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Yi Ti found her black history shameful, but her brother seemed to still be wishful. It’s a good way to continue through the memory route, so this made her confident for a fight.

She grabbed her brother’s hand with both hands then desperately “struggled” to say: “Shake off my hands for me.”

“Don’t want to.”

“Let go!”

“Don’t wanna.”


The two of them stared childishly at each other like in Yi Ti’s childhood, but he enjoyed it.

“It hurts!” Even when shouting so, Yi Ti’s face was full of smiles.

“Hmph umph hmph mph,” Yi Shao changed his “dark lord mode” in front of Lu Kong. He teasingly said a line from a super dog blood movie, “No one’s going to come and save you even if you screamed until your throat break.”

Yi Ti: “…… ” What TV series did you watch! Wasn’t she supposed to shout until 『her throat was broken』 first? Don’t yell such a shameful line even if she died!

At this moment——


There was a loud noise in the room, followed by the crisp sound of glass shattering on the ground.

“Get away from her!”

The person who broke through the window and stood on the broken glass was Lu Kong. Filled with indignation and shouting out such lines very seriously, he had the aura of “justice” spreading all over his body.

The two siblings felt that they had seen a funny comparison.

“Bringing other men into your bedroom so casually, just how stupid are you?”

Hearing this tone, Yi Ti knew who came even with her eyes closed. Yes, the werewolf Liang Chen.

Why is he here?

Everything started with Lu Kong.

He packed up and slipped back to Liang Chen’s shops. There was no other way, the nearby streets were so “complex” and the only thing he was sure he wouldn’t get lost was Yi Ti’s house and there. Hostel? The map for that place had not been drawn yet!

And, compared to the “big devil”, he would rather have “close contact” with a werewolf.

As a result, when Liang Chen saw his miserable state, he had no humanitarian spirit(he was not even human! ) and even issued a mockery on the spot. Lu Kong said in a bad mood, “A super scary man is in her house. It’s a strange thing if I don’t slip away!”

“Scary man? Where?”

“Oh, he entered her bedroom.”

“…… ”

Uttering such misleading words would induce endless misunderstandings.

Even though Liang Chen has high IQ among the werewolf race, he’s no doubt impatient, so he ran straight over. The shop doors were still closed at this time, so he chose to jump over the wall. He just landed when he heard an evil male voice shamelessly said, “Even if you shout until your throat breaks, no one will come to your rescue.” It was like he was injected with chicken blood as soon as he heard it!

Looking again, someone was being pressed on the bed. Everything looked as if approaching a crisis.

As a result……

En, that’s the sequence of events.

Liang Chen looked at the man in front of him and raised his fist. His bones made a terribly crisp sound: “You want to roll yourself, or I’ll help you get out.”

Yi Ti: “……” H-help! What’s going on?

After Yi Shao slightly hesitated, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth again: “You’re letting me go?”



“Because of what you did to this woman!”

“What did I do to her?” Yi Shao asked, “What’s up? Staying in her bedroom? If you say that, aren’t you the same?”

The werewolf youth screamed: “Less playing word games with me. Our business has nothing to do with you.”

Yi Shao narrowed his eyes: Their business has nothing to do with him?

Yi Ti: “……” Stop it! This is the rhythm of seeking death!

She quickly got up and just wanted to say something when she saw a figure step in through the broken window again.

“Stinky dog, what happened to Miss Yi?”

The only guy who could say that was no doubt only one——Xue Ye.

Why did he come?

Because he didn’t live up to his grandfather’s expectations and so……

And he actually fell in love with the werewolf’s food and had to eat in the store. The reason was “Looking at that unhappy face really goes well with the rice!” In short, it was his grandfather’s bad taste.

And today when they went, he heard people talking in the store. They said that Liang Chen heard Miss Yi might have an accident, so he ran over.

Xue Ye thought this might be a good opportunity to brush up on her favor!

Coupled with his grandfather who had no fear, they came.

Because of the speed of pursuit, Xue Ye didn’t investigate anything and just rushed in. Then……

Why is this man here! ! ! ! !

Liang Chen originally looked at Xue Ye angrily, but unexpectedly found one thing: “Dead bat, why are you shaking so much?”

“A-a-a-a-am I-I-I-I-I?”

“…… ” Even your voice was echoing!

“Oh,” Yi Shao looked at the new intruder meaningfully, “it’s you.”

“…… ” TAT He wanted to leave! ! !

But, Xue Ye was undoubtedly the same as Lu Kong. Because it left too much psychological shadow, he could only feel fear and couldn’t even take a step at all! He could only stand in place and tremble like a piece of driftwood!

So, why are they so scared of this man?!

The situation became complicated for a while.

The one feeling the worse was undoubtedly……Yi Ti!


Because she saw a love triangle in the live version!

Brother, Mr. Xue, and Liang Chen……this This complicated relationship almost made her head burst.

Just then, Yi Shao spoke again as he asked Xue Ye: “Do you know them?”


It was just a normal questioning, but for Yi Ti who knew “the inside story”, it became “my brother saw that the two were in a good relationship so he started asking for proof !”

Xue Ye took a deep breath and barely managed to say the whole thing: “Mr. Yi, I think there’s a misunderstanding between us.” Saying so, he turned to look at Liang Chen, “Make it clear to Mr. Yi.”

He really didn’t want to care about this stinky dog!

The problem was, listening to Mr. Yi, he seemed to treat them both as a group.

What did this mean?

It meant he was 100% involved!

So he had to wipe the butt of this dead brainless dog!

Is there anything worse than this?


“What’s there to say?” The werewolf youth, who always thought Xue Ye displeasing to the eyes, snorted. He didn’t know what was going on and further went on the road of “no zuo no die”, “You came at the right time, throw him out for me.”

“…… ”

Yi Ti almost wanted to throw a tantrum!

What did I see?

What did I see!

When Xue Ye saw her brother, he wanted to show off, while indifferently calling her brother “Mr. Yi”. He also signaled that Liang Chen made it clear, but Liang Chen didn’t want to be the third party(? )and just want to throw her brother out of the love triangle!

But wait, he and Xue Ye have known each other for a long time, so maybe her brother was the third……wrong, my brother shouldn’t have known their relationship!

That beautiful face is a source of calamity!

So it was Xue Ye’s fault!

At this moment, the poor vampire felt cold, not knowing he’d been charged with the resentment of a certain closet brothercon——those who hurt my brother cannot be forgiven!

Everyone in the house, at this moment, had their own thoughts.

Everything seemed to be tangled into a mess.

At this moment, the only woman stood up bravely and stopped in front of her brother: “All of you get out!” Brother is so pitiful……TAT He was wronged to give his heart to someone underserving……

By the way, the reason why Yi Ti misunderstood so deeply, was because Yi Shao previously admitted that he “□□ with a certain vampire”. Otherwise, she would not be doing this.

When Yi Shao, who had already turned black, heard these words, it’s like he resurrected. His gas field became more kind. He stared at his sister’s back with narrowed eyes, feeling very intimate. In his heart, “aima, this child was not raised in vain!”

In other words, just to be protected by her like this, it didn’t matter what happened.

Xue Ye was greatly relieved and couldn’t wait to burn three incense for Yi Ti: The Goddess of Mercy saved all from suffering……wrong, Madonna! Wrong, Jesus is alive!

No matter if the blood race believed in Jesus, as long as he could leave the sight of this terrible man, he would be so happy to donate all his property!

The only unpleasant thing was……even angry, Liang Chen still didn’t know the situation.

“You want us to leave?” He felt angry for no apparent reason.

“Yes, hurry up and go with Mr. Xue!” Going on like this, she didn’t dare promise that she could stop her furious brother. It was really terrible since he started the fire! Yi Ti thought that what she said might be a bit sharp. She felt a little sorry so she slowed down her tone, “Don’t show up here again for now?” Let her poor brother live a National Day with her comfort. She really didn’t want to see him so sad! So, can these two go to other places to fly? She will bless them silently in her heart!

Liang Chen didn’t care about Yi Ti’s words. All he noticed was the phrase “don’t appear here again”. He took two steps back unconsciously. There was an incredulous, even shocked look on his face, then a cold smile at the corner of his mouth. He very rarely called out Yi Ti’s name word by word: “Yi Ti, since you don’t want me to go back……”

At this moment……

Another figure jumped into the house from the window, held Yi Ti’s legs, then shouted while looking up: “Mom, don’t argue with dad, okay!”

“…… “

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