STB Chapter 49: Exposed

STB Chapter 48: Pay Attention
STB Chapter 50: Dinner

The people living in the North can feel the change in atmosphere.

The increased strictness in the subway safety inspections, increased number of street traffic police and the patrol car with police lights, there are also more guards stationed near some buildings.

“Recently, is there an important meeting being held?”

“Are there other national leaders visiting?”

The people are not nervous. They had long lived in a peaceful country, and the words ‘terrorist attack’ is particularly distant. Office workers are more concerned about traffic jams during peak hours. Looking at microblogs while in the subway, they saw people saying something about things in a house suddenly breaking, a house suddenly caught on fire, a good friend disappears in a second……they are very doubtful.

The city is too big.

The weather conditions in each city are different, and if you take a train in the city, the rumors become more and more strange.

Time enters December. The temperature suddenly dropped, and it seems like winter swept the city overnight. All the leaves on the branches fell. The original hot spring scenic spot had the number of tourists decline after some houses collapsed, but now, it’s because the search for evidence by the police has not ended yet, and it is in a semi-closed state.

Director Lu is delighted with the peace and quiet.

The studio next to the hot spring resort is like an attraction when the crew is filming. It was cleared, but there will always be fans, and reporters trying to mix in.

No matter how well the security worked, it’s difficult to avoid leakage.

Now is a good time. The road to the hot spring area is undergoing repairs, the hotel is empty, and after some period of adjustment, the crew members are back to work. The director scolded less often, and everyone feels relaxed.

According to this schedule, it can be wrapped up before the New Year.

Jian Hua’s thoughts are hidden, and no matter where he goes, he will always pay attention to his surroundings.

As a result, the Abandoned World did not arrive, and he found a group of people in the crew who looked unpleasantly at him.

——The cup is hidden, the crew deliberately didn’t leave lunch for Jian Hua, the messenger purposely made a mistake and so on.

Jian Hua has been in the circle for many years, and he did not put these to mind.

He has the mycelium to supervise at all times, so how hard could it be to find something that’s lost?

No lunch? No problem. Li Fei always had something to eat, and will always ask Jian Hua to eat together.

As for the other movie props like shoes and clothes, he shares it with Li Fei. You fundamentally can’t distinguish who owns who.

Jian Hua watches Li Fei filming when there’s nothing to do, and when there is something, he doesn’t step out of the studio, and never go to the break room. It was Li Fei who brought makeup to him, not the crew.

Don’t mention the other stuntmen in the cast, even the third male lead thinks that Jian Hua is a hedgehog, and nobody can say anything about him.

After long hours of closed filming, someone would always want to make some noise. They would use the paparazzi’s name to publish, get into a scandal, which at the very least, to excite the crew.

As a result, there was no explosion in this group, and the big-named actors have no need to follow the unspoken rules of investors.

The villain is the veteran actor Ren Cheng, and the latest hot topic was his divorce a year ago. No one wants to rehash the same old story.

The heroine actress is married to a director. Unless she said that she was pregnant, otherwise, any other gossips will just offend people. The male lead Li Fei is the first-line actor in the country, and the supporting actress wanted to make an affair with him. It’s a pity that all eyes can see that Li Fei is not interested. Besides, if you do it, you will go against Star Entertainment Media which is very risky.

Initially, they wanted to make a fuss over Li Fei’s substitute, but when the news arrived at Star Entertainment Media’s side, Young Master Dong thought for a long time, and for the life of him, he can’t remember who Jian Hua is.

After explaining that “It was last time when a person didn’t give Young Master Dong face, a small substitute made you unhappy,” Young Master Dong who has drunk a lot was slapped in the face, shouting “Who dares call me ugly? I’m the only person in the world who would make people unhappy, how dare you look for someone to impersonate my father”. The other person was stunned, and the Young Master, while “he haha” pretending to be a hero while drunk, beat up the other person. The messenger was admitted to the hospital.

The third male lead who knew this afterward was so angry he had stomach pain.

Such an easy job, with a foolish Young Master Dong, became a difficult task. Sometimes using stupid people is harder compared to dealing with smart people.

All right, he doesn’t want to say anything more. He should just direct his attention to Xiao Tianwang in the cast!

So the 《Black Bamboo》 crew’s biggest gossip is Xiao Tianwang’s acting skills, which is repeatedly delaying the shooting progress. There is a heated online debated on his excellent singing skills, saying that he falls into the category of good singing but lousy acting.

Xiao Tianwang may not understand filming, but he is not stupid. Combined with the stuffy environment, he immediately locked his target of hatred on male number three.

In private, both parties have invited their water army, digging the other person’s black spots.

Xiao Tianwang is annoyed. The third male lead is a veteran actor. But for him, as long as that video is brought out, the popularity of it is good for him!

“……this small fry stepping on people, and taking advantage of other people’s habits, it’s the Light World Group’s forte!” Assistant Lin complained behind Jian Hua, “They don’t care who it is, all they need is hype. The entertainment industry ‘s reputation is bad because of Light World Group!”

Jian Hua begins to recall the rumors about Li Fei in the circle.

For example, 《Crow》’s previous failure in the box office. Rumors say that Li Fei is angry, and there was a decline in acting. There are also numerous reviews about his declining status, and all have a similar tone, even the blind can see it blackening him.

Li Fei obtained Best Actor Award this year. The male lead role he played has schizophrenia, and the movie became very popular. The bad-mouthing also came up, followed by strange rumors, saying that Li Fei got depression because of this movie.

The blame is forced on the Director and Screenwriter, causing some dissatisfaction in Li Fei’s fans. There was even the proposal to boycott the movie from winning the Best Picture Award. During that time, Li Fei was mentioned, and everyone’s first reaction is that the star’s fans are too brain-dead.

That year, Li Fei took the Best Actor Award, and the movie swept all the major awards, but the director and the crew had opinions on Li Fei. The judges later thought that the rumors are for Li Fei to increase the chances of winning and that it was a gimmick by the Star Entertainment Media, they just lost control of their fans.

The result is that Light World Group won the Best Actress Award with one of their female artists after saying that she has depression because she lost her love. The hype formula is precisely the same, the details are all visual in a sense. Insiders have been blinded by the Light World Group’s IQ, and they rushed to modify their negative impression on Li Fei.

Jian Hua tried to verify, and Assistant Lin indeed nodded, “Except for them, who else?”

“I thought it was the Star Entertainment Media’s counterattack, camouflage as Light World Group reverse hype, black people being washed white.” Jian Hua expressionlessly said, formerly in favor of Star Entertainment Media’s finesse, combined with Li Fei’s extraordinary ability. It turns out his mind is in the wrong direction!

Li Fei returned from a scene and sees Jian Hua chatting with Assistant Lin from a distance, approaching to find that Jian Hua’s eyes have changed. Initially, he was seen as a “capable person,” and a “trustworthy friend.” The feeling of admiration is now reduced a lot, and the sympathy has increased by many points——what did Assistant Lin actually say to Jian Hua?

Director Lu called the staff to pack up the equipment, clapping his hands in the middle of the studio, giving the good news that they can leave work early today.

Compared with most people who smiled, the cast is somewhat in a tense mood.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long. Director Lu sent someone to inform them of the dinner tonight, and several people who starred in the movie had to go.

It’s normal for the investors to involve themselves with the cast and crew. Investors asking for the actors to go to dinner is also common. The general dinner can be pushed aside, but the director sent someone for the appointment, so it’s not a trivial matter. The other party may be someone responsible for reviewing the video, it’s possible there’s a person from a big cinema, or simply a big shot in the circle, as well as old-timers.

If they singled out an actor to dinner, there might be tricks. This kind where the whole cast is invited is usually a pure communication with eating and drinking. Even if he’s the stuntman of the Emperor of Movies, there is no reason to go, except for those known to be particularly stubborn and headstrong.

The lead actress heard the news and walked out of the studio as if on wheels. There are three hours before dinner time, going downtown and eating took more than an hour, how much time will it take to take care of her face?

The male actors are more relaxed, everyone is relying on their faces to eat.

Li Fei does not care, but Assistant Lin and his make-up artist dared not be sloppy.

He went back to the room to shower and prepare, then he met Jian Hua at the hotel restaurant, and the actor unexpectedly stopped.

“Where are you going?”

Jian Hua inexplicably answered that he’s going to the restaurant.

“What are you doing in the restaurant, accompany me to dinner.”

Assistant Lin opened his mouth wide. The director asked all the starring artists to dinner, what would Jian Hua do there? These days, he looked anxiously as Li Fei looks like he wanted to tie Jian Hua to his side, this is really wrong ah!

Even more frightening is that, the two people actually ignored him, going to a corner to talk in a low voice.

Assistant Lin: “……”

There, Jian Hua frowned in opposition, “You’re too careful, you’ll just be going out for a trip. What would go wrong? These days are calm……”

Li Fei quickly continued, “All is quiet, and there are no signs of Abandoned World appearing, but did you see the microblogs?”

Jian Hua’s phone has always been in flight mode, so he silently shakes his head.

“In every city in the North, weird things happen every day. Few people died, but bad things are happening out there.” Li Fei reaches his hands against the wall. The invisible mycelium bounced up to avoid, but Li Fei can see them, so he firmly pressed down the filaments. “The studio, hotel, and hot spring resort have been occupied by your abilities. In the real world, they are just tiny hyphae and will avoid encountering people. What do you think they became in the Abandoned World?”

Jian Hua licked his lips, not wanting to talk.

“Leaving your ability’s sphere of power, there is no security at all. I am not afraid of monsters, but I would like to finish shooting this movie.” Li Fei said the second half in a playful tone.

Jian Hua is silent for half a minute, nodded and said, “So what excuse do you have in taking me?”

“Will you drive?”

After getting a positive reply, Li Fei easily put his hands down, also letting the mycelium slip away.

“The Director and Producer plus ten people among the cast. They have several cars, and all will want to take their assistants. It’s just that at the start of the dinner, the assistants will not be in the private room. I’ll let Assistant Lin wait in the hotel, and take you out, who would dare say anything to my face?”

Jian Hua’s eyelids jumped, the rumors behind his hunch is even more outrageous.

The two completed their discussions, and walk back to discover Assistant Lin’s struggling expression.

Assistant Lin, “Li ge, did you know that you just made a kabedon?”


The hyphae just happens to be in that place. In fact, the two did not even face each other. It’s totally because of the distance that Assistant Lin mistook it.

Assistant Lin said with great pains, “Place, Li ge, I’m begging you, can you think of the place? Your status, you do not need to sell rotten powder!”


“Even if you really took fancy to him, can you wait for the movie to end and you’ve left the crew? The people here are talkative, and also, there are eyes everywhere.”

Jian Hua raised his eyebrows, what really took fancy?

Thinking back, he realized that Li Fei’s attitude with him is really out of line.

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STB Chapter 48: Pay Attention
STB Chapter 50: Dinner

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