted by what this guy just said. She was also disgusted.

“Is that so?” Yi Shao glanced at the two men, pondered then said, “I wish you a hundred years together, I hope you give birth to a child soon.”

Lu Kong: “……” He really can’t give birth!

Cecil: “……” G-give birth……searching, match found, folder marked as “things that Xiao Ti said I’m not allowed to open”.

While Yi Ti was shouting “help” in her heart, she didn’t expect that at this moment, an alien actually came upon the files she had previously ordered him not to open. Fortunately, he didn’t open it. Otherwise, his increasingly stable three worldviews would probably suffer a miserable stormy baptism.

She didn’t say anything and just dragged her brother into her bedroom while also incidentally winking at her old classmate: Find a chance to slip away!

After that, Lu Kong seemed to have “passed the threshold” smoothly. After being freed, he resolutely packed up and was about to leave. Before leaving, he intended to drag away his freshly baked “lover”.

Cecil refused: “I won’t go.”

“……do you want to die? Her brother is terrible!”

“Even so, I don’t want to leave Xiao Ti.”

“……why are you so dead serious about it?” Lu Kong bitterly said, “Can’t you come back when her brother is gone?”

The young man stubbornly shook his head: “I won’t leave here.” He wanted to stay with Xiao Ti, but at the same time, he knew how much her brother meant to her, so……perhaps he felt that he should strive to be recognized by him. Moreover, he was scared. If he left now, he might never see her again.

“……” Lu Kong supported his forehead, “Up to you. Anyway, I definitely want to retreat, good luck!”

“I will work hard.”

“……try to survive it.” TAT

At last, the room was quiet once again.

Cecil looked around, his gaze finally falling on Yi Ti’s bedroom door.

At this time, Yi Ti and her brother were facing each other. She sat on the bed with her hands behind her back, and Yi Shao was sitting casually on the chair next to the computer, long legs stretched out quite casually, seemingly lazy.

Because no one spoke, there was a moment of silence in the room, the two siblings were finally alone.

Yi Ti secretly encouraged herself in her heart: It’s okay. Even if my brother believes in science, he would never doubt what he witnessed himself.

Yi Shao’s arm rested on the armrest. With one hand on his chin, he intently watched his sister’s changing face. This made him feel really familiar. Since childhood, she had been like this. Almost everything was written on her face, not able to be perfunctory or deceive others, always overdoing it. But, he thought she was the best. He realized that sooner or later, someone other than him would find this rough and less eye-catching beauty, but now that it really happened, he was unhappy again.

He was well aware that his controlling tendency and jealousy was at work.

Sad that his sister was about to leave his palms.

Scared that someone else taking her sister’s attention.

But this was the way she must go to achieve happiness, so he was willing to be trampled by her. He didn’t complain even a bit.

As long as she was happy.

Just that, besides her stepping on others……hehe.

You want to take Xiao Ti away so easily?

You’re daydreaming.

A brother’s existence was the same as a father’s. They’re an obstacle that some people would encounter along the way.

If you can’t move me, just wait to be run over by me.

“Xiao Ti.”

Yi Ti, still doing psychological construction, nervously looked at her brother: “W-what?”

“Isn’t it almost time to tell the truth?” Yi Shao leisurely said.

“Ah?” Yi Ti paused.

“Do you think I would really believe what that kid just said?” Yi Shao looked at his sister’s “heaven falls and earth rends” expression with interest. Although it’s the brother’s responsibility to pet their sister, occasionally bullying her a little was very tempting. Yes, it’s the exclusive privilege of “she can only bully me” that made some people happy.


“Disregarding that kid Lu Kong’s sexual orientation, that’s called h-……that jockey boy doesn’t have that kind of relationship with him, does he?” That guy only looked at his sister from start to finish. It was really unpleasant to look at.

“……he’s called Cecil!”

“The name is not the point.” Yi Shao waved his hand, “The point is who he is.” He was quite confident in seeing people, “I’m afraid he’s not quite ordinary, is he?”

“……I can’t hide anything from your eyes.”

“Of course.” Yi Shao stood up and walked to the bed, holding Yi Ti’s cheek with both hands, rubbing it then saying, “Even if you just touch your hair, I would also know what you’re thinking.”

“……” He should not be exaggerating.

“After all, I brought you up.” The silly brother that entered the “nostalgic” state while touching the little face of his sister said, “Remember when you were a kid, you were fascinated by costume dramas. You would wrap the bedsheets around your body and hop around at home. Seeing me come home, you would hurriedly show it to me. As a result, you tripped over the bedsheet and fell over, crying terribly and had to be coaxed for a long time.”

Yi Ti: “Stop mentioning such things……” Covers face.

She still remembered that a very innocent bedsheet was burned by her brother afterward.

“In the blink of an eye, you grew up and I grew old, too.” The young man made a long sigh, “Ai, never mind.”

“……brother, that’s really enough!”

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