STB Chapter 46: Pragmatic

STB Chapter 45: Hoodwink
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November 22, evening.

The wind blew up the leaves and stuck them to the car windows. The sky is foggy, and you cannot see the sun for a long time.

Guan Ling opened her sleepy eyes. She heard a familiar shout from behind the car.

A few words said over and over again “I did not commit a crime, you can’t hold me,” and “I want to expose you, expose you to the newspaper and television.”

People wearing masks in white coats put the struggling middle-aged couple into the car. Behind him, a girl shrinks her neck, too scared to move. Someone in a white lab coat next to them explained, “We detected unknown substances from the scars on your body. It may be contagious, and you need to be quarantined for some time. If you want to contact your family or friends, we can make a report now.”

The girl is a book transmigrator, and she asked for help from Huo Wei.

Huo Wei did not respond, and it seems that he was utterly indifferent to the situation. He was relaxed and walked into the car.

The car quickly starts up, and all the companions she’d lived with at the Abandoned World for days, pulled out of Guan Ling’s sight.

“Do you miss them?”

A person with the rank of Major sits in the car, probingly looking at Guan Ling.

This young woman is only 24 years old, tiredly leaning on the rear seat. With a hoarse voice, she said, “The last time you came to me, you said goodbye very quickly. You waited until I’ve suffered enough?”

“Miss Guan misunderstood.”

Zhang YaoJin held several transcripts in his hand. It’s from the people they just sent away from the hot spring area incident, road damage and collapse, and the studio homicide scene.

Some of them are raving, and some people just said they don’t know.

The middle-aged man loudly shouted that he’s been attacked by wild animals, asking for compensation. As for when the police asked him how he appeared on the road, and if he knows anyone else, he played deaf.

“What did Huo We say?” Guan Ling suddenly asked. She can read the transcripts upside down, her vision is also good. Major Zhang’s movement of reading the reports is not fast, probably for her to look at it.

“He is a man that surprised me.”

Zhang YaoJin draws the bottom of the transcript. On it is full of handwriting. There are suddenly words written with heavy strokes and with traces of large sections crossed out, showing the inner feelings of the police officer.

Huo Wei said in detail what happened in the last eight days.

Although it seems like for the police station, Huo Wei needs to be sent to the psychiatric hospital for treatment.

“Where are they going?” Guan Ling looked at the direction where the car disappeared.

“Red Dragon’s secret base. It’s secure enough, and guaranteed that when you entered the Abandoned World again, it would be a place to rest and sleep.” Zhang YaoJin’s tone of voice has persuasive power. Even if you wanted to refute, you can’t fight against the force of his soldiers.

Guan Ling is just an ordinary white-collar woman in the city.

She was silent for a while, and can’t help but say, “Did none of them have awakened abilities?”

“After several hours of observation, it seems so. Players below C-class need to enter the Abandoned World more than two times before it’s possible to awaken.”

“Seem?” Guan Ling questioned sharply.

Zhang YaoJin lifts his eyes, “For example, you. You are restraining that vague force. Don’t let it touch anything. You already believed the information I sent you last time, so you know that for a person who awakened their abilities, the first thing they touched in the real world, will determine their future attribute.”

Guan Ling immediately thought of Huo Wei, the young man left her a deep impression.

He is competent, did not hide his origin, and very talented.

If Huo Wei is like her, already aware of the existence of abilities, then he must also be calm and can think well.

“I, in the Abandoned World, I heard that I’m a B-class spatial ability holder. And that in the future, I will join the National Secret Services Red Dragon.” Guan Ling forced a smile, if this kind of fate is fixed, so no one would be happy.

Zhang YaoJin encouraged her with his eyes, “Nn, that’s right, it’s the same with the information we received.”

“Is it because of this, that you contacted me before?” Guan Ling could not forget the time she came home from work three days ago. Members of the Red Dragon invited her for a late night tea, and she was forced to know a lot of things that Guan Ling found absurd.

Because of this episode, although Guan Ling does not believe, she still carried a few chocolates in her purse and a utility knife.

Black hairballs, long-armed monkeys, the characteristics of these monsters……even after knowing it, it was very different from seeing it with your own two eyes. After the monsters attacked, the eyes of the girl who picked up her work nameplate lit up, mouth opening and pouring honey. Guan Ling also knows why.

“I have no reason, I don’t want to contribute to the country.” Guan Ling said that with a flat tone, no emotion.

After all, there are many ways that the Red Dragon can do to let people join them. It’s okay not to warn her beforehand.

Now that the favor is taken, how can one person fight the country’s military?

Zhang YaoJin notices Guan Ling’s dissatisfaction. He shook his head, “In addition to your precious spatial ability, there is another reason we are looking for you.”

Guan Ling went stiff and reminded, “I have not yet awakened!”

It’s ridiculous. Who can guarantee that the ability would be 100% the same as the “original”?

If the Abandoned World is calm and there are no monsters, Guan Ling would have long been willing to test out her powers. Now that this power is related to her future and her life, she dared not act rashly.

“I don’t have a strange bracelet, no ancestral jade, and not even a red string of peach cores.”

To hell with a space ability, Guan Ling might as well ice skate, in the middle of a storm, and with fireworks!

Zhang YaoJin does not read novels, so he doesn’t know how space abilities are GET. Still thinking about the jade bracelet and space knowledge, he explained, “As the original character explained the way to obtain this ability, I can give you the correct answer.”


Facing Guan Ling’s skeptical eyes, Zhang YaoJin pulled out a pen, writing while talking, “Those insiders are full of desire to acquire abilities. They unrestrainedly lived in our world. Most of them have plans for the future, studying and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each ability, so our information is exhaustive.”

Zhang YaoJin covers the paper, staring at Guan Ling and asked, “How about this, just in case, but also for your peace of mind. Before I give it to you, please answer me this question first. If we don’t interfere with your whereabouts, where do you want to go.”

“Return home.”

“Your keys……” Zhang YaoJin reminds.

Guan Ling’s body stiffened. Yes, her purse along with her phone is lost. Of course, her key is no exception.

“Suppose you don’t know the rules of awakening, and had just left the Abandoned World. Exhausted, you went back home, but found that it’s impossible to go in.” Zhang YaoJin said, somewhat unbearable, “you will collapse, and cannot stand it……like this?”

Guan Ling is silent for several minutes, and only slowly nodded.

Zhang YaoJin opens the door, letting people bring canned coffee. The temperature is hot.

“Better?” Major Zhang is not good at comforting people. Usually, he does not need to do these.

Guan Ling’s origin and character, Zhang YaoJin learned part from the insiders, but he really understood Guan Ling after the Red Dragon performed an in-depth investigation on Guan Ling.

She drifted to the North, disconnected from home, and subject to gender discrimination in the workplace. Life and work are a mess. Breaking free from the Abandoned World, it’s hard to return to reality, but she was blocked by a door.

It’s not the door to her house since it’s just a rented apartment, but it was the only place she can go back in this city.

The original Guan Ling sluggishly opens the security door, landed on the ground, and burst out crying.

“Although reason tells me that I can go to a bustling business district and go to a 24-hour fast food restaurant to sit for one night. The next day, I can go to the company and ask for an advanced wage, call the landlord to ask for a door key, then go reissue a bank ID card……however I may not be able to hold on, and will definitely in a state of loss.” Guan Ling mechanically said, and suddenly found out that the things that she said don’t make any sense to Zhang YaoJin. She closed her eyes, adjusting her emotions.

“The information is not wrong, it’s this……uncontrolled emotions, that lets you go back and put your hands on the security door that stimulated it.” Zhang YaoJin looks away, “Even if the emotions are intense or not, is not important, as long as you touch the right thing.”


“I just awakened my abilities according to the “original” method. There is no difference between unintentional outbursts and intentional touch.” Zhang YaoJin explained.

“No, why the door?” Guan Ling is bewildered.

Something that awakens a space ability is a security door, is it making fun of her?

Zhang YaoJin quickly looked at her, biting the bullet and saying, “For you, it’s not a security door, but a home behind that door. You need a world that belongs to you. Your own private space to release your uneasiness.”


Guan Ling’s face slowly showed coldness and hostility.

This embarrassment at listening to others analyze their state of mind and privacy.

Zhang YaoJin doesn’t want to say too much. But the plot is biased, he did not mention the endpoint. If something goes wrong, it will not end well.

“The ability to penetrate through the door, and enter your room, so that the thing that your ability really touches is the air, which belongs to your home’s……cough, air.”

Major Zhang’s face looked like “I know it sounds like I’m pulling your leg, but there’s no way since that’s what our world is all about” expression. Guan Ling feels ridiculous.

After cleaning up her feelings, Guan Ling asked, “I guess my space is as big as my one-bedroom house, but why don’t I go find a villa, a big house I want to own for testing? Can the space ability grow bigger?”

“First, experimenting on a house you didn’t live in, the effect is not clear. Second, according to the data, everyone has different potential. We captured an insider in Huai City. This girl wants a space ability, then followed the example of an A-class spatial ability holder, and touched the same medium object. The resulting space is very narrow, and only enough to fit her whole body in. This is because she only has F-class qualifications.”

Not waiting for Guan Ling’s response, Zhang YaoJin added, “Red Dragon also found a man trying to get a fire ability. But in the end, his whole body was burned, and still lying in the hospital’s intensive care unit……according to the testing machine, the energy index showed that he’s up to C-class, and should not have failed. After a summary analysis, we found that for each of our ability holders, except for the potential talent, there is also the corresponding attribute fitness. In other words, Miss Guan, you have the affinity for space ability, and if you replace it with another attribute, it will waste your power and talent.”

Guan Ling is thoughtful.

Zhang YaoJin said gravely, “Even if it’s the same space ability holder, the media they touched is not the same. In short, it should be something personal, and the best advice by the current Red Dragon to ability holders is that since we have the original description, it’s not wrong to follow the original. An awakening that is not described should be based on your freedom, never because of envy or that you like another’s ability. To force an awakening……will be counterproductive.”

Major Zhang sighed in his heart,

There are only five S-class ability holders in the world, of the five, only Jian Hua has the devouring ability.

In other words, even if the book transmigrator holds a mushroom every day, he cannot copy the powerful final BOSS.

Guan Ling drinks some hot coffee. The discomfort in her stomach reminded her of the cold food she’d eaten these days. Afraid of it being stimulated, she used the coffee to warm her cold fingers, and organized her chaotic mind, asking,

“Major Zhang, you said before, there is another reason why Red Dragon came to me, what is it?”

“Oh!” Zhang YaoJin weighed his words, “You have a brother named Guan Cheng, a waiter who served in the Pearl Hotel in Huai City. Half a month ago, at the time of the bombing, he was abducted by a group of book transmigrators.”

 The author has something to say: 

Even if the original characters are named, it’s not easy for the Red Dragon to find them. How many have the same name

——Aiya, a missing Guan Cheng who has a sister called Guan Ling……that’s her, good find.

PS: That durian sister’s media is different from Guan Ling’s……

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STB Chapter 45: Hoodwink
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