STB Chapter 37: Crisis

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With chopsticks sandwiching a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs, the delicious thick sauce slides down to the rice.

Li Fei can’t even taste the piece he just ate, as he looked straight at the man in front of the green screen——

These days, while Jian Hua is acting as a background character, Li Fei is very busy. Even though Jian Hua is working as the male lead, Li Fei’s double, the two’s scenes never seem to cross. It was dark sky and black earth (idiom: troubled times), and they were busy day and night that it caused him to discover the changes in Jian Hua only today.

Putting down the chopsticks, Li Fei intently watched the man in the group scene.

He didn’t close his eyes since it’s useless with his ability. Judging only by the senses of an ordinary person, “He Ning” has a strong sense of presence. If the camera shook, even for just a second, the profound silhouette of the male lead cannot be ignored.

This is not the He Ning in the script, but Li Fei’s interpretation of the male lead.

In the first few days, Jian Hua is imitating, but now he has even caught the charm—the standing posture is not precisely the same as Li Fei. He(Jian Hua) did not make the common actions that Li Fei gave the character since he(Li Fei) was just too natural at it. With a very similar appearance to the main character, a monotonous turn, a few steps to and fro, the silhouettes filled a variety of monitors.

Li Fei slightly raised his eyebrows, he really was surprised.

“Cold? Do you want to go back and warm up?” Assistant Lin nervously watched Li Fei eat a few mouthfuls of food in his hands.

The cast’s lunch level is also good, but Li Fei is never hard on himself. He often asked Assistant Lin to go to nearby restaurants to pack several dishes back.

The sweet and sour pork ribs’ seductive scent made Li Fei come back to himself.

The next second, Li Fei felt that there were many people in the studio staring at him.

The supporting actress who is supposed to film today said that she’s not feeling well, and wanted to rest for two hours in the afternoon. The Director agreed, so Li Fei is pressed to eat a little today, and there is still time to stroll around.

——Originally, the crew just wanted to watch, but who would have guessed they’d see so many of the actor’s reactions?

The actor is so interested in the stuntman’s COS which is exceptionally daring, or is it really like what the Director thought? After this movie is finished, will Li Fei make this little double a stepping stone? Or will the Movie Emperor fall out with him and order him to get lost?

These words that churned in everyone’s mind would amaze Li Fei.

After a mouthful of fried rice with ribs, the movie emperor calmly continues to watch the group filming.

The third male lead took a step back and happens to block Jian Hua from the camera lens in a certain way. Assistant Director Liu looked but did not speak.

The male lead’s clothes can still be seen, particularly the sleeves and shoes. If other actors want to rob the show, as long as they’re not grabbing too much, Directors typically ignore it, unless——

“Cut! ”

General Director Lu. The director’s temper is usually inversely proportional to his reputation, the more famous he is, the more explosive his temper is! Director Lu, though he didn’t catch anyone, poured scoldings. If it’s an action outside of acting, then it’s a waste of film, and he can even kick a chair flying.

“Grab, what grab! Is that where you’re supposed to stand?” Director Lu screamed at Xiao Tanwang.

Xiao Tanwang felt wronged. He’s standing next to the third male lead. When they were filming, even the Assistant Director said it’s good, so he just followed the third male lead and was therefore right beside him, so this unreasonable scolding flew to him.

Of course, Xiao Tanwang, who doesn’t know how to film, is not aware of what he did wrong. The third male lead stepped backward to not destroy the image so he wouldn’t block Jian Hua. Since he was told in the past that there is a blank space behind every scene. The film director is very particular about the beauty of the pictures, so it’s weird for him not to curse.

Upstaging someone is a technical job. Some of the most experienced actors, when they want to deceive people, would often pass the blame to somebody. And if they don’t look at the camera, they’re not quite sure what is going on.

With such a big crew and so many people, how many would look at the camera?

There was a blast of criticism and the news that Xiao Tanwang is “scolded for upstaging” spread after one minute.

Director Lu is not blind, so he warned everyone, “This scene again. If anyone doesn’t know how to walk, I’ll have the props group put your feet on the ground with adhesive! ”

The third male lead calmed down. But this time, Xiao Tanwang is too scared to walk with the third male lead, so this time, he did not go. Of course, there’s a problem with the scene, and the director was so angry that he blew up.

Xiao Tanwang became the target of criticism, and the culprit, the third male lead, calmly returned to his assistant, “How did Li Fei react? ”

His assistant pouts, “That’s it, the arc of his smile did not change.”

“Tsk, truly the best-tempered actor in the entertainment circle! Even if you try to beat the stuntman, there’s still a mild and harmless look on his face.” The third male lead whispered sarcastically.

With so many people watching, no one thought that Assistant Lin would run to greet Jian Hua, “Joe, come and eat. Today there are several dishes prepared by the chefs at LiuAn Restaurant!”

Facing strange eyes from every corner, Assistant Lin is helpless: Why did Li Fei only call for Jian Hua? They also want to eat sweet and sour pork ribs, Hang pepper steak, and fried eel!

Jian Hua is really hungry.

It’s common for a substitute to eat with big-name actors, so he didn’t think much of it. He walked over to fetch a lunchbox with rice and two dishes, hurrying up to fill his stomach.

If his face is in front of a camera, Jian Hua won’t eat anything.

Compared to other actors who need to take a break for makeup or drink some water every ten minutes, Jian Hua is very easy.

The scene was noisy since the Assistant Director is scolding Xiao Tianwang, and also doing a demonstration in person. The other actors have scattered around, and everyone spoke in whispers. If you don’t get close, you won’t even hear half a word.

“You usually……I mean, when you’re a stuntman in other plays, do you also act this way?” Li Fei wanted to say a lot, but in the end, he only said that sentence.

Jian Hua picked the Hang pepper in the dish, and casually said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

“Not every Star is open-minded, I am also very mindful you see.” Li Fei reached out for the lunch box, and said solemnly, “Guess how many people are waiting to get you in trouble today.”

“Trying to make me get fired?” Jian Hua glanced at Assistant Lin, and look at Li Fei again, his meaning clear.

If they’re trying to get me sacked, they must first beat you, right?

——Li Fei quietly put the dish back in front of Jian Hua.

This move is so funny that Jian Hua wants to laugh. He had not felt this way for a long time.

When he got along with Li Fei, he is always happy. The movie emperor’s gentle and elegant mask is very durable, but it occasionally showed different styles, looking new and exciting.

This makes Jian Hua uncharacteristically willing to say a few more words, “As the cast’s stuntman, you won’t know it, but it’s dangerous and difficult. It’s not limited to one person, and there is a period of time where I worked with a XianXa TV series. They lack a female stuntman, so I have to wear women’s clothing all day in the crew……”

Li Fei’s eyes have a subtle change, but before Jian Hua discovered it, he hid it.

“The most tiring thing every day is to change clothes. One moment I was the female lead, the next moment, I was the supporting actress, sometimes a villain. If someone wants to know which character I am playing, one look is enough.”

Jian Hua put the Hang pepper on the edges, eating the beef satisfied.

In front of unfamiliar people, he usually chooses not to eat that dish so he won’t pick it up, but just stuff his belly.

Li Fei can finally fill in a particular preference of his crush: A picky eater!

He’s a picky eater! Jian Hua showed his own preference for the first time! !

In a classic TV show, a person can erase his own history, and hide all preferences, but only on the food they eat will it be hard to change their real origin!

Assistant Lin on the side feels the noticeable emotional changes in Li Fei, and was suddenly at a loss: What made his family’s movie emperor so happy? Is it because Jian Hua is working hard as a background role?

Even Jian Hua also misunderstood, so he added to explain, “I’m a stuntman for you now. I’ll probably shoot a few more movies with you to reduce your workload. That is the meaning of the contract you signed with me, and I always want to be worthy of the salary you gave me. ”

“……” Is there nothing else but the salary?

“And if you don’t mind me saying this——from my experience in the 《Crow》casting, they’re happy if the stuntman caught the actor’s charm.” Jian Hua said and went on eating.

Li Fei is a bit upset. 《Crow》is a movie that wants to be a box office hit through word of mouth. The Director wanted to win an Award and wished for the scenes to be performed superbly, entirely different from the commercial film that they’re shooting right now.

Star-studded, a box-office appeal, and fight scenes are only to the degree of showmanship.

Many actors refuse to use doubles, not because of professionalism, but because they’re not up to standard. To catch their eye, even actors don’t want to miss this chance.

A big-name actor with a long-term substitute means that they wouldn’t worry about the supporting role for a long time.

But with a camera trick, the audience can only see the male lead in the crowd, so won’t the other actors in the scene become just background? At the cinema, you can’t pause or playback and look at all the people at this scene.

That second, who the audience noticed, is according to these tricks……

Jian Hua imitated Li Fei’s charm, and the male lead’s appeal is a way to block others—— it’s a weird logic, but in the eyes of those who are preoccupied with abacus beads, that’s how it happened.

“You played very well, I am pleased, I think the Director is also happy……”

Li Fei said so, but he stopped at the other half. According to the character performance of Jian Hua before, the answer is probably:

Can those unhappy people get rid of him? Can they get him in trouble? It’s not like he’s receiving a salary from them?

No! When he had no ability, Jian Hua is not afraid of other people’s opinions. But now, with an ability……every corner of the studio is covered with mushroom silk!

Li Fei immediately puts aside his concerns about Jian Hua’s mood, and calmly said, “I am somewhat surprised……no, I am surprised. ”

Jian Hua stopped his chopsticks, looking down at the lunch box. He knew that Li Fei can see many things from his expression, so he consciously avoided his eyes.

“Do you like this male lead?” Li Fei casually asked, oh, his actions are very casual.

“This being worshiped by people of the same sex, even more, sought after by the opposite sex, 100 points excellent, 200 points hypocrisy, and 300 points arrogant male lead?” Jian Hua sarcastically laugh.


Fortunately, if there’s another General Wu, Li Fei did not know what to feel.

——General Wu has a unique charm, and He Ning is just more popular, an idol who is loved by young girls.

“But, the He Ning you played reminded me of a lot of things.” Jian Hua is in some kind of trance.

Not waiting for Li Fei to speak, the Assistant Director shouted for a remake.

Jian Hua put down the lunchbox and left, leaving a riddle for Li Fei to think on: What did the male lead remind Jian Hua of?

At this time, the studio lights went down, and Li Fei woke up.

 The author has something to say:

I’m sorry for the late update these days, to makeup, I’ll update more this week. QAQ begs for forgiveness

【A classic TV show is right, one person can erase his own history, hide all preferences, and only on the food they ate, would they have difficulty and unwillingness to change! 】

The ↑ General idea is from 《Legend of Dance》. There was this person from Haidong. Nobody can guess where he came from and came out of the last eight. It’s because of studying the dishes he bought in his kitchen and asking the cook  2333

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STB Chapter 36: Flowery Point
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