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Then, Yi Shao enjoyed an “emotional hug” from his sister. He was slightly……okay, very happy.

But, this didn’t mean he would be easily fooled.

After a while, when his sister left his arms, he silently brandished a knife: “But, you haven’t told me anything about this jockey boy.”

“……he’s called Cecil!” Yi Ti held her forehead. How could her brother with a good memory not remember Cecil’s name? This must be intentional! And, what about the warm atmosphere? As soon as you opened your mouth, it’s gone, okay?

But, she never believed that “brother forgot” fluke. However……

Yi Ti shook her head: “Brother, I don’t want to lie to you, but I can’t say this without permission.” Compared to the monster species living on Earth, the existence of aliens would be “beyond common sense”, so she’d spontaneously been hiding it all along. She wasn’t sure if Cecil minded her brother knowing about it, so she couldn’t say it.

Yi Shao slightly narrowed his eyes, scrutinizing his sister.

Yi Ti’s eyes dodged for a moment, then firmly looked back.

After a few seconds, the young man laughed out loud, reaching out and patting Yi Ti’s head: “Stupid, don’t show me that bullied look. If you don’t want to say then don’t say it. I won’t force you.”

“……sorry.” She lowered her head. She had to say, hiding something from her brother made Yi Ti was psychologically stressed. After all, she’d never done it since childhood——this point was made clear from Lu Kong’s “tragedy”.

Yi Shao reached out and squeezed his sister’s cheeks, pulling it gently: “Okay, okay, don’t cry. Honestly, you don’t have to lie to me, just say『I can’t say it』. It’s enough for me.” She had always been a good girl since she was a child, this had never changed.

But, the “jockey club” nickname just made her determined to keep it a secret from her brother. He’s quite a cunning guy.

Yes, in his sister’s opinion, if he saw that good looking face while knowing he’s an alien who lacked a sense of presence, he would doubt if that alien was scheming, maybe even using a lack of aggression and a scheming heart to deceive her to achieve some unspeakable purpose.


Of course, such things must not be told directly to his sister. First of all, although she had always been good, he didn’t want to take the risk of arguing with her or stirring up her resistance;Second, he enjoyed seeing his sister with this “brother is wonderful, I really love brother” eyes (Of course, if Yi Ti knew what her brother was thinking at this time, she’d most likely say “You’re overthinking!” )……Cough, this is better than anything.

“Xiao Ti, can I talk separately with the jockey boy next?”

“Yes……” Forget it, she already corrected him once. But somehow, there was a hint of worry in Yi Ti’s heart, “You want to talk to him?” If he refused……what would happen? Thinking of Cecil’s temper, she was a bit relieved. One way or another, he certainly wouldn’t provoke her brother like anyone else.

“En.” Yi Shao nodded, “is it convenient?” He could tear off that guy’s mask as well, let’s expose his dark side.

“……I’m asking if I could watch.”

Cecil agreed without hesitation.

Alas, the two entered the bedroom again. After Yi Ti had a “mature reflection”, she resolutely put her ear to the door. Unfortunately, she was caught. Consciously ashamed, she covered her face and quietly retreated.

“Do you know why I’m looking for you?” This was the first sentence Yi Shao asked.

Cecil was stunned (actually searching for information): “To meet the parents?” This seemed to be the implied message.

“……” This guy really dared to say it! Yi Shao burst several blue tendons on his forehead, almost unable to maintain his expression, “Before that, you should at least tell me——who the hell are you? What’s your relationship with Xiao Ti?” Even if Xiao Ti didn’t say it, he could be sure, this guy was by no means an ordinary human……or rather, maybe he’s not human at all? And he could feel it, Xiao Ti was definitely not ordinary to this person.

“Sutahnnian.” An alien answered very honestly. He was not stupid, but at the same time, he didn’t plan to hide from Xiao Ti’s family, because he felt that the other party must know this.

Cecil felt that he had to be recognized by this Earthling. He didn’t know why he thought so, but he decided to do it by intuition.

“What?” The young man frowned slightly, this was either the name of a certain race or something that had a special meaning.

Thinking so, Yi Shao suddenly saw that the hair and eyes of the man in front of him gradually turn into an extremely dreamy blue. Then, that man sincerely said, word by word: “I’m a Sutahnnian from the Sutahnna Star of M3464 Nebula. Xiao Ti is my best friend on Earth. If possible, I want to be her closest friend.” The one that is more intimate than anyone else and cannot be separated.


Forty minutes later.

Just as Yi Ti was about to scratch a big hole on the sofa, the bedroom door opened.

She stood up subconsciously, then saw her brother come out first. Okay, no messy hair, no messy clothes. It didn’t look like there’d been a fight. And Cecil looked normal too, not looking like he got beat up.

She was relieved.

Although in terms of their force value, she didn’t think her brother would be Cecil’s opponent. But she also knew very well that if something really happened, the good-natured Cecil would never fight back.

What she cared most about right now were Cecil’s hair and eyes——did he tell my brother everything?

“Brother……” She looked at Yi Shao, her lips moving slightly.

“It’s almost noon, what do you want to eat today?” The young man smiled and rolled up his long sleeves as he asked.

“Uh……” Yi Ti froze.

“What’s wrong? Do you have food at home?”

“Yes, I bought in advance.” Because I’m afraid of National Day.

“Then look forward to it.”


Yi Ti blankly stared at her brother’s back, then looked vigorously at Cecil: “What things did he do to you?”

Our alien classmate blinked then for some unknown reason said: “Things?”

“Yes, what did you talk about in the room? Did he hit you?” She walked to Cecil, circling him. No obvious trauma found.

“No, we just talked.” Cecil shook his head, “And even if I was hit, your brother is not my opponent either.”

“……” In a sense, this was so irritating!

“Then what did you talk about?”

“Can’t say.”


The young man answered with a serious expression: “Your brother said, ‘this is a conversation between men, don’t let a third party know.'”


After listening to this sentence, Yi Ti knew that she’ll never know what they talked about. Cecil was always overly serious. Once he promised, he would never break it. Although she’s clear on his stubbornness, she also didn’t want to make it difficult for him. And brother……from young to old, the things he didn’t want to say could never be pried out of his mouth.

Although a little unwilling, she had no choice but to give up.

At this time, Yi Shao was frowning while washing vegetables in the kitchen. Although unwilling to admit it, after having contact, he made sure the other person wasn’t what he thought he was, but rather a nerd. This was a good thing. After all, in this romanticized generation, he preferred this kind of person to have in contact with his sister on a daily basis. But at the same time, there were also disadvantages, like——he’s not good at dealing with such people.

If people with other personalities could be intimidated, then this kind of muscle brain, once they made a decision, they wouldn’t change their mind even with a knife around their neck.

Seriously, he didn’t hate such people. They’re easy to get along with and easy to fool, so he had no guilt in selling them.

And that guy to Xiao Ti……

Yi Shao bypassed the topic in the conversation. Because the other party didn’t even realize their relationship, or rather, Yi Shao was very skeptical. This dumb alien didn’t understand what kind of emotion “like” was. He certainly wouldn’t kindly remind him of this. After all, this bastard hadn’t officially confessed, but had already begun snatching his baby sister!

It might be possible to forcefully cut off such delicate feelings with a misleading approach, but, the way Xiao Ti treats that bastard……

The child grew up and became more difficult to manage!

Yi Shao sighed.

How could he do something that could make Xiao Ti sad.

And, even if he didn’t want to, he also had to admit that such a guy was more reliable than anyone else. However, he really didn’t understand. Under normal circumstances, he would never do anything that would “distress” himself.

But his sister was easily taken away so he deserved to mope around.

As for being an alien?

Why does that matter?

Just look at the relatives back home. Which one was normal? Only his stupid sister wouldn’t notice it. Cousin Lu was a massive M, Xia Huangquan was a gigolo, Ning You messed with the dead and considered it art, that Tang Mu guy had no morals and had a relationship with an older woman. As for that superficial little cousin (biaodi, younger male cousin via female line), he actually found a woman more handsome than himself……by comparison, what about an alien? There were so many amazing relatives at home. Maybe one day they’d catch an octopus and marry it. He would not be surprised at all. Looking at it this way, his sister’s taste was much more normal.

One way or another, the appearance of jockey boy was not much different from the people of Earth.

They had a good talk.

Yi Shao finally made such a decision. He’s fine with it if everything was okay. But if this guy did something to hurt his sister……haha.

In this way, classmate Cecil actually “passed”.

Of course, this might be thanks to his “overeating”, so that he could only maintain the human form. If Yi Shao knew that the “alien who looked like a human” actually……had many mimics……he’d most likely immediately drove him out with a broom. He wouldn’t let his simple sister live with someone that has tentacles!

In a sense, the luck of a certain alien was really incredible.

Alien 69: Who Is Mom And Dad
Alien 71: Wicked Mother-in-Law

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