STB Chapter 148: Deviation

STB Chapter 147: Return
STB Chapter 149: Garrison Field

This is the fifth day that Old Cheng went missing from Red Dragon Base.

Rem, the A-class ability holder from Australia, wasn’t informed about it. He was in high spirits and asked the English-speaking ability holders to take him to the famous attractions in Haicheng. He also said that he’d long wanted to travel to China, just that he’d been too busy.

Saying such a story, Zhang YaoJin just grunted, sending someone to go with him.

Sure enough, it didn’t take two rounds for the professional engineer wind ability holder to become bold as he took an interest in everything. He especially liked to visit various high rise buildings and was very fond of the TV Towers and the bank’s financial buildings. Several times, he almost “strayed” into government agencies.

When Rem came, many people had seen it, so the news can’t be concealed.

Some people with ulterior motives did everything possible to get in touch with him.

The news that Li Fei and others disappeared in a small town near Jiangnan also spread. Those ambitious Black Abyss ability holders who stayed in Haicheng immediately moved their minds.

——they have power, so they’re anxious to change their lives.

The result? They all made it to Red Dragon’s blacklist.

Major Zhang sent people to pick up Geng Tian (from their route, he still didn’t know that Geng Tian also disappeared), making sure to investigate the relationship between the void and the spider world and be combat ready to prevent the worst.

Zhang YaoJin has a busy schedule every day, but Haicheng’s monsters were gradually cleared. He then set about working on the “building repairs”. There are still eight months until the end of the Abandoned World, but the sooner the city is restored, the smaller the effect to ordinary people at the moment they returned to China.

To clean up the collapsed ruins and rebuild the houses as much as possible……earth and wood ability holders became the leading force since they can make a living just by doing manual labor. Also, the houses did not need to be the same as the original, as long as it’s roughly the same.

Those that are destroyed too thoroughly are simply cleaned up while leaving a thick pad specially used in mountaineering or rescue operations to guarantee that people from the fourth or fifth floor wouldn’t fall to their deaths.

“We can’t save everyone, but ensure that there are more survivors.”

Red Dragon didn’t force other ability holders to do the same, but more and more joined in.

The city is full of desolation. In such a world, so what if you become the king?

No internet, no entertainment, no electricity, no variety of food……while the ability holders hated the ordinary people since they don’t have to suffer like them, they’re also happy at gaining extraordinary power. Most of them joined the “reconstruction” with a sense of superiority, lamenting the fragility of ordinary people who won’t even know how they died.

Kind-hearted people are happy to save others.

Vain people saved others for self-satisfaction.

No matter in what state of mind, they can be a labor force. Who would live in this world and not be Ah Q? At least it’s better than those who are driven mad by despair.

There’s a simple time calculation device in the base. Every morning, the first thing Zhang YaoJin did after he woke up is listening to his subordinates’ reports. Most of it is about Haicheng and its surroundings’ detailed progress of the repair process, whether they’re experiencing problems, what’s the specific situation, and sometimes, he even had to go on site to see it in person.

Haicheng is just the point where Red Dragon is stationed and will become the center after the establishment of a secure base. Then they’d slowly expand their scope.

Thick pads, steel bars, and other materials used to rebuild houses are not enough, so they can only rely on many ability holders to show their skills. Red Dragon people really hate the S-class Dr. Mad because of his fondness to sabotage. If that man used that zeal to build a house, how much can they save? Probably the North and South will soon have a bridge that spans the two sides in fantastic colors.

Zhang YaoJin, after solving the problems that urgently needed to be dealt with in the restoration project, only then started to have breakfast.

Breakfast isn’t eaten single-mindedly, because at this time, “Albatross” and “Cuckoo” will report. They are responsible for monitoring the A-class ability holder Rem, the book transmigrators, and the threatening characters in the blacklist.

“Huo Wei is back, and he got to know Lu Zhao?” Zhang YaoJin stopped with beansprouts on his chopsticks. He slowly put it back in his bowl, then looked up to ask, “How did they meet? Huo Wei had never concealed his secret of being a book transmigrator, and Lu Zhao, this man, has a petty heart. How can he face a competitor that’s also a book transmigrator?”

“Huo Wei found food hidden by the other ability holders, biscuits and stuff. By now, there aren’t much left of this kind of thing in the Abandoned World. Huo Wei is so generous, how could Lu Zhao miss such a fool?”

“Are you sure it’s something they can eat?”

“If you can’t eat it, they will find it at that time, because it can’t fill your stomach.” The Red Dragon team member said in wonder.

“Not necessarily.” Zhang YaoJin ate the malnourished little bean sprouts from his bowl, waving and said, “Pay attention to yourself and don’t be greedy. If someone mixed a bag in five bags of biscuits and eats it, it would be useless, but after eating for a few days, what’s going to happen to you?”

The Red Dragon team members who came to report all changed their faces.

They have to live in the Abandoned World for a year. If they ate the wrong thing every day, it’d accumulate enough to kill them.

“Huo Wei also shared his food to someone?”

“This……he was previously sent by Black Abyss to rescue trapped ability holders. After wandering around, I heard that he went chasing after Li Fei and Jian Hua. He’s been back for a few days now, and he has food in his hand, so everyone believed it.”

“Monitor him!”

“Major, there’s no reason to wait a thousand days to guard against a thief. This Huo Wei is always cheerful and enthusiastic. With the appearance of a college student, he doesn’t have to look for anyone, I’m afraid someone would steal the food in his hands. If we monitor Huo Wei, there’s no stopping those who seek death.”

Zhang YaoJin said with a headache, “Only one of him could be found so far, and Huo Wei is not someone who would expose himself. I was more afraid that someone else will know this method by coincidence, then wait for them to commit the crime. After it was later revealed, they’d push the blame to the same person.”

Red Dragon base has so many people, who got some good stuff, and wouldn’t secretly hide it?

They want to do it but didn’t want to start it.

“We’ll post a notice right away. Should we remind other ability holders?”

“Then they’d turn against each other, do you want the base to be in chaos?” Zhang YaoJin hit the table.

There is no evidence now, just speculation. The notice would cause everyone to have a sense of insecurity. Where there’s originally nothing, now they’d suspect each other. There will be some ability holders who’d never taken food from others, they’d panic and change the food they’d always carried with them.

“We can only notify small areas and the common ability holders over there……” Major Zhang pondered. There should not be many people who’d waste food, and even make an effort to set up a trap to harm an ordinary man.

“Lu Zhao knew a lot of things about Jian Hua. Huo Wei didn’t get what he wanted so he will not leave. Keep monitoring him.”

The Red Dragon members listened and wondered, does Huo Wei still want to “make up” and wait until he had another chance to brush Jian Hua’s good feelings in the future? He’s too persistent.

Major Zhang felt that Huo Wei would look down on Lu Zhao who played a bad hand. He should be eager to dig up something useful, then kick the man away as garbage.

“Huo Wei is so confident even though Jian Hua and Li Fei disappeared? Isn’t he worried that Jian Hua might not come back? He still had the mood to do these things?” Zhang YaoJin thought about it as he stretched out his hand and put a small piece of meat on the ground.

The corgi, who had just woken up, climbed out of its nest. It lazily twisted its hips for a few steps. Sniffing food, it expressed its satisfaction with a bark as it ate. Then, stretching its legs for a few times, and twisting its hips, it went to the door and waited for someone to open it for its morning walk.

Major Zhang stood up and fixed his clothes, ready to go out.

——to prevent himself from disappearing like Old Cheng and plunging Red Dragon base in chaos, Zhang YaoJin could only use his private rights and take the corgi TuanTuan to live with him, making them inseparable.

After opening the door, a gust of wind came head-on.

Zhang YaoJin responded quickly and avoided it, then he saw the scene in front of him shaking.

Major Zhang was shocked and reached out to the corgi. TuanTuan also barked.

A visible grey vortex appeared in the hallway, affecting the energy around it and filling the air with a bizarre pattern.

The corgi stared in front with vigilance. It can’t get close to the whirlpool, but the interior color kept getting darker.

“Major!” The Red Dragon team members outside the door saw this and hurried over, wanting to help.

“Stop, don’t get close!” Zhang YaoJin snapped at them.

The center of the vortex became darker. Although this piece of black is only the size of a bowl, no one can see inside and a destructive breath endlessly flowed from there.

Those with lower levels can’t stand this pressure, and with pale faces, they fainted on the spot.

“Can it be expelled?” Zhang YaoJin pulled out his gun, aiming at the vortex.

Even if a giant spider rushed out, he could still hit the limb joints.


The sound of opening the gun’s safety mechanism.

The vortex inflated strangely, like an elliptical loaf of bread. It staggered and floated to the ceiling of the hallway.

The corgi’s barks suddenly stopped, and it scratched its head with its forelegs in doubt.

Numerous white filaments suddenly sprang out of the vortex, sticking to the walls, ceiling, and pillars.

——is it really a giant spider?

Zhang YaoJin is about to pull the trigger when the white silk on the floor quickly rolled up and became a small mushroom, round and fat. A dazzling light appeared in the center of the vortex、

Boom!” Sounded the deafening thunder.

The vortex completely split, and red fire stung everyone’s eyes. They can only see a few figures among the flames.

With the air burning, the temperature quickly rose up. It was like a fireball was in the building as the windows glowed red.

Jian Hua ran out of strength after finally passing through the hole. However, the space around them tightened because of the shrinkage, and their path distorted, with deviations appearing——Jian Hua hoped that it’s the Pearl TV Tower, the Old Palace Gates in the North, or even the thousand caves in Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum.

He’d passed by the desert, stayed in an underground city, and fought South American drug dealers on the Mexican border……compared with these, as long as he can return to China, distance is not a problem.

He stepped on the ground with a pale face. He opened his eyes and saw Major Zhang opposite him, holding a gun in one hand and a plump corgi on the other hand with the muzzle facing this side.


Zhang YaoJin was also stunned.

He knew that Jian Hua and Li Fei disappeared with Dr. Mad, and also knew that Old Cheng inexplicably went missing whereas Rem magically traveled along the Pacific Ocean to China. These are all related to the Abandoned World.

But he never expected the mushroom to bring back a bunch of people, not only Old Cheng, but Geng Tian is also lying next to him, not to mention Li Fei. Just that, how can there be a foreign boy with reddish-brown hair?

“This is Johnson.” Jian Hua took the initiative to say. Everyone used their abilities until their comatose state, and he’s the only one who’s sober and awake.

Zhang YaoJin was shocked to see Johnson who was loaded into a “mushroom sleeping bag”.

“You kidnapped the protagonist?”

The author has something to say:   

There’s a segment in the above two chapters.

Johnson was deceived by the US Abilities Bureau to turn in TuanTuan

TuanTuan: woof?


Ah Q is a bully to the less fortunate but fearful of those who are above him in rank, strength, or power.

STB Chapter 147: Return
STB Chapter 149: Garrison Field

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