I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

Title: I’m Not Shouldering this Blame (这锅我不背)

Author: 天堂放逐者

Status in Original Country: 175 chapters (Complete)

Author Synopsis:

One day, the stuntman found that acquaintances and unfamiliar people were looking for him through various channels. Even someone from a certain department of the country came—

Team Leader of an abilities group: Comrade Jian Hua, on behalf of the nation, I want to tell you about a newly discovered world secret.

Protagonist: What?

Team Leader of an abilities group: In fact, our world is a book.

Protagonist: WTF?

Team Leader of an abilities group: And you will be the last villain of the seven-volume novel series.

Protagonist: …

See title for the protagonist’s mood.

Book Character A: You and I are good childhood friends. Shouldn’t I be the white moonlight in your heart?

Protagonist: …

Book Character B: I treated you kindly, so shouldn’t you trust me completely?

Protagonist: …

Book Character C: I’m so considerate while busy. As good friends, shouldn’t we be rolling around on first base?

Protagonist: …

See title for the protagonist’s mood.

Translation: 1-12 (Rainbow Turtle Translations)

Translation Schedule: Every Tue, Thu, and Sat (or whenever I felt like it)

Translation Progress: 60/64

QUOTA: MAY = 14 CHAPTERS (c51 – c64)



13: Dumbfounded Circle

14: Tracing

15: Careless Omission

16: A Visit

17: Spoiler

18: Relationship

19: Fog

20: Gathering People

21: Hospital

22: Communication

23: Hairball

24: Attack

25: Roller Coaster

26: Mushrooms

27: Home

28: Impression

29: Grim Situation

30: Tired Heart

31: Protagonist

32: Frank

33: Capture

34: Making Progress

35: Tacit Understanding

36: Flowery Point

37: Crisis

38: Haunted

39: Neglect

40: Do Your Best

41: Survival

42: Warehouse

43: Situation

44: Picky Eater

45: Hoodwink

46: Pragmatic

47: Holiday

48: Pay Attention

49: Exposed

50: Dinner Party

51: Possessed

52: Making Conversation

53: Suspension Bridge

54: Impostor

55: Naive

56: Trap

57: Fail

58: Alone

59: Running Away

60: Picked Up