STB Chapter 106: Exile

STB Chapter 105: Driver
STB Chapter 107: Out of Control

Lu Zhao rounded his eyes.

Jian Hua’s income is not that good, so where did this driver come from?

——Although he was taken away by Red Dragon, he knew that Jian Hua found a new job and met Li Fei in advance. They flew to the North to film a movie, but Li Fei was shot at Star Entertainments’s New Year’s Eve Party. The public was abuzz with the news and even the ability holders of Red Dragon talk about it. It’s reasonable to say that Jian Hua is unemployed again!

Lu Zhao felt that he is the best person in this world who knew Jian Hua.

Except for work, Jian Hua would not go anywhere else. Not only because he felt very safe at home, but also because the concept of “home” is very important to Jian Hua. It is the one thing he’s familiar with, and since it’s something that belongs to him, it let Jian Hua relax in a comfortable place.

Similarly, Jian Hua does not welcome anyone to come in casually. You could guess that only the plumber and the guy who installed the air conditioner went inside the house.

People have long analyzed the character “Devourer”, Jian Hua, who is thought to be the biggest villain in the book, but the words and ink used by the author to describe him is less than Li Fei’s. It’s not even a third of Red Scorpion, but the skyrocketing number of readers still try to analyze him.

Among them, depression and innate paranoia are the two most popular claims.

If they want to brush the Devourer’s goodwill, there is no way to do so. Only the stupidest and dumbest will try and lose their time!

Fire Demon is the best example. He was dedicated to the Devourer for many years, but only got a bouquet of flowers after his death. Because Black Abyss became out of control after his death and with no good leader to substitute, Jian Hua is very uncomfortable as he thought about the many benefits of Li Fei. Others treated him as such, “Jian Hua has no feelings. These lives and even his own life is not worth mentioning”.

This kind of attitude of working steadily at something little by little to influence secretly……and finally become an important person is the most time-consuming and the most unpredictable strategy.

Lu Zhao has transmigrated for more than 20 years. He went from a rich second generation when young to a construction site worker who can’t even eat meat. Occasionally, he would help out let Jian Hua, but he can’t let him find that he is rich. He brushed his good feelings so much he’s about to vomit.

Finally, just when he was about to reap the results, Jian Hua, who probably heard some rumors, ignored him!

Lu Zhao’s heart is tired, but he endured. Who made Li Fei an S-level ability holder? Anyway, Jian Hua did not care about the Red Dragon in the book. He’s also not interested in people other than Li Fei or even the Black Abyss organization.

If Li Fei is good at deceiving people and ruled the world with Black Abyss, then Jian Hua is simply born a boss. In the book, he hated his life and harbored bitter resentment. His methods were cruel, and he just wants to control everything. He does not need a companion and directly killed the untrained Dr. Mad. Even if the world destroys Jian Hua, he is not nervous since even he wanted everything to end soon.

To such a world-weary person, Lu Zhao, even with the difficulty of the strategy, was very relaxed. Look, Jian Hua will open the door for him, and will even talk to him——the result is that Jian Hua is no longer the same as the book and he’s too overconfident! He even thought that him being perfunctory is him being sincere.

Lu Zhao believes that Jian Hua is still alone, so when he saw someone in the driver’s seat with the hyphae very carefree and doesn’t care about the driver, Lu Zhao is really stunned.

He has a weapon on his body. There is also pepper spray, but when he was tied up, what can he do? Even trying to use his ability will result in being immediately sucked by the hyphae.

Lu Zhao did not dare to struggle.

At close range, he can only see under Li Fei’s sunglasses, and above the collar.

He felt that this person’s silhouette is like Jian Hua, but the face is entirely different. Looking carefully, he found that this “driver” is more good-looking than Jian Hua.

Who is the person who meets this conditions, does he have to guess?

Lu Zhao paled, clenched his teeth, and forced himself not to make his teeth chatter because of fear.

Whether it is Jian Hua or Li Fei, Lu Zhao is afraid. For Jian Hua, he still has good feelings, but there is no such advantage in front of Li Fei. Lu Zhao believed that the words of Flame Demon is more than just a threat.

The inherent concept in his mind is hard to subvert. In the face of danger to his life, Lu Zhao’s brain soon made up a scenario: “Li Fei and Jian Hua had an accident in the Abandoned World. That Abandoned World lasted for half a year or more. This also explains why the original plot has accelerated significantly”……

Lu Zhao is bitter, but dare not to show it. He can only curse that his “parents” are too incompetent, that when the child was born, the potential for ability is so low. If he is also an S-class ability holder……no, A-class is fine! How could he have fallen to such a point today?

Power is the key, it’s useless to brush good feelings!

After understanding the “truth”, Lu Zhao quickly judged what secret would he sell to Li Fei and Jian Hua: Li Fei clearly got the trust of Jian Hua, he can’t annoy him and had to brush the favorability of the Flame Demon.

His brain is turning fast. Li Fei is preparing to put some pressure on Lu Zhao. As a result, the Movie Emperor has no room to play. Lu Zhao already started to act.

“It turned out to be you!” Lu Zhao first doubted then stunned.


Li Fei has not seen such bad acting in many years!

Last time he took the Newcomer Award and Best Supporting Actor Award, the investor stuffed a vase with no acting skills in the crew, a woman who stands in front of the camera and every part of her body says “I’m acting since I’m reading my lines.”

There are always people in the entertainment circle who can’t act but insists on acting. They number a lot, but they usually show their true nature during acting or show full facial paralysis. Like Lu Zhao, this dog sh*t actor is still unaware that he’s displaying his narcissism, very rare.

In fact, the level of Lu Zhao is still able to play a role in a drama club in middle school. His expression is in place, and he can freely change to the character! If he randomly drags ten passersby on the street, Lu Zhao might still come out on top (Anyway, he’d been brushing good feelings for many years, he’s a skilled worker).

But with his actions right now, ordinary people who have no professional training or no talent for acting and who just can’t get the key points would have their bodies screaming out “fake”. Not to mention that in the eyes of a professional like Li Fei, and even in front of a rich person with a wealth of experience, they can see his true colors.

For ordinary people, those who are sensitive will feel that something is wrong, but can’t tell what it is.

Those people with less social experience, simple-minded, and insensitive would be deceived by Lu Zhao.

“You are Li Fei. Red Dragon has your details. I have seen it……”

Lu Zhao quickly teared up at the mention of Red Dragon. Then he turned from amazed and stunned expression to a nervous one, “You……uh, you’re Jian Hua’s friend? This secret is very important. It was hard to pry it out. Not that I’m telling, I’m afraid that you’ll think I’m talkative……Jian Hua is my childhood friend, he knows I never talk nonsense and so……”

Lu Zhao is hesitant, implicitly expressing a lot of content.

——he believed in Jian Hua’s friends. He’s not telling because he dare not say it. And he hinted that he is very familiar with Jian Hua.

Lu Zhao’s impromptu performance, the script is excellent, but this acting is really making Li Fei’s teeth ache.

This is also a kind of occupational disease. To see such a weak, hurtful performance, he can’t wait to rush and kick him.

Li Fei takes a deep breath and refrained.

“Kill him.” Li Fei said to the hyphae.

This is a pointless act. The hyphae is only responsible for “protecting” Li Fei. Specifically, people who get close to the car will be imprisoned. It doesn’t accept Li Fei’s order, and it doesn’t understand what he’s saying.

Lu Zhao does not believe it at all unless Jian Hua is next to him.

He pretended to be scared and was “forced” to tell the truth, “I’m worried about my friend. If Jian Hua doesn’t know, he would just wait for his ultimate destiny of disappearing along with the Abandoned World!”


There is no sound in the car.

The Red Dragon team members in the alley suddenly found that the numbers on the energy detector they’re holding is soaring.

“Oh my God, that guy angered the Fire Demon! What did he say?”

“Don’t rush……the miniature sound wave collecting device implanted in Lu Zhao’s hair root is malfunctioning! S-class abilities are too strong, Li Fei’s “field” is ten times larger than Major Zhang. It can even interfere and distort all kinds of energy!”

“We can’t hear the secret, so how do we report when we go back?”

Do they expect Li Fei to tell Red Dragon? After all, it involves how Jian Hua died.

While the two Red Dragon members are worrying, Lu Zhao also felt the horrifying power of a high-order ability holder. He can hardly breathe, his chest ached, and his skin seems to be burnt by hot wind from the desert, almost cracking.

At this moment, he forgot to act and forgot to use this message to “please” Jian Hua. His timid nature showed——he liked the character of Jian Hua in the book but compared to his life, he’s not the type to be fond of danger, and throw his life in minutes!

“Abandoned World will disappear?” Li Fei takes off his sunglasses, asking word by word.

He looked on coldly. There is no need to act on this matter since his inner anger is about to burst out.

“Yes, yes……in the ending, everyone lost their abilities, and the world returned to calm.” Lu Zhao stammered. He realized afterward that he isn’t acting anymore. With his sanity finally returning, he tried hard to explain, “This is Red Dragon’s, Red Dragon’s intel, someone knows about the future!”

“Why will Jian Hua disappear with the Abandoned World?” Li Fei stared at him.

Lu Zhao is stunned for a while. The corner of his mouth rose, revealing an expression that is uglier than crying, “Because of his abilities, Jian Hua wants to control……uh, these mushrooms grew everywhere, and they’re too deeply connected to the whole Abandoned World. After the voids appeared, the world showed signs of collapsing. US……I mean, the American Abilities Organization will develop a powerful energy directing device. Its role is to generate a common frequency similar to the power of all ability holders and make a special energy field around the world in a matter of minutes.”

Lu Zhao is trying to remember. He is not clear when he discovered this scientific principle. It’s even far-fetched to call the book science fiction since it’s just the story of an American hero.

“……it then connected to the satellites launched by the countries around the Earth within ten years. In short, it eliminated everyone’s abilities. Abandoned World only appeared because the people in this world has some connection with it. Otherwise, what happened there won’t affect reality. US government agencies want to save the world, but also to ‘solve’ all ability holders, and let them change back to ordinary people. But they did not expect……I mean, nothing happened to all ability holders. Only Jian Hua, his ability is the mushroom itself, and since there are too many mushrooms when the two worlds rejected each other, he was pulled by his own ability to the Abandoned World. With the Abandoned World completely disappearing, he can only stay at that world without monsters and humans forever, until death.”

Lu Zhao showed a fearful expression, his face paled, “No one knows what Abandoned World looks like when completely detached. The scenery that appeared maybe the static scene of a city, maybe it’s the static scene of another planet, or perhaps it’s just darkness with nothing on it.”

An outcome that is worse than death.

The most terrible exile.

——This can be regarded as the tragic ending of the villain, but in case the author changed his mind and wrote a sequel, there are sufficient conditions to do so.

《Outcast》’s ending is like this.

Because of the fear of high-order ability holders destroying the plan, the American Space Agency and the government deceived Johnson Brown. They let him think that it’s the final resort against the Devourer and that the energy directing device and satellites are high-tech weapons.

That day, the entire Huai City was leveled by three S-class ability holders (Li Fei and Dr. Mad died). Poseidon of the European Union fought along with Johnson.

The sky lit up with a huge golden net, and Johnson fell from the air, almost losing his life.

When the protagonist finally woke up, he found himself lying in a hospital with fractures on both legs, broken ribs, his ability disappearing, changing back to an ordinary person, and also being deceived. The Director of the Abilities Bureau tiredly told him the truth.

A hero betrayed by the country.

Johnson was silent for a long time.

He felt that life is meaningless. Years of battle became a joke, and everything became bleak. Then he saw children happily playing from the hospital atrium under the warm sunshine. There was no smell of blood in the wind, and the city is being rebuilt. He finally walked out of the shadow of pain. No matter what happened, he worked hard for such a peaceful life.

Johnson refused all job invitations. With his good results when training in the Abilities Bureau, he became a policeman in his hometown Southern State, and a part-time volunteer.

The impact of Abandoned World is completely eliminated, but the benefits of it remain. The once ability holders have superior physiques.

Earth’s “field” has changed.

A few years later, Johnson’s friend gave birth to a child. The newborn’s toys floated around the cradle amidst the crying.

STB Chapter 105: Driver
STB Chapter 107: Out of Control

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