STB Chapter 53: Suspension Bridge

STB Chapter 52: Making Conversation
STB Chapter 54: Impostor

About Liu Shan, they’ve hooked the bait, and can only wait.

After that incident, Li Fei has to return to the dinner party, otherwise “the high-born daughter infatuated with the Emperor of Movies, is blocking Li Fei” rumors will be circulated among the circle.

Jian Hua opens the door, about to go, when he suddenly felt his left hand get caught.

His leg has already stepped on the ground. The mycelium’s reaction is faster than Jian Hua turned, directly spreading up Jian Hua’s left arm, and Li Fei’s hand has been tied together with Jian Hua’s.


Is this their way of eliminating danger?

Li Fei thought, if it weren’t him today, and switched to someone else who is a threat to Jian Hua, the mycelium would not be so counterproductive!

He wants to talk to Jian Hua about this matter. It’s essential to adequately control his power. In particular, when he did not realize it. An instinct-driven ability to act autonomously——

Wait, instinct?

People with low EQ can’t mix in the entertainment business. Li Fei stares at the hyphae that bind his arm. It gradually relaxed, lazily falling on the seat cushions. The door handle, the car’s glass windows, the ground and the tires have traces of mycelial growth as if a net is trying to wrap the car. It can also be seen as a cocoon protecting the vehicle.

The evidence is that the mycelium outside the car is significantly thicker than the ones inside the vehicle, most are on the tires.

Li Fei raised his head, and he found Jian Hua silently looking at himself, the meaning in his eyes clear: “What are you doing making a fuss? What words can’t be said properly, that you suddenly grabbed people? I thought something was wrong.”

So to say——

Jian Hua’s instinct is not to attack the man who grabbed him but to put Li Fei into a safe area.

His heart feels inexplicable joy, and Li Fei isn’t even prepared. He can’t explain it in words, and bluntly telling Jian Hua, “What Assistant Lin said is not a joke.”

Jian Hua stared blankly and did not react.

The topic jumped too fast, Assistant Lin is still lying in the hotel……

“I am not joking.” Li Fei released his hand, looking solemn.

“……” Jian Hua went over his memories, quickly understood that Li Fei is referring to Assistant Lin’s statement of “place, even if you really like him, the crew will see, and it’s not safe.” Then using the words that Li Fei just said to further understand, Jian Hua looked up in surprise.

This is a confession?

This so tactful, so roundabout, so vague statement is a confession?

The two’s expression is opposite, Jian Hua’s open eyes looked at Li Fei’s subtle ones. Because of his tense lips, his analysis determined that this is an expression waiting for an answer, his appearance exact.

After the evaluation, Jian Hua thought about the matter of confession.

“I thought you wouldn’t say it.” Jian Hua has a clue. To be honest, it’s when Assistant Lin said it that he realized it. Jian Hua is shocked. For a few minutes, he wondered what Li Fei liked about himself.

The value of an S-class ability holder?

This is the most direct, and it’s also the best answer with Jian Hua’s current reasoning, but this reason is quickly shaken.

Take Lu Zhao for example, if he wants to make full use of an S-class ability holder, there are many ways to create goodwill. Like being friends and then brothers who undergo life and death situations to cultivate feelings, developing a tacit understanding until you can trust your back to each other.

This way is excellent, and this can be entirely done with Li Fei’s power. He really did not need to bother playing such emotional games.

Jian Hua will not fall in love with someone else. Listening to another for everything is insane.

If his relationship with Li Fei has more emotional factors, what Li Fei would get is not a layer of insurance that will strengthen their relationship, not the absolute right to deal with things, but a heavy yoke that limits his freedom.

Chains require loyalty to feelings, and it needs them to integrate into each other’s lives.

Between people, the greater the distance, the fewer conflicts.

Negative distance is the most dangerous……like Li Fei, everything has an accurate assessment in his mind, methodical, calm and confident about things. He won Awards, and gain respect from many. This kind of person will obediently walk on the suspension bridge?

Jian Hua quickly rejected that this idea is the thing that drove Li Fei to take an interest in him.

He remembered a lot of things.

《Crow》’s filming studio, coffee shop, and the hospital, these places emerged. Li Fei and his drag racing to escape the rainforest squid, lying on the sofa of his home to sleep while wrapped in blankets, and his sleeping profile on the lounge chair.

His sharp words when dealing with Red Dragon’s Zhang YaoJin, persuading him not to worry about his ability.

Under the mercury lights, he slowly opens his eyes, and saw another person who is lifelike……

It was because Jian Hua thought of General Wu that he drove to the restaurant. With Li Fei’s acting leading on Liu Shan, he is calm.

Jian Hua thought that he has no other thought about Li Fei, but, he didn’t mind knowing the truth. After all, General Wu and Li Fei are the same to some extent, and his fan filter allows him to accept it more than usual.

Jian Hua thought that Li Fei would be vague about this and pass it over. He did not expect Li Fei to confront this matter up front.

He put aside the doubts that are plainly written on his face, not waiting for Li Fei to answer, Jian Hua asked, “Do you want to change the relationship between us?”

“It’s to consider the development of a new relationship.” Li Fei corrects, he frankly admitted his thoughts, “I’ve been in the society for so many years. In the end, what’s right for me, I know very well.”

Jian Hua thought for a while. He pulled back his feet, sit back, and closed the door.

In the dark car, there’s only two of them.

Lights from the outside are cut off. They are isolated from the vehicles in and out of the parking lot. They only have space for each other, and you can just hear the sound of breathing.

“Is your heart beating fast?” Jian Hua asked after a long time.

Li Fei’s eyelid twitches: “The change is obvious.”

“If the Abandoned World comes at this time, and there’s a giant rainforest squid on top of the car?”

“Why do I feel like I’m trapped by a group of long-armed monkeys?” Li Fei muttered.

Jian Hua turned his head to the side. He can see Li Fei’s profile in the dark, and the other person’s contemplating appearance made his heart skip a beat.

“The problem is……” Jian Hua’s words just exited, when the back of his hand is covered by a gentle and firm force.

“I understand what you mean. Abandoned World has a deep impact. We are forced to face danger together, and even inside this car, the simple isolation from outside is also making you nervous to be with me.” Li Fei’s low voice can make you drunk, like a leaf creating ripples in the water. This time, Jian Hua’s breathing became a bit chaotic.

“The ever-present danger, and the illusion that our abilities cause us to value each other. Our long-term coexistence with no third party interference……”

Li Fei said one by one. It’s a miracle that this can smooth out Jian Hua’s anxiety.

“The Suspension Bridge theory, there is such a saying. A rickety suspension bridge between mountains of dangerous heights. A man and woman standing on the bridge and had never met, looking at the other side of the bridge. The dangerous environment makes them unable to control their heart rate and has the illusion of falling in love with each other. Even after leaving the suspension bridge, it will also develop a relationship.”

Li Fei said to the seat beside him, “Trying to figure out the other person’s psychology, I am a theoretical expert in this area.”

His fingers touch his lower lips. This unconscious thinking action let Jian Hua had to look away. He feels his illness is much more severe than he imagined.

“Your opinion is very good. We need to think calmly again and let time dilute the illusion.”

Li Fei opens the door, then made an elegant gesture.

Jian Hua is satisfied with the agreement, nodded and got off at the same time, walking to the elevator.

When they enter the room, it was full of laughter. The heat from the mutton dish filling the air, its fragrance assailing your nose.

The artists who have to stay in shape, in front of this table of food, don’t even dare to move their chopsticks. The only ones eating are the director, producer, and the leading figures of the GuangShi Bureau.

Li Fei picks up his glass as if nothing happened, drinking while laughing to make amends.

Liu Shan’s burning eyes slide from Li Fei to Jian Hua.

She is not the only person in the room doing this. Everyone is surprised, trying to hide their expression of looking for a show.

“Come on, this is a nourishing pot of lamb, eat it to warm the stomach.” Director Lu fears that Li Fei has been outside in the cold air for too long and that drinking again will hurt the stomach, so he hurried to smooth things over.

Assistant Chief Lu who nominally made Li Fei stay outside for too long, gave a toast, and did not say a word.

This is regarded as an apology.

Jian Hua has no place in this table, and no one would give him a place.

He followed Li Fei when he entered the door, bowing and vaguely saying hello to everyone. This attitude is not particularly in line with his attitude with the crew, but he thoughtfully did what Assistant Lin would do, thanking Director Lu and Actor Ren for helping his actor.

Then Jian Hua felt eyes on him as if they’re watching a show. He turned around and went out of the box.


This script is wrong ah!

Did he really just came to send Li Fei back?

Only Liu Shan who has memories of the original plot thought Li Fei, as a star, is sure to have an assistant. He is not named in the book and a person who is purely an accessory to Li Fei! No one noticed him at all!

Like in a historical drama, a soldier in a horse shouting “news” and rushing to the general’s camp. The significance of his appearance is just to prove that he’s looking for the general, who cares what his name is! The author will not write it, and the reader will not think about it. Once she transmigrated, she found that out that even a walk-on is also a handsome man, tsk!

If a transmigrator became his assistant, it’s really like a pavillion close to the water (using one’s proximity to the powerful to obtain favor).

Liu Shan reluctantly recalls Jian Hua’s appearance.

She would like to increase Li Fei’s goodwill, and participate in the plot, changing the ending of the story. But she was not conceited enough to make Li Fei the target of her love. The heart can only be so big, and the target can just be so far, but the reality is that she’s still down to earth.

Cannot just mess with the BOSS, but BOSS’s assistant should not be too difficult to get started. Li Fei’s assistant in the book is not an ability holder, but his bodyguard Geng Tian is. This is better, when she wanted to break up, she can easily get rid of people.

Jian Hua doesn’t know that he became the target of a person’s “play”.

He did not go downstairs after leaving the box, but along the corridor, and once again coming to the room with the Red Dragon members. He expressionlessly told them that everything went well, and also made a copy of the phone number and the Penguin account.

“Thank you for your help.” Colonel Lu is not here, and the Red Dragon members can only thank him on behalf of the National Secret Services.

“I don’t want words as thanks. Two dishes, I haven’t had dinner yet.” Jian Hua calmly turns the menu on the table, “Rest assured, I don’t eat much.”


No, using their Red Dragon funds! How could they get a reimbursement?

   The author has something to say:

Oh, I’m afraid some of you don’t know, so I made an explanation

Li Fei knows that it’s not an illusion. He found out long ago and can think more clearly. He said he’s an expert, right? But he need to appease his lover…

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STB Chapter 52: Making Conversation
STB Chapter 54: Impostor

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  6. Somewhat pity Li Fei. His feelings are genuine but he’s afraid of Jian Hua seeing it (LF’s feelings) as fake because LF is an actor, and he knows him too well. However, knowing him too well, JH should know. However, JH is dense. *sigh

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