DWBS 24: Repayment

DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2
DWBS 25: Business Rival

Slave’s trading system. I’ll write it before you point it out.
Luxury Slaves(Beautiful appearance, have a good head)
Police Officer → Country → Auction → Merchant → Consumers
Normal Slave
Police Officer → Country → Merchant → Consumers
In the case of Roa
Police → Country(Eugene’s Agency)→ Eugene → Haruto

Eugene is a Congressman, so it’s a bit unreasonable.

「Here. This is the 8 million interest」
Haruto gave Eugene a bag full of gold coins.
A year has passed since Haruto has moved to this world. It’s April now. The annual interest is 40%. It’s considerably higher than Japanese banks.

「This is the 10 million that I borrowed. Please confirm it」
He took two more bags and gave it to Eugene. Eugene has a fake smiling face.

「Thank you for this. You could have paid your debt slowly」(So I can squeeze you dry
I heard his real intention.

「So, do you want to borrow more? Is your profit 5 million a month? Considering your income, I can lend you 100 million. And since you returned the money. I’ll give you a cheaper interest rate next time」
Naturally, Haruto never told Eugene his revenue. He’s just worried how much he’ll be investigated.

「It’s fine. I’m stable right now. I still have 10 million to go」
Haruto stood up after saying so.

「Ah! Has it been repaid? 」
「Aah. Even so, 8 million is expensive」
When Haruto is complaining, Roa had a bitter smile.

「Haruto’s is cheaper because Eugene trusted you. He lends money to the poor with 100% interest rate」
「Can we repay a 100% interest rate? 」
Roa shook her head.
「We can’t return it. I guess Eugene would like to make them a slave, so he lent it」
Haruto recalls Eugene’s black smile. He would definitely go to hell.

「But I’m defending the line that barely touches the law. And I like Eugene who lends money to the poor. So no one can criticize」

「Haruto!! A letter came from my grandpa. He’s going to arrive this month!! 」
Aisha run up while saying that.

「Really. Then we have to prepare for this one too」
They already have palm oil and castor oil from Branch. They’re going to sell out this month. It’s also necessary to teach the slaves the proportion for compounding.

「Ne~, should we celebrate now that the loan is paid? 」
「What are you saying. We’re opening right now. You should go to the factory as soon as possible!! 」
Haruto tried to drive away Aisha. Aisha inflated her cheek.

「So mean!! Even if you don’t work once in a while, you’ll live! 」
「Haruto-san. Actually, I want to go somewhere……」
Roa raised her hand a little.

「Nn? Where do you want to go? 」
「To the jewelry exhibition……can we go on the next holiday? 」
There are no particular plans for the holiday. And Haruto has no problem with it. Moreover, there is some truth in Aisha’s complaint.

「Well then, let’s go」
「Hurray!! 」
Aisha jumped up to rejoice. Roa also laughed happily. With two beautiful girls smiling, Haruto got a happy feeling.

「Look!! It’s beautiful」
Roa happily eyed the pieces of jewelry through the glass. He hoped that she’d be happy since he paid one silver for admission.

「Even so, it looks like wearing money. How much did it cost? Also this venue? 」
Haruto thought while looking at the pieces of jewelry. The jewels themselves are expensive, the case is also made out of glass. Glass is somewhat costly in this world.

「I guess there’s also the money for security」
Haruto looked behind him. There are guards lined up at 10-meter intervals over there. It’s probable that some mercenaries are mixed in since they’re short of people.

「It’s because it’s managed by the Congress. It’s a joint venture of Claris’ rich people. So this much can be prepared」
Roa looked back at Haruto and answers.

This jewelry exhibition is held annually, and it is managed by the Congress. There are two meanings to this exhibition. One is to show off Claris’ national strength to others in the City State Union. The other one is to promote the work of Claris’ craftsmen. If anything, the second one is close to an extra.

「Even so, why do they have to do that in the same country? Are they balancing each other? 」
「That, I’m also anxious!! Can they not just get along? 」
Aisha is in sync with Haruto’s question. Roa explains to the two people.

「The City State Union are not friends. Because relationships are bad, it took the form of a 『Union』. Since the relationships are so bad, there are borders. Particularly the Southern Cities like Alto is especially bad with Claris. Conversely, the main point of trades with the Empire and Kingdom are Reim and Shufelt on the North which thrives in agriculture. They are relatively friendly with Claris」
Roa teaches the two people while smiling. Talking about one’s knowledge is fun.

「I see. Is the relationship between the North and South so bad」
「Yes. The South has always been prosperous, and there are many countries there with a long history. Conversely, after the North was conquered by the Empire, the Empire introduced agricultural technology, and it developed rapidly through trade. Claris is the best example. Since becoming the base of Emperor Anders the 6th, it was quickly expanded. Now the northern part is more affluent. The Southern Kiricia doesn’t like it. Honestly, mutual hostility is also nice」
That’s Roa’s way of saying that she hated the South. Like the conflict between the North and the South, it seems to be intense.

「He~, that’s amazing!! Roa knows everything!! 」
That said, Aisha holds Roa’s hand. Roa scratches her head with the other hand, acting shyly.

「Iya~, but, it hurts!! Please don’t swing so much! ! 」
Aisha speaks while releasing her hand in a hurry. Roa took back the hand that was swayed.

「Please go easy on me……」
「S, Sorry……」

The three of them came back to themselves and looked at the jewels. Haruto is not interested in gems, but the two looks like they’re having fun.

「Is it really that fun? 」
「Un, it’s beautiful! 」
「Every girl likes jewelry. Girls who dislike jewelry are not girls」

「Isn’t that too much to say? 」
Haruto turns his head at Roa’s remarks. Some girls didn’t like jewelry very much in his world.
I’m prettier than jewels. What is a stone compared to me? Why? Don’t you think of me that way
Haruto thought about such a thing and shook his head. Indeed, all girls must like jewelry.

「I dreamed of seeing lots of gems. It was something impossible until a year ago」
The air froze for a moment. Roa is absorbed in looking at the jewels so didn’t notice that the air has frozen.

Haruto winked at Aisha, hinting to ignore Roa’s remarks.

「Look!! There, platinum and diamonds have been used! How much do you think it is? 」
Haruto looks at where Roa points. There was a platinum ring with a diamond on display. However, compared to the ruby and sapphire ornaments, he had quite a dull impression.

「Is it so amazing? Di……diamonds are small, and the accessories themselves are small. Isn’t that one with the cane better? 」
Haruto pointed at the exhibited cane. It was made of gold with a large emerald fitted to the top. Besides that, it was also studded with other jewels such as rubies and sapphires. Although not practical, it’s more flashy than the ring Roa pointed out.

「Haruto-san. You know that platinum and silver are different, right? 」
「I know that much……」
Haruto furrowed his eyebrows. That much is common sense. There would be no Japanese who would equate platinum and silver. Much less distinguishing it.

「Do you know what is different? 」
「In the first place, it’s a different kind of material」
When Haruto says so, Roa sighs. To be honest, she was considerably disgusted.

「I’m not asking you about that. I’m asking how they’re different in nature! Silver and platinum have completely different melting points. Platinum is harder to dissolve. In other words, platinum is more difficult to process. And it has overwhelmingly less output. That’s why it’s worth more than silver. It is not melted but is processed only by the method called powder alloy」
Roa has a proud face. Of course, Haruto knows about this. But if he answered that he knows it, it will only look like blowing wind. Haruto suitably chimed in.

「Amazing. As expected of Roa」
「Why do you sound monotone……」
Roa suspiciously gazes at Haruto.

Meanwhile, Aisha’s eyes shone as she looks at Roa.
「Amazing!! You’re really knowledgeable, Roa!! 」
「Iya~, it’s not much」
Roa happily scratches her head. Aisha tries to grab Roa’s arm, but Roa retreated in a hurry.

「Dangerous! ! Why do you always grab my hand and swing it so forcefully! ? 」
「Sorry……it’s a habit」
Aisha apologizes to Roa. Roa composed herself and once again explained the details to Haruto.

「Next is about the diamond. The greatest feature of the diamond is its hardness. Because it’s too hard to polish, until 200 years ago, it was not attracting much attention as jewelry. But 100 years ago, a method was devised to polish diamonds so the value of diamonds jumped up. Also, the gems are produced in the East. It’s very expensive as it only comes through trade」
「Now that you mention it, is Ruby also from the East? 」

Haruto suddenly thought back. Roa nodded to Haruto’s words.

「Yes. Or rather, most of the jewelries are from the East. Besides jewelry, there’s silk, ivory, spices, and tea leaves. The majority of luxury goods are produced by Toho. Claris and the desert people are profitable because of that」
「I see. So what is Claris exporting? Indeed, I know that Branch is selling wine and olives……perhaps only that? If that’s so……」
「Yes. We’ve had a case of excess imports here in the West. This excess of imports is one of the reasons for the decline of the Empire」
Roa’s words are followed by Aisha.

「The ones in the West are not very popular. We can sell wine and olives because it is unusual……but it doesn’t stand against silk because there are oil and wine in the East too. And the West also had to pay with gold. However, silver is used more than gold in the East. We desert people also mainly use silver. So even if the West sells something, it will only be paid through silver. While the gold is washed away. I feel sorry for them」
She is the daughter of the chief of the desert people and seems to know about the trade. It’s probably because Haruto is a foreigner that he has an optimistic view.

「But in recent years, the surplus of input and outflow of gold has been eased」
Aisha continues.

「The West’s side is far ahead of the East in terms of magic. Magical tools are only manufactured in the West. So the Western spells sell higher than the East. And recently, Claris’ merchants started to use silver in their records. Because silver is more convenient in trading」
「By the way, it’s Adonis-san who sells magical equipment. Eugene-san exchanges gold and silver. They both watched the trend and made more money than the other merchants! ! 」

Roa interrupted the conversation. For the time being, Haruto strokes Roa’s head.
Roa looks very happy. Very cute. Haruto’s face also relaxed.

「As expected of the daughter of the Patriarch. Isn’t it detailed」
Haruto tells Aisha while stroking Roa’s head. Aisha scratched her head while acting shy.

「It wasn’t much. But this much is common sense. It’s no big deal」
Aisha continued while laughing.

「I also wanted to be stroked when possible. It’s unfair to only just stroke Roa」
Roa reacts to those words.

「Why is that so!! 」
「Because it’s true. Even when my information is just that important, I can’t beat Roa. And Roa is just sly. In the desert, all wives must be loved equally」
Roa reacted flusteredly at the word wives. Roa stares at Aisha as if she could not concede it.

「Don’t fight in such a place. Since I’ll also pat you, don’t agitate Roa」
Haruto said so and patted Aisha’s blond hair.

「And I’m not going to make you my wife」
Haruto says so while stroking, Aisha just laughed.

「In the desert, the act of stroking is to engage you」
As soon as Aisha said so, the expression of Haruto and Roa froze. Aisha laughed at the two frozen people.

「That’s a lie. I already said that the desert people don’t have the habit of marrying」
Haruto has a blue vein on his temple. Haruto lightly hit Aisha’s head.

「It hurts!! 」
Aisha holds her head. Then she looked up at Haruto and said.

「I didn’t think that you would use violence to a woman」
「It does not fall within violence. Besides, the wounds in my heart that I received because of you are not like this」
Roa follows Haruto’s words.

「Ya~y. You got scolded! ! 」
Aisha has a frustrated look on her face. It’s probably because she realized that she was wrong that she did not refute.

「Speaking of which, what are we talking about? 」
「E~tto, we were talking about the value of platinum and diamond. It was a story that derailed and then you were stroking my head while talking」

「You derailed too much」

Haruto laughed in spite of himself. Roa and Aisha are also affected and laughed. A peaceful atmosphere flows between the three. Roa told Haruto with a happy face.

「I’m happy right now」
「That’s why it’s heavy」
Haruto reflexively answered in his heart.


Haruto didn’t know how many times he’d uttered those words today. There are few customers since it’s raining today. But still, 200 pieces have been sold.

「Three soaps」
「Thank you very much」
Haruto handed out the soap and received the money. The sales of soap have been steadily increasing. Because the population of Claris is about 300,000 (excluding second-class citizens and slaves), there is still a lot of demand.

The next customer comes in. That customer was wearing a black suit. It turns out to be a pretty high-quality product. He understood at a glance that it was not a customer who wanted to buy soap.

The man approached Haruto and gave his name.

「Please pardon me. Can you tell me where I can find Haruto Asuma-sama? 」
『Before you ask for a person’s name, you must introduce yourself first』Although Haruto thought that but he responded to the man’s question by sticking out his hand and smiling.

「I am Haruto Asuma」
When Haruto says so, the man widened his eyes.

「That was rude of me. I didn’t expect you to be so young……oops, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am such a person」
The man handed his business card to Haruto. In it was written something like this.

『Samaras Chamber of Commerce, Claris Branch Manager, El Smith』

It seems that the rain will be more intense.

January to March(haven’t paid the debt yet)

Income      about 67,500,000(135,000 soap pieces)
Expense      42,780,000 + 2,020,000 (Sales tax) + 6,750,000(Income tax)
Income – Expense = 15,920,000
Liability      20,000,000
Remaining Money      22,730,000
Real Property      2,730,000

Other property: 60 slaves
Accounting Officer and Slave Director        Roa Samaras
Mercenary                                                         Rusk & Pudding & Aisha

I feel like I don’t need the information on the warehouse so I stopped it.

City State Union
Alto……City State Union’s oldest city. Number one population. The leader of the Union.
Ringa……have a large port. Where the Empire’s products gather. On good terms with Claris. Has the largest navy in the City State Union. The population is number 3.
Shufelt……thriving agriculture. Especially the bubble-berry fruit. Famous for Samaras Chamber of Commerce. The population is so-so.
Reim……in contact with the kingdom just like Claris. When the Kingdom invades, it is friendly with Claris. Because of their wide plains, it will always be attacked by the Kingdom’s cavalry. For this reason, the country is serious about practicing martial arts.
Lenbard……Roa didn’t describe it. Borders with the Empire. It can be a part of the Empire or a part of the City State Union. Fence-sitter. It can’t be ignored since it has a strong camel cavalry.

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DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2
DWBS 25: Business Rival

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