DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2

DWBS 22: New Year
DWBS 24: Repayment

A/N: Many new characters will come out。

Three days after New Year, the Empire’s Emperor Westoria felt lazy。

『Your Majesty is there no government affairs?』

It came from a black-haired girl with ivory skin。You’ll know she’s a slave by the chain on her feet。The words from the girl’s lips are not from the west, iya~・・・・it is a language not spoken in any country or region of this world。

「It’s fine。Because this year has just began。I will work hard tomorrow」

While Westoria answered in the Romano language, he stroked the girl’s butt。The girl blushed。

Westoria, to this girl……it was about two years ago since he bought Asuka。He was drawn to her unusual hair and skin color in Romano, as well as the language he’s never heard of。

Asuka can’t speak the Romano language。Westoria doesn’t know the language Asuka speaks。Still, a conversation is established since Westoria has the 『Divine Blessing of Words』。The Blessing of Word is highly compatible with the 『Divine Blessing of Language』, even if they spoke different languages, they can still communicate with each other。However, the Blessing of Word doesn’t mean that they know each other’s real intention。


Asuka suddenly screams。Because from somewhere, a snake appeared and entered her clothes。When Asuka twist her body, the snake showed its face from between her breasts。The snake has a color like lavender。

While Asuka is taken aback, the serpent went to Westoria’s hair。Because both have the same color, you won’t know the snake’s whereabouts since you can’t tell the snake from the hair。

The snake is hanging its head down, facing Westoria’s ear and issuing a shururu sound with its tongue。

「I see, it’s black。You’ve got to challenge quite a bit」

Westoria laughingly smirked。Asuka, who’s color of underwear was found out, held her skirt down, and glared at Westoria。

This is why the Blessing of Word and the Blessing of Language is highly compatible。You can even talk to a non-human being。This lavender snake is one of Westoria’s few friends。

「Eh?Work hard?It can’t be helped if you say that」

Westoria who was scolded by the serpent shrugged his shoulders。He rang the bells。After a while, a man wearing glasses came over。

「Your Majesty!!I have arrived」

「Thanks for your hard work。Help me deliver these letters immediately」

Westoria says so and hands over 11 letters to glasses。Glasses briefly bowed and went away。

『This is our first meeting this year』

Asuka makes a tense face。Westoria said。

「You also got to participate」


Asuka let out a dumbfounded voice。


Cattleya Linus toyed with her hair in melancholy。

Cattleya is the leader of the Imperial Guards, and one of Westoria’s confidant。Becoming Captain of the Imperial Guards at age 18 due to pure ability because there was the backing of Westoria。

And because Westoria doesn’t care about Cattleya recently。Westoria is now an Emperor, and there are also fiancees。Cattleya has been promoted to Captain of the Imperial Guards。They’re in a position to stand next to each other。But whether they can become an item is another story。

The world of Cattleya revolves around Westoria。Therefore, Cattleya’s frustration is basically towards Asuka。But since there’s no way to communicate, there is no choice but to fight。

(I don’t want a person I’m not good with be my childhood friend like that Asuka)

Cattleya herself is from a different ethnic group, she was an orphan who was on the shelf and raised by the priest。

「Imperial Guard、will you play with us?」

Three Imperial Guard Knights spoke to Cattleya who was indulging in thought。They were dissatisfied at the younger Cattleya who was a woman and standing on top of them。So if they have the opportunity to do a simulated fight, they would try to prove their ability。The voice who said that saw that this time, Cattleya’s face is cloudy, and her condition seems to be bad。

「Okay。You can come over with three people」

Cattleya provokes them, hitting their sore spot。The three people shook their heads。

「Iya~、three people are cowardly as expected。Let’s fight one person at a time」

She dutifully went to a strange place。Cattleya took up a wooden sword with a wry smile。

「Then、here I go!!」

The first one raised their wooden sword。Imperial Guards are elite among elites。The sword goes straight to Cattleya’s neck。

Cattleya lightly touched the wooden sword。Her wooden sword is clad in wind。Cattleya witnessed the wind-clad wooden sword clash with the other one。


Just before the wooden swords touch each other, the man’s wooden sword disappeared。The wooden sword became wood scraps, and was blown off by the wind。

「It’s you guys’ turn next」

Cattleya was talking to the other two men。The two people had blue faces。

「Ah!My stomach hurts!!」

「Ah, my head hurts!!」

The two people dragged away the first person who fainted from the impact。


The sound of clapping echoes。Glasses stood there when Cattleya turned around。

「Truly the『Magical Sword Cattleya』。Even crushing the broken sword」

Cattleya has cold sweat on her back。She did not notice the presence of Glasses at all。

「The power of a Blessing。It’s not my ability」

「What are you saying? Isn’t your Blessing also part of your ability」

Cattleya has the『Divine Blessing of Spirit』。It’s a blessing that enhances magic power。Even magic that’s only to the point of making a breeze, if it involves Cattleya, it will have a power strong enough to crush the broken sword。

「Ah!Please have this。It’s a letter from His Majesty」

Cattleya tears off the letter from Glasses。Written there is that tonight, she should go to Westoria’s privately owned mansion。Thinking about the fact that he bothered Glasses to send the letter, it should be for confidential talks。

「Are there others gathering beside me?」

「It’ll be fun if you can come」

Glasses chuckled。Cattleya was gone with the letter。


Cattleya went to the private mansion of Westoria。The gates are tightly closed。She doesn’t think that Westoria will make such a mistake。That is, she should climb the gates and invade it。Cattleya thought so, and put a foot on the mansion’s gates。Normally, the security equipment should have reacted at this stage, but it did not sound at all this time。Cattleya understand that her action is correct, and was relieved。

It seems that the inside of the mansion is dark and not a servant is in sight。Cattleya walks the corridor while depending on the fire from a candle。

Cattleya remembered a ghost story that Westoria talked about。Four years ago, Westoria talked about ghosts appearing on this mansion。

(Why do you remember it now, me!)

Westoria is executing humans。Cattleya also cooperated with such executions。The prince who died suspiciously, and the minister who massacred his whole family。

Cattleya carefully step forwards。It was at that time。


Cattleya involuntarily drops the candle。The light became only the moonlight。Cattleya’s face stiffened。

(It’s as if the dead are screaming from hell……don’t think about it, me!!)

Cattleya walks while plugging her ears。The sound becomes bigger and bigger。

After walking for a while, she approached a corner。The second room after turning this corner is the meeting place。Cattleya turned around the corner with confidence。


Cattleya unexpectedly screamed。There was a black thing waiting at the corner。The shadow was shaped like a human。

「Sorry, sorry, I’ll do anything, please forgive me!!」

「You said you’d do anything right now。Will you swear that you’ll be trained by His Highness Westoria」

「Yes!I swear!!?Your Majesty!!!」

When Cattleya raised her face, Westoria was laughing。

「Eh、Your Majesty。That’s a relief」

Cattleya sagged。

「By the way, what happened to the shadow?」

「Aahh。Like this。This is a bug」

Westoria laughs。The black shadow, no, a swarm of bugs formed the character of 『stupid』in front of Cattleya。Cattleya has a blue vein on her temple。

「Your Majesty……。Don’t use your Blessing for such a thing」

「It’s my Blessing。How to use it is up to me」

Westoria laughed。


「Well, that was a sideshow, so we can start the meeting。Ma~, I don’t know what to say。Look at the report first」

Westoria looked at his 13 vassals gathered。

「Can I ask you something before that?Your Majesty」

「What, Earl Ashimo」

Westoria faced the plump man。He is a person with a strong influence in the Congress。

「Well, the play from before, let’s convince ourselves that you understand our feelings。B`ut who is that slave?I would like an explanation」

Earl Ashimo watches Asuka standing near Westoria。

「Nn?Hadn’t I said it?She is the one who invented numerous new weapons」

When Westoria says so, Earl Ashimo rounded his eyes。Although he heard it was a foreigner, he had imagined a more elderly scholar。

「There is nothing to say if she could do that。I’m so sorry, please pardon me」

「Un, that’s good。Everyone is also wondering, so if you have any complaints, just ask。I’ll try to answer as much as possible」

Westoria laughs。All the members here are loyal to Westoria。

「If you’re sure about her, Your Majesty。The wheat plague that happened in Gallia, I understood it’s a curse」

That was from Annalise Altoria。A prestigious master of magic, daughter of the Duke of Altoria and fiancee of Westoria。

「I see。Has the offender been found?」

It’s the Duke of Altoria who answered。

「We have three candidates。One is the remnants of the previous prince, one is the anti-emperor faction from the Senate, and last is the Kingdom」

The three has enough power to cause the bad crops of Gallia。

「I see。Let me return to the curse。Is it possible?」

The curse is powerful, so there is a risk of it being returned。But most of the time, the curse backfiring means that the other party has better ability, otherwise, it won’t be returned。

「Yes。This degree of curse, with the『Divine Blessing of Evil Spirits』, can be returned even while humming」

Annalise proudly puffed up her chest。Westoria gazes at Annalise’s breasts that swayed、and moved his sight to a girl with silver hair。

「Cecil。I’ll trouble you to dispel the curse and construct a barrier」

Cecil Edelweiss is a priest who is good at sacred arts and has the 『Divine Blessing of Angels』。Cecil alone equals 100 priests。Therefore, she has great influence on Shinki Province。

Cecil nodded at Westoria’s words。Incidentally, Cecil and Westoria also has relations as man and woman, it’s only a secret between the two of them。

「Talkis。Every noble had to donate to Gallia, so notify the magistrate。Certainly, Shirunia State should have a good harvest as usual」

Westoria ordered a balding old man。He is Talkis。The oldest among Westoria’s vassals。

「As expected of Your Majesty Westoria……how sweet……」

Talkis starts crying for some reason。It’s a drawback that he is competent but a crybaby。

「Marquis Lutis, the trends in the Kingdom is?」

He is Westoria’s mother’s brother, his real uncle, Marquis Lutis。Marquis Lutis is a great noble from Gallia who guarded the border。

「There’s no particularly disturbing movement。As for spies, I’ve found 10 of them。Though they committed suicide before torture」

It can’t be helped if they killed themselves。Westoria shrugged his shoulders。

「Marx, are the armaments going well?」

Marx was a middle-aged man。Marx is in the position of Army Marshall。Although his ability is only so-so, there is no one more loyal to Westoria。

「Yes……although I’d like to say that, the degree of proficiency is lacking。For the most part, most infantry soldiers are trained to handle long spears, so we have some prospective guys who can train on the new weapons」

「I see。Ma~ it can’t be helped。Because the Empire has pretty much been peaceful。Make sure they at least master the new weapons。It’s going to cost money」

Westoria called to a woman sitting next to Marx。

「Hypia。Thanks for your hard work of subduing pirates。So then, how comfortable is the new weapon?」

Hypia is a Navy Marshall。She just recently subdued pirates。

「Eehh、It was great。The garbage can quickly be devoured by the sea algae……ara~?You haven’t changed」

Hypia is a competent general, but someone who is too ruthless。Because she ignored the surrendering pirates and killed them all。

「Well, it’ll be another 2 or 3 years before the battle against the Kingdom。Claire, with your power, I’m counting on you」

A girl called Claire nods and answers。

「Our cavalry unit will support the Empire」

Claire is the daughter of the chief of an equestrian tribe in the Northeastern Region。Recently, Westoria continued negotiations with the equestrian tribes。Because he wanted to avoid a pincer attack of the tribes and the Kingdom。Peace with the equestrian tribes was done thanks to Westoria’s struggles。

「Your Majesty, after the Kingdom, is the City State Coalition……can I go home after that?」

A desert person called Faris said so。He is also the first slave of Westoria。Westoria collects slaves that have the blood of the desert all over the Empire, and he had his own troops。It’s an important strength of Westoria along with the Imperial Guards。

「It’s fine。If you can, bring some desert people」

Faris is indebted to Westoria。Because Westoria knows that as well, the idea that Faris might run away is negligible。

「When Faris-san leaves, we will rely on you。Cattleya-san」

Glasses says with a laugh。Westoria nodded。

「Eh!!I’ll be left behind!!」

Cattleya raise a loud voice。She came back to herself。

「It’s not like you to be so scared of bugs」

Claire laughed。Cattleya glared at Claire。

「In war, human beings are your opponent!!Not a ghost」

An insidious atmosphere flows。Westoria held back Cattleya。

「I trust Cattleya so I can leave it to you when I’m absent。While I’m going to the Kingdom, you must protect the Imperial City。This is more dangerous than the battlefield, so it’s an important mission。I trust you as a childhood friend, and because I trust you the most, I’ll leave you here to take care of things in my absence。」

「Your Majesty……」

Cattleya looks at Westoria with glittering eyes。Westoria muttered involuntarily。

「As usual, a naive fellow」

It seems that Cattleya can’t hear Westoria’s mutterings, she has a very happy face。

「Your Majesty, may I ask you a question?」

「N?What happened?」

Westoria turned to Marx。Marx who hears it is apologetic。

「It’s about General Rago。He is certainly more competent。However, he’s from the former second prince’s faction。Why do you use him so heavily on him?」

Westoria tilted his neck in puzzlement。Westoria doesn’t intend to give preferential treatment to General Rago。In fact, many of the Emperor’s military officers are promoted, but General Rago remains as Lt. General。

「Do you mean the recent suppression of riots?」

Since Westoria was crowned, riots occurred all over the Empire three times 。Apart from that, Westoria’s politics has failed。It’s been 100 years, and there are frequently armed uprisings of farmers in the Empire。

Westoria ordered General Rago to kill all the farmers involved in the uprising。

「Yes。Why such a person?」

Marx has a strange look。It seems strange that the unforgiving Westoria would keep using General Rago who is an enemy。

「Wrong。It’s not heavy use。He is, that’s right……a rag」

「A rag?」

Marx can’t understand Westoria’s meaning。

「In others words, specializing in dirty work。No matter how wonderful he is, the riots still happened。He had to wipe all the stains as I said。Ma~ it’s almost time for the dirt to accumulate, so I don’t think I should throw it away」

Westoria laughed。The meeting freezes a little。Marx is sorry for General Rago。

「So any other questions, any suggestions?」

Westoria looks around。No one raises their hands。

「Then let’s adjourn for tonight。After three months, we will have a meeting here again。Be sure to attend」

Westoria concluded so。

Camp of Westoria

Westoria I……recently ascended to the throne。Has lavender colored hair。Achieved economic recovery, and set up fiscal consolidation。Opposed the Senate。He has a pretty nasty personality。Originally planned to be the main character, I stopped because he became too much of a cheat bastard。

Blessing: Blessing of Word, Blessing of Sword, Blessing of Arrows, Blessing of Charm, Blessing of Clairvoyance, etc


Marquis Lutis……Gallian aristocrat。Westoria’s uncle

Earl Ashimo……powerful Congressman

Duke Altoria……Romano noble

Annalise Altoria……Duke’s daughter。Fiancee。Familiar with magic。Blond hair。Has『Blessing of Evil Spirits』。

Cecil Edelweiss……Priest。Has man and woman relationship with Westoria。Has『Blessing of Angel』。Can use sacred arts equivalent to 100 priests。Silver hair

Cattleya Linus……Imperial Guards leader。Specialize in magic。Former orphan。Redhead。Has『Blessing of Spirits』

Claire Kairas……daughter of the chieftain of an equestrian tribe。Good at bows。Blue hair。

Asuka Takanashi(Takanashi Asuka)……Japanese。Knowledgeable in history and taught weapon knowledge to Westoria。After transmigration, caught in a slave hunt, and bought by Westoria。Black brownish hair。Devised a variety of weapons。There is no plan to get directly involved with Haruto。
Marx……General。Somewhat competent。Absolute obedience to Westoria。Head is soft。

Hypia……competent。Has a harsh character。Frequently squeezed by Westoria。Will only listen to what Westoria says。Looking for a lover。

Faris……became a slave, bought by Westoria。Currently a freeman。Swore allegiance to Westoria。Thinking of trying to call his family。

Talkis……Prime Minister。Old man。Easily moved to tears。Thin hair

Glasses……wore glasses。Suspicious homo。

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