STB Chapter 67: Parasitism

STB Chapter 66: Jealousy
STB Chapter 68: Hard Work

A bad smell came from the end of the hallway, becoming more and more concentrated.

Jian Hua is running along the corridor without turning back, grimacing at the feeling of stepping on the spider webs along the way.

This alerted the giant spider to come hunting. The eggs under its belly have been moving for a while now, so its children will be born soon, needing more food. This is not a world it is familiar with, so this egg-hugging female spider has some anxiety. However, there are no natural enemies here, and the prey is also very good. It has no hard shells, and it even could not break the spider silk, so it didn’t take long to reserve a lot of food.

To say the shortcomings, it’s that these preys are too skinny.

It’s just enough to sink its teeth in, just a little strength to inject toxins and toss it aside the next moment. Anyways, its children are very young when born so it will not despise food with less meat.

The spider moved closer by stepping on the spider webs.

The giant webs in Haicheng National Theater seem to be hanging unconnected, but in fact, every web has a key “central axis” which is drawn elsewhere. These axes would then be weaved into a web, forming the second layer and so on, eventually becoming a “data transmission network”. The giant spider traced back the source based on these “junctions”, quickly locking onto the prey

Two intruders!

The spider has little interest. If it crawled over there and found out another rounded Corgi, it will inevitably tear its prey to pieces!

The egg under its belly moved. It seems that the two preys do not have to be stored, but will immediately be fed to its children……

The giant spider speeds up, and seeing the back of the prey, it was very satisfied.

The monkeys and humans are the same creatures in the eyes of the spider. The only difference is the amount of hair, one does not have too much of it. Obviously, it’s better to capture the ones with no hair, since it’s more suitable for feeding the young spiders.

It spits a white silk web sticking to the wall.

Jian Hua easily avoids it by leaping, and he deliberately slowed down, letting Li Fei run ahead of him

This brazen protective posture made Li Fei a little annoyed in his heart. However, behind them is a giant spider chasing them, so arguing about who should go first is wrong.

Soon, the stairs is around the corner.

To divert the theater crowd, they made a y-shaped staircase here. While going up, it will be divided into two sides to go to the next floor, and the span of the two arms of the Y is considerable, each leading to a different direction on the second floor.

Here, in their entire plan, is the part with the highest risk.

In the amount of time to run the stairs, the spider can hoist itself up by spraying its web, and directly attack the two people from the air.

Fortunately, there are not many spiderwebs nearby, so Jian Hua and Li Fei arranged everything. When preparing to disturb the spider, the first thing they did is to clear up the overhanging spiderwebs.

You can’t weave a web with nothing. If the giant spider wants to block them, after stepping onto the web, it’ll fall.

“Bang!” There was a loud noise.

The spider barely lands on its back, one of its legs carefully holding its eggs.

This fall thoroughly aroused its anger. When it crawled, it found that its silk was broken, and instead, there was a fine white thread.

The spider had bad eyes, but the sense organs on its legs are very developed.

The “fallen” mycelium once again leisurely wanders, and the spider did not hesitate to follow it to Jian Hua’s direction.

Li Fei: “……”

Is this cheating?

Since the result has been set, Li Fei bypassed the sculpture and directly went to the concert hall. Jian Hua led along the giant spider to the next floor along the tempered glass wall, preparing to circle the entire floor before going to the main entrance of the concert hall.

The smooth ground severely affects the speed of the giant spider.

The glass windows facing the outside is scratched by the spider feet, issuing harsh sounds.

The giant spider occupies the entire hallway, its other four legs touching the outer wall of the concert hall. The pots placed along the wall were not spared, falling and breaking apart, with the leaves and dirt scattering all over the floor.

Jian Hua’s right shoulder was hit hard with force. It was the spider silk that the spider spits out.

The giant spider wants to pull in its prey but found that the spider silk did not stick. It’s a dirty trick from those bunch of white threads.

Angrily swinging its pincers, the spider waved its eight legs, deciding to pounce and tear its prey alive. Its sharp feet scratched deep dents along the wall.

With four legs step on the tempered glass windows on one side, the other four legs could barely support it, making the spider’s body uncontrollably tilt sideways while it was chasing Jian Hua.

Angry, it spewed out more spider silk until the hallway is beyond recognition.

It’s enough for the spider as long as Jian Hua “slip”. Just around the corner is the main entrance of the concert hall.

He has a few leaves on his hair, and there is dirt everywhere on his clothes. He steps on the wall while turning, and the place where his footprint was left behind was destroyed by the spider’s feet.

Jian Hua is short of breath. He hadn’t run so fast for a long time.

A person can increase his speed between a life and death situation, but ordinary people wouldn’t have this opportunity in their lifetime.

That creepy feeling of danger pressing on him, from the back of his neck spreading to his spine, the chill goes straight to his forehead. The fishy smell from the giant spider’s mouth makes it hard to breathe, tightening the beating of his heart.

Although this is Jian Hua, he can’t maintain his calm.

Several times, he’s seen the spider at the corner of his eyes along with the sound of its pincers closing and opening at the top of his head. If he just slowed down for a second, he would be □□.

Jian Hua almost crashed into the concert hall.

Inside is dark. The map that he’d seen before quickly emerge in his mind. Two turns from the door, and after that is just straight ahead——

The giant spider came to the entrance of the concert hall, heavily hitting the walls.

This delay is enough for Jian Hua to make some distance.

By the time the spider climbs up from its dizzy hit, Jian Hua has already run up half the stage.

A weird slimy odor is in the air like in a factory. The spider pauses hesitantly, it’s sense of smell is weak, but it was a qualified hunter, having an instinct for danger.

Unease hit, but it’s reluctant to give up its prey.

Until Jian Hua fled to the toilet of the concert hall, the giant spider still did not move.

Its pincers keeps making clicking sounds, hesitating while hugging the eggs in its belly, turning to leave.

——the spider silk is also limited, there’s not enough food, so it’s impossible to make the spider silk. A spider with a broken web will starve to death. Its not that it’s unwilling to mend its web, but it can’t afford to right now.

The giant spider is determined to have a feast, wait for all the young spiders to be born, and then come back for revenge……


A fire formed in mid-air.

The giant spider’s eight eyes were stimulated, all turning in that direction.

The red light catches its eyes. The spider’s brain has not yet fully comprehended the meaning of this scene clearly when a hot blast swept through the air. It does not need to turn its head around, the eyes spread on its body can view 360 degrees.

The entrance to the concert hall burst into flames.

The spider stepped forward in exploration and was immediately scared back by the hot atmosphere of the flames.

It quickly jumped to the back row of the seats, destroying things on its way, picking some up and flinging it to the flames——or lifting it up and pushing it in front to shield from the fire, to rush out of the fire.

This behavior exposed it as a smart creature that has independent thinking skills.

This is unheard of in any Abandoned World monster!

Strong, terribly cruel, intelligent, breed fast and a creature with poisonous webs.

It just climbed a chair, almost slipping, and with several legs scurrying. Fortunately, there is another leg on the ground supporting it. This posture of not falling with its belly up is really funny.

Another group of flames hit the spider from behind.

The burning sensation made the spider jump instinctively. It wants to avoid it, but most of the chairs on the concert hall can’t be lifted. It slipped awkwardly for a few steps, only spitting out silk for balance.

Li Fei’s figure is exposed through the light from the fire.

Understanding that this was a trap, the spider makes a sharp sound with its pincers. It furiously rushed forward for two steps, went sober and quickly stuck to the ceiling. It sprayed silk towards Li Fei, wanting to forcibly drag the enemy in front of it.

Li Fei backed up a few steps, keenly avoiding it.

The flame spread along the silk without warning, and the characteristic odor of meat burning spread in the air.

Li Fei’s eyes saw the movement of the cocoon-like objects that the female spider is holding. It seems like the eggs are aware of the danger of burning, and can’t wait to escape.

Where would the spider dare to let its eggs hatch? It did not hesitate to bow, spitting out another layer of silk.

The flame has burned its back, its bristles suddenly shrinking, it furiously sweeping a row of seats.

It stumbled, wanting to escape.

The eggs tightly held by it, the trembling hairs on its long legs showed its panic, and the giant spider makes a terrible and nasty whine.

“Bind it!”

Numerous mycelium burst out, keeping the giant spider wrapped up. It struggled hard, pulling off some mycelium.

“With telekinesis, float it up!” Li Fei fully controls the scope of the flames, still keeping a cool head.

The spider feels an unknown force floating it up. Its eight legs can’t find any support and ignoring its injury, the spider abruptly broke its back armor, saving itself from its stuck position.

However, greeting it is a group of raging flames.

Strange horrified sounds ring throughout the theater.

“The fire exit, knock the door open!” Li Fei gathered all the flames on the spider.

Jian Hua has opened the fire exit over there, showing the corridor with bright green lights inside.


The spider was caught in the fireball. After floating the giant fireball, Li Fei and Jian Hua teamed up to throw it down the stairs. It rolled a long way down, the fire lighting up several floors.

The screams continued for more than a minute and finally became silent. The concert hall once again became quiet.

Jian Hua is not assured, and Li Fei is the same. They walked cautiously down the stairs, going to the bottom, and found that the spider is completely curled up, all black, and exuding a strange odor.

At the end of its life, it uses its body and eight legs to create shelter from the fire, hiding the eggs.

“If Assistant Lin is here, I guess he would exclaim that the giant spider is rather similar to humans. It is a wonderful mother.” Li Fei casually said, his expression somewhat sarcastic.

Jian Hua did not see it, “That’s great, but you can’t hide the nature of this thing.” This spider is a predatory creature, eating everything near its nest, hoarding, and its scary thinking about a city filled with these creatures.

Jian Hua dislikes this topic of “human nature”. It was like the monsters in this world are “like humans”, and the only thing different is the appearance, what a joke!

Li Fei makes a flame, brightening the bottom of the fire exit.

Just as he floated it on top of the spider, the cocoon suddenly breaks out. After removing some mucus from a suspected eggshell, there was no trace of any small spiders.

“Not good!”

Did these guys hatch? Or did it slip away?

Li Fei throws his flame up high. At the same time, he used his magic eyes to see through all the dark corners. Soon, he discovered no trace or even a glimpse of a small spider.

“Thi-this is?” Jian Hua unconsciously stepped back.

Because there is a small spider climbing up before him, not moving.

Followed by a second and a third, just like a troop waiting for review. The spider’s walking posture is clumsy and abnormal. Most of them had not yet opened their eyes, and on a place like the head, there was a small mushroom.

Its cap is open with a slender curved body, just like an enlarged white mushroom.

The mushrooms bent while on the spider’s forehead, as if extra tentacles.

Jian Hua is suddenly at a loss, vigilantly looking at these “small spiders” that aren’t too strong. The results is that the mycelium took advantage of its owner’s ability, eagerly wrapping around those cocoons. The white mushrooms are showing a joyful emotion.

“Jian Hua?” Li Fei murmured in surprise.

Suddenly, all spiders turns their heads together to “face” Li Fei, rapidly springing.

“Stop!” Jian Hua quickly stopped them.

The mushroom above the spider shook, then they spread out, each climbing along the stairs.

Jian Hua quickly pressed down Li Fei’s hand, explaining with difficulty, “They are not monsters. The mycelium invaded from outside the egg, and occupied……the brains of these newborn spiders.”

Li Fei: “……”

“You’ve ruined their good mood.” The mushrooms are very angry.

“Why occupy a little spider that hasn’t hatched yet?” Li Fei almost wanted to burn this group of ugly little monsters with his flames.

“……they want to hitchhike.”

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