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Jian Hua’s acting is terrible, not like Li Fei. In fact, many in the entertainment circle have no skills and only has the looks. That kind of celebrity who still insist on acting can perform the role with complete facial paralysis.

Jian Hua is pretty much the same, so it’s hard for ordinary people to see what he’s thinking.

“You’re very familiar with these events. You seem to be the latter, someone who knows lots of things.”

Huo Wei didn’t change the topic. He also confessed, laughing with a sunny smile, “You can see that? Big brother, you’re really sharp. Yes, that’s right. I prepared a bit of food to carry around, but those monkeys stole my backpack. You can’t imagine how miserable I was! ”

This is the first person to admit to being a book wearer in front of Jian Hua.

He can’t help but stare at Huo Wei, trying to find something different on him. One can imagine that this is in vain. Even if this world is a book, the original character and the book wearer still have the same appearance.

“Big Brother, stop pretending. You’re so confident, and dismissive of the food, so you’re certainly like me……”

“Huo Wei! That’s enough!”

It’s Guan Ling who interrupted the young man’s speech. She has a terrible expression, and Jian Hua can tell that this hostility is directed at Huo Wei.

The reprimanded person made a pitiful expression, slipping to the side, and leaving Jian Hua alone to face Guan Ling.

“I am Guan Ling. That guy was right, are you an insider?” The white-collar woman did not give time for Jian Hua to speak, and just asked.

“Insider? Did anyone foresee the end of the world?”

People in the entertainment circle are good at playing dumb and can easily pretend.

Guan Ling frowned, “End of the world? Who told you that? ”

“The man who kicked the warehouse door.”

“That man whose brain is filled with scum and yellow waste?” Guan Ling loudly laughed, “He thinks that the woman who drove a limo on the road, if not a rich second generation, is a mistress. Would you believe the words of such a person?”

“I just don’t understand what’s going on in this world.”

“A book, do you understand? In fact, we live inside a book!” Guan Ling said irritably.

Jian Hua’s pupil contracted. He did not expect Guan Ling to say the secret in this way. Is he wrong? Is Guan Ling not a cautious person? Jian Hua thought, but he found that when the people in the group heard this, some people subconsciously curled up, and some people cried more loudly, but no one was surprised.

It seems that this is an open secret.

Jian Hua blankly looked at Guan Ling. Beside them, Huo Wei, who is unwilling to be left out, interrupted, “It’s true, Big Brother……”

“My name is Joe.” Jian Hua sees fraternizing on regular days, calling out brother or sister. But such a cheerful young man like Huo Wei calling him big brother always give him a terrible feeling.

“Big Brother Joe, so it turned out that you’re not an insider! Don’t be angry, I was just guessing!” Huo Wei raised his hands, looking innocent, “This dangerous place filled with monsters, is called the Abandoned World. We are all forced to fall into it. In this case, I have more experience than you. In the real world that you lived in, I am not a person from there, since I fell into your world!”

Jian Hua’s heart moved.

As a book wearer, quickly finding a “common experience”, resonating with others, and eliminating other people’s wariness, this young man is cunning, a little more than he imagined.

“We all want to hurry back to a safe place. For you, to go back to the real world. I, also want to return to my own home.” Huo Wei has a wry smile.

His words provoked a girl on the side of the road to burst into tears, speaking between her sobs, “not the same as in the book”, “regret it”, and “I want to go home”.

The person next to him impatiently said, “There’s no end to it! I worked so hard from dawn to dusk, day and night to make money and pay the mortgage, and now I’ve been with book wearers for a while, see if I’m not mad! ”

“Your life is gone, and you still worry about the mortgage.”

The small group of people quickly split to two sides, mocking each other with no concession.

“Enough!” Guan Ling thundered.

This time, she did not succeed in suppressing everyone’s dissatisfaction.

The middle-aged man who complained about his mortgage jumped up and shouted, “I think those guys are right. What ability holder! What book! You’re all in a partnership!”

With one hand, his finger pointed at Guan Ling’s face. The latter step back in disgust.

“You say this woman is a B-class spatial ability holder! What talent that the National Secret Services recruited, and also good at fighting! All I saw is that she’s learned women’s self-defense. Is it enough to deceive us? Those who believes is a fool!”

Huo Wei shrugs, says disapprovingly, “That uncle, you can go. We didn’t force you to stay. Your legs are on yourself, isn’t it?”

The middle aged man made a “pei” sound, “Tell you what, I don’t believe your pack of lies. It’s purely because of the surrounding danger so that everyone can take care of each other and save their lives. Who’s going to kneel down to impress that woman!”

Guan Ling deeply frowned, somewhat angry, but more embarrassed.

This mood, Jian Hua can understand——

As an ordinary person, even if you have a keen mind, have a firm belief, and persevere in your career, when suddenly, a bunch of people boasted about you with all kinds of compliments you haven’t heard.

You will become a very important person!

You can change the world!

It’s embarrassing! And you still have to face the people that told you the “truth”.

Guan Ling seems to want to use the shovel to smack all these arguing people.

Huo Wei quickly responded, and quickly changed the subject, “Everyone be quiet! It makes no sense for us to quarrel here. No matter what, we are now in a group! There is a threat from monsters, and there’s also a group who refuses to take risks to find food in the mushroom bushes, robbing us. Those scum who hurt us, it’s all about survival!”

He pointed a finger at Guan Ling, “Regardless of who Guan Ling jie is, she has the ability. Taking care of a dozen or so people is no problem. You who refuses to accept this, if you want to be the leader, then you need to have the ability!”

“Nonsense!” The middle-aged man grimaced, dragging the silently watching Jian Hua under the water, “I see this gentleman, skilled, and much stronger than this woman! Why isn’t he the leader?”

“Obviously, Guan Ling jie is powerful!”

“I refuse to make a comparison!”

“Exactly! Hey, Little Brother Joe, you can’t lose to a woman.” The middle-aged man desperately fanned the flames. It seems that he was full of opinions on Guan Ling who didn’t return to protect the other members in times of danger.

Everyone’s attention is focused on Guan Ling and Jian Hua.

Guan Ling looked at Jian Hua. Jian Hua without even looking, indifferently said, “Did I promise to join you?”


Huo Wei took the lead in breaking this awkward atmosphere, sincerely saying, “Big Brother Joe, I know that you can deal with the danger alone, but the Abandoned World is full of monsters. The hole-digging rat can came out from underground, the long-armed monkeys can destroy the window even if you locked the door. There is also the small, black hairy balls that are a master at hiding. You can’t open your eyes all the time, and guard against them!”

“That’s right, if you still want to be a lone ranger, you won’t know how you lose your life!” The middle-aged man angrily muttered.

Huo Wei glared at him, then continues to persuade, “What about us, the longest has been staying in the Abandoned World for eight days. This time, the Abandoned World opened for very long! This world is also very unstable. Every day, we meet people who have fallen into the Abandoned World, Big Brother Joe is also the same!”

This time, Jian Hua nodded, he wants to know more.

According to the laws of the Abandoned World, it has a certain range of overlapping points in the real world. All those with abilities and with potential will fall into the Abandoned World.

No matter how much time passed, it’ll only be a second in the real world, so the point of entering the Abandoned World should be fixed, and there can be no halfway entrants.

Don’t tell me——

“We found that the Abandoned World is very unstable. All the people here came to the Abandoned World at noon on November 22. Me and my white-collar sister at 12:09, but some people are different from me, and came at 12: 25.” Huo Wei gestured, taking out a phone and showing it to Jian Hua.

Jian Hua takes out his mobile phone from his pocket. His cellphone has 12:25, and in Huo Wei’s hands is 12:09.

But you can change the time on your phone, and cannot be used as evidence. However, Huo Wei is in front of so many people but still speaks with conviction——unless this group are accomplices. Otherwise, it cannot be concealed.

Jian Hua’s sight swept across their faces in turn, including Huo Wei.

He concluded: If they are all acting, they would definitely be at Li Fei’s level. There’s no flaw!

It isn’t a situation that you can see acting of that level just on the street.

“The newcomers are the latter. This thing has left me wondering, that is if people entered the Abandoned World at different places and at different times……is it the same world? Results show that, it is!”

Jian Hua frowns, he remembered.

The studio shaking is the sign of instability in the Abandoned World. The first time, the mushroom stole a person out. The second time, he came in with Li Fei. In between is about a quarter of an hour, where the seriously injured person died.

Then Jian Hua thought of a problem. The destruction that applied to the Abandoned World does not seem to have appeared this time. Otherwise, the dressing room would be damaged, and the people inside would yell that the studio is haunted.

Jian Hua’s thoughts floated far away with this conjecture. If the Red Dragon had a repair team and forced their way into the Abandoned World, would it be possible to repair the damage to public facilities caused by the last wave of psychic powers?

As for the technology of entering the Abandoned World, probably only……the mushroom?

Jian Hua’s face became black.

Huo Wei didn’t get any information from Jian Hua, and instead found that Jian Hua is calm, but looking very impatient.

“Big Brother Joe, I know you may not believe these things……”

The middle-aged man snorted. Huo Wei turns a deaf ear and sincerely said, “But please, believe me. The phone proved this point. Time is a regular, and we can certainly return to the city where there is no danger and no monsters.”

Jian Hua is indifferent. He thought that Guan Ling and Huo Wei would probably not go back to 12:09, they’re missing a quarter of an hour of their life in the real world.

While thinking, his heart thumped, and Jian Hua’s back is cold. His scanning ability can feel that there is a fierce firebird staring at him from the distance. This is a collision of power with it eager for a fight, wanting to conquer.

It feels very familiar!

At the same time, the silent mushroom forest suddenly became “alive”, growing rapidly. The people at the roadside is startled, screaming and jumping up to escape.

“Don’t move, don’t move, you can’t stimulate these mushrooms!” Huo Wei quickly shouted.

Too late, someone has been tied up by the mushroom sillk wires. There was confusion, and the mushrooms flooded like the tides.

Guan Ling struck a mushroom with a shovel, wanting to jump out of the encirclement. As a result, the mushroom grew along the shovel, into a giant mushroom with support inside. Guan Ling found her hands on the mushroom cap and has no choice but to give up struggling, letting the mushroom measure her level of threat, then it dropped to the side.

Like the other sensible people like Huo Wei and Guan Ling, after being trapped for a while, they’ll be fine. They just don’t know if they will find their way out of the two meter high mushroom forest.

Jian Hua is stuck in a huge pile of mushroom meat, not seeing the others at all.

The sense of threat from the beast quickly disappears, and Jian Hua also suppressed the nature of his ability to devour at the same time. The mushrooms make a narrow trail, and Jian Hua hurries to the studio.

If he did not guess wrong, Li Fei just woke up.

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