STB Chapter 116: Code

STB Chapter 115: Lost Contact
STB Chapter 117: Reinforcements

The bedroom only has a wall lamp, and the dim light illuminated two overlapping figures to the curtain. There’s drizzle outside the window.

The glass is covered with a thick layer of hyphae. Its dedicated role is to cover up any source of light in the room, so others can’t see anything inside the window.

The rapid breathing sound slowly becomes gentle.

Jian Hua reclined on the bed, his weak right hand hanging on the side of the bed and a soft pillow behind his waist. This posture makes his lower abdomen slightly higher, and sweat beads rolled down his chest to his neck along the flushed skin.

Red and swelling bruises are scattered on his body, even at his elbows.

The lower abdomen has the most marks and because his muscles are still spasming and the sweat reflects the light, making it even more visible.

The slender legs separated. The taut feet is a little unnatural, bending and raising the right leg that has lost strength, and inclining it against the stacked quilt at the foot of the bed.

Li Fei, who got up and poured a glass of water, came back. Seeing this scene, he stopped, eyes slightly darkening. Waiting until he restrained the desire in his mind, he went toward the bed. The arms attached to the sheets are slightly hot, as he held Jian Hua’s shoulders and lifted him.

Jian Hua closed his eyes, his breathing deep. Don’t know if he’s exhausted and went to sleep, or fell into that strange lethargic symptom.

Li Fei let him lean in his arms with his head on his shoulder. He bowed his head and whispered the name of Jian Hua in his ear.

The ear slightly twitched. Jian Hua is too sensitive not to react, so Li Fei immediately knew that he was just tired. Since nothing’s wrong, he breathed a sigh of relief in his mind.

“Drink some water and sleep again.”

Jian Hua then felt his dry throat. His Adam’s apple bob up and down, and his brow wrinkled.

The cold rim of the cup touched his lips. He subconsciously opened his mouth and waited until the water reached his teeth. The water temperature is just right, and a feeling of comfort spreads after swallowing which entered his chest cavity.

Unknowingly, he drank a whole glass of water.

Li Fei put the glass on the bedside table. His other hand stretched towards the bent knee and held his man up.

Very quickly, the sound of water came from the bathroom.

The clock pointer slowly pointed to 12. Li Fei pulled the sheets off when he came back again. When he cleaned up, he didn’t forget the pillows. He raised his hand and touched several creamy white liquids on the pillowcase, his expression subtle.

This is a hotel apartment in Haicheng. Red Dragon members knew that they don’t want to live in the base. They all looked at them strangely before agreeing.

Dr. Mad appeared in Haicheng, and there is no conclusive information to prove that he’d left the city. The damage caused by S-class ability holders are quite scary. Geng Tian is still in the hospital, and today something happened to Assistant Lin. Because of these reasons, Li Fei can only stay in Haicheng for a while.

There are a washing machine and kitchen in the apartment, so it’s very suitable as a residence.

All the replaced clothing are put in the washing machine. There are two beds in the bedroom. Li Fei puts his lover back in bed, tucked him in, and then went back to the living room to watch the video related to the attack on the computer.

It’s already midnight. During the day, he ran to the scene of the accident and the hospital because of Assistant Lin’s “live call for help”. He’s now he’s busy with this but Li Fei is not tired, and even his spirit is better.

He leaned halfway on the couch, topless and with only a pair of trousers.

Right click on the video while wearing headphones, preoccupied with finding information from these videos.

He opened and closed a lot of videos without reading. He moved the mouse as he moved to the next. The changing light on the screen reflected Li Fei’s face. Sometimes, he will show a thoughtful expression. At this time, his whole body temperature even rose.

Li Fei’s line of sight has been on a page for a long time.

This is the largest video platform in China. Dr. Mad kept saying that he uploaded a video here, and no one paid attention to his appeal. After the vine attack, people followed Dr. Mad’s account on the foreign website, but haven’t found what he was talking about even after searching the internet for a long time.

Red Dragon’s search is more comprehensive and also used “Sunflower”, “Nietszche” and his nickname Dr. Mad. Finally, an expert deciphered the code. They extracted the audio from the carnival clown video and found a bunch of strange noises. Then they used the string of meaningless numbers in Dr. Mad’s account as a clue to rewrite it into sheet music. After comparing it to that strange noise, they got a section of sheet music.

Using the name of the music score as an ID, they found a video with clicks of a single digit. There were no comments and no recommended videos.

This video is very boring. There’s only a small oil painting depicting the sea under the night. A gloved hand picked a brush full of white paint and made dozens of dots in the sky.

There are big and small, looking very irregular. If it were a year ago, Li Fei wouldn’t be able to see what he’s doing. After mastering the “original” message, Li Fei checked a lot of information. Now he quickly recognized that these points are the “Great Bear” in the constellation. It’s also Geng Tian’s nickname in the book.

Great Bear is the most prominent constellation in the star map. The seven stars that make up the back and tail of the “bear” is the famous Big Dipper.

Every action of the Black Abyss has Geng Tian’s shadow. He is a powerful A-class ability holder, and so got such a nickname.

The person painting drew it very carefully and was also very neat, but it destroyed the picture. The whole painting looks unruly, and don’t even mention it’s beautiful. Not to mention, at the end of the video, the painter also mischievously painted a cross with white paint on the sea.

The video release date is one month ago. If he drew the Great Bear, that means he’s going to find Geng Tian, but why overdo it and add a cross? Dr. Mad can take a blank sheet of paper, or take a picture of the Big Dipper in the sky, is this painting in the video just a coincidence?

The code that Dr. Mad added to the video is very hidden. Ordinary people may not find it, but it shouldn’t be too hard for people who like delving into all kinds of puzzles. Put in the hands of national intelligence agencies, it’s not a big deal. With the temper of Dr. Mad in the book, he will not come up with a code that no one can crack.

Sea, cross, Great Bear in the sky……

Li Fei played this video in a loop. Red Dragon only sent the information but did not say anything else. Li Fei also has his understanding of this video, its just that the answer is a bit shocking.

The cross can symbolize the Holy Gate organization, but the cross also has another meaning.


“Poseidon is dead?”

There are five S-class ability holders in the world, but this is only in the book. Only when Jian Hua appeared did this became widely known.

At first, everyone only knew three, Hulakan, Poseidon of the European Union, and there is also Dr. Mad. Although they don’t know his nationality, he is naturally white. Then everyone outside the book guessed that Dr. Mad is Russian which is also in line with the division of world power.

Later, Black Abyss appeared, and S-class Flame Demon is Chinese. Everyone felt that Dr. Mad is absolutely Russian. Two S-class in the villain group, against the combination of US Abilities Bureau and European Union.

After Li Fei’s death, S-class Devourer appeared. Until the story ended, Dr. Mad’s nationality is unknown. The author Nania Kaia has revealed on Twitter that Dr. Mad is not Russian, making everyone feel its “unexpected”. They have to wait for the answer when the book is adapted to film.

Unfortunately, no book transmigrator has seen “this legendary movie”, so the origin of Dr. Mad, of course, became a mystery.

The reality is different from the plot. First of all, there are five S-class ability holders in this world. Second, except for Dr. Mad, the others have been tracked. Among them, Li Fei’s personal information is the most exposed, and then there is Poseidon.

The water system S-class ability holder is the heir to a consortium. He’s not just a rich second generation, he is also competent, thirty years old, a golden bachelor, and has a net worth of billions.

The protagonist Johnson Brown is just a teenager in an American town. His name is well-known, so you can find him if you look for someone of that name in Southern State, a victim of school violence, and with a guardian who likes to gamble. Poseidon is different. Although the book did not mention his last name and did not say the name of the consortium, his hair and eye color is, plus a net worth of billions, the successor of a consortium and single so with this information, its not difficult to screen.

Li Fei suffered an assassination, so Poseidon is probably the same.

——Abandoned World has just appeared, so how can Europe countries reach an agreement. With no backing of the state and no mushrooms, Poseidon is unfortunate. It’s very likely that he hadn’t escaped this tragedy.

Li Fei searched for news a month before and after the video release date and picked out news reports about two tsunamis on an island in Greece. Two tsunamis with not a few days apart, much like the attack of Poseidon, but there are no reports about the death of an heir to a consortium.

Everything is just speculation, and need further verification.

Li Fei heard a slight movement from the bedroom. Jian Hua seemed to have woken up.

He looked up and suddenly felt the ground shaking. Li Fei just took three steps before rushing to the bedroom in two steps. His heart settled when he discovered Jian Hua is still there, and not blurred like the surrounding scene.

If Abandoned World came, it’s not a big deal at all. Li Fei is more worried about another thing.

Assistant Lin became a hostage by a group of criminals who’re said to have been in the Abandoned World for 30 days.

——he just had a lovely evening with his lover. Suddenly it will take a month to see each other, isn’t this misery itself?

The shaking stopped, and Jian Hua is sitting on the bed looked weird.

“What happened?”

“……space is unstable, and the mycelium is very active.” Jian Hua finished, only to find that his voice is a bit hoarse.

He picked up the quilt and wanted to get out of bed. As a result, his legs are jelly, and he fell back, worsening the pain in the lower back and a particular part. Jian Hua is speechless for a while, then looked accusingly at Li Fei.

Why can’t he have a little restraint? Dr. Mad is still in Haicheng, isn’t this diminishing your combat force?

“Before this arrival, I felt something wrong. The reaction is too big, and even woke me up……”

Jian Hua hadn’t finished his words yet when the hyphae outside the window rushed in like a wave. The glass cracked and broke in a few seconds. Li Fei reached out to cover his man. This is an unnecessary action. The scattered glass shards don’t have the chance of entering the “field”.

The wind blew the curtains up and clearly showed the monsters outside.

Something like a python, had its whole body covered in hyphae while struggling.

At the same time, the silent night was broken by the roar of various monsters. He looked around with his magic eyes and found that the tall buildings around them are full of all kinds of malicious monsters. Almost all the monsters he’d seen illustrated in the Monster Manual are here.

STB Chapter 115: Lost Contact
STB Chapter 117: Reinforcements

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