STB Chapter 57: Fail

STB Chapter 56: Trap
STB Chapter 58: Alone

Good acting can make up for all the loopholes in the script.

This situation is not profound. It was even somewhat crude and straightforward. There is no perfect setting, no subtle influence that lasts for months, and the only loss is the props recording pen——because Liu Shan is not worth more than that.

Red Dragon observed her for more than ten days. Jian Hua and Li Fei even made contact via text messages, and finally concluded that Liu Shan is just an ordinary girl. She has no high IQ, and her social experience is also insufficient. She doesn’t have much of an advantage.

In the National Secret Services, all of them who are concerned about this matter quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Liu Shan is ordinary, proving that “book transmigrators” is not a planned and organized conspiracy.

Otherwise, with the rarity of Liu Shan’s pedigree, it should be a trained agent right? She did not even hide deep, and was only a little smarter, what kind of agent is this?

Such an ordinary girl that a set of psychological tactics can beat her.

The car moved in the night. Street lamps and advertisements shone into the car window. Liu Shan’s face is even paler, and she nervously tugged on the hem of her clothes with anxious eyes.

She finally saw signs leading to a strawberry farm in the suburbs of the North. It’s not far from the hot spring resort and the filming base, probably outside the North’s sixth ring.

The meter near the driver’s seat beat a red digital time.


Counting the time when she became unconscious because of the anesthesia, Liu Shan remembered when she was full of hope. She walked into that restaurant in her high heels less than six hours ago, but Liu Shan felt that it was a season ago.

Leaving the dim warehouse and sitting in the back with a warm car seat did not make her feel at ease, but instead, more fearful.

Li Fei sat next to her.

If the actor is in a play, his momentum is not a joke.

Liu Shan’s back has goosebumps layered over the other. The side closest to Li Fei’s right arm is stiff. Her whole person felt as if she fell into a pit of ice. She was cold from the soles of her feet to her brain.

The road is getting more and more remote. Eventually, the car stops in the corner of a ramp. Five or six-meter pine trees covered the area, and the nearest building is a few hundred meters away. In front and behind them are the green belt. No matter which direction you come from, you can easily be found.

“Geng Tian, get out.” Li Fei calmly said.

The Red Dragon member posing as the bodyguard silently left the driver’s seat.

The car stopped, and its lights turned off. All around is dark, and the only lights are coming from the street lamps.

Liu Shan looked across the window, seeing “Geng Tian” smoking and going to a flowerbed ten meters away, looking like taking a stroll.

One is an S-class while the other is an A-class ability holder. Liu Shan can’t afford to resist, she is sure of that. If they were not living in the real world, Li Fei would have killed her without even blinking an eye.

Don’t speak of abilities, she can’t even compare to the force from just one of them. Geng Tian is a personal bodyguard, so he’s a veteran.

Liu Shan regrets that she’s been running around all these days, deliberately throwing away her security staff, and throwing tantrums at home so they won’t follow.

The atmosphere in the car is depressing, Liu Shan almost couldn’t breathe.

She bowed her head, desperately telling herself to be calm, to fight for her life.

Her eyes suddenly flashed. Liu Shan looked at the thing that Li Fei held out in front of her, it was the mobile phone that she lost when she woke up.

Liu Shan hurriedly took it, her eyes landing on Li Fei’s hand.

Plain khaki colored cotton gloves with the top having little holes to vent. Liu Shan cannot see the brand, but this does not prevent her from knowing that no fingerprints of Li Fei will be left on her mobile phone.


“You investigated the 《Black Bamboo》 crew and Assistant Lin.”

Liu Shan heard and hesitated, putting out a complicated defense, “No……I just want to know. Actually I, I took a fancy to Lin……the man posing as Assistant Lin. I did not expect things to be like this.”

She felt the increase in Li Fei’s coldness, and Liu Shan grabbed the car door, almost trying to escape.

——Can’t run. Even if she rushed out and shout, by the time when people hear the sound and react, Li Fei would have plenty of time to turn her into a charred corpse.

The follow-up treatment is only bothersome to Li Fei, and she will still lose her life. Would Liu Shan dare act rashly?

“Oh, do you like him?” Li Fei asked meaningfully.

Liu Shan bites the bullet and admits.

“Joe knows a lot of my secrets. I did not expect that one day, he will become another person.”

Dull, muffled voices sounded through the radio waves and into the ears of several Red Dragon members wearing headphones. It also passed to Jian Hua who is wearing the same equipment.

While working with tension, the eyes of the Red Dragon members stare at various equipment. Jian Hua held the earphones, put on a coat, and leisurely walked out into the early winter night of the North.

The cold wind disturbs his hair, and the temperature is freezing, even the roadside greenery has layers of frost.

The radio makes the voices sound distorted, so Li Fei’s spoken words sounded strange and hoarse. Out of the earphones, Jian Hua felt as if he was whispering in his ear.

He subconsciously reached out to touch.

The voice is replaced with Liu Shan’s stuttering voice, “I don’t understand, is he, Joe?”

“Joe is my life assistant.” Li Fei has a moderate tone, but there’s a coldness in his pitch, “You book transmigrators can steal the complete memories of the original body?”

The movie emperor’s broker, or life assistant, know the secrets of a large number of entertainers. If this person is suddenly changed, God knows if he has leaked something that cannot be said, so Liu Shan understands the meaning of Li Fei.

She is now more afraid.

Her voice shook through the headset like she was under great pressure, “……basically it should be like this. I have most of the original host’s memory, but I won’t know everything. I am not the real Liu Shan, so I don’t know her views on others. Thoughts, feelings……these two things are different from memories.”

The people who are eavesdropping on the conversation are frowning.

——This girl is trying to persuade Li Fei to kill “Joe.” Although it is done in a subtle way, the purpose is obvious.

Imagine an assistant who knew many of Li Fei’s secrets but did not inherit the feelings of the original host. As long as there are enough benefits, there would be no sense of guilt about the betrayal.

Liu Shan is striving to stabilize her position, so she tried to provide a book transmigrator’s insight. This advantage, if someone else tells Li Fei, her status and security would not be guaranteed.

“I have no feelings for Liu Shan’s parents, they are only strangers for me. If there is a choice, all book transmigrators will leave their familiar surroundings, and abandon the original host’s friend, family or lover. That is because pretending to be the original host for a long time is exhausting.” Liu Shan tries to make her voice sound weak. She hesitates then says, “I did not leave Liu Shan’s home, since you know the reason Dean……but what about Joe?”

To stay by Li Fei’s side means that he has ulterior motives.

——If not because of her identity, several Red Dragon members would praise the girl. Even under the pressure of life and death, her mind is still flexible.

“I need Joe!” There is anger in Li Fei’s voice as he impatiently repeats, “The real one.”

Jian Hua remembers the protagonist of 《Black Bamboo》with no problem. He looks perfect with an inner arrogance, and someone who is tired of everything stupid and things that are out of his grasp.

As long as Li Fei shows this contrast, others will soon “understand” an entertainer’s duplicity. What packaging? Li Fei’s gentleness is also a mask. If you think more about it, you’ll be able to think of the deals going on behind the entertainment industry. “Joe”’s role is probably to connect these points, and that celebrities can’t do these things by themselves since they also disdain to compromise.

“Joe” changed, either killed or expelled, but it can’t change the fact that someone important is lacking in Li Fei’s side, a person who is trustworthy.

“What about the people you replaced? Where are they?” Li Fei suddenly raised his voice, scaring everyone to jump.

“I……I don’t know!”

“You don’t know? Or, don’t want to say?” Words were spoken through gritted teeth, bitingly cold.

Liu Shan’s voice quivered, saying she really don’t know.

“It seems that you do not have much value, Geng Tian……”

“No, no! I beg you, let me think!” Liu Shan pleads, and hurriedly proposed, “Maybe the soul is still in this body, just sleeping or lost in other worlds. An unknown world collides with this world, forming the Abandoned World. The monsters inside are not formed. They all came from other worlds. This book is a world of overlapping spaces! Because we crossed over, the original soul of this body fell into another space, this theory is plausible.”

“You said in the warehouse that time and space rules will protect you, what does this mean?”

Li Fei has already indicated that he heard all the conversations of the three in the warehouse, so Liu Shan hurriedly went along, “Correct, transmigrators are protected by the time and space rules. I guess it’s because……ugh!”

The next sounds are as subtle as a mosquito, shaking more violently, “I think since we’re in a higher world, we have protection at lower worlds. Someone else studied this matter. I don’t understand it quite well, but it probably means……if your world is a book, you can go to the book, but people in the book can’t go to ours.”

“There are studies? Do you have a mastermind?” Li Fei thinks it unbelievable.

“No, no!” Liu Shan seems to faint at the confusion, “The research was nonsense, it was only for fun!”

“Who caused this all? Who is the author of this book? Is he the culprit in this space chaos?”

“……this has little relationship with the author. He is just an ordinary person, and it’s impossible for him to create chaos in time and space.” For a book transmigrator, wouldn’t it be easier for all the authors to just write a book and it would have the same effect as the world’s terrorists who are still using planes to hit buildings?

Liu Shan seems to calm a bit. She was tangled and said, “In fact, it’s a vague awareness. I don’t know how to call it. I felt it in my sleep, three days in a row, asking if I wanted to come here.”

“Then you agreed?”

This time, Li Fei’s coldness is real.

In front of the Red Dragon members, Colonel Lu fell severely on his chair, pale with anger.

Even if it was premeditated “illegal invasion”, it would not make people so angry. But Liu Shan’s words sounded as if they just traveled casually, looking for fun.

“I didn’t agree, but then when I opened my eyes, I’m at Liu Shan’s house.”

“Is this a journey without an end date? If the true Joe is still in that body, when will he wake up?” Li Fei pressed.

“No, we can’t go back!” Liu Shan’s voice suddenly became sharp, “I feel it, the memory of the soul through the space barrier. It’s like falling into a bottomless pit as if it’s desperate to climb up! I’m not an idiot. I don’t want to deceive ourselves, so I did not go back. I just want to live, is this not okay?”

The headphones are quiet for a long time.

Jian Hua pressed on the headset, looking up at the sky. You can’t see the stars during winter in the North, only a thick dark sky.

The author has something to say:

Let’s correct it

The Emperor of Movie’s name is Li (李 – li)【you (你 – ni)】Fei (斐 – fei)【fly (飞 – fei)】! ! ! Don’t call him【you (你 – ni)】【bandit (匪 – fei)】ah (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

It must be said two times (⊙v⊙)

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STB Chapter 56: Trap
STB Chapter 58: Alone

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