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Deep into the giant spider’s lair is a place full of danger.

Suddenly finding among the victims caught by the spider, a “daring and talented” guy who successfully escaped, all the way dodging the spiderwebs! It did not even alarm the monster!! Smoothly rushing towards the exit! !!

Even if the other guy refuses to join their team to kill the spider, he could at least provide useful information. For example, where the captured ability holders are trapped, whether they’re unconscious, or if they can move, or how to fight against the paralysis toxin on the spider silk……however!

Jian Hua’s line of sight drops, woodenly looking at a dog with a shiny coat.

A Corgi’s body size, extremely short legs, and a long strip of round and pudgy body. The name is very appropriate.

——The position of the feedback from his scanning ability is in front of him! It’s entirely correct, it came from this dog!

Ask about the situation inside the theater? Inquire about news? Ask the other to use their ability to help deal with the spider?


In front of the escalator, it was strangely quiet. Jian Hua is wooden for a while. Realizing that his face is weird, he looked sideways at Li Fei, and he feels better after seeing this actor, who has experienced a lot of storms and waves, also has a strange face.

Corgi has its ears pricked up, paws on the ground. It has a nervous look, its furry face wrinkling its nose.

Both parties silently “faced each other” for a few minutes. The Corgi’s short legs steps to the left, bypassing Li Fei and Jian Hua and walks with its four legs while shaking its hips.

In his eyes, this dog is glittering all the way, and it was very bright. It’s not a ghost but a real creature. This vivid color is a sign of an ability holder. The strange thing is that the Corgi’s face is too rich, there’s even a trace of fear in its black eyes. Just look at those frightened little eyes!

Li Fei slightly narrowed his eyes. He was suspicious.

“I think this dog, seems to know me.”


Jian Hua subconsciously wants to say that a certain Movie Emperor’s self-confidence is too bloated——that even dogs would be familiar with Li Fei’s appearance. How high does he think his exposure rate is based on TV shows, magazines, and billboards?

“Grab it!” Li Fei acted decisively.

Among the book transmigrators who come to this world, some would get into a good family background with wealth and status is at their fingertips……however, some people are very unlucky, and had nothing at all. There’s no food to eat, but what’s the worst that could happen? What if they’re not even human?

That’s a lot of bad luck!

Transmigrated to become a dog, not a Samoyed, not a Siberian Husky, not a Golden Retriever, but a short-legged Corgi. It’s an unbearable pain in life. This kind of dog would not even be faster than a rolling suitcase!

“Are you sure?” Jian Hua questions, it’s too ridiculous for people to become dogs.

“Not sure, but except for humans, other living things never fell to the Abandoned World!”

Li Fei has never caught a dog before. Before, when the filming crew used a cute pet actor, it was the female actor’s role. Who’s seen a protagonist with a musician role with a cute dog?

Corgi is astute and quickly hid, its attention on Li Fei’s body.

When Jian Hua went around it, the Corgi is shocked.

Its foot made a wrong move, and the short, pudgy body quickly squatted on the floor.

Spiderwebs are all over the theater hall. Seeing the dog accidentally step on the spider web, it forced its right leg in the air. The round body actually moved in the air for two and a half minutes, before landing on its buttocks, back to a safe area.


Swiveling in the air and making a freestyle landing, it’s simply a gymnastic dog champion.

Corgi tumbled to the ground, a little closer to the door.

“It can see the spiderweb?” Jian Hua frowns. The translucent spiderwebs are used to hunt, but he often ignores it. Corgi here, jumping east to west, is actually safe and sound.

“There’s paralytic toxin on the spider web. It maybe sniffing it out!”

Jian Hua carefully distinguishes. Sure enough, there was a hint of a fishy smell in the air.

The dog’s nose can judge a safety area not covered by spider silk according to smell.

“Liu Shan” has the memory of the original host, but without the knowledge and ability of the real Liu Shan. The book transmigrator who is unluckily made to live as a dog, can it perfectly act like a dog?

Human intelligence is completely useless when stuck in the form of a dog!

To perfectly play the role of a good dog, this is more difficult than being a human. Even Li Fei doesn’t have this level of acting.

——who can imitate a dog?

Li Fei has mixed feelings. He feels that this Corgi doesn’t seem to be a book transmigrator.

But how can a dog be afraid of him?

Jian Hua can’t see the spider silk. Dealing with Corgi depends on Li Fei, and right now, when Li Fei paused for a beat to think, Corgi wriggled its hips and rushed towards the door, seeing that they didn’t stop it.

Jian Hua does not hesitate to raise his hand. The mycelium flew towards the Corgi.

All the way, the mushroom has been slacking. But now, it excitedly rushed towards the round Corgi. Apparently, it does not refuse to capture such a “high-quality grain reserve”.

The mycelium quickly grew on the back of the Corgi’s golden hair, bundling the dog’s two hind legs together. Corgi fell, its legs tied together. It twists its hips ineffectively, not reconciled and continued creeping on the floor. It also wanted to bite the mushroom.

Its saliva stains the hyphae, sprouting an off-white mushroom that covers the mouth of the dog like a mask.

That moment, the whole dog went silly.

It looked at the mushrooms with frightened eyes, like a dog fishing in the river, and suddenly seeing the fish became Godzilla standing in front of it.

After the mycelium fell on the Corgi, it once again became relaxed, stopping after turning the Corgi dog into a hot dog.

Corgi’s mouth is covered with mushrooms, creating a muffled, pathetic bark.

It lays on the floor, two legs tied together and mouth covered with mushrooms. It shrinks its forelimbs, looking more like a turkey leg in a tin foil ready for the oven. It looks at Jian Hua with strange eyes.

“It not only knows me, but it also knows you.” Li Fei feels that this is really very interesting.

“No, it recognizes the mushrooms.” Jian Hua corrects.


Even weirder, a Corgi afraid of mushrooms!

“If it’s not a book transmigrator, could it be that the owner is?” Jian Hua questions.

For example, training the Corgi to avoid mushrooms, and there is also Li Fei.

His brain fills up with photos of mushrooms and letting the dog recognize the picture. Li Fei sucked a breath.

“The girl? Not likely……”

Li Fei recalls the girl in the phone booth. Young age, calm without panic, and very good, but not too excellent. It’s impossible to make a pet smart like this.

“She is not curious about you, and she does not know me.” Li Fei explained.

Even though he took the Best Actor Award for two years, and was called the Nation’s Mr. Perfect with numerous fans, he doesn’t have such limitless charm that he can even catch those in the 60 or 70-year-old age group. It’s normal for girls not to know Li Fei.

Didn’t all book transmigrators know Li Fei? Even foreign book transmigrators, when they came to this world or crossed over for the first time, they would find information about Li Fei seriously.

Suddenly seeing Li Fei appear before her eyes, and even seeing someone with him that looks like his bodyguard Geng Tian, she isn’t surprised or curious. And also, to perfectly cover it up that even Li Fei can’t see it?


Li Fei rejected the possibility that the Corgi’s owner is a book transmigrator.

“This A-class ability……dog?” Jian Hua works hard to ignore the Corgi’s identity, and asked with a headache, “What are you going to do? Let it lead the way?”

——They have wasted a lot of time here. The giant spider’s eggs may hatch at any time. With Haicheng National Theater so big and with the newborn spiders’ feedback fluctuating weakly, he would be unable to locate it. If it just found a corner to drill in, wanting to find it would be difficult.

“Let this little guy obediently cooperate.” Li Fei looks at the Corgi lying dead on the floor.

Corgi hangs its ears, his ears moving sideways in their direction.

Its short fat body gently moves.

“Not good!” Jian Hua’s reaction was a step too late.

Corgi’s two front legs flopped, its body floating, desperately dog paddling in the air——the mycelium is firmly set on the ground, putting the Corgi in place and it looks like a dog kite. The mycelium fell on the ground.

“Levitation ability?”

“Expulsion ability?”

Both spoke at the same time and was shocked by the other person.

“It can float itself! We’re stronger than that, but we can’t do it!”

“The mycelium fell off! It interfered with a strange force coming from the dog’s body.” Jian Hua has an incredible face, this is the first time the mushroom with a devouring ability has a setback.

Corgi rushed out of the Haicheng National Theater Hall, going to find its owner.


Two S-level ability holders can’t even catch a dog. If this matter were known, they would be laughed at by the Red Dragon!

“TuanTuan!” The girl in the phone booth was pleasantly surprised to see the small, short-legged Corgi rapidly running towards her.

She wanted to hold the Corgi up but not having enough energy, she changed to stroking her pet’s belly.

“Thank you, uncle!” The girl is very happy, the tears on her face too late to wipe, “You saved TuanTuan!”

“……it escaped on its own. ”

The girl did not hear Li Fei’s words at all. She is clutching the Corgi’s soft hair, immersing herself in the joy of recovering her pet.

Jian Hua silently watches Li Fei: You talk.

On this matter, the actor is better than him. If there’s Li Fei, Jian Hua is too lazy to do it.

With Jian Hua’s trusting eyes on him, Li Fei walks to the girl’s side. Corgi vigilantly rolled, stopping in front of the girl, warning sounds coming from its throat.

The other side barked while trembling in fear.


The girl patted the strange Corgi, “TuanTuan, what’s wrong with you?”

“It felt danger since the spider did not leave.”

Li Fei’s words made the girl uneasy, so she asked tearfully, “I……my house is nearby, what if it doesn’t go away?”

“We can only kill the spider.”


“This dog is very smart. It’s not afraid of the spider’s toxin! We want it to lead the way, and find the nest where the spider is hiding.”

The girl is reluctant to let go of the Corgi. How scary the giant spider is, she saw it with her own eyes.

“No, TuanTuan has been ill last month.” The girl sobbed and continued, “He lied in bed, and didn’t walk for a full 20 days. He also couldn’t eat, and couldn’t drink. I  had to force him! ”

Li Fei’s pupil contracted. He didn’t persuade, but the truth was spilled out.

Except for dog being sick, what else could this be?

A transmigrator……

“Did you go to a pet hospital. What did the doctor say?” Li Fei looked very interested in pets and whispered to comfort the girl.

“The doctor said he’s not ill! Unacceptable, TuanTuan did not lie! He’s really sick!”

“How is it cured?”

The girl tilted her head and thought, “There were a lot of monkeys that day. TuanTuan’s body suddenly shined, and it scared them all away! Yi, uncle, you look like the person in the magazine that TuanTuan liked when he was sick. He keeps that magazine in his nest every day!”


“Right, after TuanTuan became ill, he’s especially afraid of mushrooms. He was not like this before.”

In the girl’s innocent words, hides the terrible truth.

A book transmigrator unluckily became a dog. He hasn’t had time to adapt to being a Corgi, and Abandoned World came. The book transmigrator and the girl was in danger, so he forcefully awakens his abilities——the problem is probably this power.

The book transmigrator quietly disappeared.

His soul disappeared, leaving only its fear of Li Fei and Jian Hua which deeply affected the Corgi.

The author has something to say:

Corgi is a shepherd dog, can expel any animals from the rancher’s grazing land ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Expulsion yo

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STB Chapter 63: Tease Me
STB Chapter 65: Outlook

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