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STB Chapter 64: Expulsion
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Corgi squatted at its owner’s feet.

No mushrooms appear so it’s only wary of Li Fei, regarding Jian Hua as just a passerby.

About the relationship of Jian Hua and the mushrooms, Corgi……has not figured it out yet!

No, it is very smart, but the smart dog isn’t aware of the bond between human and mushroom. The girl’s mother goes to the supermarket and comes back with two boxes of mushrooms. The same is true for the neighbors.

Besides, Corgi is scared of the mushroom itself, since his subconscious is telling him that mushrooms are scary.

Jian Hua’s ability is adept at hiding, and even precision instruments that probe for energy fluctuations have been fooled in the past. Corgi cannot feel the threat of Jian Hua’s ability, so of course, it turned its attention to Li Fei.

It is full of energy, back slightly hunched, not daring to relax its vigilance.

This Corgi’s bizarre experience, Li Fei analyzed and combined it with how ability holders awaken their abilities, the book transmigrator, the event that happened in the Abandoned World and other things. He finally came to a conclusion from the girl’s words.

Firstly, for A-class or above ability holders, even if they the came to the Abandoned World for the first time and had not left yet, there is an opportunity to directly awaken the ability. In the Huai City Pearl Hotel explosion, the awakened ability holder is not just Li Fei. There is also Geng Tian, it’s just that the latter don’t have that much momentum.

The power of abilities in the Abandoned World is several times than in the real world.

It is also more painful to have an awakening directly in the Abandoned World. This is Li Fei’s speculation because the awakening of S-class ability holders is different. Geng Tian, who is only at A-class, showed a splitting headache and finally, because of the unbearable pain, fell unconscious on the spot.

His awakening is not completed. Strictly speaking, Geng Tian just used his basic ability to pry open the door’s handle.

The girl said she was attacked by many monkeys, and also mentioned how the Corgi’s body glowed——in that life and death situation, awakening their abilities is normal.

What’s not normal is that the girl thinks the Corgi is sick and recovered after the “awakening”.

Secondly, why does a magazine cover with Li Fei’s face on the dog’s bed when it’s sick?

Corgi knows Li Fei, and also afraid of mushrooms. It’s like a book transmigrator who knows the identity of the Boss, but only in the form of a dog, someone who can run on four limbs, has a good nose and loyal to its little owner.

Adding to these circumstances, it was obvious that there was a book transmigrator who crossed over and mysteriously disappeared.

Not eat or drink and can’t stand or run, but still not sick, is that really a dog going on a hunger strike? No, when one suddenly becomes a dog, changing from two legs to four legs, it would be strange if he can walk!

Even if they eat dog food in pet bowls, it’s not very easy to do. He would just knock over the plate since he can’t put it in the mouth, as if it’s normal to eat it everywhere……in other words, there is always a conflict.

In Li Fei’s magic eyes, Corgi has a powerful and stable form, so there’s no doubt about it.

If a man has been replaced by a book transmigrator, in fact, the magic eyes can’t see it.

Liu Shan said that she came to this world as a soul.

Soul, this kind of thing,  can be strong or weak. Li Fei can’t see the part of the soul with his devil eyes, and if a body has two souls, Li Fei may not discover it. But the soul of dogs and humans, this difference is so big! He still can’t tell even if he’s blind!

Only, this Corgi is an actual dog.

Where did the disappeared book transmigrator go, Li Fei don’t know, but how the transmigrator disappears, he was sure. When awakening the ability, the stimulation is too much, and the human conscious is subjected to a coma.

For a human’s soul, how much would fit in a dog’s body?

Thinking of the theater hall just now with Corgi’s amazing move of breaking the mycelium—— the effect of the expulsion ability equals a short time to ignore an attack.

It’s really worth an A-level ability, even if this ability is on a dog.

It’s less than the strength of an S-level ability, presumably because it’s a kind of a passive defense. Even if you can fight, it can’t bring a substantial harm to others.

Is the book transmigrator trying to expel the long-armed monkeys, or is the Corgi trying to protect its owner by expelling the transmigrator? Where is the Corgi’s soul, and how did it come back——this problem has to be given to the Red Dragon to research.

Jian Hua has no words. This dog may become the country’s secret weapon, specifically designed to deal against book transmigrators.

“The matter about Liu Shan can be solved.“

“Not necessarily.” Li Fei shook his head, he does not agree with Jian Hua’s idea, “So far, it’s just an ability to expel those of ‘not in the real world’. It’s an accidental victory against the transmigrator.”

The other side has occupied its body, and it just met an ability with strange properties, completely unlucky.

If two souls compete in a dog’s body, can the man overcome the dog? Plus, the transmigrator himself will not “use” the Corgi’s body at all. To this sudden shift, whoever dies or whoever disappears is doomed.

“In this case……” Jian Hua rarely hesitates.

“Don’t want to tell Red Dragon about this matter?”

Jian Hua is silent for a long while, then sighed, “Sooner or later, they will encounter others.”

The girl with the Corgi said goodbye. She is only seven or eight years old, and her greatest wish is to come out of this alive with all her family safe. As for other things so far away, the girl can’t think of it.

It was too dangerous, and the girl doesn’t want the Corgi to do it.

The short-legged Corgi runs, unconsciously moving its buttocks, trotting off in a happy and silly way. With that, Corgi leads the way in front, and the girl bypass the spiderwebs, walking along the sidewalk towards the distance.

The giant spider nested here so no monster can be found nearby. Jian Hua is not worried that they’ll be in danger.

The city is silent, and there is no life.

The short shadow of the little Corgi can be seen, going into an unknown world.

——Abandoned World has no peace. Corgi and its little master will eventually meet other ability holders. Their existence is difficult to hide, but to this tranquility, Jian Hua did not want to break it.

At least, not break it personally.

Li Fei sees Jian Hua’s expression in his eyes change, feeling more and more like the “original” villain.

Jian Hua is a man without ambition. As long as he is living comfortably, he has no other requirements. Even if the circle is harsh and its difficult to work, as long as it didn’t reach his bottom line, Jian Hua does not care too much.

This is different from being the good guy, nor is it like having a weak character. It’s fine if others will be badly beaten, becoming enemies, and doing things by hook or by crook is also fine. Jian Hua is not interested at all.

Such preferences, such a disposition, in this day and age, it’s hard to find even a few. You can almost call them a rare species.

He is inconsistent with society as a whole.

Drifting away from the vanity of the circle without appearing aloof or prideful. Jian Hua will not look down on people chasing after profits. To him, it’s just a different way that other people chose to live.

Like “what kind of coffee do you like to drink?” Outside of this question there is also someone who does not like coffee at all, isn’t it?

Such is Jian Hua, the evilest boss in the novel.

As for the reason for him becoming a boss, Li Fei has analyzed it and precisely because of this, the anger in his heart accumulated deeper.

“What happened to you?”

This time, Jian Hua noticed that Li Fei’s eyes were wrong.

Complex emotions that is hard to explain. This is not eyes like looking at a friend.

The Movie Emperor’s permanent perfect mask cracked. He took a deep breath, soon restoring the status quo, and saying in a light tone, “Everyone knows, after I die, someone will avenge me. It’s hard not to feel something for that someone.”

That’s true, Jian Hua agrees.

“Gratitude, surprise, guilt……”

“Guilt?” Jian Hua frowns, not really understanding.

He can understand gratitude. Suprise is also not difficult, but where did guilt come from?

“Because that person, in order to avenge a friend, eventually died.” Li Fei said solemnly.


Jian Hua instinctively wants to protest. He is a cautious person, not that Li Fei doesn’t know that and his stealth ability is also high, not to mention that he still has the mushrooms.

Even if he doesn’t like the mushrooms, he also admits that its ability is strong.

Over time, the mushrooms will grow everywhere in the Abandoned World, and everywhere would be Jian Hua’s field of security. Want to kill him? That’s almost impossible.


As the ultimate villain, being killed by the protagonist is the standard of an American-style hero fiction!

So what Li Fei said is true, to avenge a fellow villain boss, he will fall at the feet of the protagonist, becoming the most prominent chapter in the protagonist’s achievements.

This outlook makes Jian Hua very depressed, instinctively saying, “Maybe the author wants to write a sequel?”

Li Fei: “……”

Jian Hua who quickly recalls the standard sequel to an American hero fiction, raised his head to supplement, “The possibility of the revival of the original boss in the sequel is 30%. The probability for the boss to make a comeback is 10%. The remaining 60% are bosses with greater black hands and hidden background.”

“Pff!” The actor couldn’t resist laughing.

The movie sequel routine, this is indeed the case.

“And so, if I did not die……”

“You faked your death, made a crafty escape, and in fact, waited for the opportunity to take advantage of the protagonist, and destroy the world again.” Jian Hua thinks this topic is really interesting. Joking with Li Fei is also very pleasant.

The two went back to Haicheng National Theater to deal with the giant spider.

Their dialogue continuing along the way.

“So I faked my death, and is once again in front of the protagonist. Do you want me to ridicule the protagonist’s IQ, and laugh at his innocence at thinking that I was really dead? That in fact, I was waiting for you to kill each other, or have a mutual loss, and that I’m the Oriole bird?”

Jian Hua corrects, “The protagonist is an American, don’t use allusions.” (T/N: Boss, we’re also English-speaking people here. Please don’t use allusions.)

“Can’t understand, then I’ll allow him to have an interpreter.”

“The author is also an American, he can’t write those words. You don’t even have the opportunity to say it!”

“……how do you know if you don’t change.” Li Fei casually answered.

Two people walking side by side, Jian Hua was infected with this “more than friends” atmosphere. Are there many people in the world who can freely talk about their deaths to each other?

Will a normal friend do?

Although this is a book with special circumstances.

“What kind of change do you want?” Jian Hua asked after half a minute, “Being able to kill the protagonist?”

“To stay alive, no matter who it is.”

Jian Hua is surprised and turned, somewhat not believing that this came out of Li Fei’s mouth.

He’s pretty much the same thing. These days of getting along is enough for Jian Hua to know how Li Fei truly is.

Li Fei has ambitions, and also have the ability. No matter what time, he will not admit to any vulnerabilities, and it’s hard for him to obey his fate, let alone the idealized passionate guy in the original novel.

“People must live first to talk about change.” Li Fei profoundly added.

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STB Chapter 64: Expulsion
STB Chapter 66: Jealousy

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