STB Chapter 68: Hard Work

STB Chapter 67: Parasitism
STB Chapter 69: Test

    The mushrooms don’t have any legs, but the spiders have.

   These newly hatched spiders is already not a spider.

   The seeds of some plants grow some barbs, making it easily hook on animal fur or human clothes, “hitchhiking” somewhere else. It’s just like a “car” that can go anywhere, but it’s not up to them where to go.

   Seeing the little spiders climb up the stairs and disappear, he can feel joy from the mycelium, an intense emotion of expanding their site of activity. Jian Hua guessed that he screwed up.

   ——After finding that the giant spider has eggs, it mixed in with the spider silk as a disguise, waiting until it aroused the spider’s suspicion. The spider then climbs to their car to observe, and when it left, the mycelium took the opportunity to rub the spider’s belly when it grazed the roof, infiltrating the cocoon around the egg, and slowly invading the unhatched spider eggs.

   This is why the mushrooms did not grow wildly, and the reason for not turning the overpass and the Haicheng National Theater into a mushroom forest.

   It has a bigger goal, so it instinctively hides, not wanting to catch the vigilance of the adult spider.

   Jian Hua and Li Fei plan to kill the spider, an action worth mentioning. But the mushrooms don’t have such a high sense of autonomy that they understand, it only performs on its instinct to expand.

    In the Abandoned World where space is unstable, the mycelium can pass through the cracks, and go to a place where food is abundant.

   But if space is stable? What if there are no gaps to be found?

   Fortunately, the mycelium itself has a kind of energy, but breaking through the space barrier consumes it. A nest of spider eggs is about to hatch soon, so how can they miss it?! Occupy the little spiders’ still-developing brains, use their legs, and go to places with more delicious food!!

   This is not a biological instinct since the mycelium is not a real mushroom. This is just the nature of Jian Hua’s ability.

   Li Fei’s fire ability essentially has the nature to destroy. The engulfing power manifests itself as greed that can never be satisfied.

   Jian Hua was initially exhausted in his awakening, making it impossible to control, so he did not even find its existence, and let them grow. Later, because he did not like its shape and nature, he does not want to face the mushrooms which encouraged its arrogance.

   Already been cast; no one can change it.

   Jian Hua’s control of his ability only works when he realizes what the mushrooms are doing.

   Outside of his consciousness, the mushrooms will happily expand through the spiders, and before its achievements are exposed——how can Jian Hua think of it?

   “What do those little spiders eat?” Li Fei hesitated, but still decided to ask.

   “They don’t eat anything; they’re just hitchhiking.” Jian Hua has a headache.

   “What do you mean? These spiders are dead?”

   “What is your definition of death? According to the current law in our country, brain dead is not a death.” Jian Hua let go of his hand, saying blankly, “Although the body is alive, I don’t think the……mycelium will distribute the food that it absorbs to its host. They want to find a place they like to grow from there.”

   Li Fei heard Jian Hua’s words, and he’s somewhat scared, “I thought they were parasitic, but in fact, it can control how to kill its prey?”

   Parasitism is by absorbing the nutrients from the host; it will cause the death of its host by severe illness. But in most cases, the host is still alive. This is because if the host died, there would be no food source.

   The truth of the matter is that for the mushrooms to hitch a ride, they directly took over someone’s car, open it and run. After arriving at a favorite place, then smash the vehicle?

   What can he say——

   The monsters destroy the Abandoned World and kill ability holders. The ability of the mushrooms is already strange enough, but now, there’s even a group of “puppet spider mushroom”. Not to mention the book transmigrators on the American side, estimate that even the Red Dragon should include Jian Hua in their list of terrorists.

   Jian Hua is an average person, so there is not the idea of killing humans in his subconscious, that’s why the mushrooms don’t do it. But this fact is not necessarily believed, after all, everyone doesn’t want to give the mushrooms a “free ride”.

   Li Fei frowned and asked, “Can you stop it?”

   Jian Hua did not speak. Li Fei also thought of the answer: I’m afraid not.

   The mushrooms have been riding on Jian Hua before jumping to another.

   “The situation is not so bad.” Jian Hua knows what Li Fei is worried about.

   Someone is genuinely worried about him, even when such a change in the situation should lead to anxiety……this feeling completely dilutes Jian Hua’s headache.

   When faced with the unexpected, being accompanied by someone, and not being alone, is an entirely different feeling.

   “We’ve come to the Abandoned World a lot of times, but it did not move like this before.”

   Black hairballs, monkeys, hole digging rat, and even the rainforest squid! The mushrooms don’t regard them as parasitic hosts. According to reason, the advantages of these monsters should be more pronounced.

   The rat can move through the ground. The rainforest squid is enormous, at least its brain can hold more mycelium.

   “I guess, it must be a living thing. It did not move towards the corpse of the rainforest squid.”

   Li Fei once again showed his analytical thinking ability. He and Jian Hua have a tacit understanding.

   This exchange process, anyone will become relaxed. They need to put forward some opening words, not even open a conversation, and they would naturally get into the focus of the discussion. Sometimes, they also don’t have to explain, because the other party has come to the same viewpoint as the other. 

   There is the title of “Movie Actor’s Life Assistant”, “bodyguard”, and “ally”, along with the excuse of “Abandoned World is dangerous” and “it’s more advantageous to join forces together”, forcibly making Jian Hua stay by his side, one of the key reasons why he didn’t attract the other person’s objections.

   Providing an excellent salary and generous work benefits to Jian Hua is just the surface.

   “That means, the mycelium has no chance of success against adult Abandoned World monsters.” Li Fei with this point of view, the second point is straightforward, “The spider eggs are the only thing that’s different. So to say, there’s no reason why it hadn’t acted this way before on the other monsters.”

   They don’t know what kind of creature the black hairballs, as well as the rainforest squid, is. The others are the monkeys and the rats. It’s not a species that can produce eggs.

   “Let’s hide this matter for the time being.”

   “Red Dragon must know the truth about this matter.”

   The two opened their mouths at the same time, looking at each other after finishing.

   Then Li Fei felt that the other’s concern is wrong. To hide the facts, he had to add, “Our world is a book. However, there are not many things written in the book, so before things are completely clear, I suggest we hide it.”

   This time, Jian Hua did not refute. He looked at the carcass of the giant spider at the bottom of the fire exit, “After burning it, let’s leave this place.”

   The corpse of the Abandoned World’s monsters does not appear in reality, but the body may attract other monsters. The mushroom did not eat this giant spider, so Jian Hua decides to let Li Fei destroy the body.

   Walking back to the concert hall, they tried to find the steel balls scattered on the ground. There is also the lubricants applied to the back of the chairs.

   Finding rags and other cleaning items in the supplies closet on the same floor, they used their ability to control the cloth up and down, cleaning things and automatically going back to the bucket, then jump out to wring itself, changing the water and continuing to clean……

  Even if they’re sitting all this time, their mental manipulation abilities are at work, so this is still a big project.

   But compared to the DIY studio, this is a lot easier. It’s just that doing this makes you depressed because there’s entirely no need for this scenario. The mushrooms have already infiltrated the enemy.

   Jian Hua thinks that he forgot something. Taking a moment to think before he remembered, they have not rescued the people that the spider captured!

   The giant spider is dead, but those tightly wrapped in spider silk are still trapped in the theater hall in the main building.

   There’s readily available workforce! Unexpectedly forgot!!

   The rag flew into the dirty bucket. Li Fei elegantly stood up from the stands, nodding, “There is numbness from the spider silk, and it’s dangerous to drag it for a long time. It’s important to save people, so let’s go over there first.”


   This actor in the act, and his noble-sounding excuse.

   Although Jian Hua can see through him, he will not refuse such an approach. The two immediately went where Jian Hua’s scanning ability indicates the “warehouse” where the spider’s reserve grain goes.

   Along the way, Li Fei burned a lot of spider silk.

   Their footsteps echoed in the silent theater.

    After entering the huge web, the stench filled the former theater main hall, and a faint sound came from inside, “Don’t……come in! Run! There’s a monster here, go away quickly!”

   Li Fei raised his brows, deeply surprised.

   Someone is awake, and he even reminded them of the danger here.

   That person did not know that he just earned a good impression from the two big *oss and tried shouting, “It may be hunting, hurry up and leave. Don’t touch the spider web; there’s an anesthetic to it!”

   Jian Hua’s mouth slightly rises: What anesthetic, spiders are not human traffickers ah.

   Li Fei threw a flame and burned the spider webs into a crisp.

   Flames spread along the spiderweb. The web distorts, fractures, and after burning down, sprinkled the sky with sparks, like a grand fireworks show. It flew into the air before landing on another web and flaring up again. At that moment, it faintly revealed the main hall of the theater which resembles an animal nest.

   Many paralyzed ability holders stared dazedly. After the bright flare, a figure is seen from the entrance.

   It’s an understatement to say; the burned spider silk disappears, as if by magic.

   ——that chic figure, and eye-catching momentum, and that “one look can tell that he’s not an ordinary person”.

   As this person gradually approaches the center of the stage that has a bunch of bundled up ability holders, on their faces are shock, respect, longing, and greed. Their eyes all changed.

   For the people in this world, this is the Best Actor Li Fei, the enemy who filmed with their Goddess (winner in life), take the Best Actor Awards for two years straight, and has a great reputation (makes a lot of money).

   After the numbing effect has passed, these people panicked. They expected salvation, the army or the police rushing in to kill the monster, but they never expected that it would be Li Fei who came in.

   Their open mouths were so large that they could stuff a bowling ball in it.

   As for the transmigrators among them……what can they say, how would they not know Li Fei?

   The Boss of the Black Abyss came? They’re saved! The book transmigrators began to look ecstatic.

   “Fire ability is so powerful.” A young man absently murmured. From the voice, it could be said that he was the one who reminded Li Fei and Jian Hua to leave.

   Li Fei also takes care of this person, rescuing him first.

   Using a sharp blade formed by the flames, with heat waves blowing, many people are scared and screamed. The youth fell out of the cocoon that binds him.

   “Thank you, both of you. The spider……”

   “Already dead.” Jian Hua lightly said.

   He walked behind Li Fei and ignored by everyone. The Movie Emperor’s spotlight is too intense.

   The youth is surprised and said his thanks. Whoever thought that just when he thought that he would become a monster’s meal, he would be rescued after despairing? So he must be grateful.

   Li Fei, who released everyone from the spider silk, sweep a look around, “Are they all here?”

  He asked Jian Hua because the latter has a scanning ability.

   But the people who were rescued did not know, so they are competing to answer, “There was a dog.”

   “Right, maybe it has less anesthetic. It soon recovered and escaped!”


   It seems that the Corgi’s matter cannot be concealed. Let the Red Dragon check it.

   Li Fei said quietly, “Get enough rest. Just follow me. We must clean up the theater.”

    He was immediately asked, “This is not our home, why should we clean up? Do you have nothing else to do?”

   “It seems that you all want to continue staying in the spider silk.” Li Fei touches his chin, a smile on his face, but his eyes are cold.

   “Such a lousy celebrity, who would……”

   The voice just faded when the man is ablaze. The crowd was so scared that they couldn’t climb up (because of weakness in limbs) to avoid. The unlucky one haplessly rolled around for two laps on the floor, before the tattered body can stand up. Although he wasn’t injured, he never dared to say a word.

   “I heard that the spider ate a lot of people, really pitiful.” Li Fei said with a smile.

   The people who understand did not speak.

   On the way to the concert hall, after seeing the scratches on the glass and the deep traces of four feet on the wall, everyone is pale. In particular, the human shoe mark on the wall at the corner was found, and their minds imagined the scene where a giant spider is chasing behind while someone is fleeing calmly and made a flexible escape.

   After dividing the work of cleaning the concert hall, they saw the burnt traces in the ceiling. The fact that these high-level ability holders can lead the spider into a trap is almost a truth in their minds. They looked at Li Fei with awe: This is something that an average person can do?

   From beginning to end, someone who wants to ask who Jian Hua is, there’s not a single one. 

STB Chapter 67: Parasitism
STB Chapter 69: Test

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