STB Chapter 112: Suffer a Loss

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The sparkling river reflecting the neon lights of the city is very colorful.

The crowd that thickened to view the riverside at night gradually dispersed little by little. Except for tourists who participated in night tours, there are only a few young people who are publicly displaying their affections.

Drunkards laid down on park benches. The wind from the river is cold at night, and very strong, chilling people to their bones.

Zhang YaoJin took out a cigarette, just thought about lighting it, when he glanced at the no smoking in public place sign. He quickly took the cigarette back. Every time Jian Hua sees the Red Dragon’s Major, he found that the other’s eyes always have a black lining. It’s probably because Zhang YaoJin’s daily life is filled with troubles, with no time to breathe at all.

He heard that Dr. Mad wrote an absurd “love letter” and was very likely addressed to himself, so Jian Hua is a little surprised. Li Fei very naturally reached out and scanned the copy first.

Contrary to Red Dragon’s expectations, Li Fei didn’t get angry and when he finished reading, he just slightly raised his eyebrows, and the corner of his mouth seemed to reveal a satirical smile.

The street lights are far from here, so they stood in the shade. Li Fei’s expression quickly changed, and if Zhang YaoJin isn’t looking carefully, he won’t catch this change at all.

In his mind, Zhang YaoJin doesn’t want to deal with people like Li Fei.

Acting has evolved to instinct. Because of good acting, other’s can’t tell which sentence is true, and which sentence is false. The reason why Zhang YaoJin will not let Red Dragon discuss the matters of Li Fei and Jian Hua is that he’s worried about this couple himself and thought that their union is very unfavorable!

Who can prove that Li Fei has true feelings for Jian Hua and that he’s not seducing him for the benefits?

This matter can’t be entirely blamed on Li Fei. Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and look at those couples registering for marriage, and there would be similar problems——in this world, there are fewer and fewer people getting married for love. It’s more like the situation is suitable for them to get together. What is suitable? Satisfied with family conditions, and also with personal circumstances. The older you get, the more you want to get married, and since this person is the most suitable, then this is the one!

Jian Hua is the one for Li Fei, meaning he’s the most suitable person.

Zhang YaoJin also has a stepfather who is the CEO of Star Entertainment Media. He has more information about Li Fei than others, like the rumors about Li Fei liking the same sex in the entertainment circle, this is an unmistakable piece of news.

Regarding looks, Jian Hua is also excellent, so Li Fei is not “willing to wrong himself.” According to the report of the Red Dragon member who accidentally listened, the one who’s at the top……

Major Zhang is not at all gossiping; his attitude is somber.

It’s just that the skinny Zhao Wen gave him “new ideas” that night, and Zhang YaoJin couldn’t help but doubt Li Fei’s motives.

Especially in the book, Flame Demon ruled the entire Black Abyss. Jian Hua is said to be the ultimate villain, but in fact, he looks more like Flame Demon’s trump card. Only, Li Fei died too unexpectedly, so he has no time to use this hand. What if Li Fei hadn’t died? Who will be the ultimate villain “behind the scenes”?

Zhang YaoJin feels that things are not that complicated. As the book transmigrators said, to drag on the drama, the author made it so that “Li Fei’s lover” mentioned in the previous chapters are strongly implied as the final BOSS, and let the protagonist misunderstand that he’s just hiding. He felt that Li Fei is very deep, and it’s impossible to make sure if he’s using Jian Hua as a puppet.

China’s two major S-class ability holders, these nuclear-grade chips, the safety rope should be tired to Li Fei’s character. If Li Fei is a lying crook, a slag male who can only see the benefits……Zhang YaoJin prevented himself from continuing to think about it, and immediately restrained Red Dragon’s discussion on Li Fei and Jian Hua’s “intimate relationship.”

It’s too embarrassing.

Now the more Zhang YaoJin observed the actions of these two people, the more he wanted to frown.

——Jian Hua trusts Li Fei too much, and almost gave all the decision-making power to Li Fei.

In the past, Major Zhang felt that this is what they agreed. Because Li Fei is better at negotiations and has more talent in this area, and Jian Hua lacks a bit of skill and momentum in this regard since he’s not so sharp to analyze things.

The “love letter”, for example, Jian Hua did not know before coming, but Li Fei reached out and took a look at it, not caring about Jian Hua’s thoughts at all. Zhang YaoJin wanted a cigarette and wanted to talk to Jian Hua about trusting people too much. There are many examples of this social problem of being cheated by a sinkhole and being indebted.

But he can’t!

——if Li Fei is acting, Zhang YaoJin will stand on the country’s opinion, and hope that Li Fei will perform flawlessly for a lifetime. If Li Fei is cheating, Zhang YaoJin will stand on maintaining stability, hoping that Jian Hua will never wake up from this fake love.

This is contrary to Major Zhang’s conscience and life principle. He has a headache when reporting to Central, and wanted to let Colonel Lu be responsible for communicating with the two S-class ability holders.

Colonel Lu does not approve.

Zhang YaoJin looked at Li Fei in a complicated way and handed another copy of the letter to Jian Hua.

“It’s indeed directed to Black Abyss.”

“Huh?” Jian Hua looked up in doubt.

“I mentioned to you before, Dr. Mad died in your hands……” Li Fe looked away, ignoring Zhang YaoJin’s expression, and only talking to Jian Hua, “He asked for refuge from you, and wanted to help you deal with Europe’s S-class Poseidon and America’s Johnson Brown. The result is that you killed him.”

This incident was irrational to many readers, the Devourer cutting off his path to retreat. Even if the protagonist wants to win, his IQ as a villain crashed, and he courted death. How could he insist on going against two S-class ability holders alone? Even if there is a Dr. Mad in the final showdown, one less Dr. Mad also doesn’t make a difference——but the characters in the book don’t know this, and only knew that he shouldn’t have done this.

Zhang YaoJin wants to see the truth from Li Fei. He knew how Dr. Mad died, but at the end of the day, no book transmigrator wants to admit the truth. Red Dragon only knows that “The US won, and Jian Hua died”, such a vague statement. Li Fei did not tell them anything and just threw out Lu Zhao to the Red Dragon members this morning.

He hoped that the other side had pried open Lu Zhao’s mouth, Zhang YaoJin wanted it to be true.

Jian Hua doesn’t think he’s unreasonable for killing Dr. Mad at all.

“If Dr. Mad is the one we saw at the video, I don’t want to tolerate him for even a minute.”Jian Hua said with a blank expression.

“…actually, you endured him, and even promised to let him replace my position, give him Black Abyss, and you even mixed up with Dr. Mad for a few days too.”

This rebuttal came too fast. If the one who spoke is not Li Fei, Jian Hua would have crushed him in anger before coming back to reason.

Jian Hua looked sideways at Major Zhang and found that the latter has an utterly unreadable expression. He realized that this thing is not a secret. Even if Li Fei doesn’t say it, Zhang YaoJin is also aware of it.

Forget it, he’ll give him face, and it’s better to give it to an acquaintance.

“I am very good to him, and then?”

“Then in the final battle, against Poseidon and Hulakan, you suddenly killed someone.” Major Zhang said aloud. He’s going to have to explain and prevent an emotional gap between the Devourer and Flame Demon. Just what is this situation!


Jian Hua began to suspect that maybe he’s sick.

Imagine the two sides are about to fight. Between four S-class ability holders, Jian Hua said nothing and killed his people first, what is this? Does he want to frighten the enemy?

The effect is shocking, but what is the significance?

Is it to satirize Dr. Mad, and let him feel that someone is crazier than him?

“Because it’s hard to kill that guy.”

Li Fei can always be counted on at this critical time. Just right to comfort Jian Hua, and not only with empty words, but all are also reasonable.

“He should be more than just a madman, and have some means. When Dr. Mad came to find Jian Hua, even if the situation assured that he can be trusted, or that Jian Hua has to accept him, there’s no way he’s defenseless.”

So the Jian Hua in the book did not do it right away.

He made Dr. Mad be careless, and show indifference to power. There is a kind of madness that doesn’t care about life and death, and these are all in line with Dr. Mad’s temper. To make him continue in his arrogance, Dr. Mad will also seriously support the Devourer, because peace for people like Dr. Mad, is too boring.

Jian Hua suddenly turned his face, afraid that he doesn’t want to understand why Dr. Mad died.

“He knew the ‘plot’ and came over to make a statement?” Jian Hua shook the letter in his hand. These nauseating sentences can be summed up to one meaning: The young man who is full of love and was mercilessly heartbroken by the aristocratic lady is still lingering under the lady’s balcony, and not leaving.

Why is it a lady? Because Dr. Mad didn’t seem to know the difference between “him” and “her” in Chinese and misused it in several places.

“……you took my heartbeat away, I looked at your face for a long time, only you can make my heart beat life again.” Li Fei recited the last paragraph of the letter.

Major Zhang’s eyes are complex: He does care right, for him actually to recite it?

Li Fei who unwittingly recited the lines did not notice Zhang YaoJin’s expression.

“Looks like it’s for revenge which is unlike his behavior.” Li Fei commented, “He only has mental problems, but a mentally ill person is not equal to an idiot. He can kidnap Geng Tian, and force Black Abyss to exchange conditions. He can also leave a poisoned letter, and let you come out and meet him alone. You’re in the light, he’s in the dark. This risk should be a challenge that is very attractive to Dr. Mad.”

Li Fei looked around in a circle, signaling to the road, “In such a place with a large flow of people, getting away is easy.”

Jian Hua thoughtfully looked around.

“But he didn’t do these things, and only left a nondescript letter.”

“What do you mean, this is smoke that transfers our attention?” Zhang YaoJin caught the key point. He’s a little annoyed, “What’s this for?”

“Of course, it’s to cover up his true purpose for coming to China.” Li Fei stared at Major Zhang, “I’m going to wait until Geng Tian wake up, and listen to his description of the incident. It can prove my guess.”

Dr. Mad is coming for the high-order ability holders.

If not to murder to gain strength, or to test how the things he worked on affect high order abilities, the reason he chose China is not because of his shitty video that no one clicked, but because China’s Haicheng has mushrooms. With experiments against the struggle between ability holders and Abandoned World, how could he not use the mushrooms as a major distraction?

“He hasn’t woken up yet.”

Zhang YaoJin just finished when the phone on his body rang.

Then Jian Hua’s——Li Fei’s phone was dismantled by himself, so Black Abyss can only transfer the news to Jian Hua.

Major Zhang’s expression, who quickly picked up his phone to check the news, became ugly the same time as Jian Hua’s.

“Public places in three cities were attacked by ability holders this night.”

“DV shooting also appeared on foreign websites. The attackers themselves uploaded the video.” Jian Hua quickly opened a video on his phone. France’s Champ Elysees suffered a calamity.

“Two churches in Germany were destroyed……”

“There are also tourist destinations. Venice’s Water Song and Dance Festival were attacked, and casualties exceeded three digits.”

A copycat crime of ability holders.

The seed that Dr. Mad planted have born its evil fruit and started competing to take off.

STB Chapter 111: Conditions
STB Chapter 113: Help

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