STB Chapter 42: Warehouse

STB Chapter 41: Survival
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Jian Hua thought that the voice sounds a little familiar.

The people in the warehouse quickly stood up, holding on to their shoddy weapons, terrified.

The door did not hold long. When coming in, Jian Hua had already expected it. There were a lot of claw marks, so he guessed that it wouldn’t last long.

“Guan Ling! People are afraid of you, but I don’t care. Don’t you think that I don’t know how much you’re capable of!?” The guy yelling outside once again kicked the iron door, “Pretending all day long, I just learned how to do it too *pei*!”

A laugh came from outside.

Jian Hua can only scan living creatures, and he knew that there are no awakened ability holders, but they’re holding watermelon knives and some other weapons, so it’s not that good.

He quietly pressed his hands against the wall. In the dimly lit warehouse, nobody noticed if thin white threads are spreading along the walls. It quickly became transparent, blending with the wall’s color.

The white-collar woman strode to a corner, picks up a shovel, and apart from anything else, rushes towards the warehouse entrance.

“*Pa*.” The person outside who just kicked the door open has his center of gravity unstable, so he fell to the ground.

The white-collar woman also welcomed him. A shovel hit the guy’s calf, and if not limited by the natural difference in strength, he guessed that she could pick the other guy and throw him like a sandbag among the crowd.

A free-for-all began.

The large warehouse door seems to be convenient for forklifts to enter. It means that the white-collar woman can’t hold the door.

A small group of more than ten persons, only these handful of people followed up front, the rest are daunted and shrinking.

Aggressively finding opponents, everyone has a kitchen knife, the real thing. They are very cunning, avoiding the small group who dared to fight. The remaining ones are superfluous, hiding faster than anyone else.

Soon they rush towards the not yet discarded body of the long-armed monkey.

Picking up the fur, and found that most of the meat is gone, they were suddenly furious, shouting loudly.

Initially, Jian Hua did not want to be involved in this, but the culprit who didn’t grab any food picks up the knife and cut the ones who hid, their twisted faces changed from rage to excitement from bloodlust.

Abandoned World has no law.

It’s full of monsters, a place where you can die at any time.

When death becomes no stranger, tragedy may come at any time. In a human’s subconscious, the bottom line made by morality gradually disappeared, and a lot of things that they haven’t thought about before, they can do it now without even frowning.

There are screams everywhere in the warehouse as well as the smell of blood.

The white-collar woman brought her wrath to one person, shouting at the culprits, “Are you crazy? The blood will attract those monsters!”

“Come on; the mushrooms ate the nearby monsters!”

“Idiot! The mushrooms have not grown to this side!” The white-collar woman heads outside the warehouse, “Hurry!”

Jian Hua moved sideways to avoid a knife cutting down. The knife-wielding culprit actually provoked him.

Listening to the series of screams, Jian Hua frowned. He first hit the assailant’s elbow, making the kitchen knife fly. Jian Hua then kicked him in the knee, moving sideways to avoid the falling person. At the same time, his palm touched his neck.


Jian Hua’s strength is very accurate, the man did not say anything, and went directly unconscious.

When the kitchen knife fell, Jian Hua firmly caught it.

——This is not a movie, and it’s not a coincidence, it’s because of his telekinesis.

But in the eyes of people who have not yet fully awakened their ability, it was just bizarre, and they subconsciously avoided Jian Hua.

“Ao! You bastards, coward!”

The guy who was the first to be injured struggled to stand up. There are several wounds on his arms which have not entirely healed yet. Jian Hua recognized him immediately. It’s the unlucky guy who was locked up in the dungeon in the studio.

Looking at his current course of action, and the man who died in the real world.

Must be when they met a monster, he picked up his partner to become a shield, one person has a wound on his head and chest, while the other person only has an injury on the arm.

Jian Hua suddenly turned, a fist knocking the front teeth of the guy who wants to attack him from behind.

He spins, throwing several monkey furs, and Jian Hua avoided the knife aiming at his side. Some of the men’s faces turned ugly.

——telekinesis was used at this time.

It’s a pity that even with so many people in the warehouse, no one saw that this is the result of an ability. Instead, his opponents angrily ripped off the furs, while irritably crying out, “Kid, do you fancy that Guan Ling?”

“Such good skill, where can you go, you shouldn’t be fooled by that woman! ”

Guan Ling might be the white-collar woman.

Jian Hua initially thought that she was the leader of this small group or the dynamic type. Now he is a bit unsure and surprised. Guan Ling seems to know what the people of this group are thinking. She does not expect the people in the warehouse to charge forward. After shouting about the danger of the blood attracting monsters, she let go, and also ignored the lives of these people.

That being the case, why does everyone have no objection to Guan Ling’s orders?

“Haha, you shouldn’t believe the stupidity of those guys either. What Guan Ling is going to be a fucking ability holder! That’s hilarious! Also superpowers, you let her guess how big my XX is……oh oh oh! ”

The swearing guy clamors and a dirty cloth was put in his mouth to seal it.

The people trapped in the warehouse took the opportunity to pick up weapons.

Jian Hua stopped over the guy who kicked the door, blocking his intention to sneak away, bowing, and asks in a cold tone, “Ability holders, it seems that you know quite a lot, for example, where is this place?”

“This is the temporary base that Guan Ling woman looked for, breaking the house……oh, you mean outside!” The man had a quizzical look at first, but then he became a little fanatical, “God, it’s a joke, the end of the world! Have you ever heard of it, a rich guy like you who wears high-end stuff won’t understand? There are too many scums like you, so this world needs to be reshuffled! Your property and stocks become waste paper, do you understand, waste paper!”

“……it looks like you like this world.” Jian Hua withdraws his foot, too lazy to look at him again.

Suddenly the white threads on the wall sprang up, Jian Hua immediately looked up. He felt moving creatures approaching the warehouse.

Monsters have come.

Jian Hua is leaving the warehouse when he felt something strange under his feet; many small creatures are digging upwards.

The thin white threads immediately wrapped Jian Hua from the sole of his foot to his lower leg. Ten seconds later, the solid concrete floor of the warehouse showed a big bulge.

Although he can’t figure out what it is, living in the Abandoned World, all abnormalities are life-threatening. People screamed, those who cannot fight, just run.

The attackers from the ground reveal their true colors, it’s big grey rats.

Slender body, more developed forelimb, like a mole, and with sharp teeth protruding from their lips.

After they get out of the ground, a group bit into the long-armed monkey corpse, while another group greedily rushed to the crowd.

“Help ah!” The injured guy was the first to be caught. With the weight of a dozen large rats, he can’t even climb up. He struggled for help, but even though they thought that he would be bitten, it didn’t happen. Because these rats are quite fierce, after pressing down their prey, the first one is a fatal bite to his throat.

Just in the blink of an eye, this person cannot be saved anymore.

The body is still twitching, as the rats squatted down, plunging towards another goal——don’t know if they’re unlucky, or Jian Hua is unlucky. The first one was cut by the knife thrown by Jian Hua, followed by the transparent threads that plunged into the rat’s body. Every mushroom expanded into a net in a very short amount of time, first tying the rat’s paws, then the teeth.

“Pa pa pa.” More than a dozen rats fell to the ground, and because the mushroom is transparent, far from looking that they failed their attack, it seems like they’re stumbling in vain.

The filaments follow Jian Hua’s footsteps, rapidly extending in different directions.

For a time, the warehouse was surrounded by the sounds of rats falling.

The mushrooms will soon grow, and these bundled up mice are their prey.

Jian Hua went out of the warehouse, and he saw the group of people who ran first meet a group of long-armed monkeys. This monster has a biased sense of smell, and they mainly attacked the men who smell of the monkey’s fur, the ones who ate monkey meat in the warehouse.

The white-collar woman Guan Ling wielded a spade and quickly making a bloody trail.

Jian Hua opens his palm, several layers of transparent filaments expanded and a hapless monkey just around the corner was caught. Then it was kicked by Jian Hua, making it severely hit a telephone pole.

The monkey drowsily fell, curled up into a ball, and didn’t move.

No one found it dead.

——Although he can devour monsters to eat, the monkeys are better than the rats in the warehouse.

Jian Hua immediately regretted it. He was full with just a rainforest squid, but long-armed monkeys are not enough. People who have experienced hunger know, eating a mouthful of food can help, but it can’t relieve the uncomfortable feeling, the sense of craving for food will become more apparent.

Emotional impact can vary.

The white threads in the warehouse did not hurry to set up camp, they rushed out like a tide.

Jian Hua is clear, only the white threads that returned to his hand will have the same effect as a meal to him, and he didn’t bother about those in the warehouse who happily rushed out to prepare their “dedication”.

Yes, this is discrimination against rats……

Jian Hua who does not want to eat a monkey or a rat, especially want to know if there are any other food in the Abandoned World.

Aware of the danger of the situation, he gave up the other and devoured the monkey.

Guan Ling is a little strange. At this time, the people who have run out of the warehouse has the opportunity to calls out, “It’s a hole-digging rat! They hollowed out the entire underground of the warehouse; we can’t go back!”

The group of people who are troubled and didn’t move, run faster than the rabbits as they witnessed a companion be killed by a rat.

“Hurry! Those rats like to attack the long-armed monkeys; they will catch up once they’re finished.” Guan Ling acted decisively, taking the people to the highway to retreat, “we’ll go to the mushroom’s edges for shelter, there will be no monsters there!”

People are distressed, but no one complained. Life is the most important, and even the injured people grits their teeth.

The danger of the mushrooms is also ignored, at least it will not actively attack humans.

Guan Ling gave Jian Hua a deep look, among the scarred and panicked people, Jian Hua stood out.

Maybe he’s a capable person. Guan Ling didn’t think much, because she had enough trouble.

Seeing the mushroom forest from afar, people collapsed to the ground.

Silently dressing their wounds, there are also who collapsed while crying. Even the always cheerful young man didn’t smile. He snoops around for a while, and moving around Jian Hua, “Hey, hello.”

Jian Hua did not raise his eyes.

“I think you are more powerful than Guan Ling, can I ask your name?”

“What about it?” Jian Hua asked dismissively.

“I am Huo Wei, a Beidou University student!” The young man actively reached out his hand and found out that Jian Hua did not have the slightest sign of cooperation. He is not embarrassed. He raises his hand to scratch his head, and very candidly asked, “That is true, I’m part of the group of people called insiders. Someone that fell into the Abandoned World without knowing anything, or someone who knows what is going on, don’t know what kind you are?”

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STB Chapter 41: Survival
STB Chapter 43: Situation

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