STB Chapter 66: Jealousy

STB Chapter 65: Outlook
STB Chapter 67: Parasitism

The lights are wrapped in silk, making the initially bright theater dim.

With the tip of his nose covered in cobwebs, Jian Hua saw several bizarre things in the corner. The most obvious is a spherical object depressed in the middle, like——

“A monkey’s skull.” Li Fei’s eyes are better than Jian Hua’s.

“It looks like it has eaten a lot.”

Jian Hua looks up. On four sides are large webs that still hang hard black objects, kind of like a peel, only with some extra hair.

Spiders don’t have powerful digestive organs, so there is no tooth, but there is a pair of sharp forceps outside the mouth. It is used to tear open a prey or attack, but it can’t be used for chewing. It callously kills the prey, by injecting toxins, letting the prey die off in pain and paralyzed, wrapping it in silk and slowly enjoy it.

At that time, the prey’s insides would become a heap of bloody water, and the spider will directly discard the shell after sucking.

Common spiders eat insects, and the insect shell is equivalent to a bone, very hard. Their bodies are hanging on the web, but if you look closely, there’s nothing in their eyes.

After replacing the prey with monkeys……

A natural fear and hate rise spontaneously. God knows the cause of death for these prey: Toxins will go into the blood and into the heart. Death would be painful but fast, or it will start from under your skin……

“Jian Hua.”

“It’s nothing.” Jian Hua closed his eyes, forcing himself to forget about the mushrooms.

Among the bodies of the monsters buried in the mushroom forest, there is no such horror like skin and bones.

The mycelium, after leaving the Corgi, resumed its relaxed state. Under the urging of Jian Hua’s thoughts, it slowly divulges some fine white threads, gently opening a cobweb, making the spider silk shift position, and letting Li Fei and Jian Hua pass smoothly.

The cobweb itself is sticky, but there’s not the slightest effect.

The spider webs will not detect the struggles of the “prey”, so it’s owner certainly did not act.

In the original spacious space inside the theater, because of the complex web, the area that they can move in is narrow, and the air is filled with a faint stench.

There are a few small paw prints on the floor.

Li Fei crouched to view it. The paw prints are in between the silky web with something like a dark green fiber.

“The same place as your abilities. The giant spider must have put its reserve food near the stage, and the Corgi may have scratched the surface of a chair or a curtain when he escaped……”

Jian Hua did not speak.

Deep into the spider’s nest, the risk can be imagined.

Li Fei looks more casual than him. However, he was cautious of the danger and full of vigilance.

This is really a bad habit! Jian Hua removes his eyes, silently thinking, how many villains became like that because they want to pursue the excitement, the adventure, to experience the satisfaction of conquest, to feel the loser’s weakness and leaving them to the gutters, stumbling into the hands of the protagonist.

Knowledge, strength, and luck, all are indispensable.

Li Fei has the first two, but the third point, it’s the key to winning or losing the battle with the protagonist.

“It’s busy hatching its offspring. We can trap it halfway between the roof and the theater stage, use the terrain to avoid the spider attacks, and as long as it got stuck, the problem is solved by half.”

Li Fei pointed at the emergency escape door on the wall, indicating to a few positions with his finger.

“Be careful not to be wrapped around the spiderweb!” Li Fei seriously said, “This paralytic toxin has unknown consequences. If you lose consciousness, your ability will go out of control.”

——In fact, the mushrooms don’t need him to control it. It can also grow wildly and can defend if attacked.

Jian Hua looked down at the lazy mycelium and decided to swallow those words back.

“As seen from the map, there’s a very suitable place.”

After Li Fei finished speaking, he went to the right according to the map.

The giant spider is very cunning, it laid its spiderwebs in both the hallways and the air vents, there are only some places that are not covered. This is the difference between an active interception and passive waiting.

“In this stairway, we’ll go our separate ways, and no matter who the spider is chasing, don’t look back.” Li Fei is satisfied and stopped, pointing for Jian Hua to see.

“Concert Hall?”

In front is another hall of the Haicheng National Theater. The area is slightly smaller, and it’s a place for small indoor concerts. Jian Hua followed Li Fei all the way, finding a lot of turns that are very conducive for escaping.

When they walk into the concert hall, it’s very rare, but the giant spider probably never came here since there are no spider webs and they are free to move.

In front of the circular stage, the seating is like the stairs, and the size is like a school auditorium.

For sound effects, the walls are definitely thick. The giant spider is not a power-type monster, so it can’t break the wall.

“The two paths are not the same, but you can enter the concert hall on both sides. The difference is which one is closer, and which one is farther. I suggest that the one who the spider chase will go to the farthest point, and let the other person have the opportunity to hide in advance.

Jian Hua heard, nodding his consent.

“After the spider comes in, I will block it with fire.”

Li Fei looks around the concert hall for a while, satisfied at his discovery except for the permanently closed emergency escape route and only one entrance.

“To climb to the top, it would rely on the spiderweb’s support. If we burn the silk that it spits out, being stuck here is not difficult.”

Jian Hua looked up and followed, inspecting the small bleachers behind the concert hall. At that side, it’s near the ceiling, and if the giant spider wants to pounce, its back will inevitably get stuck.

“I’m going to stand there.”

Li Fei points to the bleachers. If the spider wants to attack, it can only stretch out its long feet, or spray its web to paralyze the prey.

“If the spider is chasing you, you hide in here first……” Li Fei went to the bathroom in the dark concert hall, the narrow door only allows two adult men at the same time.

Four meters after entering the door, you can see two different signs.

The giant spider, even if its eight legs are cut, can’t squeeze in.

If it wants to reach out and “dig” the prey, after reaching the corner of the men’s washroom, it has to forcibly reach in and turn 180 degrees. Even so, the spider feet can only touch the bathroom mirror, not to mention that the giant spider’s legs are not as long as four meters.

“Staying here is safe. After a burst of rage, it can only spit out spider silk, sealing the toilet hallways and entrance.”

Li Fei hinted that Jian Hua can wrap his whole body with mycelium to resist against the spiderweb’s toxins.

“There are two ways up the bleachers, one of them just happen to be close to the toilet. When the spider is lured, after it comes in, just go up.”

“If it chases you?”

“I will direct it to the bleachers.”

Li Fei’s answer surprised Jian Hua, and faintly angry. He restrained the untimely vexation, coldly asking, “Why doesn’t the one being chased lead it to the bleachers, isn’t this clear?”

Will he be hiding in the toilet?

This feeling of being looked down on, Jian Hua felt choked in his chest and very uncomfortable.

“The road leading to the bleachers is a bit long.”

“The one being chased, I will take this part.” Jian Hua sounded colder.

This reason is very far-fetched to convince him.

Li Fei helplessly explained, “I want to arrange something in the concert hall. I will turn off the lights, and when it’s dark, you may not be able to see the safe path among the bleachers.”

“For example?”

“On the sidewalk near the entrance to the Haicheng National Theater, there are two rows of self-service bicycles. I’ll rip out the steel ball bearings, and scatter it on the floor of the concert hall.”

“Such small beads won’t necessarily be stepped on.” Jian Hua started thinking along this idea, completely forgetting why he got upset.

“The floor and bleachers would be lubricated. Damage cannot be avoided, but I’ll control it with fire.”

Jian Hua thought of that scene, and he no longer proposes to go to the bleachers. Just imagining the fire and the actions of the panicking giant spider, Li Fei would be distracted by protecting Jian Hua from being burned by the flames.

There is water in the bathroom, so it’s not hard to survive for a few minutes.

“This plan sounds feasible.”

“Trust me, ok?” Li Fei smiled.

Jian Hua’s breathing suddenly increased, and he backed half a step, increasing the distance between the two.

Sure enough, the tenser the situation, the more obvious the illusion caused by the suspension bridge effect. Jian Hua frowns, trying to get his thoughts out of this matter,  “This entire plan, you thought it up after seeing the map just for a bit?”

He is having stomach aches while Li Fei is interested in adventuring and conquest, more interested in meeting the danger. As a result, the Movie Emperor told him within minutes, the man who is ready to deal with a giant spider without a clear plan is only Jian Hua.

The difference between the two is a bit big, isn’t it?

What adventure? Everything under control is really Li Fei’s style.

That is exactly——what Jian Hua wants to be the most. Jian Hua is not interested in fame and fortune. He seems to be a good talker, but he stubbornly sticks to his own preferences, refusing to be polished into a smooth and exquisite person that adheres to morals, a tough person to be reasoned with.

He wants to follow his own life, hating the people and things that try to change it.

Abandoned World destroyed Jian Hua’s normal life, and even if he didn’t know that this world is a book, it’s enough to make Jian Hua moody.

Everything is out of control. If he cannot control things, he doesn’t like it.

However, when he’s together with Li Fei, he found that the movie actor is still in motion. Even with something like being contacted by the Red Dragon and imitating the ability holder’s way of saving food like a hamster, there’s also the spare time to sit in a coffee shop and buy a few clothes that match Jian Hua’s style……how relaxed, and calm.

In this way, Li Fei found out that Jian Hua is staring at him in a daze, his gaze somewhat absorbed.

Good progress, unfortunately, he’s being distracted……or is he thinking of General Wu!

“*cough*, in fact, when I was young, I wanted to be a film director. This exciting plot with complex fighting scenes, I’ve designed a lot of it in the back of my mind.”

Aside from the gun shootouts and car chases in commercial films, there’s a variety with all kinds of monsters attacking humans, and natural disasters hitting the city, the scripts are routine.

“When you were young?” Jian Hua caught the other keys points in the sentence, he looks at the movie actor strangely.

If he remembers correctly, Li Fei will be 30 next year. If Li Fei feels he’s old, then the 27-year-old Jian Hua feels that he has also entered the elder category.

“In the entertainment industry, 30 years old is almost nearing the end of their career. The audience must be tired of this face.”

“You are different from others. Those who can earn with their faces will bounce back after a couple of years.” Jian Hua subconsciously argues with Li Fei, “Every role you play, they all look different so the audience will not look tired.”


Does that mean General Wu and him look different?

STB Chapter 65: Outlook
STB Chapter 67: Parasitism

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