STB Chapter 69: Test

STB Chapter 68: Hard Work
STB Chapter 70: Cooking Skills

Cleaning the concert hall is not an easy task.

Those rows of chairs had its fabric ripped, exposing the cotton inside and flying all over the place. Some are even burned in half, filling the air with the smell of oil and burnt things.

“Achoo!” The working people sneeze one after another, in a bad mood.

The lamp on the ceiling is severely damaged, showing traces of the fight, and causing the lack of light in the hall. The lightning debris is falling all over the place, making it more difficult to clean.

Those who had awakened their abilities are lazily using their telekinesis, but some people can only clean with their hands.

Sweating while also putting up with the unpleasant odor exhausted their initial reverence. Everyone is getting lazier, eyes involuntarily looking at the door, thinking of ways to escape.

Some people are timid. After thinking about Li Fei’s threat, they just stomach it and continue to work.

Some people are not reconciled. They spoke nicely but cursed in their minds. The real thoughts reflected in their minds shows that whatever they say will just become cynicism. The more public a person is, the more they talk and the more they took a contemptuous attitude. In their mouths, all the rich are heartless, all officials are corrupted. Their advantage is only because they’re such lucky bastards.

Celebrity? That’s the most despised group, selling their faces during the day, at night □□, a total mess.

If Li Fei did not show such a fantastic fire ability, these guys would have been even harsher. As for Li Fei saving them out of the kindness of his heart, they don’t think so. Just kill the spider then come and save them, just that this alone will make them grateful? Keep dreaming!

Even if Li Fei is a powerful ability holder, people who don’t understand the danger of the Abandoned World in the future will not be willing to buy it.

——The higher the identity and status of a person, the higher the necessity to maintain your poise. Are they the only guys who care about it?

The result is that Li Fei does not care, and threatened to kill them in the spider’s nest.

“……go out and expose him.”

The person next to him rolled his eyes, “How to expose him, post it online? Who will believe it?”

“We are so many people, and the damage in Haicheng National Theater is true. If he killed someone, how did he hide it?” The speaker is the bald man, before, he instigated the unlucky fellow who got burned, “What are you afraid of? Let’s see if Li Fei really means what he says! So many people with so many mouths, he can still control us?”

“And if he killed everyone here?” A book transmigrator coldly returned. If this idiot wants to die, don’t harm them.

The baldy is speechless and then rolled his eyes. Apparently, he doesn’t believe it.

His mind floats, not paying attention to work. His feet abruptly steps on a steel ball, both man and bucket turned upside down, his legs in the air.

People are happy to watch a joke.

Baldy gets up from the ground, trying to save face. He kicked the bucket. He lost the rag and takes a step towards the door of the concert hall.

“A bunch of cowards! Probably someone had already gone, and you’re still stupid enough to work at this theater, you sick……uh?”

With a dull crash, baldy feels like he hit a big invisible net.

Didn’t the spider die?

Baldy was scared, took two steps backward and tried to shout. Someone crossed the “invisible barrier” at the entrance of the concert hall. He had not had time to see when his right arm was caught.

He wants to break free, but the five fingers were tighter than pliers. Even with two hands and a little force, they fastened onto his muscles. The baldy thought there’s two of them because, in a flash, a strong force pulled him. A tremendous force twisted his arm, followed by a kick to his butt, kicking him two or three meters away, his mouth eating the contaminated with oil carpet.


In the dim lighting, someone is in the doorway standing in the shadows. His voice cold, “Is the job done?”

Everyone rushes to clean, not daring to lift their heads, just as if they hadn’t dawdled.

Baldy spat, whispering, “I’m so unlucky, I didn’t expect the guard dog to be squatting outside!”

This skill is obviously the bodyguard of the Movie Emperor! Everyone thinks so, and baldy is no exception.

Jian Hua leans against the wall in front of the concert hall, not paying attention to the baldy’s foul mouth.

He’s been observing these people in the dark since, in the Black Abyss, they have to recruit some staff. He looks around and finally found that except for the youth who reminded them to beware of the spiders, he can’t even see a second person to pick.

Ten minutes later, Li Fei is back.

He has the smell of a biscuit, a half-full bottle in his hand and drinking the remaining half.

Li Fei looked at the concert hall, found that it’s almost cleaned when he wasn’t there. He stuffed the other bottle in Jian Hua’s hands, and the two quietly left.

Until everyone finished sweating, and the dirty water is poured into the toilet, they uneasily waited for the boss and his dog to pick them up. The result is that they looked left and right but couldn’t see them. Finally, someone sneaked out to see.

Finished! There’s no one inside or outside the concert hall!

After half an hour, everyone is full of sweat and grievances, dirty and went out of the Haicheng National Theater.

The book transmigrators still did not give up and kept walking around, looking in all directions, wanting to find Li Fei.

They took a closer look, but since Jian Hua has a scanning ability, they can avoid them effortlessly. Finally, these people gave up looking. After tidying up, they reluctantly left and walked away dejectedly.

Li Fei and Jian Hua stand behind a newsstand, watching this group of people gather and whisper.

Although dispersed, most of them are going in one direction.

“Tsk, just guessing but I didn’t expect it to be true.” Li Fei talks to himself.

Jian Hua did not speak. After the Abandoned World comes, he also had similar suspicions. Although this road blocked a lot of cars, however, more than a dozen ability holders emerged all at once. This number is too big.

With an excessive number of ability holders gathered here, it can make the Abandoned World come. But if you think about it in reverse, why are there so many ability holders in this road?

During the spider attack, Jian Hua is clearly visible in Li Fei’s car. The vehicles that these ability holders took is not more than one kilometer apart. There are also some that are just a couple of cars away.

These people did not say anything when they were doing hard work. They looked at Li Fei with more fear and acted very much like book transmigrators.

It’s also them who stayed around in the vicinity afterward.

“To organize a large-scale organization, this must be the day they came out to gather. The location is where they want to go now.” Li Fei puts a finger to his lips, pondering.

Jian Hua refutes, “Not necessarily. What’s the use of them going now? Leaving their car on the road, wouldn’t they expose themselves when Abandoned World ends?”

“Only fools wouldn’t take this issue into consideration.”

Li Fei, as soon as he finished, saw someone sneaking back.

“Look, a smart person.” Li Fei calmed down.


Jian Hua quietly turned around. He still wants to find that outstanding young man.


The duration of this Abandoned World is much longer than expected.

If not for the mineral water stored in the trunk of the car, five days would be really tough.

In particular, Li Fei is also preparing to admit a person into the Black Abyss.

The young man is named Yang Chao. He squatted in front of the Haicheng National Theater and did not go. Even though the giant spider is dead, the smell is still left. He is also an awakened ability holder and is very clear that the Abandoned World has many dangerous monsters.

After eating all the food that he brought on the third day, the youth cannot stand because of hunger. He came out looking for food, but he didn’t need no need to bother since someone offered a timely help with a bottle of water and a few biscuits. Yang Chao almost kneeled to the two powerful ability holders.

Yang Chao is a good person, and his brain is also very bright.

He asked himself that he has no value, and not worth what Li Fei is plotting. He guessed that the other person would make him run errands, so he volunteered. It’s difficult to live in the Abandoned World, and with such a good choice, why not do it?

This day, Yang Chao is wandering nearby and found a monkey squatted on the street lamp.

He immediately panicked.

This monkey, a pack creature, suddenly appeared. There must be a nest nearby.

——Li Fei can kill giant spiders, so a group of monkeys should not be a problem, right? Yang Chao is not sure about it.

He hurriedly ran into the 4-star hotel near Haicheng National Theater.

This is where Li Fei and Jian Hua temporarily stayed. Anyway, the door lock is of no use with their abilities, so to live comfortably, they can’t sleep at the Simmons Bed displayed in the mall.

“Not good!”

Yang Chao ran up out of breath. He did not find Jian Hua and saw that Li Fei is at the front of the window looking thoughtful.

“Are you talking about the monkeys?” Li Fei looks sideways at him.

Yang Chao looked at the window and what he saw made him suck cold air. Nearby, the overpass has become a monkey paradise.

Monkeys are very comfortable in the bustling city. They climbed the street light poles, clung to the roadside fence, and the billboards have also become their trampoline.

A dense mass of monkeys, there are at least hundreds.

Yang Chao paled. He was shocked to see Li Fei, not understanding why at such a critical situation, why aren’t they running? Is this the confidence of a powerful ability holder?

The monkeys cried out, their goal is clearly on this side.

“Let’s go!” Li Fei pulls on the curtains, turned around and went out.

Yang Chao is dumbfounded. Do we still have time to run?

What surprised him, even more, is that Li Fei walked leisurely. He took the elevator and did not hesitate to press the first floor. Isn’t this just sending themselves towards the monkeys’ mouth?

“You’re not coming in?” Li Fei asked calmly.

Yang Chao was tangled for a few seconds but silently walked into the elevator.

Without Li Fei, he would have been eaten by the spider, or in these five days, die of hunger and thirst. He saw that Li Fei may not let him live, and he had to back that trust.

——To be obedient and not contradict, it’s the level of difference between their abilities.

Li Fei removes his gaze. The elevator arrives on the first floor. It just opened when chilling screams came from outside, scaring Yang Chao that he almost pressed the closing button on the elevator.

Li Fei reached out to stop him, then went out. He didn’t seem to realize how dangerous it is.

Looking at Li Fei’s back, Yang Chao is sweating but still went out with difficulty. He did not tremble in the elevator, did not panic and close the elevator to go to the roof.

Hearing movement from behind, Li Fei is silent.

——Except for the difference in ability, Yang Chao almost passed the test with high scores.

The closer the screams, the uglier Yang Chao looks. If not for Li Fei walking in front of him, he estimated that he would really turn around and run.

However, when he saw the scene outside, he was blindsided.

This blocked road, all the large and small car roofs are full of mushrooms, swaying in the wind. Many hyphae on the ground moved, and mushrooms grew faster than bamboo shoots. The monkeys fell into them, like falling into a river. He can only see a few arms, and half a head exposed outside.

Shrill calls are heard.

Yang Chao’s legs felt weak, falling in front of the hotel’s revolving doors.

“Seen it before?” Li Fei lowered his head to ask.

“……I heard it’s called the devouring mushrooms.” Yang Chao nodded with a pale face, “When did they appear?”

He walked on this road a few minutes ago! It’s a walk back and forth from the mouth of death.

——No, in fact, he knows death.

“Since you know, don’t make a fuss. The mushrooms have little interest in humans. Our food is running out. Wait until the mushrooms finished their meal, then go find a monkey’s corpse.”

STB Chapter 68: Hard Work
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