STB Chapter 38: Haunted

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The initially dormant white silk threads suddenly sprang up.

The studio is huge, and they slowly grew in these seven days. But even after lifting its stealth mode, it’s still inconspicuous.

If all of it emerged at the same time, it would surely be seen by the naked eyes. But the lights suddenly dimmed (blocked). So it seems like there’s a layer of dust on the green curtain and a lot of strange white things on top of the box……

Among the crowd, Jian Hua instinctively reached out to hold onto something because he feels that everything is shaking, like an earthquake.

With a quick look at Li Fei, he found out that the latter’s expression is as serious as his.

Did the Abandoned World come?

The people in the studio looked up to the lights, and time was suspended. However, the shaking is not violent enough to shake items. Last time, it was an earth cracking scene with everything around shaking in a blur. This time, it’s just the studio making the pendulum movement.

Li Fei soon calmed down. He is about to look for Jian Hua when he suddenly stopped.

At the same time, Jian Hua raised his hand to stop him.

Because they noticed the abnormal sounds in their ears——single syllables are infinitely stretched, and the messy noises sound like a cassette tape. The sound is sometimes light and sometimes heavy, and it coincides perfectly with the frequency of the shaking of the studio.

The other people’s actions are not completely stagnant like they’ve been slowed down many times.

“The overlap point is unstable?” Li Fei talks to himself. He can see a smoke-like black matter is continuously spreading around the studio’s ceiling. When the black matter becomes large, the people’s movements tend to be static. When it was drawn away by an invisible force, the sound of broken, intermittent voices can be heard.

The only unaffected one is the mushrooms in the studio, which excitedly rushed towards the black matter.

Jian Hua can’t see it, but he found the mushrooms abnormally active.

“Not good!” Jian Hua was reminded that the mushrooms are only interested in two things: Ability holders and monsters.

Its present action is like before the hunt. How did Jian Hua know——it’s the same reaction every time it’s close to Li Fei. Even if the owner, Jian Hua, clearly willed the mushrooms not to swallow, these white silk threads still can’t help but spring up.

The flow of black matter is irregular. Even Li Fei can’t see inside, but the mushroom is very relaxed. It lingered in the black matter for some time, seemingly looking for a weak spot, then it rapidly converged together. It caught a mass of black material and desperately “dug”. It made that piece of black matter with an uncertain shape abruptly expand, as if swallowing the mushroom.

“Your ability is opening the Abandoned World.” Li Fei is surprised.

Jian Hua can’t see the black matter, but he could see the mushroom clearly “burying itself in work”. Jian Hua’s face changed, trying to control the restless thin white threads with his mind and telling it to retreat: The Abandoned World is full of monsters, what are you doing there!

The mushroom is dissatisfied.

Very dissatisfied. A delicious place is right in front of it, but the owner wants to close the door it just opened!

After two minutes of struggle, the mushroom unwillingly obeyed Jian Hua, but it doesn’t want to leave “empty-handed”. Li Fei watched a figure appear from the black hole. A person was dragged by the mushroom.

At the same time, the black matter hovering in the vicinity rapidly flowed towards that black hole. It looks like foam flushed inside the sink.

The shaking amplitude decreases and the sound in their ears became clear.

Li Fei’s heart tightened.The shaking is about to disappear, returning them to the real world, which means that everyone will see the mushroom and also……

It was too late to remind him, but fortunately, Jian Hua does not need anyone else to mention it. What Li Fei sees, he can deduce from other factors.

——The mushroom dragged out its loot, temporarily turned and threw it towards Jian Hua.

He just managed to control the mushroom to control its color and become invisible when many sounds poured into Jian Hua’s ears.

Director Lu’s rants about the props group are not yet fully said, he only issued the first syllable.

The crew looked up the suddenly dark studio. In their minds, the “hey, the lights are fine, so why is it so dark” thought is just coming out.

“Aaah! ”

There was a blood-stained face in mid-air, hanging in front of the third male lead.

He screamed and plopped down to the ground. His whole person trembled and leaned back, trying to move back with his hands.

The second scream came from Xiao Tanwang. Listening to his voice, you’ll know he has the power. As a male singer, the treble is two octaves higher which he pulled off easily.

Li Fei looks towards Jian Hua. The latter is silent while pulling the already invisible mushroom.

The body was full of blood and in mid-air. Under the watchful eyes, like being struck by an invisible hand, the leg touches the ground first, and then the entire body softly fell to the place where the third male lead just stood, no longer moving.

The Assistant Director dropped the electric horn to the ground, making a bigger sound.

This is like a scene from a horror movie. The entire studio had a few seconds of silence and immediately followed by more shocked screams.

Just that they’re still filming, and there are few actors in front of the camera. At least 20 pairs of eyes watched this scene while filming. How did another one appear, and in such a strange way?

Human, or ghost?

Dead, or alive?

Fear grabbed everyone’s hearts, and there is no distinction between men and women.

But they’re not too scared that they’re petrified. They can still scream and run backward.

As for tripping over the wires, bumping into others, and knocking the camera……it was utterly ignored!

The cameraman came back to himself first. He heartbreakingly screams as he pounced on the knocked over the camera. Director Lu breathed slowly, picked up the electric horn, and angrily shouted over the noise, “Enough!”

The filming studio is huge, and the commotion on this side drew the attention of other crew members.

The people trying to escape mindlessly was woken up by Director Lu’s shout. They subconsciously stopped, their heart still trying to jump out of their throats.

Li Fei fell to the chair, while Assistant Lin collapsed at his feet. Both have a look of fright. It looks like Assistant Lin is blocking Li Fei’s way, making Li Fei took a few steps backward and trip over the chair’s leg.

The actors and actresses near the “corpse in mid-air” shook, and collapsed to the floor.

The third male lead opened his mouth, his throat issuing a wheezing sound, and his whole face distorted as if hit by a punch. His ass landed on the ground, arms slightly lifting him up. He seemed to have forgotten how to walk, cannot stand up, and can only move like this.

Assistant Director Luo who rushed over did not understand the situation and almost laughed at the third male lead.

The moving third male lead suddenly felt something on his palm. He shrank like hit by an electric shock, looking with his eyes, he was shocked to find a thick scarlet liquid on it.


There’s a puddle of blood on the ground, all from that corpse.

Xiao Tanwang staggered back and accidentally bumped into Jian Hua. The latter’s foot was stepped on. The remaining actors wandered from east to west, looking deathly pale.

“Wha, what’s going on?” Assistant Director Luo is dumbfounded.

The crew had an accident? But this scene doesn’t have any dangerous scene ah, not even a connection. So who is the one lying on the ground?

Everyone unconsciously looked up to the ceiling of the studio, nothing was broken.

Director Lu has a black face, striding past the others, and touched the “fallen corpse” with the electric horn first. The body on the ground is pushed to reveal half his face. The bloody appearance caused several shocked gasps in the studio.

With the eyes of all the crew, Director Lu grit his teeth to reach out and touch——

“Call an ambulance! He’s still breathing! ”

The body is not cold, or stiff. There are blood and temperature.

The crew who didn’t see the “strange fall” came over, pulling a few pieces of cloth to wipe the seriously injured face. After whispering to each other for a while, they made sure that he is a complete stranger no one has ever seen.

Some of the crew secretly filmed. Without an ID, you can’t get in the studio, let alone appear in this way.

Assistant Director Luo watched the camera at that time, and almost had a heart attack. What kind of supernatural event is this to happen midway through filming?

No one dared to come closer, as they helped the surrounding actors one by one.

Jian Hua lowered his head, following the others with unsteady footsteps.

He did not go to Li Fei because he has seen the crew members secretly filming the scene.

The Director and Producer who should have found a way to stop this behavior was hit stupid. Which crew doesn’t have the usual small incident which enough to create a big disturbance, not to mention this.

“Call the police.” Director Lu throws away the bloodied electric horn and decisively said.

Li Fei “saw” the motionless person gradually become empty. There is no difference to the wooden box next to it.

In fact, this person has been fatally injured before being dragged out of the Abandoned World by the mushroom. The source of the loss of vital energy is visible, one on the right temple, one in the chest and one in the abdomen.

Li Fei opened his eyes, looking for Jian Hua in the crowd.

At this time, the doctor of the crew had arrived. He looked down in a hurry, stunned by the hideous wounds that are apparently from animal attacks. He suspected a rib fracture with claw marks everywhere, drenching the body in the blood.

“He may not need an ambulance!”

The crew’s doctor said it with difficulty. His face is puzzled, and very angry, “This film uses animal actors? Where is it? This is not a simple wound caused by an animal! He was injured and in a coma for a long time, more than half an hour! What are you guys doing?”


The faces of the people in the studio are white and blue.

“What animal? Where are the animals? The mansion that the male lead lived in is special effects, and why would I look for an animal actor?” Director Lu is furious.

The Assistant Photographer weakly asked, “Is it through time and space?”

“Don’t say such stupid things!”

“If that’s not the case……where did he came from? It’s broad daylight, there are no ghosts!” The assistant photographer disagrees.

The studio fell into silence again. The third male lead which was just relieved rolled his eyes and fainted.

Jian Hua, who stood in the crowd, felt his whole body uncomfortable.

The mushroom docilely dispersed to the walls and ground, hiding by copying the background color, and not really disappeared. How did the mushroom pull a dying man, and not be stained by blood? Where did the blood go?

Jian Hua can feel the mushroom rapidly growing, and felt very uncomfortable.

——Li Fei certainly saw it all. What would he think? Jian Hua has inexplicable anxiety.

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STB Chapter 37: Crisis
STB Chapter 39: Neglect

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