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The Actor Ren inexplicably looked at Li Fei’s line of sight.

——Is there anything on the ground?

Li Fei observed the angle of his foot and had to acknowledge Jian Hua’s precise memory. But when he looked up at Jian Hua in the distance, at the bottom of his heart, he was touched and moved.

Jian Hua did not pay particular attention to him.

Before they entered the Abandoned World, while maintaining this position, they talked to each other for several minutes.

As a stand-in actor, Jian Hua pays attention to Li Fei’s every move as a must in his profession. There’s nothing to fuss about.

Feeling the disappointment in his heart, Li Fei is a bit surprised. It’s a novelty.

He has a crush on Jian Hua, but as to how far does it go, even he could not tell.

Li Fei chooses to leave his feelings to ferment, and to do as he pleases. Rather than chasing after that person, it’s better to say that he doesn’t want to miss this suitable partner.

But, the more he knows about Jian Hua, the more he felt tempted.

Jian Hua’s weaknesses are as apparent as his advantages. His appearance is a pass. He has an uninteresting character, and hard to approach. He’s not even a person who likes to live. This type of person is entirely the opposite of Li Fei.

As a public figure, Li Fei often has to answer “what type of the opposite sex do you like”. This question, eight out of ten answers would be fake. The PR team are consulted and gave the solution according to the artist’s packaging style.

Li Fei is no exception. He smiled and said, “all are OK”.

It’s really ok since he doesn’t like the opposite sex, so there’s no difference……

Privately, of course, Li Fei considered his standards for a partner. He should be able to “speak well,” “knowledgeable,” and “enjoys life”. As a result, the person who triggered his “like” indeed appeared, and all three of his standards went into the trash.

Feeling like he hit himself in the face, he was not happy at all.

Li Fei was about to say something to the other actors in the cast when suddenly, he felt the ground tremble, undulating. It was pronounced. Unlike regular earthquakes, it feels like a ton of overloaded trucks runs over the road.

This tremor usually would not make people panic, but after the “haunted” event, everyone is like a frightened bird.

“What happened?”

There was another rumble, and someone can’t sit still, “Earthquake?”

The studio was in chaos. Assistant Lin is dedicated to picking up Li Fei and running out. Director Lu wants to pick up the camera. The makeup artist rushes to the break room……then came a scream, making Li Fei guiltily close his eyes.

This situation, compared to the shaking of the Abandoned World, is not worth mentioning.

Jian Hua leaves the studio along with the flow of people. He still has time to check on his phone, 12:25.

At that time, his cell phone received a text from an unfamiliar number. Jian Hua clicked to read, and was shocked to find that the number is from Lu Zhao——when leaving Huai City, Jian Hua had blacklisted him.

Being unable to connect for a few days, Lu Zhao finally realized the truth and quickly changed his number to contact Jian Hua.

But he did not dare to anger Jian Hua, and only carefully sent a text message with a lot of self-vindication:

“……because of worry, I went to the clinic and asked the doctor. I might have provoked the old man. Jian Hua, don’t misunderstand, I just want to know how you are now.”

The text messages don’t seem to end. Jian Hua pondered slightly, guess what happened.

Lu Zhao surely ran to the clinic. Although Jian Hua has a bit of friendship with Old Cheng, Old Cheng didn’t have his number, and also don’t know where Jian Hua is going. But Lu Zhao does not believe him. Jian Hua thought about what would Old Cheng say about him, causing Jian Hua to blacklist Lu Zhao.

Jian Hua deleted his text messages.

The identity of Lu Zhao being a book transmigrator is clear. Jian Hua can personally prove it, but Jian Hua doesn’t want to see this person at all. That exaggerated acting just looked awkward, and now that he knows Lu Zhao’s plan, Lu Zhao’s behavior became disgusting.

Jian Hua looks up, seeing the group in the front stop in an open space. Everyone is dumbfounded.

Pits appeared on the distant road. It looks like there’s a landslide, but each pit is bowl sized, with concrete and sand sliding down on it.

Some people are brave enough to look, and found a deep hole, at least three meters.

“Over there!”

Two kilometers from the studio is the base, and the hot springs resort built on the mountain. A lot of smoke is rising, and it looks like a house was burning. A fast-moving person took out his phone and video the scene.

Jian Hua stepped back among the crowd without a trace.

On the potholed road, there are several trapped cars, and on the sides are people crazily jumping up and down, their voices passed by the wind——

“We’re back!”

“We came out alive!”

You can’t see their faces from so far away, but it’s easy to guess their identity: The group of Guan Ling and Huo Wei that are trapped in the mushroom forest.

Imagine panicking and being surrounded by giant mushrooms, desperate and hopeless to escape, but has lost the way. You don’t dare shout and don’t dare make big moves to avoid stimulating the mushrooms and can only cautiously grope your way out. Then suddenly returning to the real world, the mushrooms disappear……you would excitedly jump up and down, isn’t it normal?

Not long after jumping, a blaring police car came.

“How so fast?” The Abandoned World survivors are taken aback.

Actually, the police car was called more than 10 minutes ago, since the crew called 110.

“Police station, there was a man in the studio that bizarrely appeared and was severely wounded. We have reached the site of the informant. Unusual pits appeared on the road here. There are also houses collapsed in the housing area, please send support. Repeat, please send support. Blockade the front and rear section, divert the flow of traffic!”

The police officers soon discovered the group of people beside the road. There is blood on their bodies, and looking awkward. Some are still holding a kitchen knife in their hands.

“Freeze, Police!”

Huo Wei followed and raised his hands, his eyes floating to the studio a few hundred of meters away.

They migrated to this neighborhood because of the mushrooms. Before the mushroom expanded and grew, they have never been to this area, and do not know what’s in the mushroom forest.

Only that guy killed by the rats said that while being chased by a monster, the mushroom came out of a “black hole” and grew madly. But this guy is not on Huo Wei’s side at all, so Huo Wei always thought that the mushroom appeared out of a warehouse or a shop and did not think back.

Now it seems……

A large group of people with camera equipment. He did not see any wedding dresses among them, so are they filming?

He can’t see clearly, but Huo Wei’s heart jumped. He remembered that on the news, the actor Li Fei was on the opening ceremony of the movie 《Black Bamboo》 in the North seven days ago.

If Li Fei is here, then the mushrooms aren’t here for the food!

BOSS Jian Hua reined in Li Fei so quickly?

——Are they, the book transmigrators, influenced by the plot, or they already know about the book? Damn it, the author did not write this section!

Huo Wei was unfortunately taken to the side of the road by the police. If the police car did not come so fast, he would have an opportunity to mixed in with the crowd. Among the 《Black Bamboo》 crew, maybe he can find something about the people around Li Fei.

Speaking of which, the final BOSS Jian Hua caused a debate among the original fans.

How many people eagerly discussed the power of the final BOSS before the sixth volume came out? How many people are stunned in the end? Pulling out the famous Abandoned World mushroom monster as the final BOSS’ skill, this is possible?

A part of the readers feels tricked and angrily commented, the author didn’t have a villain, so he dragged the plot only to introduce Jian Hua as the BOSS in the last volume!

Jian Hua in the book is an unemployed person, no relatives, no friends, and also live alone!

A handsome oriental man, the rest is history……

Life experience before the Abandoned World appeared ten years ago is unemployed, and never found a suitable job. Jian Hua is an invisible man in an isolated island. There are no live fans in his social network account. He doesn’t chat with friends or interacts with others. Even the neighbors don’t know who he is, and only the utility bills can prove his existence.

This is not a mystery, and it is fundamentally transparent.

There is also more evidence in the previous books. Drawing out the details in the previous five volumes, proved that the BOSS is on Li Fei’s life. There may be a mysterious person, and the author deliberately put out a smoke screen, letting everyone find these hints. The readers also thought that he was Li Fei’s lover.

A lover who doesn’t know the true nature of Li Fei……

This kind of routine story: when BOSS Li Fei failed, certainly must play a key role!

As a result, everyone waited until the end of the novel, and did not see a “poor woman”. It’s not that the author forgot to fill this plothole, but Li Fei has no lovers at all, all those details implied Jian Hua! The final BOSS has been in contact with Li Fei, only that the author did not directly write it out.

Huo Wei now believes this statement.

But too late, everything is too late!


The crew returned to the studio. Director Lu had a headache with several makeup artists. Some people deliberately looked for trouble, and the things in the makeup box are thrown to the ground.

“In the dressing rooms, the clothes are turned upside down, it must have been a burglar!” an actress shouted.

“Everyone quiet, check your own stuff. Is there anything missing?”

Assistant Lin responded accordingly. Li Fei walks into the break room, his heart thumping. When the Abandoned World disappeared, he forgot to bring the lunchbox out.

Fortunately, Assistant Lin has no photographic memory, so after he checked everything, he was immediately relieved.

Li Fei’s exclusive makeup artist kneels on the ground and cried.

“When I left the studio, who is the last? Did you see the troublemaker?” Assistant Director Luo lifted a loudspeaker.

Everyone looked at each other, looking puzzled.

Li Fei was the first to go out, and Jian Hua is not slow either, so they’re not within the scope of suspicion.

Jian Hua, before returning to reality, has already fixed his clothes. Now, his hair is still in disorder, but the blood on his sleeves also did not attract any attention. After all, he was very close to the injured person.

“Okay, first cooperate with the police to investigate the body, then back to the hotel!” Director Lu is in a bad mood. He felt that someone in the crew took the opportunity to make trouble, and deliberately want him to film a bad movie.

The crew was held back for a day. It’s a loss of tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with the equipment and the studio——

“Who kicked this camera?” Director Lu suddenly found a problem.

What he held was easy to move, a piece of equipment with some of the original footage. The big cameras have wires and stands, so it’s not so easy to take it away, but now there are traces of scratches. Director Lu is heartbroken.

Everyone is afraid to say anything, who knows if anyone can escape if they’re hit.

There was a commotion in the studio and no one’s muttering about the being in the wrong place. They were so loud that they checked again. Everyone thought that things are not so bad since it’s not broken.

Li Fei throws the lunchbox into the trash.

He had the heart to destroy the body, but the smell of burnt meat is stronger than the stale smell of food.

The author has something to say:

In Li Fei’s life, hides a mysterious person

A lover who did not know Li Fei’s true nature……

This kind of routine story, when BOSS Li Fei failed, certainly have to play a key role!


The author writes the final battle, 【His girlfriend was kidnapped, BOSS failed. 】

【Girlfriend defected, BOSS failed. 】

【Girlfriend sincerely advise, BOSS does not repent. Girlfriend died, BOSS repents. 】

After a series of European and American story styles, a beautiful love story embellishment

Then the book ends, no lover and the BOSS became the final hurdle for the hero

Original Author: Excuse me?


This story tells us, do not write unfinished work, fellow authors

Especially the kind of author who does not respect routines

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STB Chapter 44: Picky Eater
STB Chapter 46: Pragmatic

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  1. I’m so confuse about the original plot!!! What? What? I hope there is side story of the actual book r someone kind enough to snuck in the original book for reference and become mushroom food.

  2. So they are accusing the author of a dues ex machina akin to Rowling’s Horcruxes but this time about a villain? And main reason they can’t accept it is because they were expecting a female lover not a male? Or because it was an unrequited love?

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  5. Li Fei’s Checklist:

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