STB Chapter 115: Lost Contact

STB Chapter 114: Hostage
STB Chapter 116: Code

In this way, Li Fei’s bodyguard and assistant both laid down on the hospital.

Compared to Geng Tian who encountered Dr. Mad, Assistant Lin is purely unlucky. Fortunately, in the end, he was just scared, and the injury is not that serious. After three days of hospitalization, the hospital can discharge him and let him rest at home.

Initially, as “Haicheng xx Supermarket Hostage Taking” survivor, Assistant Lin will encounter waves of interviews, and then be exposed on TV.

Although Lin Xiao is not a public figure, Li Fei’s fans know him, and this is expected to lead to new topics. So Li Fei proposed Red Dragon to exclude Lin Xiao from the information published, and let him heal with peace of mind.

He hastily visited Assistant Lin, comforted the crying mother of Lin Xiao, and not waiting for Assistant Lin to ask if Jian Hua called the police and used mobile phone positioning to let the special forces rescue the hostages smoothly, Li Fei left.

Assistant Lin with his mind a mess and full of doubts: Mushroom.

He connected these things and thought about it carefully. He felt that there’s a mystery around Li Fei, which implicated a lot——someone who encountered serial assassinations, and he seemed to have heard Li Fei’s voice before he went into a coma. In the first place, even the reporters, family members, and friends of the victims are unlikely to enter the scene.

Assistant Lin quickly found that there is no news about him related to the hostage incident. He seemed to be treated to have “escaped during the supermarket chaos, was unfortunately injured” and was sent to the hospital. As a hostage and eyewitness, he saw the men wearing black badges arguing with the assailants. He heard some information, but no police officer asked him any questions. As he waited for the discharge notice, they only let him go through the formalities, so Assistant Lin is extremely stunned.

——he was so nervous and worried if the superpowers from the black badge group will come over to silence him!

The night before discharge, the preoccupied Assistant Lin can’t sleep.

With the mobile phone under his pillow, he took it in his hand several times. He wanted to dial Jian Hua, Geng Tian, or just Star Entertainment’s CEO Liang Jun’s number to discuss with them the experience of his escape. There is also Li Fei’s mystery, but after hesitating for a long time, he still put the phone down.

It was raining outside the window, and the leaves rustled.

This large hospital underwent a lot of chaos as crowds pushed and trampled on the injured patients. The corridors are filled with temporary beds, and the opposite ICU is always busy.

When a person walked over here, Assistant Lin did not pay attention at first.

A person stood beside him and cast a shadow over Assistant Lin. He was shocked as soon as he opened his eyes.

“You, you……”

The person who appeared in the hospital corridor late at night is the person wearing a black badge, the young man who argued with his companions to rescue Assistant Lin.

Assistant Lin grabbed the phone, extremely wary.

“Hello.” The other person smiled kindly.

But this attitude can’t dispel Assistant Lin’s position. This way of knocking on your door made him sweat. The only thing Assistant Lin is thankful for is that he advised his parents to go home because his condition is good and he can be discharged tomorrow.

Spring thunder sounded in the night sky and illuminated the scene outside the glass window.

“It’s not the first time we met. My name is Huo Wei. It’s great to see that you’re fine.” The young man sincerely smiled, very open.

“You guys……”

Huo Wei immediately put the finger on his lips and made a shushing motion, whisperingly pleading, “Please don’t say it. I am indeed a superpower that’s mentioned in the news, but I am not a madman. There are also good people and bad people among us.“

Assistant Lin has a look of suspicion.

The other side didn’t act out of the ordinary and was still very sympathetic to the life and death of ordinary people, but going to the hospital to find him in the middle of the night is not normal.

“I know that you’re called Lin Xiao, Dean’s assistant. I am Dean’s fan, so I know you!”

Huo Wei exposed that he often see Assistant Lin, and gave a bright smile that young people in ivory towers often have.

Assistant Lin subconsciously thought of his image and how it would bring shame to Li Fei. He soon recovered: Not right. He was kidnapped and held hostage, why would he care about his image?

“You recognized me at that time?”

“How can that be? Back then, your face was covered in blood.” Huo Wei laughed.

A man like that rushed out and asked for help. The first thing they noticed is not him, but what happened behind him.

Assistant Lin has been in the entertainment industry for many years. Although he’s not “successful” and neither is he a scheming old fox, but he had a lot of experience and developed a little intuition.

Intuition tells Assistant Lin that Huo Wei is not that simple.

A young university student mixed up in the midst of a group of unfathomable superpowers and be able to live to the present is an ability in itself. Huo Wei said that he didn’t recognize him, then how did he find him here?

“Actually, I’m Dean’s subordinate, too.” Huo Wei is like a fan, smiling mysteriously and excitedly. He raised his hand and touched the black gold rim badge on his chest.


Finding Assistant Lin with a blank expression, Huo Wei’s appearance became stiff. He seems to be aware of his failure. He concealed it with a cough and explained that he’s not a criminal but a nationally registered ability holder. When the government handled this matter, he also participated in the rescue. As a result, he found Li Fei was coming too. Li Fei is also looking for an injured man among the victims, and that caught his attention.

When Huo Wei said these words with his voice low and vague, he mentioned Li Fei’s name in English, and some words are not clear. After all, he’s a few steps away from the hospital bed, and with no privacy at all, it’s less suitable for talking about sensitive topics.

Assistant Lin’s expression changed again. Huo Wei implied very clearly that he knew something: Li Fei is a superpower, and also a very powerful one. Someone who’s very scary, and a powerhouse whose admired and kneeled to.

Are they making a movie?

After this thought comes up, Assistant Lin thought about the accidents occurring worldwide. Li Fei was invited for tea by the country’s secret services a while ago, and even the bodyguard Geng Tian disappeared in the fog. It’s like a TV show, and he’s the normal friend around the protagonist that did not know anything about the superhuman fights that happen in his life. Until one day, he became a victim in one episode.

Assistant Lin shook, feeling horrible.

“Mr. Geng had an accident a few days ago. Fortunately, you are not seriously injured. I don’t know if Dean will continue shooting films. Some of us fans are very anxious……”

“Wait, what did you say, Geng Tian?”

Assistant Lin involuntarily raised his voice. The patient in the next bed scolded him while half-asleep.

Huo Wei was surprised as he looked at Assistant Lin, “The Haicheng suburbs car explosion a few days ago, doesn’t Mr. Geng live there?

Assistant Lin doesn’t know where Geng Tian lives, so he’s stunned. Huo Wei said a few words and found that he’s absent-minded, so Huo Wei willingly left, leaving Assistant Lin who’s head turned to paste.

In the hallway, a man was snoring, and his head tilted to the other side of the wall. He said to the little radio in his hair, “Target has left.”

The listening device installed under the hospital bed recorded all conversations.

“There’s no suspicious behavior on target. I don’t understand why the Flame Demon asked us to pay attention to him.”

“It’s not just Flame Demon. Major Zhang also had the same order.”

“Eh?” The Red Dragon member disguised as a family member of the patient wondered, “But from the reports and track record, Huo Wei is just more impulsive with no experience and a university student who just left school. Because his character is the same as the original, relatives and friends did not doubt him nor are there any bad record about him.”

If Red Dragon investigated a person in detail, don’t even say what he bought, they also knew his black history of running a red light. Few people cannot reveal their true faces under this kind of “combing”.

Huo Wei passed this “assessment”.

“This guy is mixed in the Black Abyss. I heard there’s even a group of people following him!”

“That’s old news. The Abandoned World that happened three days ago lasted for a month. Many of the ability holders can’t take it, so there’s been an outbreak of attacks domestic and abroad. More cases occurred during that day than in the previous week. Huo Wei’s group seemed to have died with no bones left. I heard that those who died from another ability holder are much more than those who died from monster attacks, but since people died, they want to keep the monsters from swallowing the bodies. It’s tough.”

The two Red Dragon communicating with each other are not ability holders. One is going to continue tracking Huo Wei, and the other one is staying in the hospital to “protect” Lin Xiao. They even have time to gossip for a bit. When they want to hang up the communication, the person tracking Huo Wei suddenly whispered,

“Huo Wei disappeared.”

“What? He’s not a spatial ability holder……”

“The instrument we carried can detect energy fluctuations. The graph is very familiar. He entered Abandoned World.”

The Red Dragon member who “took care” of Assistant Lin in the hospital, sympathetically said, “Went in again? With the clothes on his body, he can at most have a small bottle of water, estimated that he has no food.”

“I’m going to report.”

Even after one second, Huo Wei will leave Abandoned World, but his chances of appearing in the hospital are few and far between, so the man in charge of tracking can rest for a bit before getting back to work.

“Lucky bastard!” The Red Dragon member whispered. He didn’t know if he’s sighing from his partner’s good luck or Huo Wei’s bad luck.

After three minutes, he can’t smile.

“What did you say, you can’t contact them?

“That’s right, Falcon’s ability holder team all lost contact! I’m waiting for news from other channels!”

The Red Dragon member can’t sit still, “Did they all enter the Abandoned World?

Then he said to himself that they shouldn’t. Abandoned World has been around for so long, and Major Zhang also entered it once every few days, but never can they not contact them. The real-world time doesn’t change for the ability holders. Even if the people of the National Ability Holder’s Organization lost their communication tools in the Abandoned World, not all of them should be lost.

They don’t have permission to know more information.

Colonel Lu in the North was urgently woken up by the guards——

The ability holders locked up were missing in their cells, and they lost contact with the members of the National Ability Holders team, including the head of Haicheng Red Dragon, Major Zhang YaoJin.

Red Dragon is confirming the ability holders from their list, constantly changing names to gray, representing the loss of contact. The first one they established is Geng Tian, who is still in the military hospital ward.

“The Devourer’s cellphone signal is out of service.”

“The miniature locator signal of the Corgi group has been interrupted.”

“We are in the process of driving to the A-class ability holder’s homes……”

“The scope is concentrated in Haicheng, the North, and also……there are no abnormalities in the Western cities.”

Colonel Lu’s face paled. Not even wearing shoes, he commanded, “Notify all ability holders we haven’t lost contact yet and let them prepare food and drink. Their maximum priority is their survival!”

This is something written in the book. A huge overlap point gradually covers the entire planet.

Divided according to time zone, a batch of ability holders disappeared.

The first time it happened in the book, the countries were wild with joy, thinking that the ability holders who did not return in time are dead, and will not harm others anymore. After twelve hours of global upheaval, many buildings are ruined, and more than 100,000 people died.

“Increase defense level. Notify all cities with military bases to pay attention. Pull the air defense alarm! All government sectors evacuate their staff, and enter the underground bunker! Inform people not to be near landmarks in case tall buildings collapse, the ground subsides, and explosions can happen at any time! Time of occurrence……on that second when all ability holders return to reality!

“The time zone where the last ability holder disappears, the next second is the moment when all humanity waits for disaster to come!

“Contact the government, and confirm which time zone the ability holders last appeared……China’s territory has five time zones. With luck, we still have eleven and a half hours or more. If bad luck, we only have more than two hours!”

STB Chapter 114: Hostage
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