STB Chapter 50: Dinner

STB Chapter 49: Exposed
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Assistant Lin takes a step back, sweat drops rolling on his forehead. He looked at their thoughtful expressions, the gradually changing eyes of Jian Hua, and the smiling Li Fei but with cold eyes. Assistant Lin finally realized that he was in trouble!

He silently screams in his mind. Assistant Lin takes another step back, his back attached to the wall, and carefully raised his hands to atone and smooth things over for the movie actor, “I was just kidding.  Li ge, Joe, you guys don’t be angry all right!”

“The sudden drop in temperature made you catch a cold, go back to your room early and rest!” Li Fei made the suggestion in a mild tone, he also pressed the elevator button for his assistant, “The car arranged by the crew, you parked it there?”

Assistant Lin stiffly pulled out the car keys.

Li Fei is satisfied and took it because he’s going to dinner. He can’t murder him, so the charm of his smile increases exponentially. Assistant Lin shook for two seconds before the elevator door closes.

He was holding his head in frustration, and when he got out of the elevator, he just met Ren Cheng’s assistant.

“Xiao Lin, where are you going, Director Lu is urging everyone!”

“Oh, then you hurry up!” Assistant Lin is listless.

“How about you?” The other person’s face is at a loss, he said to hurry up, but why does it look like Assistant Lin is shuffling back to his room?

Assistant Lin had a tired and uncomfortable expression, saying weakly, “I have a cold and a headache, can’t go to tonight’s dinner.”

“Then you quickly take medicine and rest!”

As Actor Ren’s Assistant hurries downstairs, he remembered halfway that the cast is at the hotel. Except for the bus, there are only a total of five cars available. Aside from the director’s car, there’s also the second male lead and the female lead’s car that they used every day. Many people are going to the dinner this evening, so the vehicles arranged for them will all be used.

If Li Fei does not have an assistant, who will drive with him?

He went downstairs and told Ren Cheng about this, and Actor Ren casually said, “Then go invite Li Fei to come over, I’ll think of another way to call Director Lu and tell him we’re on the same car.”

There’s a circle of people gathered around, and their degree of closeness is according to different interests. This would be the case even when eating a meal, so taking a car is no exception, after all, no one wants to walk with someone you don’t like. Of course, they’ll also strive to choose who they’re with.

The results are well-planned, but the facilities are limited.

The well-dressed crowd saw Li Fei at the hotel’s parking lot, and they haven’t had enough time to say hello when they found out that the stuntman took out a car key and got into the driver’s seat. Their expressions became a little strange.

In the end, the car Li Fei got into belonged to Xiao TianWang and his broker.

“Li ge is good!” Xiao TianWang sees that it’s not necessary to keep up with the third male lead, nor does he need to go with the female artists, so he immediately relaxed. As for the Li Fei and his stuntman thing, he decided not to say a word.

The broker quietly looked at Jian Hua.

There is a lot of gossips among the 《Black Bamboo》 cast about Jian Hua. He was not seriously involved, but in this occasion where the assistant is usually the one accompanying the actor, and Li Fei is with Jian Hua, it’s hard not to think that something is going on!

As for Li Fei who is sitting in the back, he really wants to swap seats with Xiao TianWang’s broker.

But today he took Jian Hua, that itself has been very impressive……

Director Lu’s car leads the way in front, and Li Fei’s car followed. The atmosphere in the car is a little awkward, Xiao TianWang is very puzzled. He and Li Fei are in the cast. The actor is very good at holding conversations. As long as the topic is not out of line, there is basically no time for silence. Why is his interest not high today, and he’s not even saying a word, is he in a bad mood?

This apparently low mood, Jian Hua naturally found out. He glanced at the rear-view mirror, continuing to drive.

Li Fei did not remove the finger gently caressing his forehead. After finding a reason for sending Assistant Lin away, there was no further conversation between them. Li Fei did not explain, and Jian Hua did not ask.

Seeing Jian Hua calmly holding the steering wheel with an utterly indifferent look, Li Fei is depressed.

Assistant Lin revealed his cards too quickly!

The favorable impression is at its peak, but the love meter is not yet full, Li Fei is stuck at this stage. He is also not clear if he really wants to go on this road with Jian Hua. So he can explain, but there’s no way to make a commitment. He also can’t make a promise of confession. He knows that’s not good enough for Jian Hua!

——I’m comfortable with you so let’s try and talk about it?

This words, said anywhere else, has no problem, but with his understanding of Jian Hua, there is still his position in Jian Hua’s heart…… His outstanding acting skills is a minus. Eloquent words is also a minus. Charm and temperament too good will also bring the points down. Even his flourishing superstar status is also dragging him down!

At this moment, the Emperor of Movies’ aura is the same as the ordinary next door male teenager.

To an artist who maintains their image daily, how can he make another person believe in his sincerity?

The “sincerity” expired particularly fast in the entertainment industry. A year can be considered a short three months. Li Fei would like to stamp on a permanent period, but with this shelf-life review, it hasn’t been done yet! How could he dare to say such words?

Xiao TianWang who is unable to figure out what happened, after a few polite words, cast his eyes for his broker for help.

The broker did his best to find topics, “Assistant Director Luo said on the bus that this dinner is managed by the Broadcasting Head Office. They’re all heavy-weights, but they are willing to attend this dinner party. The investors are really giving us a lot of favors!”

Jian Hua casually listened to the gossip, the glass windows reflecting his face. He has no soft lines, no outstanding temperament, and not even acting talent, why would Li Fei fancy him?

Eating a meal with big shots in the circle is another world that he doesn’t know. The gossip they’re talking about, Jian Hua did not say a word, because those names that Xiao TianWang’s broker said, he heard it for the first time in his life.

——The common point between him and Li Fei, is it the Abandoned World?

Jian Hua indifferently looked away, turning on the radio station. The sudden sound of the radio broadcast shocked the others.

“Temperature is a cold 10 degrees or more, accompanied by level six gusts of wind, not ruling out the possibility of snow this week……”

The three people in the car who were forced to listen to the weather forecast changed the topic.

Meeting the nighttime traffic congestion in the North, they spent two hours on the road and finally arrived at the restaurant’s high-level dining hall at six. With a classical Chinese style decoration, the waiter dressed in silk cheongsam offered water, already holding a white porcelain plate with a cold appetizer dish.

The late Director Lu apologized to the man stepping out of the room.

Said room, is actually a hall, a beautiful screen separating the place in the middle, with lacquered glass lanterns hanging all over. The hall is divided into two tables, the young gathered in a pile, and the older ones didn’t say anything since they are today’s guests.

Li Fei felt a burning gaze staring at himself. The fire beast in his heart, lifted it’s lower eyelids, then went back to sleep.

These scene of communication without words, after greeting after greeting, everyone is finally seated. Li Fei also mingled in the main table, while Xiao TianWang went with the younger men over there.

The waiter served the food, and after listening to the introductions, Li Fei knew that the people at the younger men are younger generations of the prominent families. With polite words, they said that the reason they’re here today is to chase after celebrities.

——There is an ability holder in the mix, who seems to have awakened.

Li Fei is silent. With all eyes looking at him, the girl did not cover her excitement, and also actively waved at Li Fei, putting on the regular expression of a fan.

“Insiders” are really so pervasive.

Li Fei dropped his eyes, seeing the thin white filaments extending slowly to his feet.

The smile on his lips became more evident. The girl thought that Li Fei found out her identity, eyes wide with surprise and excitement, she can’t wait to go over and ask for an autograph.

The mycelium sharply bounced. For the average person, the mushrooms are dismissive, but ability holders are not the same!

This is their host family’s grain reserves, others are not allowed to take him away!


The girl is caught by an invisible force. She looked back and found her clothes caught in Xiao TianWang’s decorative metal buckle on his knee. Xiao TianWang was shocked, quickly reaching out and solving the situation, touching the silky mycelium and thinking it was the dress.

“Okay, everyone sits down! If you want an autograph or something, wait until after dinner.”

The speaker is the second-in-command of the Broadcasting Head Office. With grey hair, and his vitality flickering, he did not bat an eye after drinking a cup of white wine. He’s not speaking but also looks approachable. Even if he smiled, you couldn’t help but shrink your neck.

Li Fei is surprised, according to the rumors in the circle, the Vice President rarely attends dinner parties. He was notoriously difficult to please, and also famous for his tough talk. Last year, there was an artist who was under too much pressure, and deliberately mowed down a line of garbage bins in a garbage collection station without surveillance cameras. There was a passerby who broke his leg because of panic, and the process was photographed by the people upstairs.

Light World Group threw money to the press and created hype on the internet in full swing. When the fans blindly washed them white, the Vice Chief, with a stroke of his pen, forbid all the artist’s related works to be released. Light World Group is stunned, and half a month later, the artist was sued by the prosecutor for the crime of endangering public safety.

This matter came out, and no one in the entertainment industry would not know about this Vice President!

One of the contents of the trial judge is “Bad influence as a public figure.” In fact, the Light World Group quickly smashed money to delete the video and other related topics. The driver was a well-known artist, but his identity was not publicly exposed, and only the police know. The Vice Chief of the Broadcasting Head Office is a genius.

A lot of people in the entertainment industry thought that Star Entertainment Media hooked up with the Vice Chief, digging a pit for the Light World Group.

In fact, this person is someone Li Fei met for the first time and hearing the introduction, even Director Lu is surprised.

“I have an old friend who has a daughter, she heard that you were filming in the North, and clamored to come and see her idol. This is not planned, it just happens that people are meeting together.”

“Chief Lu is polite.” The film producer quickly toasted with a glass of wine.

The was laughter in the banquet room, and everyone joined the lively atmosphere. Li Fei listened for a while and found that the daughter the Vice Chief was talking about it that girl.

He could not help but frown. Meeting at a noisy dinner party, is it for the purpose of “meeting between ability holders”?

When dinner is usually finished, did she expect a follow-up? Li Fei wants to laugh, thinking that the girl is too confident, like a proud peacock, nn……those dazzling bright eyes, not to mention the meaning behind it.

He is not a small artist with a rising career, rushing to find a backer, and competing for resources. She might be the daughter of an old friend of the Broadcasting Head Office’s Vice Chief, but this relationship is quite crooked!

After three drinks, the Vice Chief smiled at Li Fei and talked with the custom of social harmony and collaborative growth, at the end of his sentence, “……You young people, you must live up to your country.”

Everyone understood it as going abroad to win a prize, but only Li Fei feels that there is an implied meaning.

“Ai I’m becoming old. You should drink a bottle before you die!” The Vice Chief smiled and stood up, refusing the waiter’s help, and almost stumbling next to Li Fei. Li Fei subconsciously supported him. As a result, the old man grabbed it, saying in a self-deprecating manner, “To serve this old man, look at me! Let this young man help me take a trip outside!”

The girl on the other side stood up, “Grandpa Lu, I will accompany you.”

“What nonsense, what bathroom does a girl go into?”

The girl was embarrassed to stand still, not going, but also not sitting. The people on the two tables responded with a well-meaning laugh.

The third male lead muttered in his heart, this attitude is like a spoiled princess throwing a tantrum at not marrying Li Fei. Otherwise, why else would the assistant chief move like that, looking for an opportunity to talk with Li Fei.

Everyone could see it, but everyone dares not say it, playing the fool.

Li Fei had to support Chief Lu out of the room.

The old man who was drunkenly swaying had his eyes instantly clear up when he looked at Li Fei. He didn’t even go to the bathroom at the end of the floor, but turned, and led Li Fei to another room on the same level.

Li Fei did not comment, seeing that the two people outside the room look familiar!

At the HuaiYang Restaurant in Huai City, they are the Red Dragon members that Zhang YaoJin brought in……he only saw them once, but no matter what, hearing such terrible news that the world is a book, the people at that time would naturally make an impression.

The private room is empty. Chief Lu said, straight to the point, “I heard Major Zhang mentioned you. Li Fei, National Secret Service Red Dragon wishes to ask for your help.”

“I have refused to join the Red Dragon, I do not understand……” Li Fei’s thoughts quickly went to the dinner party, the ability holder girl, and the insider. With this string of clues, he has a bad guess. He can only frown and ask, “Who are you?”

“Red Dragon’s overall person-in-charge, Lu Guan. Zhang YaoJin is my immediate subordinate.”

Broadcasting Head Office’s Vice Chief is the head of the National Secret Service’s Red Dragon. Although he is Li Fei, he also felt dizzy with this news.

“What about the girl?”

“The chief’s granddaughter. She suddenly changed her attitude two weeks ago. Do you understand what I mean?”

“……” Sure enough.

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STB Chapter 49: Exposed
STB Chapter 51: Possessed

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