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STB Chapter 107: Out of Control
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Corgi shook its head in doubt as it climbed the scale with its short legs.

The smart dog knows the Arabic numerals and even knew some simple addition and subtraction. Some dogs have IQs equal to a three or a four-year-old human child, but this Corgi named TuanTuan, because the soul has some residual effects from the “intruder”, is more intelligent than its peers.

Although no one taught it arithmetic, the Corgi still firmly remembers the number that symbolizes its weight.

Now the pointer trembles to the right of that number, by a good distance.


It’s fat!

Fat in the mind of animals is a symbol of health and strength. Those with a small belly and dogs with thick hair is the symbol of prestige. They were so overbearing that the female dogs fall in love with them at first sight!

Oh, but the TuanTuan right now don’t need it. It’s a domestic pet, regularly vaccinated and went to the vet regularly for checkups. Even before the Abandoned World, it has done a birth control surgery. (T/N: Uhm, this is the polite way of saying the dog has been n**tered.)

——this is also what someone found out after transmigrating to a dog, and one of the reasons for feeling like living is worse than death.

Now, this bright and healthy Corgi, standing on the scales, let its owner misunderstood.

“Ah, TuanTuan became fat! You’ve been eating so well these days; you should lose weight TuanTuan!” The little girl is troubled. She crouched down and picked up the round “long bread”, the palm of her hand touched the back of the neck to the plump buttocks.

The girl tilted her head and bowed down, struggled to carry the Corgi towards the sofa cushion, and by using the teddy bear pattern as a measure, determined that Corgi’s buttocks got fatter by a circle.

“TuanTuan, we should discuss something. It’s about controlling your weight. If you got any fatter, then you would get sick!” The girl changed direction as she seriously looked at the Corgi.

“Arf?” Where is today’s dinner?

“We got a deal. In the future, your daily exercise time will increase!”

It’s the end of winter vacation, so the girl is going to start school tomorrow. The Corgi laid down on the blanket and watched the girl organize her stationery and books.

“I should tell the Uncles and Aunties in Red Dragon to make them stop feeding you! The dogs over there are so big, so what they eat is too much for you!”

The Corgi looked at his little belly; he doesn’t understand it one bit. He’s so cool and handsome! Besides, the little master fancied him before at the pet store, isn’t it because he’s chubby like a ball?

Corgi moved his ears, held a desk leg and began thinking about its dog life.

*Click*.” The girl’s mother took a photo with a smile.

The family gathered around to look. The round bread turned its head to the side to look at the lens with its face stunned. The contrast between the Corgi and the table legs is hilarious.

Unfortunately, they can’t send it to friends or post it on Weibo. The Red Dragon told them about the dangers they would encounter. Photos of TuanTuan and the girl can’t be posted online, like when eating and traveling. They can’t post it on Weibo. They have to leave that place before they can post.

They are smiling at the photo when the Corgi straightened his body and warily looked out the window.

“Woof woof!”

Corgi barked as he flew towards them

After their “nonprofessional training” at the Red Dragon base, even the little girl knew not to look at her pet first. She left her position for the first time and drilled behind the closet.

*Snap*!” The window glass was smashed as a dark green vine stretched into the room.

Screams from outside also filtered in.

Not only their home, but there are also horrible vines attacking the nearby residential buildings. Everything is like in a science fiction movie; the people are horrified.

Corgi rushed to the window and fiercely stared at the vines that broke through the window.

This thing looks a bit like a tiger climbing the walls; it’s got little climbing tentacles on it, and it appears extraordinarily hideous when you zoomed in.

Affected by the expulsion ability, the vine shrunk, stopped there and did not move.

The girl’s parents hugged her and left the room.

“TuanTuan, quickly come out!”

The Corgi’s hair has all stood up. It’s no longer barking, but a threatening growl issued from his throat, his mouth opened wide and showing teeth.

Finally, the vines exited the window. The Corgi turned and ran towards its owner.

The corridor is a mess. Injured people opened their doors, and when they saw the hallway crowded with vines, they were even more frightened.

“No, quickly go back!”

Green tentacles extended towards the elevator doors and opened it through brute force.

——the elevator is still on the 16th floor above, so it’s reasonable to say that there’s only the pitch black elevator shaft. The result is that there’s a bunch of green unidentified plant vines.

The people who rushed home crawled and closed the security door with a bang.

Corgi doesn’t let its owner go in. It blocked the way towards the elevator, shaking its head towards the door.

The ground shook under their feet, and the walls also tilted.

“The building is going to collapse!” Don’t know who shouted it, followed by the sound of a heavy thump.

Someone saw fine white soft wires spray from the water pipes. Some people also saw the drain cover on the bathroom floor flying and something that looks like a mushroom, before they felt themselves being tied up, no longer able to move.

The girl’s family, because of the Corgi, was not wrapped by the hyphae, nor did the vines directly attack them. They saw the mushroom army greet the vines. Not to mention “covering” them up, the dark green vines are more like dying snakes, continually moving and struggling.

The battle lasted for a long time. After half a minute, the vines are like dry green skin among the mushrooms, and soon it broke into pieces.

After the disaster, the whole building is dilapidated. The giant mushroom slowly turned transparent. You can see the exterior of the building damaged because of the vines, the steel bars used as foundation showing.

The elevator is deformed, and inside are clumps of gray oyster mushrooms.

The girl’s father stood up in horror. He found out that the whole building is tilted, propped up without collapsing, afraid that the credit goes to the mushrooms.

The evening of February 29, Haicheng xx District 1 Community suffered a malicious attack from an ability holder.

Red Dragon who was covering up the truth, is finally unable to maintain it. The officials did not explain the reason, as the news about the plant mutations attacks humans spread all over the TV and online.


Jian Hua watched Li Fei in the kitchen. Although the news brought by Lu Zhao this morning is terrible, they came home and thought for one afternoon, still didn’t have any ideas except for the “Corgi”.

Their hope goes on the dog; this is really……it seems that Red Dragon and Black Abyss are useless to the extreme.

Li Fei is unhappy. Jian Hua, to divert attention, let him make dinner. He also followed to supervise, because he wants to understand the “delicious” dark dishes of Li Fei. There is also the fact that he wants to see how he made a porridge look normal but taste like paste.

In some entertainment variety shows that Li Fei participated in his early years, he did an excellent job in making tomato scrambled eggs——mixing in with Li Fei’s fan group let him know that Li Fei did a “cooking” related program. Jian Hua immediately searched the Internet for the video and looked at Li Fei after he finished watching.

Li Fei feels that Jian Hua’s sharp eyes are on his every move.

The pressure is like being in a cooking exam……

After half an hour, Jian Hua thoughtfully rubbed his chin. He, Jian Hua, found that it’s not entirely Li Fei’s fault for his bad cooking skills, nor is it because the Movie Emperor has no talent in this area.

Li Fei does it step by step according to the recipe, rigorous and severe, except for the fact that the action is not as good as a professional chef, there is almost nothing to be picky about, he didn’t even make the low-level mistake of pouring the ingredients into the pot without the oil.

The culprit is perhaps Li Fei’s “power field”!

The fire ability is too powerful, unconsciously affecting the ingredients……Li Fei did not mobilize his ability, but when he has to cook things, he still subconsciously lets out his power and create a different thing.

With such a thought, Jian Hua understood that when they encountered the big traffic jam in Haicheng and entered the Abandoned World, Li Fei wasted so many monkey meat because it’s not grilled correctly.

With the monkey’s thick fur, there is a lot of grease beneath it. For Li Fei, it’s just too complicated. When he doesn’t pay attention, it would be carbonized. To grasp the degree where it can be “edible”, just telling the truth about the “flame beast”, it’s entirely a matter of luck!

“I think, you need to give up your ability more than I do.”

While the person on the spot is baffled, after being woken up by Jian Hua, Li Fei who found out what the problem is: “……”

Jian Hua pretended as if he just remembered, he nodded and said, “I forgot, your identity is exposed so without your ability, you would have no protection, and you’d be vulnerable. Except for cooking, your fire ability would not drag your hind legs; I think you need a technology that can turn off your ability like a switch.”

“……don’t talk, I’ll call for takeout.”

The Movie Emperor said that he understood. Before changing back to an ordinary person, he doesn’t even want to touch upon his skills in cooking.

Li Fei had not taken out his phone yet when Jian Hua’s mobile phone in the living room first rang.

The caller is Old Cheng. Jian Hua thought that this phone call is out of concern about his physical condition this morning. After switching it on, he heard the anxious voice of the old man, “……are you at home? Turn on the TV……in whatever channel, Haicheng has a big event!”

Li Fei heard the sound of the TV from the kitchen. He came out to see, and there on the screen is a video taken from a mobile phone. He saw the plants around the neighborhood wildly growing, twisting into a massive object like a vine. The camera holder continually exclaimed, then the rose flowers and succulents on the window sills also changed.

The branch lengthened, its shape twisted, and the roots emerged from the soil.

The cameraman is finally scared, turned around and ran away; the lens began to blur.

Followed by the sound of running, the glass broken, and a shriek——it finally went dark.

The video ended, switching to the anchor of the Haicheng local news station. With a serious expression, he said that the video was uploaded to the Internet by a survivor of the incident. The number of clicks has reached six digits, and still rising.

“This is Haicheng Southern District, XX District 1 Community. What happened around 17:10 in the evening today, less than an hour ago, that domestic and foreign netizens pay attention to……the on-site search and rescue operations are still underway.”

Jian Hua changed the channel. Inside a building is a skewed scene, there is also the shock of the reporter on the scene, “This is the third residential building. We saw that it had been badly damaged. There are still seven buildings in the entire community that are so dangerous that it can collapse anytime, now is the precious time for a rescue……”

No, there are mushrooms in that building.

“Dr. Mad……he came to China.” Li Fei’s expression slightly changed.

A high-order ability holder with an unknown name, and an S-class wood ability that can control plants within a certain range.

As a must-have image of Frankenstein in an American hero fiction, Dr. Mad mainly relies not on his ability, but on a variety of instruments that he studied and invented. One of them can make monsters grow wildly in a short period. In half a minute, a black hairball the size of a fist can turn to the size of a car.

This gave birth to plant mutations. Then he would use his ability to control it to attack; it’s one of the signs of Dr. Mad. In the eyes of a transmigrator, the popularity is the same as Jian Hua’s mushrooms.

“Come to China to court death?” Jian Hua coldly said.

“According to the overview of the data, he loves chaos and war. He’s a total lunatic……it seems he’s dissatisfied with the attitude of the governments to conceal the truth to the public, and want to unveil it as a prelude to the Ability Holders War. He can’t wait for the world to panic.”

The author has something to say: 

Small theater

Jian Hua: Come to China to court death?

Li Fei: No, he wants to make big news

STB Chapter 107: Out of Control
STB Chapter 109: Demonstration

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