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STB Chapter 112: Suffer a Loss
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In the videos that initially appeared on the net, the names of the cities are bizarre, and the brief content is a blur. And with stable updates, there were then so many videos. Only those cities and attractions that are more famous will be clicked, forwarded, and those that became popular has better quality.

All ten top search topics are occupied. In the past, the news is about the people in the entertainment world, and things like new movie propagandas are wiped out without a trace. All topics revolved around these videos.

Superpowers ignore the law and attack the public.

The first place to occupy the top search result is the “Carnival Clown Video”. Those related to Haicheng xx District 1 Community mutant vine attack are in second place. That happened five days ago, and that day shocked the whole world.

Following that are the events in various countries around the world. The most horrifying thing is the video of a train burning in India. The train just left the platform when the attack occurred. The fire engulfed three of the cars, and because there are too many people crowded together, only those roof, those next to the window, and those outside the trains have the time to escape……the video was taken by a foreign traveler. Because he was busy getting out of the platform, the second half wasn’t taken. In the video, you can only see people like fireballs and screams of horror.

This train burning video only lasted for half an hour in the Chinese network, it was deleted due to “related regulations”, and just some screenshots were passed around. Some people protested and was immediately cursed by the people who watched the video and those who went over the wall to watch it. It’s too terrible to have as a nightmare. Since China has no classification system, if they don’t delete it and someone with a heart disease saw it, it may kill someone.

The attack on Champ Elysees Avenue, France occupied the third hotspot with more than a dozen related videos. You can see at the beginning that a few people damaged some shops. It quickly turned into a robbery and attacking the passersby. The number of criminals is also increasing. Some ordinary people who don’t have superpowers at all have joined the madness.

After the arrival of the police car, the ground suddenly bulged into a slope. The pavement deformed and cracked, making the police car’s tires get stuck. The second police car suddenly flew up and landed on the roof of the first car. The blast caused by the explosion shattered the windows of the shops by the roadside.

This video of assaulting police officers was also censored.

Some videos end with a scream and then a black screen. Because its a mode of connecting to the network while shooting, they don’t know if the photographer got hurt, or whether they’re still alive is unknown. All kinds of words filled the end of the video.

Governments are under pressure from public opinion to acknowledge the existence of superpowers publicly.

The US also announced that environmental changes caused superpowers, but there is only a few research done on it. Although the press conference said that the changes are related to the space and “field” of the planet itself with research to prove it, the understanding of all people is “biochemical experiment failure led to human variation”.

It is said that behind the top leaders of various countries is the makings of a disaster film and brainwashing culture.

People are outraged and demanded the “truth”, asking to hand over the murderer who trained the biochemical warrior and did cruel experiments. They dispelled some of the ability holder’s good intentions of telling about the Abandoned World on the internet as gibberish, treated it as muddying the waters, white-washing the government and so on.

In China, most people have not witnessed an attack. They learned about such situations from the news and the Internet, but life is still the same. Some people are uneasy, but more people think that disaster won’t happen to them.

For those tragedies that happened in public, some strange ideas have also taken off, like habitually blaming the victims.

“Who let you go shopping abroad”, “who told you to travel”, “who let you join in the fun and attend the rally”, “would a family man and respectable woman go to a pub”, all sorts of fallacies were thrown out.

Every time the retarded jumped merrily, a Secret Service Red Dragon member want to sigh.

They despised these remarks intellectually, but to stabilize order, and to reassure the public, they still have to let these guys continue to speak.

Condemning the victim’s behavior is readily accepted by people who are afraid. If the deceased victim is wrong, then you don’t have to do those things to be safe——this kind of self-deception is handy. Which official statement is better than this? This infinite loop, as long as people’s living standards are high, it wouldn’t easily break, at least not now.

The endless war of words online, the reality is the same as what Dr. Mad’s video implied.

Many people have reduced their entertainment time and started hoarding food.

Assistant Lin is also one of them.

He scrolled through his phone and tweeted, while impatiently pressing the horn.

In front is the underground parking lot entrance of a supermarket. Don’t know what went wrong, and the garage security guard is talking to the owner of a car. It’s been almost three minutes since it’s blocked, so the vehicles waiting to enter the parking lot can only be stuck here.

The prompt from the microblog sounded one after the other. Assistant Lin’s fingers moved, discovered a new popular Weibo on the homepage that also included a video he hasn’t seen.

He cursed loudly, but his heart is even more disturbed.

Attacks are increasing every day. Assistant Lin is worried about the safety of his friends and family and felt that the weird mushrooms appearing in the New Year’s Eve shooting is also a superpower playing dirty tricks.

It’s already March, but there’s no news from the 《Black Bamboo》 crew and Li Fei. Assistant Lin has to face a terrible fact that maybe he’s going to be unemployed.

If Li Fei says he no longer needs an assistant, he has to go back to Star Entertainment Media and re-sign another artist.

Although Assistant Lin has a glorious history these two years, and he worked with the Best Actor Li Fei, but big stars have fixed teams around them, and rarely be replaced. Assistant Lin can’t be inserted, and it’s hard to say his future.

——unless he switched and became a broker.

Assistant Lin is in a bad mood. He counted the number of artists who have some fame in Star Entertainment Media. The result is that he failed to pick out a person that is better than Li Fei. Not grumpy or impulsive, not fussy, needy, or fastidious, and the most headache-inducing thing are those handsome and beautiful artists who have low EQ. Shooting a movie and offending someone but don’t know it……

Of course, these problems are better than the artists of GuangShi Group. They’re all petty.

So Assistant Lin didn’t think about changing jobs and leaving Star Entertainment. He doesn’t want to handle someone who drags raced, and someone who slept around. To be an assistant is to be a member of their crew. He maybe even have to cooperate with the broker and be a part-time pimp, letting the artist participate in the hidden rules. If he fall to that point, Assistant Lin would rather quit.

The harsh sound of a horn awakened Assistant Lin. He looked up and found that the front is still blocked.

“Hey, what happened?”

The mall security guard ran over and apologized. At the same time, Assistant Lin saw a sign in front of the parking lot, “This parking space is full”.

“What to do, the nearby parking lot is also full, I just saw it.” The driver behind him complained loudly.

The security guard quickly said that he had someone standing on the intersection to inform the cars behind. As for the cars here, some vehicles will come out soon, and guaranteed that there’d be parking space in a while.

After speaking, sure enough, there’s a car driving out. The window rolled down, and the driver shouted to this side, “Don’t line up, go another one! The cheap rice and oil are all looted. Only vegetables with rotten leaves are left. I only picked up some mineral water and biscuits.”

Hearing this, everyone is foul-mouthed.

Assistant Lin feels that the situation in other supermarkets is not that good. How much can they buy? But his car is in the middle, and there are no gaps, so he can only let the car follow the flow.

In the chaos, some drivers stayed in place, and some gently scratched other cars, quarreling erupted at once.

Assistant Lin is one of the first two. He anxiously patted the steering wheel, picked up the phone and called his parents at home, telling them to stay at home, don’t go out and grab things to prevent injuries. Then he dialed the number of Jian Hua.

——two months ago, Li Fei left Haicheng. Because acquaintances from the entertainment circle are asking about the New Year’s Eve party, Li Fei stopped using his cell phone and changed to a new number. However, four days ago, Assistant Lin found that the new number cannot be reached. Fortunately, he also has Jian Hua’s phone number.

When the number was dialed, and he was waiting for it to connect, Assistant Lin looked at a flower, and opened his eyes in shock, looking at the person who suddenly appeared in front of his car.

Unkempt, undressed, and with several wounds on his body.

Damn it!

Before this, Assistant Lin never swore at anyone.

The bloody smell drifted towards the window, and the person turned his head. His eyes full of hostility stared at Assistant Lin.

“Ah!” Assistant Lin is scared to dropping the phone.

He screamed and wanted to roll up the window. This kind of “teleporting” is undoubtedly a superpower!

The voice of Jian Hua came from the phone that was thrown to the passenger seat: “Hello?”

Assistant Lin ripped open the seatbelt, grabbed the phone and ran to the door on the other side.

Assistant Lin regretted coming out because there are more than one people who appeared in a messy shape with some hands still holding blood-stained knives.

“Saved, we’re saved hahaha!”

These madmen cheered with fierce eyes. When they found that Assistant Lin and the others were stunned and fleeing, even with red eyes, they picked up the knife and chopped at them.

“Help me!”

Screams and prayers echoed. The parking lot is in chaos.

A driver gnashed his teeth and decisively knocked over the crossbar at the entrance, turned around and rushed out.

A fierce man rolled over to avoid the wheels. Watching the shadow of the car galloping away, he smiled and reached out. Assistant Lin watched the car float up and flip four rounds.

The person in the car also found the situation is terrible, screamed while opening the door and jumped out.

The height of less than two meters won’t make him fall to his death. The driver struggled to get up and run, children are crying in his car, but the driver did not even turn around.

Several ability holders feel like they saw something interesting. They laughed distortedly, reached out at the same time, and the floating car immediately followed the runaway man.


The car fell, and the escaper is pressed under the wheels, miserably calling for help.

Assistant Lin’s legs went soft. He rolled and rushed to the greenery. The perpetrators behind him screamed wildly:

“Kill them! Why don’t they go hungry? Why don’t they need to encounter monsters!”

“Let them die……it feels terrible to have your hands cut off. What are you afraid of! You won’t be torn apart and eaten!”

“Run, why aren’t you running?”

A woman in high heels fell to the ground. She is too late to ask for mercy, and just became a pool of blood.

The security guard who quickly run out of the parking lot dodged a kitchen knife, but an ice blade pierced his heart. Blood sprayed on Assistant Lin’s face.

“Idiot, use a knife, don’t use your ability. The mushrooms will come out!”

Then those murderers found the shopping bags full of food.

“We can eat!”

“This is mine!”

“Do it after. Did you forget this is the reality?”

There are still ability holders who are ignorant and started smashing car windows and trunks. Assistant Lin stumbled through the greenery.

When he saw a group of people coming over, he almost cried and lost his voice, “Help, quickly run, there’s——”

The sound was stuck on the back of his throat.

Because this group of people is not normal, there is blood on their bodies.

Their clothing doesn’t look messy, so Assistant Lin didn’t notice it at first. These people have a conspicuous black badge on their chest with no patterns.

STB Chapter 112: Suffer a Loss
STB Chapter 114: Hostage

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