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There’s a light dangling at the front.

Liu Shan is groggy. She tried for a long time but still could not get up. She has no strength at all and can only breathe on the cold ground.

Don’t know how much time passed, Liu Shan can barely distinguish that she’s in an empty place like a warehouse. Next to her are stacked up containers, covered with a canvas, a cockroach crawling from above.

She wanted to scream, desperately moving her body.

The cockroaches are not interested in Liu Shan and soon disappeared among the gaps of the canvas.

Liu Shan is in shock. The scene before she became unconscious is vivid. She’s not stupid. After a careful analysis of things, she did not hesitate to blame the skinny man.

The thin man deliberately tested her in Russian.

Liu Shan did not understand, so she did not respond. The skinny man immediately grabbed her weakness, saying to Li Fei that “Liu Shan should understand Russian.” He also emphasized that “our brothers had already checked it out”.

——Could it be that Li Fei already has henchmen?

Abandoned World is full of monsters in the book earlier than expected but there’s no difference from the general end of the story. Monsters eat people, and people will eat people too. The protagonist, Johnson Brown, has been hiding his abilities for a long time, hiding all over the place.

There are powerful, rude and unreasonable, boorish men, holding a weapon to rob food.

There are also people who want to protect themselves and are united against those who lost their humanity.

Abandoned World is a cruel impasse, there is no law here, there is no life, and many people were starved to death. They won’t get help even if they cry in front of monster attacks, so it’s called the “Abandoned World” in the original book.

The original title of 《Outcast (English title)》, translated into 《Forsaken (Chinese translation)》.

Outcast is a group of struggling ability holders, calling themselves that.

Outcast also has another meaning, people who have been expelled from their homes. This is a group of homeless people, poor people who are excluded from the ordinary world.

Many people have a mental breakdown. Many people, who returned to the real world, did not hide their ability and they were taken away by the various government agencies. Many more did not leave the Abandoned World alive. The beginning of this hero story is dark and full of killing and bloodshed. It’s not a fairy tale.

But like the famous English best-selling novels, people yearn for that magical world, completely ignoring the danger and wars described in the book.

《Forsaken》described various incredible abilities that the protagonist’s team used against the forces of evil. Someone with American heroic bravery, and a victim of school violence who grow up to become a figure who saved the world, harvesting love, family, and friends, the protagonist Johnson Brown has many fans around the world.

The success of an ordinary people, an average man who can influence the survival of the world!

The fans scream for Johnson but also cheers for themselves. From the protagonist, they got a lot of things. They take joy on a spiritual level, just too much that it’s hard to avoid talking about the novel content, ignoring the hardship and pain of the protagonist.

Liu Shan is one of them.

《How to spend the first three days at the Abandoned World》, 《Talk about the No.10 most valuable abilities》such posts are numerous. Each one is hot news, and maybe the author of the post left after writing it. It’s the people who read the posts which argued with others.

More and more technical things appeared, and the degree of danger in the Abandoned World gradually drops in front of their eyes. Finally, someone summed it up as the 《Abandoned World Survival Guide》.

When Liu Shan transmigrated here, she panicked for a while. Abandoned World is coming soon, and she doesn’t have time to think, she can only act according to the few points in her memory.

She is lucky and didn’t encounter monsters in the Abandoned World twice. Both times squatting and waiting for the real world to return, even the process of getting an ability is very smooth. Who would have thought, that an unexpected event happened? Just as she believed her plan is perfect and when her future is bright——

Liu Shan dazedly looked around, trying to release her ability.

“Sss!” She gasped, a severe headache making her unable to concentrate. It’s the side effect of the anesthetic she smelled before falling asleep.

Her abilities can only sweep the dust around her in half a circle. It did not even blow away the canvas. Liu Shan is angry and feels hateful, regretting why she chose a supporting ability. Now that she’s in a life and death struggle, she can’t do anything.

The sound of shoes meeting the ground echoed in the warehouse.

The skinny man whose hands are in his pocket stopped and did not come to her side.

“You’re called Zhao Wen?” Liu Shan’s eyes are red, enduring her headaches to stare at the man.

This name is said by Li Fei. Li Fei noted he met several book transmigrators and mentioned that “with the help of Zhao Wen”——now, Li Fei, with the help of the skinny man, exposed the book transmigrators who tried to get close to him?

Liu Shan struggled to stand up, but with that action, the skinny man gradually approached. In fear, she moved backward.

Seeing the smile on the skinny man, Liu Shan thought while moving. She does not believe that Li Fei is so bold, kidnapping her, dumping her, and leaving her here.

Even if she’s not the original host, the family of “Liu Shan” do not know that.

If news of the sudden death of the daughter of an influential figure, or of the old head’s granddaughter spread out, imagine the aftermath.

Right, Li Fei won’t dare to kill her!

Drugging and kidnapping her is for another purpose! For example, pressing her for everything she knows, about the Abandoned World and book transmigrators, or maybe Li Fei cast a long line for the bigger fish.

Liu Shan pretends to be dizzy, quickly looking around.

Containers are everywhere in the warehouse. The old bulbs can’t shine farther away, so most places are dark. She can see shadows of the wooden frames, but can’t see if there are people there.

Only the direction of the skinny man is a half-open door, showing bright lights outside the warehouse.

“Miss Liu, your courage is not small ah!” The thin man smiled maliciously, while a steel pipe that is on the ground quietly floats, “But, compared to those trying to kill Li-ge, so that he cannot awaken to his powers, you are not even close!”

Liu Shan screams sharply, “You trying to come at me? Are you not afraid of being chased by the police?”

The skinny man smiled. The steel pipe also moved up and down. He picked it up with his arm, contemptuously saying, “Don’t you know? For guys like you, the soul is the most vulnerable, because you were originally not people of this world……Abandoned World appeared, coinciding with the appearance of book transmigrators. Naturally, these are connected.”

Liu Shan’s pupil contracted.

The real identity of the skinny man is a Red Dragon member. At the same time, he spoke of the assumptions made by the National Secret Services from researching many “insiders”. While grinning, he said, “So you’re not favored by the world, since you’re not guaranteed to become an ability holder, but rather, this world rejects you! If the true Liu Shan became an ability holder, with such an illustrious background, how could she not know about the book transmigrators? Miss Liu, wake up from your dreams now, we will expose you to occupying Liu Shan’s body.”

“Such a joke, who would believe you?” Liu Shan yells.

“Normal people won’t believe, but your parents do. Can you learn Russian in a matter of days?”


Liu Shan’s face changed. Even if she acted stupid, she also knew that she was ruined. Her identity in this world is at stake, so she shouted in a panic, “Li Fei! You come out! I know a lot of things. I can tell you all of it! You let me go back, I will work for you, and pry into the country’s news, okay?”

She said in tears, crying out while trembling, “I just want to live, I don’t want to transmigrate here.”

“Lies!” The skinny man blurted out.

Then, as if to hide what he said, he quickly changed what he said, “The book transmigrators we encountered before already admitted to it, it’s useless to quibble! Or do you want to be as stubborn as they are, and try to taste really dying?”

Liu Shan saw a shadow from a distance, and something vaguely shook.

She was inspired. Sure enough, there are others in the warehouse!

Her headache slowed down, and Liu Shan suddenly used her ability to suppress the steel pipe. At the same time, she used her ability to create a strong wind. The skinny man subconsciously stepped backward. The canvas shook on a nearby container, and more than a dozen cockroaches sprang up.

This insect, even if you’re not afraid, a large number of them will make your scalp tingle.

Liu Shan kicked the skinny man’s legs, and the latter yielded with a cry, falling to the ground.

“Zhao Wen! Don’t pretend!”

Liu Shan’s eyes are red, not even afraid of the cockroaches. She crazily levitated objects to slam on the skinny man, angrily shouting, “My name is not on the original book, so does it have a Zhao Wen? Deceiving Li Fei, being close to Li Fei, and dealing with other transmigrators, you have a really good abacus! I will expose you in front of Li Fei!”

The skinny man used his abilities to escape from the mess of flying things, sneering, “Bullshit.”

“Your secret’s out of the bag, idiot!” Liu Shan ridiculed, “No one can ask how we got here from a transmigrator’s mouth. The rules of time and space will protect us! We have to say it voluntarily. You said to Li Fei that you could send us back? That’s a joke as if someone can interfere with space and time!”

Liu Shan’s ability is not an attack attribute. She can only float objects, and sees the skinny man break free; she hurried to the corner of the warehouse.

The dim view gradually became clearer as the distance narrowed. Sure enough, someone is standing in the dark. Someone with straight, slender legs, tall, slim figure, an elegant appearance……

Liu Shan is disappointed.

This person is “Lin Xiao”, not Li Fei.

When Liu Shan’s eyes went to the black recording pen on “Lin Xiao”’s hands, her eyes suddenly glowed. She quickly looked at the other man with pleading eyes, then hurriedly hid behind “Lin Xiao”.

The skinny Zhao Wen chased, and was also surprised to see Lin Xiao, he has a black face, saying word by word, “Joe, you’re going against me?”

Joe? Liu Shan is baffled. Isn’t Li Fei’s assistant called Lin Xiao?

Is it the English name?

“Li Fei gave her to you, not to let you kill her.” Jian Hua indifferently said.

Liu Shan’s heart jumps, then she saw “Lin Xiao” throw the recording pen in his hand to the skinny person, “You owe me one. Next time, be discreet. If Li Fei is here, you’re a goner!”

The thin man had a crooked grin, “What? Do you want to threaten me? Not afraid that I’ll bite you?”

Liu Shan’s heart sank. The original “Lin Xiao” is also a transmigrator!

“But you framed Assistant Lin, now you just got the job. Joe, don’t forget who helped you! We’re all ants in a line!” The thin man throws the recording pen on the ground, viciously stomping with one foot.

Liu Shan panicked and moved back to a corner.

Then Jian Hua turned. This quiet, cool man now seems frightening to her.

“You, you are not Lin Xiao?”

“The real Lin Xiao is accompanying Li Fei to attend a celebrity’s birthday party.” The skinny man touched his chin, speaking with hostility, “Miss Liu, look, originally we could solve things perfectly, but you happen to be smart, knowing things you shouldn’t know, and saying it! Now, we don’t want to kill people, but we have no choice.”

Liu Shan is pale, turning around and ran.

A blade of ice steadily falls in front of her eyes. The skinny man is an ability holder with the ice attribute, and he has a compelling atmosphere.

Unfair, he’s at least a C-class ability holder! They’re both transmigrators, so why does the other party have such potential?

Liu Shan is genuinely alarmed. She knew that Li Fei dared not kill her, after all, the cameras recorded her going into the restaurant. But book transmigrators are bold. They’re afraid of Li Fei like she is, and compared to the risk of exposing them, they will kill her today, then use their abilities to destroy her body.

She desperately used her powers to help herself escape from the warehouse, but was always blocked.

It’s hopeless——

“Pa (snap)!”

Lights brightly lit the warehouse; all the lights shine together.

The three people, those chasing and escaping, were shocked at the same time, looking at the main door where the main switch is. They were surprised at finding Li Fei standing there, the movie emperor’s distorted expression with angry eyes.


The skinny man is the first to react. He said in a panic, “Li-ge, this woman wants to run!”

Liu Shan cried out holding her chest, the shrill sound terrible, “Dean, they are just like me, in fact, they lied to you……”

“I have already heard!” Li Fei interrupts Liu Shan without hesitation. His whole body momentum is like a fierce man who will bite the other person. Liu Shan’s feet became weak, shivering.

Li Fei glanced around the warehouse, his voice almost freezing, “You think I’m not here? Do you think that I haven’t left a bug in this warehouse?”

Jian Hua takes a few steps back; the skinny person seems to want to flee, stammering a defense, “No, Li-ge, this is not the case, we’re actually……”

Li Fei had no interest in listening to them, and fierce flames emerged. The dominant force directly pushed “Joe” and “Zhao Wen” far.

The flames disappered, and the two fell in the warehouse corner, not moving at all.

“Are they dead?” Liu Shan asked, trembling.

“No. Those who cheated on me want to die so easily?” Li Fei playfully looks down at her.

Liu Shan shook even harder. She realized that to survive, “Joe” and “Zhao Wen” certainly did not say anything about the original plot, and that’s what she used as a bargaining chip.

No, she still has hope! This body has an extraordinary family background, which is of great value! More useful than the other two people!

“Li Fei, I have no ill intentions. I just want to live. Because you are very powerful, I want to become your subordinate quickly. It’s a moment of weakness. What do you want to know, I’ll tell you all……I won’t threaten you. I have a supporting type of ability holder, only D-class, and can’t fight! But I still have this body’s family background!”

Liu Shan said with an effort, giving a distressed look towards Li Fei.

Li Fei looked at her for a few minutes. The latter almost became soft and fell to the ground before Li Fei finally said, “Come with me. I want to hear what you can tell me.”

“What about them?” Liu Shan turned around with no confidence.

“Their internal organs are badly injured. Don’t even mention escaping; it’s even hard to stand up.” Li Fei sounded calm and monotone, “Someone will deal with them, depending on my mood.”

Liu Shan closed her mouth, not saying a word.

With the lights off, a car started, and the sound gradually disappears.

In the warehouse, the two “unconscious” got up. Jian Hua patted the dust on his clothes, thoughtfully turning to ask the real name of the Zhao Wen skinny person.

“Your talent for playing the villain is high. Good acting and improvisation are also good, unlike amateurs. What did you do before joining Red Dragon?”

The skinny man turned. When he saw Jian Hua, he thought of the grievous face he had last time as he signed the bill with his partner. While having a complicated look, he answered, “Vice……I worked undercover for four years.”

The author has something to say: 

Li Fei said that he is a theoretical expert ╮(╯▽╰)╭ This is a simulation of a prisoner’s dilemma, it’s a game theory that the only way to get a chance is by selling his “associates.”


PS: There is indeed a book entitled Outcast but it’s a fairy tale about birds. There’s a TV show called The Outcast, translated to be friendless. There’s also a movie The Outcast about a knight……anyway, it’s not related to this novel.

The author with a serious face【whispered】: The original does not exist in our dimension


Updated early because this author wants to sleep. I’m going to see the movie 《Magic Forest》in the morning. Updates should be relatively late tomorrow(oh, Sunday morning) because I will be late to go home   OTZ

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STB Chapter 55: Naive
STB Chapter 57: Fail

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