STB Chapter 58: Alone

STB Chapter 57: Fail
STB Chapter 59: Running Away

The road has no end.

The lonely neon lights, the cold flashing text, and in the dark night.

The lightbox on the side of the road is initially a beautiful poster, but because it’s been a long time, the beautiful model’s initially pale face has now become yellow. There is also missing piece on the arm, and several stains on the surface of the lightbox. There are even black spots on the model’s face.

All the glitter will pass.

Finally seeing people, but met with only loneliness and decay.

Jian Hua put his hands on his coat pockets, subconsciously trying to touch something. But he’s got no cigarettes on his body, and it was almost three months since he quit smoking. He’s still not used to it, but he relies on his perseverance to overcome it.

When not smoking, he feels very stressed, and he always thinks that his stomach is empty.

Even his spirit is empty.

His feet on the ground don’t feel real. The cold wind blows away his thoughts. Jian Hua doesn’t remember how long he’s been gone. He only went for a stroll, planning on going to a fast food restaurant by the road to wait for Li Fei’s side to end. By the time he came back to himself, the surrounding scenery has become very strange.

Jian Hua got out his phone to see where he is when a black Honda soon approached from the rear. There was no lights and no horn sound, but it steadily stopped by Jian Hua’s side.

The windows rolled down, a right hand wearing khaki gloves is on the steering wheel. The person inside has an uninhibited leaning posture, like a playboy approaching a roadside beauty, giving Jian Hua a look of interest:



“Contemplating life?” Li Fei is wearing sunglasses. Right now, he looks like the 《Black Bamboo》 protagonist He Ning, all covered in arrogance, “The majority of humans can’t understand life, they’ll only realize how much they fail.”

Jian Hua did not even think, blurting out the lines, “It’s because my life has not yet failed, I just need to rehearse when you fail. What kind of expression should I have?”

This is He Ning’s reply to the other characters in the show.

Jian Hua removes his hand from his coat pocket, looking at Li Fei’s expression and withdraws. When playing the same role, even if they don’t look alike, their charm is still similar.

Li Fei lowered his sunglasses a bit, changing his expression. He said in a firm and singular tone, “Are you afraid to move forward?”

The state of Jian Hua’s acting is broken. He closed his eyes, step backward, stretched his hand and opened the car door, sitting in the back of the car. Jian Hua rubs his eyebrows with his fingers, tiredly opposing, “Don’t play General Wu in front of me.”


“Especially if you’re dressed up like this.” After Jian Hua finished, he realized that he was dismissing Li Fei.

Fortunately, Li Fei can’t see his angry look. He pressed the gas to start the car, close the window again, and while lazily smiling, “You put up with it. It’s already night, where can I find a suit of armor?”

“At least, throw the sunglasses.”

“Venice Autumn latest fashion, five digits. I guess I can throw it to Assistant Lin.” Li Fei deliberately misinterpreted.

Jian Hua’s face has no expression, “Aren’t you the sponsor? A brand spokesman also need to spend money to buy his own brand of sunglasses?”

“To save money ah, don’t you want to buy a Hummer?” Li Fei reminds. Abandoned World has many dangers. He’s sitting on billions of dollars, and he still can’t afford it.

“I thought you had reached an agreement with the Red Dragon to purchase a tank from the country.” Jian Hua said, and the corner of his mouth can’t help but slightly rise. He can’t afford to damage relations with this friend. Indeed, an ally made from common interests are more enjoyable rather than one made from benefits.

Li Fei received those words without wrinkling his brow, blurting out, “Actually, I’ve already got it. There was a slight problem during the handover. Red Dragon says C can’t open the tank. Using it will receive a high price ticket for illegal driving, and I may not be able to afford it.”

Jian Hua: “……”

This ability to grab a topic and really catch it but also to throw it back and ran. The straight man who is chasing can’t catch up!

Jian Hua has no temper.

He rests on the back seat to relax, while Li Fei quietly looks at him through the rearview mirror.

Before, when Li Fei discovered that Jian Hua is in an unsavory place, he didn’t even think, he just drove the car to chase.

In the desolate rural roads with no pedestrian and few roads, Li Fei’s luck is not bad, and he soon saw that familiar back.

At the same time, Li Fei’s heart is thumping wildly. Before he had the chance to be happy, he was shocked by the cold air around Jian Hua.

Through his devil eyes, Jian Hua’s figure is like endless darkness. There was no light and no mood swings. He was like a dead object, but the dangerous atmosphere around him has increased.

That fierce dark beast, even the eyelids are too lazy to lift.

Initially, when it felt Li Fei’s breath, it became alert, and there was a change in atmosphere. The beast’s eyes open, alert, angry, and defiant, daring the other to set foot in his own field. Its attitude is one of driving the other away and ready to fight.

But now the beast, who got tired of this opponent who is always not playing, if you were to describe it, shook its tail, lied down on its belly and fell asleep. If you have Red Dragon’s most sophisticated and accurate energy detector, you won’t even find its breath.

Li Fei did not press the car horn to remind him. He borrowed the dim light to watch that lonely figure.

——Like something went straight to his heart.

He and Jian Hua are both rational people. Although Li Fei had long wanted to know his thoughts, however, it’s obvious that Jian Hua has not yet reached that step. It’s been ten days since he confessed to Jian Hua in the parking lot, but Li Fei just went with the flow.

Li Fei does not want to scare him away.

He realized that his feelings are not right and the cold treatment from a rational person only means that he’s making a choice. Li Fei can be sure that if he went further, Jian Hua will not hesitate to leave.

He holds the steering wheel, fascinatedly looking at that back, sighing in his heart: It’s really difficult to catch this prey.

Li Fei parked the car next to Jian Hua, and “cheating” the person into the car.

He broke that solitary cold, watching as Jian Hua’s empty darkness slowly disappears as if to trap a dangerous prey. Now the beast is not going to show its strength because he’s close. If he reached out and touched that soft hair, would he retreat?

Jian Hua saw the direction of the car, and talked about business, “You handed that person over to the Red Dragon?”

“I gave her to my temporary bodyguard. Where the Red Dragon take her next, I don’t care.” Li Fei is talking about Liu Shan, and his good mood has changed. Although he showed anger in front of Liu Shan, most of it is acting. However, knowing that this book is a “lower dimension”, it’s like an underdeveloped country is being invaded. You can’t stop it, and you can’t counterattack the other’s lair, so who would not be angry?

Liu Shan now repents because she feels that she can’t go back, crying that she just wants to live——how helpless she is, and showing that she was going through a lot of things. Seeing through that acting is child’s play.

Turning to the trending topics in the forum, and familiarizing herself with the original host, she is full of confidence.

With no skill, no social experience, and even low mental endurance, what makes her think she’s good enough?

Jian Hua does not care about Liu Shan’s ending. What he cares about is another thing. After Liu Shan collapsed and cried, Li Fei stopped talking.

“You should have continued to ask about the overlapping time and space.” Jian Hua said the words one by one, “The soul is a kind of power. What is the principle of space collision? We don’t know, but we already know that when the power is unstable in the Abandoned World, you can pass through the gap in space and time.”

The mushrooms went there to get food, so it’s within their ability.

Li Fei slows down, and he said without looking back, “I know what you mean.”

Book transmigrators do not amount to anything, but most of the threat still comes from the Abandoned World’s monsters, and other ability holders. If Jian Hua’s abilities are not just one-sided, then what other abilities are there with this ability to go through time and space?

“The Red Dragon is watching us. In that case, perhaps we could get some useful information from Liu Shan, but if it involves you——” it’s not worth it.

Jian Hua pondered in silence.

The mycelium subconsciously spreads, checking the interior of the car, and some of them even jumped Li Fei’s body.

“Don’t worry, there is no bug here.” Li Fei had already checked.

“I don’t doubt your ability, but I don’t trust this country’s high technology.”

Who knows what’s going on in where. Which country isn’t like this? The most advanced technology is used by the military outside of the public’s knowledge.

“I got a lot of useful information from Liu Shan. Look, she must have checked to know Assistant Lin’s name. I even got to lie and say that ‘Joe’ is my life assistant, but there’s not the slightest suspicion.” Li Fei organizes his thoughts before telling Jian Hua, “The original book wrote about us, but not completely.”

“It didn’t mention how we met, and it did not say our relationship?” Jian Hua followed that speculation.

Li Fei listens to the word “relationship” and fell into a trance. Fortunately, he quickly went back to himself, nodding in recognition, “From Zhang YaoJin to the present Colonel Lu, Red Dragon has been avoiding this issue, and did not talk about our relationship at all.”

Li Fei originally thought about this, but the information that filled his mind is the “Matching CP” document which completely interferes with his train of thought.

“You are this book’s villain, and I am also a villain.”

The only difference is who has the final battle with the protagonist.

“Zhang YaoJin went to your workplace, while he found me.” Jian Hua reminds since this is something he can’t forget.

“He also met us in Huai City. Although it’s after that incident which is not that much of a surprise.” Li Fei feels that he has touched the edge. Taking these together, the book’s villain might be a pair……

“Oh, it looks like you are my subordinate.”

Li Fei: “……”

“What, the final villain seems to be me?” Jian Hua finds that if he’s in front of Li Fei, he can talk about it without care, and this conclusion especially made him feel interested.

He likes to watch Li Fei acting more than himself.

“Why not a friend?” Li Fei swallowed back what he really wants to say, “Your reason might be to avenge a friend, it’s not bad.”

“So when you said to Liu Shan in the restaurant, you know ‘how you died’?” Jian Hua’s tone suddenly became cold.

Li Fei does not need to look at Jian Hua’s expression to know, the abnormal reaction of the mycelium in the car is enough to explain that Jian Hua is in a bad mood.

“Don’t be so stressed. You and I are antagonists. If we don’t die, how will the book end?”

Jian Hua is dumbfounded.

“As for the question of how I die in the book……from the look of your character, even if someone pisses you off, you’ll forget them when you turn around.” Li Fei’s finger lightly taps on the steering wheel. He glanced at the rearview mirror with a smile, “In fact, He Ning’s character also has similarities to you. He is arrogant, you are restrained. In essence, you look down on others. Even if someone is qualified for you to hate, you’ll be too lazy to give that emotion.”

Jian Hua moves away. What he wants to say, he held back in the end.

“What happened to make you face-off with the protagonist?”

What if the truth of the mushroom was found?

No, Jian Hua does not like mushrooms but this ability is very powerful. He doesn’t want to be exposed. Who would suspect eating a monster on the curb? What about the mushrooms that are used as temporary barriers against ability holders?

“Only beyond my bottom line, I don’t want to endure, I……” Jian Hua’s eyes are gradually filling with murderous intent, the invisible mycelium is about to wrap around the car.

——Young master Dong’s reckless behavior involves Jian Hua’s bottom line and the dignity of a person, so Jian Hua did not hesitate. Even if he came home to eat the Northeast wind, he didn’t care.

Then, what happened to make Jian Hua disregard his security and become violent, different from his calm temperament, that he was willing to expose himself to the protagonist?

“When I need revenge.”

Jian Hua soon has the answer. It’s the answer that prevents him from suppressing his anger.

Li Fei will die, his friend, his one, and the only friend he has will die……

“At any cost, they will pay the price.”

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STB Chapter 57: Fail
STB Chapter 59: Running Away

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