STB Chapter 51: Possessed

STB Chapter 50: Dinner
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Several assistants occupied a table downstairs. With their amount of funds, they ordered five lower-priced dishes. Because some people have to drive, there is no alcohol that you can see——they also can’t afford to drink too much.

It’s reasonable to say that they have a few words to say, and the atmosphere is not hard to heat up, but the supporting actress’ assistant only chats with the third male lead’s assistant. Ironically, there are some who have high standards but little ability and those who wanted to climb up, but with their mental capacity, ended up suffering a defeat. Like the ones speaking sarcastically, and talking while squinting their eyes at Jian Hua.

Others hold their mobile phones to look at microblogs and drinking tea.

Their hearts are all muttering, what does Jian Hua actually do? Is Star Entertainment Media planning to launch Jian Hua as a newcomer? Otherwise, is Li Fei blind, giving his stuntman a career opportunity?

They’ve filmed for two weeks, and everyone can see that Jian Hua is very suitable for being Li Fei’s substitute.

The height and size are the same, as well as very professional and has neat skills. The stuntman can even imitate the male lead’s charm up to three points, you can’t find it anywhere——of course, what kind of stuntman would work so hard to imitate someone, it’s not flattering.

There are many stuntmen in the entertainment industry, who played substitutes, played small roles, and represented the dead bodies.

Likewise, the stuntman for the male lead is only seen by the crew. As a result, many are ruined by the stars.

This exclusive stuntman for a big star is a wonderful position but also very helpless. If it’s a long-term contract, the employer will refuse to let the person go. Even with the best opportunities, they can only sit by and watch it go away.

They have never seen Li Fei be so generous.

Jian Hua ignores the sarcasm in his ears as he flips the menu. He is very interested in the photo of exquisite and beautiful dishes on it.

Seeing that cynism is useless, the two people are not willing, joking around, “This restaurant is very high grade!”

“It is, with the Broadcasting Head Office’s people, the investors are willing to pay! The menu we’re looking at is just the ordinary one. Upstairs, I’m afraid some people don’t even have the opportunity to see it.”

Actor Ren’s assistant listened to them embarrass Jian Hua. What’s so good about the menu? As for me, after finishing the dishes, I still enjoy reading the Classics. This is considered a joke in the circle. After glancing at Jian Hua, he also thought that the other is promising. Ren Cheng said more than once, if he wants to become famous in the entertainment industry, four words: “can endure, possibly packaged”.

If he can play this role outside, where in front of fans, he would be Mr. Perfect, the image would perfectly match the packaging. Who are good friends in the circle? It’s essential to stir-fry a loving sex scandal. Just being called by the director like a dog won’t make you famous. Calm, collected, and unhurried. Even if a sudden SB steals your award——whoever gets angry loses, whoever cannot laugh is a loser, as for how to tear the other behind the scenes is another matter.

Many stars can only be “packaged,” the first two words are impossible.

No way, angry ah! Standing in this circle, even if you don’t do anything, you will still be poured with dirty water. It’s odder if you encounter no SB than more SB. Everyone is here to be an artist, not as a Ninja Turtle!

To be kicked in the nose, and still be cool, treating the mocking voices of people as two buzzing flies, very promising!

Ren Cheng’s assistant has not finished yet, when a waiter comes up and inform that a guest with surname Li asked him to come upstairs to the Cloud Pavilion, asking Jian Hua to make a trip upstairs.

Everyone: “……”

There was such a plan? Is Li Fei really helping him?

Looking at their wonderful faces, Jian Hua wants to laugh a little.

He knows that Li Fei will not call him. At the dinner upstairs, the dishes are tasty but he really doesn’t like the fine dining aspect of it. Jian Hua suspects that the waiter made a mistake since he’s not really looking for opportunities to climb up. If he’s not looking for it, then he has nothing to fear, calmly pushing the dishes, and leaving the table.

No waiter lead the way, and Jian Hua went to the door of the room, hearing the faint voices of Director Lu inside, and knowing that this is the right one, however——

Jian Hua turned his head, looking at the corner at the end of the corridor.

The mycelium is in that direction! Right, it’s the hyphae that stayed with Li Fei.

The door of the room is around the corner. The Red Dragon members listened to the secret code in their headsets informing them that the big BOSS is coming. They went silent and looked at each other. They haven’t recovered yet when they saw Jian Hua walking to this side.

They pushed the door open. The Red Dragon members held Colonel Lu and Li Fei’s dissatisfied eyes, biting the bullet and says, “Target 1……oh no, I mean, Mr. Jian came.”

Li Fei subconsciously looked at the mycelium, the fine white silk sticks to his upper body, pointing a bit.

The mycelium confirmed that its owner is outside. Li Fei understands that Jian Hua is called by the mycelium……not right ah! The ability has no self-awareness, did Jian Hua set a different warning in advance?

Li Fei’s mood is complex. The Red Dragon member continues to say, “Gray Pigeon number 9 checked, the supporting actress of the 《Black Bamboo》 cast asked her assistant to bribe the waiter, wanting to deceive Mr. Jian to go to the Cloud Pavilion.”

The just entering the door Jian Hua: “……”

The Li Fei who has a complicated mood: “……”

Chief Lu is not very happy, but he can’t find fault with this thing, and can only cough, asking Jian Hua to sit down.

In fact, he knew that Jian Hua is also in this restaurant, but because of the bad impression left by looking at the data, he doesn’t want to contact Jian Hua so soon. This result is unexpected.

“Mr. Jian, I do not know why you did not go to the Cloud Pavillion. It’s directly around the corner.” Red Dragon members look innocent. The box they hired happened to be at the corner of the corridor. There are no elevators and toilets nearby. Basically, no one will pass by.

Jian Hua just looks the Red Dragon members’ faces, before determining what’s going on.

Initially, he thought that the box has Major Zhang again, but did not expect an old man sitting opposite Li Fei.

Chief Lu re-introduces his identity, but because the big shots of the Broadcasting Head Office cannot affect Jian Hua’s life, he just frowns, not at all surprised.

He heard that tonight’s dinner has a girl, an ability holder, who is also the granddaughter of the Chairman. When the temperament changed half a month ago, Jian Hua finally realized the seriousness of the problem.

People in modern society have ID cards, household registration, academic qualifications and others. If a person appears out of thin air, it’s impossible to survive in this society.

Because of Lu Zhao, Jian Hua unconsciously thought that the book transmigrators have been lurking in this world for decades, waiting for the “story” to start. Zhang YaoJin did not mention the specific situation of book transmigrators to Jian Hua and Li Fei, so they ultimately ignored this point.

“……an insider told me, that people in our world fall into the Abandoned World, and they fell into out real world.” Jian Hua pondered, Huo Wei’s original expression is very evasive!

Falling in what way, Huo Wei did not mention anything.

Chief Lu said, somewhat sad, “Liu Shan——the girl you saw before. She is a reticent child, sensible, studying at the Foreign Language Department at Beidu University, and like the usual girls, she loves shopping and buying clothes, and also likes a few celebrities……oh, Liu Shan originally liked you, she’s a member of your fan club.”

Li Fei is somewhat surprised, and also a bit uncomfortable, even though Chief Lu said “like” as if its normal.

Jian Hua did not respond, only patiently listening for Chief Lu to tell the situation.

“Half a month ago, Liu Shan became a bit wrong. There were a few classes that she didn’t even go. She ran to the mall to buy several brand-name clothes. This girl loves to buy clothes before, but those that are not too expensive. The things she talked about before are also not the same……” Chief Lu takes out a cigarette, after smoking two times, “it should be an effort to emulate the previous way of talking, but there’s not enough education. Sometimes, she’d say two words like a mantra, or use the southern dialect.”

“There are insiders with the original body’s memories?” Li Fei feels that the problem is more severe than he expected.

“Yes, her parents found it wrong, and thought that the young girl was hit by something, for example, lovesick.” Chief Lu said while smoking, “I’m not afraid of your jokes. For we old bones, if the younger generation in our family is not living comfortably, we would usually protect them. If a girl is in love, she must know. Liu Shan’s anomaly was originally reasoned with online dating, but her father deliberately checked it out and found out that her friends suspect Liu Shan was possessed.”

The original body’s memory is perfect, but you can’t maintain it.

In the virtual network, because looks and identity are not needed, you are more likely to find a person’s abnormality.

Liu Shan is an ordinary girl who loves to use Weibo, except for looking for interesting pictures of celebrities. Of course, she will even look at the entertainment news’ trending topics, and will also try their luck in gambling.

Imagine a person you are concerned about suddenly participate in some microblogging lottery for items she was not interested in previously. Although it was shared without saying anything, your social circle will still not agree with the blogger’s three views, and they practically exploded.

There was a PM from an online friend inquire why “Liu Shan” would waste her time on these strangers, struggling to maintain her host’s personality? Not to mention that the tone of speech can be imitated, but common sense and logic are not necessarily the same.

“Liu Shan” is also a peer critic of family environment with a circle of friends. There’s nothing to talk about, and even the content is simple and ordinary. But it’s unlike her to do things like this, and those beside her are concerned!

Jian Hua initially thought that “a change in temperament” is that the book transmigrator is too stupid to hide, but the more he listens to him, the more he feels that it’s impossible for one person to entirely replace another person.

His sight unrestrainedly fell on Li Fei.

Among other things, if Li Fei is out of the ordinary. Even if he’s been with Li Fei for less than half a month, he can quickly expose a fake——if he doesn’t sleep well, he’s a fake. But if you buy some food, put it in the living room, and he would unconsciously wake up, he is Li Fei?

There is also the ability to maintain grace in everything, and the ability to excel in conversations. What would someone with the body and memory of Li Fei do? Don’t even talk about acting!

“Her family’s nanny and even her dog feel something is wrong.” Chief Lu sighs. If Liu Shan’s parents are not firm materialists, they would almost think that their daughter is a reincarnated person.

“Later, Liu Shan’s grandfather read our report from Red Dragon.” Those things have the answer.

“Liu Shan” further asked to see Li Fei, and this even more verified this fact. Liu Shan is an ordinary fangirl, not a fanatical powder. Otherwise, with her family background, she can follow her classmates at dinner parties and go to a charity auction or something, it’s not hard at all.

“You want me to contact this girl, and ask how she came to this world?” Li Fei slowly shook his head, “With all due respect, Red Dragon arrested a lot of insiders, you do not lack an interrogation subject.”

Chief Lu nodded. This old man has a strong sense of power and influence in his body. He has spoken in the calmest possible tone, but there’s always a way to give orders:

“Young people, you thought wrong. Our world is a book, things beyond this world, it’s impossible to force it out. YaoJin has failed. The suspects involved in the bombing of the Pearl Hotel confessed to the crime, but they don’t want to say it on their own, nothing works.”

“It seems that Red Dragon has failed since no one actively cooperates with you.”

“There are some collaborators, but we feel that it’s not enough, because more samples are needed for analysis……”

Jian Hua and Li Fei understand Chief Lu’s meaning.

What are the conditions for book transmigrators?

What kind of person will they become? Are the book transmigrators able to choose?

If the chief’s granddaughter is replaced by a book transmigrator, what about the chief? What if the moment a book transmigrator transfers, there will be brain convulsions. To become the President of the United Nations, is there such a possibility?

The author has something to say:

PS: I like to read the menu……I like to read the menu everywhere 2333

I once saw a very long grass, difficult to buy raffle items. Because I know that the fans have more chances of winning, I took a minute to forward the author’s Weibo, it was easy to do →_→ I won the lottery, but I did not dare give the blogger my phone number or address. What’s to be done with human flesh【wake up dreaming】

The next time you see me on a micro-blogging lottery, remember I was a transmigrator.

Yi, not right ah, if I’m a transmigrator then you won’t see an update.

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STB Chapter 50: Dinner
STB Chapter 52: Making Conversation

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