STB Chapter 48: Pay Attention

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Star Entertainment Media is one of the three giants in the domestic entertainment industry. Two companies compete with it; one is an old well-known brand that is already declining, their PR resting on their laurels, and although there are many artists, there is also no famous superstar.

There is also the Light World Group. Their artists made the headlines twice as the Star Entertainment Media’s artists do, and their web search volume and popularity is also very scary, but these results are mixed since a lot of it are bad press.

Light World Group won hype through packaging. Their artists are caught red-handed and quickly became popular, but also quickly became a thing of the past.

There’s also something wrong with their artists. The number of their unexpected annual expenses are numerous, and Light World Group’s executives complain about this. Although the company is profitable every year, there are also internal conflicts because of financial matters, triggering many factional struggles.

Star Entertainment Media’s CEO Liang Jun gave his rival a nickname, calling them “Surface Light”.

——how many Surface Lights made box office today? Which Surface Light brother or sister took the award, how much money did it cost? How much did it cost to press the artist to drive into the precinct……

There are times when Liang Jun went to the company’s annual meeting drunk, saying that he likes seeing “Light World Group flourishing since their tears are flowing behind their bills.”  The whole Board of Directors is amused.

Star Entertainment Media’s position in the industry is worthy of being the boss, leading the troops.

Even Light World Group is dragging Star Entertainment Media every day, hiring hands to desperately badmouth them, and throwing dirty water at Li Fei. In the end, the one who became the spokesperson for that luxury goods, the one who is chosen by famous directors, and the one who won the Actor Awards, is still Li Fei. Light World Group can only incite their own artists’ fans to shout injustice at the judges.

Light World Group and Star Entertainment Media clashed, both directing their artists.

It’s a game of capital, and the artists are the money makers. If this is about the big guys behind the entertainment business, it would be like poking through a hornet’s nest. This is the read as the “hidden rules” in the circle.

Liang Jun is at a loss at the Light World Group executives. In addition to the pressure of belonging to this industry, the problem is also that Star Entertainment Media is not flawless.

Every time he had a tall drink, he comes app with “ingenious” nonsense, and Young Master Dong is one of them.

His father is a shareholder in Star Entertainment Media, a Board member, a veteran entrepreneur, and is also an influential figure in the company. With this position and the relationships he’d made in the circle for years, as long as Young Master Dong doesn’t kill anyone, many people can hold him.

Even if it’s Li Fei, want to find trouble for Young Master Dong, he also has to find a suitable opportunity.

《Black Bamboo》crew stopped filming for two days. When shooting again, from the staff to the actors, all are a little out of state. Director Lu had a belly of fire and went to directly film the movie.

Even if special effects are added later, the actor’s face will still be exposed.

Rolling on the mat, lying down, leaping……over and over again in front of the camera until there is enough material. Where is the cool and handsome fighting scene on the screen? Director Lu is very demanding. Everyone was tired, and their momentum to gossip is gone.

Finally finishing these details, the actors are resting in the studio, watching their stuntmen continue to perform the more complex actions.

This time, it was more noticeable, and as long as you don’t film the face, Jian Hua is exactly like the male lead under the lens.

He can’t keep this state every minute and every second like Li Fei, but making a few moves is not difficult.

He followed the design of the fight process that the crew’s martial arts instructor explained. After entering the range of the lens, that resulting high-quality effects let Director Lu couldn’t help but take a few more angles.

“Where did you dig this talent?” Ren Cheng jokes.

Li Fei smiled, “Purely coincidental, do you believe it?”

He looked at Jian Hua in the scene with gentle eyes, but with the same smile that Li Fei always puts out.

“As if he’s like a suit and you just picked it out.” The third male lead muttered with a green face. Online, his ugly and desperate appearance has dragged the movie 《Black Bamboo》’s reputation. The problem is that he is the third male lead in this commercial film, but his role is believed to be the occasional foolish man, dressing up ugly and winning no awards. When the film is released, will people still think of him?

Even if he wanted to shift the public’s attention, it still has to do something with the crew. Whether it’s gossip, scandal, truth or lie, just enough to attract eyes.

The third male lead went to an empty space to smoke, bumping into his own broker’s head.

“I got it from the rest of the crew. The man that Li Fei hired as a stuntman was blocked six months ago……”

There is always going to be a situation during filming. Jian Hua’s performance is dependable but also useless, with the other people not in place, they have to do it again.

Director Lu found the cast’s stuntman always drags so he scolded him. The person being yelled at is angry enough to curse, but it’s not directed at the director, but on Jian Hua’s head. They were happy to speak about the gossip they heard from the stuntmen group and smeared his name a few more times.

When he heard this matter is related to Young Master Dong, the third male lead found it unexpected, “Star Entertainment Media’s young master Dong? Li Fei pull people up, and offended someone like young master Dong?”

“More than that, according to Star Entertainment’s internal news, Li Fei’s original broker quit.”

Plus, Li Fei put out the word that he has a crush. If all of this news added up, more than the third male lead, even the assistant listening next to them, can feel that there’s a big drama inside.

Are there factional struggles within the company?

Is the little substitute a newcomer that the Star Entertainment Media is willing to hold up? Did Li Fei intend to pay the penalties and go independent?

“No matter what, find an opportunity, and let young master Dong know about it. ”

People that the Young Master ordered to be blocked, had actually climbed up, and also found a way to officially debut. Can Young Master Dong swallow this? Even if he can swallow, he probably will still make trouble for Li Fei!

The follow-up status of this viral video still continued.

After Lu Zhao watched the crew’s haunted video on the website, he was full of astonishment. He did not understand why Jian Hua went to the North. 《Black Bamboo》 crew……isn’t that Li Fei’s new film?

My god, when did Jian Hua and Li Fei catch up? Aren’t there no signs of it?

If there’s the Movie Emperor with him, why would Jian Hua stay at home for so long?

“Damn plot deviation!”

It’s because Li Fei didn’t have that car accident! He did not go to the hospital! And the following events have become a mess!

Lu Zhao didn’t even have an ability right now! Because according to the original plot in the book, November 18, which is the second largest awakening event in Huai City did not appear!

Many were stranded in Huai City, and the book transmigrators waiting for the arrival of the Abandoned World are entirely disappointed. Plus, monsters appeared many months earlier. Humans couldn’t even become more familiar with their ability when the opportunity to have one became dangerous, is there even a few who can calmly face it?

Lu Zhao changed his SIM card and called Jian Hua. A mechanical voice promptly told him that the call is out of service area.

It is in flight mode. After being blacklisted, even the method of changing the card and calling is not useful! Lu Zhao distractedly scratched his head. He spent more than two decades here with Jian Hua, especially when his family went into ruin, he endured the bad environment in the construction site, and desperately brush up favors.

For a person who has quietly invested in personal finances, and can apparently live a good life, he doesn’t have to force himself to eat Chinese cabbage. Lu Zhao feels that he is wronged enough.

How can Jian Hua not appreciate it? When he say blacklisted, then he’s blacklisted……

Even if Lu Zhao knows the BOSS’ coldness described in the original book, he still finds it difficult to accept.

——On weekdays, Jian Hua is lukewarm to him, but isn’t that just because of Jian Hua’s temper? Lu Zhao can guarantee with his more than 20 years of experience, that is Jian Hua’s style every day, and it’s definitely not his opinion.

If this apathy really reflects the truth, then wouldn’t Jian Hua see the whole world not pleasing to the eye?


Lu Zhao froze, he felt that the idea he had just now is very dangerous. He tried to calm his mind, dismissing the idea.

What must have happened? Otherwise, Jian Hua would not suddenly become hostile, but the old man at the clinic is not lying, so who had such a significant impact on the BOSS? More significant than his 20 years of currying favors?

Li Fei? No, he’s the dignified Emperor of Movies, how would he know who Lu Zhao is?

“This is really strange!” Lu Zhao mumbles to himself, “Is it because the story has just begun, and with the power of the original plot, it let the BOSS return to the state of ‘not believing in anyone’?”

On the wall in front of Lu Zhao, a small black button hangs in the air condition.

Lu Zhao’s every move and his self-talk, all of this was sent to a building not far away.

A Red Dragon member stares at the surveillance video, and picks up the phone, “Falcon 7 routine report. The target may have a new action. Target is packing up a suitcase, and at this moment, buying tickets with a computer. Because of the problem with the camera angle, cannot see the contents of the laptop screen, requesting for verification of Lu Zhao’s ID card information to confirm his whereabouts.”

He hangs up the phone, and after a moment, the Red Dragon member received a response.

The voice from the phone scared him to stand up, almost saluting with conditioned reflex.

“Co-……Colonel Lu?”

“Falcon 7, report the task you’re responsible for.”

“This!” The Red Dragon member is sweating. He belongs to Major Zhang YaoJin. The headquarters of Red Dragon in the Capital did not believe the “Insiders Report”. Now that the chief of the headquarters asked about the situation, saying nothing is bad, but saying something is also bad.

The voice from the phone sensed his subordinate’s hesitation, he coughed, “Right now, you’re not just debriefing me, a few other leaders are also waiting for your report.”

The Red Dragon member quivered, can he believe this? Major Zhang finally don’t have to prove that he’s not crazy?

“Yes! Falcon 7 reporting, discovered two ‘insider’ groups in Huai City in early November, one of them is very harmful to society, their actions are craftily concealed, and the leader is still at large. The other is a social media group, according to IP, all members have basically been arrested. The mission is monitoring a target, based on multiple investigations, identified as a suspicious person. After several days of tracking confirmed that the target is primary suspect, Major Zhang approved for home surveillance……uh!”

The Red Dragon member realized that this is illegal, but all is said, so he can only bite the bullet and go on, “Target is named Lu Zhao, identity is an insider. He came to our country……no, the time when he came to our world is unknown. There is no current tendency to endanger public safety. Lu Zhao wholeheartedly wants to follow the ‘Devourer’, but the other person has already broken off contact with him.”


“Yes! Major Zhang gave him special A-grade attention, a nuclear grade dangerous man!” The Red Dragon member’s voice sounded tangled up, “He’s the greatest villain in our world. Relevant information is in the report!”

“Very good, continue to monitor the target!”

After hanging up the phone, the person wearing the rank of colonel slowly sat down next to a long conference table.

Everyone he faces is persons you usually saw on the news. The stars on Colonel Lu’s uniform flashed.

“All of you have heard.” Colonel Lu opens the computer in the conference room, pulling out pictures of the Hot Spring Resort and the damaged roads. There are also several videos, one section monitoring the subway, proving that one person disappeared from the air, and ten minutes later, his body appeared on the ground near an ATM machine in the Hot Spring Resort area.

From there, he showed Jian Hua, Li Fei, Zhang YaoJin and other people’s profile pictures, all the way to the blackened exterior of the Pearl Hotel, and the messy Gingko Avenue.

Moving the cursor, the map of China expands to a map of the World. The latest red dot in the Southern States, USA. Other red dots have been distributed in dozens of countries on all four continents.

“This is after November. There is a high incidence of major accidents and casualties all over the world! It is not an isolated phenomenon. It is usually accompanied by a series of collapsed buildings, collapsed roads, bodies appearing out of thin air, shoplifting, missing persons, and others.”

The slideshow had a conceptual view of the black hairballs, long-armed monkeys,  and the cannibalistic squid.

“This is a global crisis.”

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STB Chapter 47: Holiday
STB Chapter 49: Exposed

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