STB Chapter 52: Making Conversation

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T/N: Sorry for the late update. I got addicted and distracted from some other story.

Anyways, I changed the Broadcasting Head Office to GuangShi Bureau. I don’t know the correct translation, so I just used the pinyin, makes it easier for me.

Liu Shan holds her chopsticks, absent-minded.

Her whole mind focused on the door. When the waiter came to add more food, she looked up in joy, disappointed and retracted her gaze.

In fact, the people sitting at the same table don’t know Liu Shan. Although GuangShi Bureau is a department that is much talked about, its real power exceeds the circle. Liu Shan is a very ordinary girl. The original host is not keen on communicating and did not do anything extraordinary, so of course, she’s not known.

Assistant Chief Lu brought Liu Shan, just saying she’s an old friend’s granddaughter. Everyone knows not to ask who his old friend is.

Now seeing this girl lost in the clouds, someone watching kindly worried: Her parents would allow their family’s child to become an actor’s brain-dead powder fan? Fanatical fans are above the average level, crying and asking them to marry, that is a curse not a blessing to Li Fei.

Not only the people think so, but even Liu Shan herself is also aware of it.

Her hand under the table firmly pressed on her pants’ pocket, depressed.

Transmigrating to such a good family status and identity, if she doesn’t make good use of it to find Li Fei, wouldn’t she waste it?

Regardless of whether Li Fei wants to be an actor, or become the master of Black Abyss hiding in the shadows, she is a qualified helper.

Has always been a fan of Li Fei (√)

Heard there was a dinner to mingle with celebrities (√)

When you see the idol, excited to feel that he was also an ability holder (√)

Looking for opportunities to show her value, after two or three years, she can’t wait for Li Fei to invite her to Black Abyss!

After planning to proceed to the next step, suddenly stuck, how can Liu Shan not worry?

Really! Isn’t it normal for girls to chase after celebrities? The original host is also loved by her elders, as well as quiet and well-behaved in front of a group of strangers, is it easy to play another person? It’s a drag, what about her plan?

One minute and one second passed. In the lively dinner hall, nobody says anything when Assistant Chief Lu and Li Fei is still not coming back.

Liu Shan stood up, looking for an excuse, “I’ll go touch up my makeup.”

She hurried to the door. The door just opened, and Assistant Chief Lu came in smiling.

“I had too much to drink, and went to the terrace to have some air.”

“……Grandpa Lu.” Liu Shan looked behind Assistant Chief Lu and did not see Li Fei’s shadow.

As the leader of the cast, Director Lu can only ask the question, “Old Lu, Li Fei? We’re also waiting to have a drink with him; he can’t escape halfway ah!”

“What are you saying, that young man is not so cunning, I was tired!” Assistant Chief Lu points a finger towards Director Lu, fitting in with the lively atmosphere in the room, and laughingly said, “I just vomited on him and sobered up. There was a stain on his clothes, his assistant just came up, and helped wipe it.”

The always wanting to see a show supporting actress was thoughtful when she didn’t see Jian Hua entering. That little substitute is lucky!

She is selling a favor to male number three. If Jian Hua came in, then he’s in bad luck and won’t be promoted, there’s no loss to her.

The key is whether it succeeds or not. Getting close to Li Fei, this is her purpose. Who told Li Fei to refuse to accompany her even with suspected scandalous photos? It’s not necessary to play the couple; they can hype up things for a week before clarifying it. It’s a good thing for both sides to benefit each other. However, the Emperor of Movies flatly refused.

Li Fei’s status is different, and other people don’t have the nerve to get people like him to create hype. Star Entertainment Media is not a vegetarian. If Li Fei touches the supporting actress, gossip will explode, and the industry’s largest entertainment giant would mobilize its entire water army for marketing. Newspapers and magazines together would teach the supporting actress in minutes.

Since she could not touch Li Fei, she can only get the people around him.

——As far as she’s concerned, she has no injustice with Jian Hua, but using Jian Hua, won’t she feel guilty?

What a joke, these days, who would play straight ball, and not detour the other twice over? Is guilt worth a few bucks? Who told him to be Li Fei’s stuntman? And in turn, make other people hate him for being recruited!

Her calculations are an unexpected miss, but the supporting actress did not get mad. After the film crew finished shooting at the North, and they still want to go to ChuanShu to take in the scenery, there are plenty of opportunities, so there’s no hurry.

She smiled and looked at the girl with a good pedigree. After assisting Assistant Chief Lu in his seat, she can’t wait to get out of the room. She did not miss the look of Assistant Chief Lu who wiped his dissatisfaction from his face.

This scene is even more exciting than expected.

An actress can marry into the Giants, aren’t there young people married to high school children? If she remembered correctly, Li Fei also told the media last month that he has an unrequited love! Hehe, she’ll pull this one out, let her see if Li Fei can be washed clean after this trouble?

The dinner party is warm and lively like nothing happened.

Liu Shan shut the laughter out once she’s out of the room. There are bright lights in the hallway. She made an effort and carefully dressed. She walked to the toilet door of the floor, and belatedly realized her mistake.

Usually, if other people’s clothes are stained, they will go to the bathroom, but what will the actor do?

This fine dining restaurant offers a lounge, but not a lodging room, who knows which room Li Fei opened? Liu Shan does not know Li Fei’s assistant; worst case is asking the waiter.

Liu Shan’s mind is in a mess when she suddenly saw a man walking nearby, his hand holding a light gray coat. The color is very familiar, just like what Li Fei wore.

She can’t help it and go with that person in the elevator.

Liu Shan quietly looked at the other person. The same height as the model, clothes are normal, profile, eyes, and even the fingers that pushed the elevator button is full of elegant charm.

At first glance, she wondered which star he was.

She has no money or background before crossing over, but that does not mean that Liu Shan will not look at a handsome guy.

This guy is high-quality, but unfortunately, a regular person. Looking at the clothes and shoes will let her know, there is also no special hairstyling. If it’s in the past, Liu Shan would be surprised to meet such a handsome guy, and would not be picky. Now, she only has Li Fei in her eyes, in relation to her Abandoned World and everything in the real world, others of course has to step aside.

The handsome guy in the elevator is anxious, but Liu Shan’s eyes is firmly glued to the coat he holds.

In the short time they traveled down, Liu Shan finally realizes that this is a British luxury item brand from the LOGO pattern on the cufflinks. Li Fei is the brand’s spokesperson here in China, and it was this suit that Li Fei was wearing on the feast today.

The restaurant heating is very comfortable, and the people who come in will take off their coats to give it to the waiter. This person apparently came back to get clothes. Is Li Fei going away? This is not good!

Liu Shan labels the handsome guy as “Li Fei’s assistant”, and also felt that the Emperor of Movies’ assistant is so pleasing to the eye.

The elevator went to B2 underground parking. Liu Shan is glad to have brought out her purse. Looking at “Li Fei’s assistant” in the eyes, she calmly took the lead out of the elevator, searching deep in her bag, pretending to look for her car keys. She looked at the man behind her with the corner of her eyes, and Liu Shan deliberately chose the opposite direction.

Walking on her high heels and after almost rushing towards a pillar, she saw “Li Fei’s assistant” from afar on a black Honda. Liu Shan secretly praised her own wit, if she did not see it with her own eyes, in the whole parking lot, she wouldn’t think that is the actor’s car! This car does not match Li Fei’s aesthetic, so it’s probably for the crew’s use and temporarily handed over.

Liu Shan is worried about the car leaving, and when she saw the assistant in the back seat, she relaxed.

——They’re not driving, but the people in the backseat are talking.

She had a difficult time with her choice but still decided to give it a try.

Liu Shan walked quickly behind the car. Because she can’t see inside the car, she can only bend down, shows an anxious expression, and asked, “It’s Dean right? I……I saw your assistant and was afraid that you’d go away. I just want a signature.”

Her embarrassed expression is true, but that kind of worrying about her gains and losses is too apparent.

Li Fei looked at Liu Shan across the window, turning his head and smiling at the expressionless Jian Hua, as if saying ‘the play you made is a little imperfect, but it’s enough to deal with girls like Liu Shan‘.

“I am an old member of Qi Ao, really, I just want a signature……” Liu Shan is extremely nervous. She was also afraid. After all, Li Fei is not just an idol; he is also the book’s villain BOSS.

Qi Ao is the name of Li Fei’s official fan club, it is derived from the meaning of his surname Fei. (T/N: No idea how. Too lazy to research.)

The window glass is lowered, exposing Li Fei’s face. He smiled gracefully, “You go back, I can’t open the door.”

Liu Shan quickly step back.

Li Fei pushed the door open, taking advantage of the opportunity to put on his coat when walking out. Liu Shan did not blink her eyes.

“Go, we can speak over there.” Li Fei’s actions can be seen from the camera in this side of the parking lot.

Liu Shan could not wish for more, carrying her purse to the corner.

“Where will I sign?” Li Fei raised his eyebrows.

“……Oh!” Liu Shan took out a beautiful booklet and pen from her bag, filled with the movies Li Fei starred in.

The details are very good, Li Fei casually evaluated.

But even with careful planning and preparation, replacing someone with no acting skills, not to mention in Li Fei’s eyes, even Jian Hua can see the flaws.

The pen moved on the paper. Seeing how many times Liu Shan wanted to open her mouth while feeling nervous, Li Fei handed over the pen and also returning the booklet to Liu Shan. He faintly asked, “You are an ability holder?”

The girl’s hands shook, and the booklet fell to the ground.

This is unexpectedly a good start. Liu Shan is surprised, her mouth stuttering, “Yes……yes, I mean if this is what you’re talking about!”

The book on the ground floated up, stopping between the two people.

Li Fei still wore an enigmatic smile on his face, but at the bottom of his heart, he mercilessly gave Liu Shan a big red cross.

 ——It’s not a shrewd book transmigrator, so it’s not going to take much time.

“When you entered the room, I felt that you’re different.” Liu Shan’s eyes lit up, “I mean, I’m usually not so nervous, but your abilities are crushing me.”

Through the devil’s eyes, Liu Shan’s body glowed a light blue luminous power, very vibrant.

But it’s worse than Geng Tian and Zhang YaoJin, like a person made of thin paper. Through the devil’s eyes, it’s color is more than average, not a virtual image.

“I didn’t tell my family about these recent events. I am very troubled, afraid they won’t believe……” Liu Shan’s performance is well-placed. She cooked up something about younger siblings willing to do anything for their idols.

“Do not tell anyone, ability holders are in danger.”

The pleasant voice stimulates Liu Shan’s ears to become red, and she hurriedly nods.

“Not just the monsters, the threat to our reality is also great……” Li Fei changed the previous plan. He did not talk about Liu Shan’s pedigree; else he drew the other’s horrified gaze.

“What did Grandpa Lu say?” Liu Shan can’t think of anything else.

“You are too concerned about me.” Li Fei chuckled, “Your family is very worried about you.”

The implication is that he was warned by Assistant Chief Lu to stay away from Liu Shan.

Liu Shan had an angry expression and refrained from what she wanted to say. She grabbed the pen and wrote her mobile number and penguin account number. Tearing off the paper and handing it to Li Fei, she said, “Dean, you know I did not mean that, I just want to live……you have seen that world, you know how scary it is, my family background in reality is useless in the eyes of those monsters!”

Li Fei took it, gently reminding, “You should go back.”

Liu Shan wants to continue brushing up Li Fei’s good impression, but since there are “family members” dragging her legs, she can only leave immediately, and can’t give Li Fei any trouble.

Looking as the elevator doors closed, Li Fei walks back to the car, readily handing the paper to Jian Hua.

Jian Hua folded the paper. He’d seen everything with his eyes, and even heard the conversation from the cellphone Li Fei deliberately opened.

But Jian Hua found himself a secret hobby: He likes to watch Li Fei cheat others.

After two months of careful observation of the crew, Jian Hua can close his eyes and think of Li Fei’s face, which muscle moves with that expression, and what kind of eyes does he have. He can guess Li Fei’s expression from his voice, and then conclude that Li Fei is deceiving Liu Shan.

Good acting makes people addicted, this sentence is justified.

“How do you think they transmigrated?” Li Fei rubbed his brow. According to his idea, people like Liu Shan said things like going to the Abandoned World is a matter of life and death, but who chose her host.

Her loved ones hated “Liu Shan”, and don’t dare to let Liu Shan’s body die. What if the real Liu Shan didn’t come back?

Keep those transmigrators away, and focus on retrieving the original host!

Red Dragon wants to know, Jian Hua and Li Fei also wants to know. Compared to the Abandoned World’s monsters, if you wake up one day and realized you’re not yourself, it’s the most terrible thing.

 The author has something to say:

Did you think Jian Hua will be jealous →_→ he appreciates the whole process of Li Fei cheating others

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STB Chapter 51: Possessed
STB Chapter 53: Suspension Bridge

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