Alien 71: Wicked Mother-in-Law

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Yi Ti thought about it but couldn’t understand why her brother didn’t “handle” Cecil. Then Yi Shao drilled his head out of the kitchen——

“No matter who, someone come and do me a favor.”

“Good.” Cecil hurried over.

Yi Ti also said: “I’ll come too.”

“You don’t need to worry about the kitchen, just sit down and wait to eat.”

“……oh.” Although she always felt that something was wrong, the atmosphere was harmonious. QAQ

When Cecil walked into the kitchen, he felt an aura similar to a “coming of age exam.” This made his body tense for a moment.

Yi Shao slowly removed the smile he showed his sister. After carefully looking at the other up and down, he said: “Can you cook?” Now that this guy had entered his exam period, if something was wrong, he would immediately make a bad review to rough him up!


“Cut a vegetable and let me see.”


Cecil went to the chopping board, picked up a kitchen knife and cut skillfully. Although he’s more used to using his hair, his hand kung fu was not weak. As he quickly cut, the knife in his hand almost made an afterimage. Immediately after, piles of vegetables of exactly the same length and thickness appeared on the cutting board.

“Do you want me to cut all of these?”


Yi Shao, who had been a father and a mother since he was a child, was now part-timing as a mother in law. On the one hand, this guy was really doing well right now. On the other hand……he was too great! There’s no room for him to guide at all! Mother in law……wrong, what about a brother’s dignity? !

Quickly, the first-rate alien did everything.

“Can you cook?”

“Yes.” Cecil didn’t lie. Although he only did breakfast, just in case, he also memorized numerous recipes, covering both Chinese and foreign. The only thing that bothered him, was the ambiguity of “appropriate amount”, “moderate”, and “one spoon” in Chinese cuisine. When he asked Xiao Ti, she just irresponsibly answered: “by feeling.” Fortunately, he had enough experience in breakfast to “feel” it.

“……fry something and let me see.”

Cecil moved quickly again. Every movement was so smooth that it was like looking at moving clouds and flowing water (idiom, natural and unforced). He was obviously cooking, but strangely, you wouldn’t notice the fire or smell.

Yi Shao observed and as he watched, suddenly smiled.

He discovered……


After a while, a plate of colorful and fragrant fried three vegetable strips appear on the counter.

Yi Shao picked up a pair of chopsticks, clipped some into his mouth, and slowly chewed.

Cecil felt the “coming of age exam” momentum came again. He stared at the other’s movements without blinking, held his breath without even realizing it, then whispered: “How is it?”

Yi Shao swallowed then turned with a hint of a sneer: “Completely impossible.”


“The taste is barely passable.” Big brother said in a good mood, “But, you overlooked the most important point.”

“What?” He must record it.

“Xiao Ti’s preference.” Regarding this, who knew it better than him? His sister was raised by him, he even remembered how many spoonfuls of sugar she liked when drinking milk!

“En, en.” The alien nodded desperately, eyes flashing with “to acquire knowledge, had to remember it”, “Can you teach me?” He wanted to make dishes that Xiao Ti liked.

Yi Shao: “……” = =+ Although the purpose of “instructing this thing” was achieved, he didn’t feel any joy at all.

This guy is so cooperative!

That’s why he found this type of people the most difficult to handle. They were like water, there was no pleasure even if he stepped on them. But if he looked down on them for being submissive, sooner or later, he would drown.

In this way, one taught and one studied as the kitchen became hot. And while doing their own business, it actually showed a strange kind of “harmonic” aura. However, neither party noticed.

The one who realized this was only Yi Ti, who was flat on the door and peeking inside because she was really anxious. She was relieved but also a bit confused. Why is brother so good to Cecil? Not only did he not rough him up, he even taught him to cook. Could it be that……

She covered her mouth, stunned by her guess.

Then shook her head: No no no no no no no way!

But there was always a hint of doubt in her heart.

Yi Shao had no idea what his sister was thinking at the moment. If he knew, he’d probably vomit blood. But in the end, this was his own fault. He simply didn’t deserve sympathy.

Shortly after, with the two men’s joint effort, Yi Ti enjoyed a rich breakfast.

After the meal, Cecil neatly cleaned up the tableware. The Yi siblings then sat side by side on the sofa and watched TV. Having said that, both were completely absent-minded, thinking about something else.

Finally, the one who couldn’t hold it in was Yi Ti.




“Why are you saying that again?” Yi Shao turned his head and looked at her strangely.

“For making you worry.”

The young man reached out his hand, embraced her shoulders, letting her lean on him, then whispered: “Having someone to worry about is a good thing.” The world was so big and if no one cared about you, that was the most miserable thing. Since the death of his parents, he noticed it. Although Xiao Ti always thought it was hard on him, in fact, the person who supported him from nearly collapsing and living to this day, was her, only her.


“Although it’s like that, you have to be careful in the future and don’t worry me too much.” Saying so, Yi Shao laughed softly, “Don’t forget, we have a connection. If something happened to you, I’ll definitely sense it.”

“……you won’t stop me?”

The worst case she ever thought of was that her brother would pack her home without any care. Incidentally, Cecil passed by the door. If this happened, she’d be sad, but at the same time, she wouldn’t know what to do. She loved her life now, but she didn’t want her brother angry.

The reality right now was——she got the best results.

Her older brother didn’t have any objection, just cautioned her to be careful, and even seemed to be friendly to Cecil.

It felt like she’s dreaming……

A gentle force touched her head: “Of course I want to stop you. No brother is willing to see their sister in a precarious situation, but, no brother is willing to upset his sister.”


“And so, Xiao Ti, you have to protect yourself.”

Yi Ti blinked slightly sour eyes, sniffing: “En.”

“At a critical moment, you can push that alien to block a gunshot.”

“……” Hey!

Yi Ti didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. Where did the warm atmosphere go? Also, she wouldn’t use Cecil like this.

But she knew, her brother was just worried about her, so she answered solemnly: “I will be careful. And brother, I’m very strong right now.”


“Cecil!” Yi Ti waved at an alien who was sweeping the ground. The other side knew, and a hair quickly threw a brick. She clutched the brick, then smiled proudly at her brother, “Right now, is the time to witness a miracle!” Pinch!

Yi Shao: “……”

He watched, almost dumbfounded, as his sister crushed a piece of brick into red pieces with a cute smile. He felt unwell. This style was absolutely wrong!

Although he heard that she was cultivating something and inherited something, he didn’t expect his soft and adorable sister would become a strong woman! ! !


“I changed my mind,” Yi Shao said with deep pain, “Pack up and go home with me.” How could he accept such a thing!

“……don’t do this.” TAT She just wanted to reassure him!

Just when Yi Shao was about to say something, the phone suddenly rang. After looking,  he frowned slightly but did not avoid Yi Ti as he accepted the call.

“What’s up?”




Yi Ti listened as her brother’s voice slightly rose. She subconsciously looked at him, what happened? She involuntarily listened to the words on the phone and unexpectedly found it was a female voice. And even saying……p-p-p-pregnant?

She covered her mouth: No way?

“I see.”


After a few more words, Yi Shao hung up the phone then smacked his sister’s head: “Don’t think wildly.”

“I’m not thinking about it!” Yi Ti laughed twice, “Is she my sister in law?”

“……stop that line of thought.” Yi Shao sighed, “I have an old college classmate admitted to the hospital. He had no relatives except a wife. She called just now.”

“Oh.” Yi Ti nodded, “She’s pregnant?”

“En, they just checked.”

“Really not suitable for taking care of patients.” Yi Ti heard the fetus was unstable during the first trimester so it was too dangerous to do more work. But at the same time, she felt a little strange. Her brother said he was a colleague but he was really worried when talking to his colleague’s wife, this seemed a bit inappropriate?

“Xiao Ti, sorry, I……” Yi Shao sighed. In all fairness, he didn’t want to leave his sister. But, Song Yan had always been alone in school and even after work, he had few friends. He had a good relationship with him and they contacted each other occasionally. Now that something happened to his friend, he couldn’t sit idly.

“I’ll go with you!” Yi Ti said with a smile, “I’m fine anyway. And, don’t forget I’m a professional potion maker now. Maybe I can help.”

“Xiao Ti, you have to be more lovely than that.”


Yi Shao touched his chin and said: “Maybe something like 『I don’t want to leave my dear brother』……”

“……then I won’t go.” Who would say that nauseating thing!


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