STB Chapter 47: Holiday

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Raindrops fall on the window glass, making a trail on the dust stains.

Jian Hua is upset, pulling the curtains closed.

The buzz outside the door continued until the afternoon. The crew members who are returning from work are still discussing it, after all, it’s a big deal, and they’re related to the news.

Several houses in the hot spring resort collapsed, and there are visible traces of marks in the wooden furniture; there is also a small landslide in the nearby highway. The pits that appeared are detected by experts, to be interlocking inside, like a tunnel, and suspects rodent infestation in the North area.

In an anonymous gossip forum, 《Black Bamboo》’s haunted video did not receive much attention.

The topic is focused on the third male lead’s self-destructing image. Although some in the post vowed to say that in fact, the police has come to investigate and stopped the filming and such things. Still, the majority of the fans and passersby deemed it as “making trouble” and “too fake”.

There is Jian Hua in the video, but because he is not an actor, and stationed initially as background, after the chaos, his face only appeared for a few seconds, so it did not attract the attention of the crowd.

Passersby ignored him, but Jian Hua’s colleagues are not blind.

——the scene looks like he’s a stand-in, and his face is a little familiar.

Jian Hua has a narrow social circle, but the people who’ve been with him in the past, always have a little impression of him.

Not to mention those who are even more familiar with Jian Hua. From the beginning of the afternoon, Jian Hua’s WeChat account, after the news had exploded, received requests for private chats and even numerous calls. Jian Hua directly put his phone in flight mode.

A suppressed stuntman who has not worked for half a year suddenly appeared in a commercial film with most of the movie actors in the domestic frontline in the cast. In their circle, this is an earth-shattering gossip.

Since the video leaked everything, the stuntmen in the 《Black Bamboo》 cast doesn’t have to comply with the confidentiality agreement. There was a lot of news that Jian Hua is brought in by Li Fei to become an exclusive stuntman for the actor.

They communicated with each other anonymously in Penguin groups. For fear that Jian Hua’s Q is also in that group list, they don’t dare speak too much and don’t name names. Big Mouth says “a peer, which can also be considered as a senior in the circle. Unfortunately, I never see that person anymore, it’s the one that disappeared for half a year……” in full swing, a lot of discussions are privately started in groups.

Gossip spreads fast, and in the evening, some of the staff or crew would know Jian Hua’s origin.

“There’s no way! How did you hold Li Fei’s thigh?”

“Rely on looks?”

However, if Jian Hua can rely on his face to impress Li Fei, why didn’t Li Fei look in the mirror? If he got on the actor’s bed and was good at it, why didn’t they see Xiao YaQin’s success?

Furthermore, there are many rumors in the circle that Li Fei is Gay. However, Li Fei himself did not admit to it, and Jian Hua’s performance on the set is not like someone looking for a job opportunity but instead performing a job.

There are many opinions, but Jian Hua who was sleeping on Li Fei’s sofa didn’t know it.

This luxury suite has two beds, and according to Li Fei, he’ll leave the other bed for Jian Hua to rest——Assistant Lin went with a twisted face. Not being able to refute, Jian Hua also has the life assistant and bodyguard in his job description.

The crew just left a murder case, and the artists have to protect themselves, they don’t want to be picked by Director Lu.

Just after Jian Hua was sure Li Fei fell asleep, he rose up and got out of the bedroom. He would rather sleep on the sofa outside the room. As for Assistant Lin’s expression in his eyes, Jian Hua does not understand.

The hotel’s sofa is indeed not comfortable. Jian Hua was awakened by the knocks on the door with some shoulder pains.

The room is dark, and the hotel where the crew stayed in doesn’t have a doorbell. The sound insulation is also not good, so Jian Hua blocked the door with mushrooms. On the wall, you can see a “pasty white” layer. Right now, the mushroom is lazy and motionless, proving that it’s not interested in the people knocking on the door.

Jian Hua assumed that it was Assistant Lin who is returning from dinner, turned on the light, and only when he opened the door did he found out what’s wrong.

The knock on the door is from the Actor Ren Cheng. The other person is also surprised at seeing Jian Hua, involuntarily raising his eyebrows. He also took a step back to see the room number, “Li Fei is not here?”

Jian Hua does not move from the door. By the customs in the circle, he should say hello to the Actor Ren and ask for what Ren Cheng is looking for. But he plainly answered, “Why is Actor Ren here? Dean ate sleeping pills, so he fell asleep.”

An artist’s life is irregular, most have insomnia problems, but Li Fei is not. He not only sleeps well but also gives people (Jian Hua) peace of mind. Sleeping pills are just an excuse that Jian Hua used to stall him.

——As long as it’s not a matter of urgency, it’s embarrassing to wake people up.

Ren Cheng did not ignore the fact that the room is dark before, and that the light shines before the door opened. What’s more, Jian Hua’s hair is in disorder, and although the clothes are neat, the creases are also noticeable.

It’s funny.

The most exciting thing is, what if the small stand-in really have something going on with the actor? Isn’t it supposed to be Li Fei that should be opening the door? The bedroom door was shut, and most visiting people who sit down and talk outside, won’t be able to see inside.

At this time, Assistant Lin happened to walk out of the elevator, his two hands holding insulation bags. He steps into the hallway to see Actor Ren standing in front of the room. Very surprised, he hurried up and said hello:

“Did Actor Ren not eaten yet? I just bought it from outside, this nourishing porridge is famous in the Hot Spring Resort.”

Ren Cheng smiled and said nothing. Assistant Lin feels that the atmosphere is wrong. Standing in the hallway to continue talking is not a thing, and his eyes slipped to Jian Hua. The latter understand what he meant, faintly saying, “Did not wake up.”

“This, you understand, right?” Assistant Lin has a very embarrassed expression.

Ren Cheng failed to discover anything from Jian Hua and Assistant Lin, and the former idea of getting evidence about the rumors forgotten, so he smiled, turned and went away.

Assistant Lin probingly looks around in a circle, quickly closing the door.

“How did you attract Actor Ren?” Assistant Lin stared at Jian Hua, the latter just looked at him inexplicably.

Assistant Lin puts the insulation bags in the circle, complaining in a sad voice, “I went out for dinner. My good colleague, when I came back, at least three people stopped me, asking which room you lived in.”

Jian Hua disagrees, “Those people want to explore gossip. Is Ren Cheng such a person?”

“Indeed, it’s not like him.” Assistant Lin said solemnly, “I suspect that he heard Li ge has changed his broker, so he thought that Li ge has a conflict with the company, and wanted to come and sell some favors!”

Big stars usually have their own studio. If  Fei fell out with the company, went out and became independent, it’s always troublesome to start. If Ren Cheng came to introduce some people, it’s not surprising.

As Assistant Lin rambled on the side, he quickly opens the insulation bag. He took out a few tightly sealed plastic bowls and took the lid off in one breath. The room was instantly filled with tempting aromas.

“Wait, Li Fei is not awake yet?”

Jian Hua doesn’t understand when Assistant Lin pulled out the porridge. There are two bowls of seafood porridge, if it’s cold, it’ll be hard to eat. Does he want to borrow the hotel’s microwave oven?

“It’s all right!” Assistant Lin tore the plastic bag open, proudly saying, “I used to be an assistant to other artists in the company. I didn’t follow Li ge right away. Although Li ge’s work is many and he was swamped, I just have to pay attention to what he eats, but he’s not like other actors! You haven’t seen some of the stars. You have to buy on the restaurant they wanted to eat, if you buy wrong, they would directly throw the bowl away at you. It was so hot that you’re hands will become red!”

Jian Hua does not say anything. He has seen this kind of thing in all casts. Assistant Lin said that he can think of several people, so to the way an assistant is treated by celebrities, he didn’t have the slightest interest.

“Li ge did not ask for much. He’ll just eat, and if he doesn’t like it, he will make you pay attention next time.” Assistant Lin’s spirits went up, forgetting the awkward identity of Jian Hua. It’s just like gossiping about the boss with the new colleague, “Do you know what the hardest thing for other artists’ assistants is? It’s calling them to wake up!”

Assistant Lin walked towards the bedroom door, pushing the door open a crack.

Then he smiled and stood in front of the sofa and snuggled up with Jian Hua while gossiping about the other artists he’d been with, how hard is it to wake up people at ten in the morning. The gossip hasn’t been finished when there was movement from the bedroom.

Li Fei sleepily came out, sit on the couch, and slowly looks at the porridge on the coffee table.

Jian Hua: ……

Very good indeed, using the smell of food can be this successful.

Li Fei yawned, settling down, then turning to look at Jian Hua, “You did not sleep?”

“Hungry, I woke up early.” Jian Hua found an excuse.

Li Fei saw the creases on Jian Hua’s clothes and was a little depressed. He finally managed to get the man inside the bedroom, but he didn’t think that he would be so sleepy and honestly fell asleep. As a result, the other person ran out and slept on the sofa.

Is he going to occupy the sofa next time? If it’s not life and death, can he get Jian Hua to sleep on the bed?

“Since you’re hungry, you eat first!”

After Li Fei finished saying that, he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. After he finished, he found that Assistant Lin is still gossiping with Jian Hua, the porridge in the table did not move a bit. Li Fei could not help but urge, “Don’t talk, it’ll become cold, and it won’t be delicious.”

The room quietened down. Assistant Lin threw a baffled look at Li Fei, shouldn’t the actor have the first choice, how can they eat first?

Waking up, Li Fei picked up the cheese seafood porridge, found that Jian Hua’s eyes went to that bowl of porridge, so he naturally put the porridge bowl in front of Jian Hua, “Eat it.”

Jian Hua is still in a daze. Li Fei looked around the coffee table, and did not hesitate to take a bowl of shiitake mushroom chicken porridge——no matter what Jian Hua likes, anyways, he certainly did not want to eat any mushrooms.

Assistant Lin bought six servings of porridge. He wants to go for seafood porridge, but when he reached out, Li Fei stared at him. After two times, Assistant Lin silently raised a thin porridge with green vegetables.

Not fair ah, obviously, he’d been with Li Fei longer.

Jian Hua ate two porridges, the cheese’s strong aroma, and the delicious taste keeps sliding along the tip of his tongue. He almost wanted to ask Assistant Lin what the name of the shop was.

Assistant Lin eats dinner while reporting to Li Fei from the side.

The situation of the crew, the fact that Actor Ren visited but did not come in, and that many people are asking about Jian Hua.

“Speaking of which, there’s one thing I want to ask you.” Assistant Lin smacks his forehead, turning to Jian Hua, “When signing the contract, I heard that you have not received a job for a long time, who did you offend?”

Jian Hua’s hands cling to the spoon.

Although Li Fei thought that what Assistant Lin asked is unexpected, this thing surfacing is also a matter for the team. There’s a lot of offending in the entertainment business especially if the other person has no identity. Li Fei’s look on the surface looks like a moth to the flame. If even Li Fei did not hide his interest, it’s also more necessary to speak in advance.

As for the dirty things in the circle……

Li Fei does not feel that Jian Hua will suffer. Jian Hua is neither careless, and he doesn’t want to be a star, so there’s no opportunity for others to get their hands on him. If they come hard enough, he guessed that Jian Hua will only use one hand.

“It’s nothing.” Jian Hua continues to drink the porridge, understating, “Star Entertainment Media, um, it’s the son of a shareholder in your company. The men and women in the cast are called to sing in the karaoke. That young master got drunk, and in that private room, he played the three bows and kowtow drama. I was just squatting in the corner……”

Li Fei and Assistant Lin’s expressions are very excited, they have already guessed who the man is.

“……the young master grabbed my collar, wanting me to be his chief eunuch, shouting at the others to withdraw.”

Li Fei sucked in a breath, Assistant Lin has his eyes wide open.

“Acting is nothing since when I was filming with someone else, I called someone grandfather too. Who knows that this young master really wants to play the full set, and I must kneel to his satisfaction. He even wanted to step on his eunuchs. I avoided him by keeping him drunk. Then he ordered the eunuchs to strip the ‘concubine’ and bring her to his bed, clearly indicating me.” Jian Hua put down the bowl, thought of that day’s chaotic scenes, and was also silent. He did not hit anyone, he just kicked over a bottle, and that person fell back on the sofa.

All right, the number of bottles is a little more.

There was a mess in the room and broken glass all over the floor. The party obviously can’t continue.

The actress who was assigned as the concubine took the opportunity to run away. Jian Hua patted his own clothes. The disillusioned young master behind him jumped up and roared, “Don’t you dare mix in this circle after you go out, those who made me unhappy today, I’ll make him unhappy forever!”

He thought of it as a drunk’s sentence, in the end, the young master remembered after sobering up.

Assistant Lin is dumbfounded, he’d never expected the truth to be like this.

“It’s mostly annoying. There are too many people holding the young master up, shouting that ‘in this circle, we can’t afford to mix with you.’ The actress didn’t say anything either, saying ’don’t sully young master.’” Jian Hua remembers that he turned around without hesitation.

Li Fei’s eyes appear dazed. He closed his eyes, and as if nothing happened, he pushed another bowl of seafood porridge to Jian Hua, “Here’s another, eat.”

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STB Chapter 46: Pragmatic
STB Chapter 48: Pay Attention

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