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Jian Hua took the list of Old Cheng’s suggested medical examinations and went to find his car. He discovered that the hyphae near the door is a bit active, seeming to have just eaten something judging by how their aggressive state is not subsiding.

Pulling the door open, the hyphae from the passenger seat immediately flew to his sleeves.

“Someone has been here, what happened?”

Li Fei did not answer. He was wearing sunglasses and a hat. Everything is the same before Jian Hua left, but Jian Hua still felt a sense of depression coming from Li Fei, clearly showing off his “bad mood”.

Since Jian Hua’s inexplicable symptoms of drowsiness, Li Fei’s concern for his lover has risen to a new height. He began learning about recipes. Otherwise, Jian Hua would not even eat a meal.

Jian Hua came back, but Li Fei did not say hello and did not even take the initiative to ask about Old Cheng’s opinion. This is already unusual……

Two lovers sit in the car, one went out for a bit and found that there were a few strands of a stranger’s hair on the car seat (Jian Hua’s eyes are not that good, but the mycelium specially made him notice it). The lover is in a bad mood, and he had a strange disease before this——this has the elements of an eight-point dog blood soap opera!

Jian Hua won’t misunderstand anything and just thought that the above is just a result of his occupational disease. People who poorly mixed in the entertainment circle would perhaps participate in a “complicated plot about the leading role and supporting role”. The probability of it happening in such a large crew is high.

Li Fei allowed other people to get in the car and not talk through the window glass, is very strange.

Mycelium being active like this is most probably because the other party is an ability holder……

The only one who had this kind of treatment is perhaps Major Zhang, but Zhang YaoJin will never get on the car to feel the mycelium cling to him.

“You said before that you had a childhood friend named Lu Zhao, and that you’re suspicious of him.”


“He just came, and he thought I’m you through the window.”

Li Fei took off his sunglasses, his expression gloomier than when he knew how he died.

Jian Hua heard and frowned. He vaguely guessed something.

About the truth, Li Fei certainly thought of hiding it from Jian Hua, but this thought was quickly rejected by himself.

Concealing it has no meaning since everyone has the right to know about themselves. The closer you are to each other, the more you don’t “take someone else’s choice”. Jian Hua is not a fragile person who can’t bear the cruel truth.

Li Fei tried to make his voice as smooth as possible, repeating Lu Zhao’s words.

Jian Hua’s demeanor changed. It can’t be called good. He didn’t like his devouring abilities, and he was tired of mushrooms. Although his attitude later changed, it didn’t take long before the giant worm, and the void incident happened. Jian Hua is full of doubts and thought that his sleeping disease and the mushrooms rushing into the void may be connected, and then came this “notice of death”. He didn’t rip the mycelium off, he just pointed and let them roll away, which is already very sensible.

He waited until Li Fei finished. It was silent in the car for a long time.

People who bought groceries early in the morning passed the parking lot while chattered outside——on the mushroom turf, the residents here don’t know how much the world has changed.

“What do you think?” Jian Hua finally asked.

There is too much meaning in that question. Lu Zhao did not lie, Red Dragon knew, and most importantly, how to avoid this ending.

Li Fei considered. First of all, he’s furious, so he threw Lu Zhao out of the car with his ability.

He didn’t want Jian Hua to see him when he came back. This guy who tried to please his lover with his acting which can hurt the eyes. If the people of Red Dragon cooperated, they probably pretended to “catch the fugitive” and brought Lu Zhao back.

It’s certainly dangerous to let go of Lu Zhao, however, what Lu Zhao knows is not an exclusive secret.

“If that’s true, the American Holy Gate organization will try to “keep” their abilities. They would actively confront or attempt to control the US’ plans to develop the energy director and reverse the process. They want to put the key to “ending the Abandoned World” in their own hands so that they can seize power with ease, and in the end……” eliminate the most significant threat, Devourer.

Whether it’s Hulakan or Devourer, with no abilities, they would be toothless tigers.

Since the world will still go back to the normal order, power is their ultimate goal.

“Ambitious. The people on the organization don’t want to say it since if it caused the government to be alert, their plan wouldn’t go so well, and those low-profile ability holders who are short-sighted will not say it.”

Because for those who are part of the organization, mushrooms are the root cause on how they’re able to defend against the Abandoned World monsters, it’s a factor for their survival. The mushrooms that grew everywhere will eventually drag Jian Hua. Would they want this news to be known by Jian Hua? Why would they do that?

The most terrible thing in the world is this, people are tight-lipped, and because of self-interest, they subconsciously made this choice.

But there is no absolute thing in this world. For example, when you are about to die, keeping secrets became a meaningless thing.

“Foreign ability holders would not be so tight-lipped. They thought that the news would not reach here so that it might be communicated in private.” Jian Hua said with a deadpan expression.

This kind of “I have a secret, and I will only tell you, don’t tell anyone” is the most stupid behavior, because friends always have other friends that they trust, and soon everyone will know.

It’s just that this word of mouth process takes time. Regarding the specific circumstances, it depends on how many people have bad brains.

Li Fei slowly nodded, “The US is willing to cooperate to either the ability holders or another Country’s government.”

The answer is obvious. If the American Institute is under too much pressure, and can’t get rid of the obstruction of ability holders, the countries of the world will definitely sign a secret agreement, and re-select inaccessible places to build the energy director.

Red Dragon will know sooner or later.

After confirming the seriousness of the situation, Jian Hua had to think of the solution.

——however, nothing came to mind.

He can’t control the mushroom growth, they have already spread. Even if he traveled all over China to call them back, what about the mushrooms in the void?

“The Earth ability holder had an idea.” At this time, Li Fei can only believe that the man’s last words are kind, “In fact, the mushrooms you put out, as long as there is food, it can exist. The connection with you is not big, and if you give up your ability, the mushrooms will very likely not disappear because there are Abandoned World monsters so they can maintain their energy! Wait until that moment comes, you won’t have an accident!”

This is the meaning of the phrase “abandon your ability, then we can live”. Ability holders need the mushrooms, but Jian Hua does not need it. This guess is very reliable, so Li Fei recognized it.

Jian Hua quietly watched as his lover became confused, then he sighed. The earth ability holder is seriously injured, and his dying brain is addled, how did Li Fei forget even this most basic thing?

“An ability is not a piece of clothing that you can take off any time.”

Give up your ability? Easy to say, but how do you give it up?

Li Fei froze.

——Jian Hua disliked his ability. He has always been giving off the idea that he doesn’t want his devouring ability.

Can he give it up? No!

——Only ability holders can enter the Abandoned World, ordinary people who got caught up will die inexplicably. There must be a lot of ability holders who would like to give up their abilities. They don’t want to face the monsters and battle in the Abandoned World and become a so-called outcast.

Did anyone in the book do it? No, even the US can only make a “field” that can temporarily lose their ability, so that the entire Earth is covered. The purpose is to exclude the Abandoned World, this culprit, with the idea of treating the symptoms first. Essentially, it’s just “suppressing” it; there’s no effect of removing the abilities.

In the end, the power not completely disappearing on Earth is the best evidence.

“It’s not feasible to recover the hyphae, nor to give up the ability……”

Li Fei muttered to himself, looking desperate. He pulled himself together and tried to think about the solutions. Finally, he can only think about the Corgi.

If S-class Jian Hua holds the A-class Corgi, is it possible to resist the pull of the Abandoned World?

“Thinking more is no good, let’s go home first.”

“How about a hospital check-up?”

“Don’t need to, Old Cheng said it was okay.” Jian Hua quietly puts away the recommendation note.

Jian Hua glanced at Li Fei, discovering that the existence of the Movie Emperor is really important to him. If he is alone when he knew the truth, Jian Hua will fall into anger and fear. Like Li Fei, he would list some methods and rule them out one by one……as for now, both of them can’t be dominated by anger, and lose reason.

Li Fei stepped on the gas pedal, and by fully relying on his excellent driving skills, he did not hit the wall.

This dangerous situation made Li Fei come back to himself.

He must be calm because Jian Hua is still in the car. Such a thing happened, so he can’t let Jian Hua switch to the driver’s seat and drive home.

“You promised me, that no matter what fate destined us to be, you will be with me.” Jian Hua didn’t pull his seatbelt until then, slowly buckling up.

Li Fei tightly held the steering wheel; he seemed to regard it as Jian Hua’s palms.

“I will.”

“Think about it, only the two of us in the world……”

Li Fei immediately interrupted his words:

“I can find a way; there must be something! We can go to the coffee shop to listen to music; you can live the life you like, leave off green peppers from your food, change to a better mattress……who will be happy in a world where there’s nothing? I don’t agree, no one in this world can live just from love, and won’t want anything else!”


Jian Hua is dumbfounded, not knowing if he’s happy or not. Even at this time, Li Fei can’t be comforted by the language of “sensibility”. The word romantic is a foreign language, and true love is absurd to the extreme!

But since he’s hard to fool, this rationality and persistence of Li Fei raised Jian Hua’s good feelings! Because Jian Hua is also such a person……

“I will definitely find a way; I will never take my own life for granted.” Jian Hua obediently promised.

Li Fei is not satisfied, he said in a severe tone, “Even if you don’t go to the hospital, you have to eat. Unless you enter the Abandoned World, don’t rely on mushrooms to extract energy to maintain body consumption!”

“En, I’ll eat everything you make.”

After one minute, Li Fei said in a sullen tone, “……don’t eat some of the failures.”

Jian Hua breathed a sigh of relief.

Li Fei: ……

Too obvious! Can’t you at least act? 

The author has something to say:

It’s not that Jian Hua’s heart is stronger than Li Fei, in fact, his is not as good as Li Fei’s……

The problem is that between how he died and how his lover died, Li Fei thinks that the latter is more serious, so it’s easier to get out of control.

STB Chapter 106: Exile
STB Chapter 108: News

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  6. I feel like the ‘childhood friend’ deserved…something. He may not have been ‘sincere’ but he never did anything malicious and was even as helpful as he thought he could be.

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