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A/N: This is the end of the second part.

「Yo, Asuma. Sorry for intruding」
Eugene said so as he enters Haruto’s house.
「What do you think? Coming to a person’s house without an appointment」
「You too often came to the slave trading post without an appointment」
「……isn’t that a public place? Is a permission necessary? 」
「It’s practically mine」
Eugene said so while smiling and sits on the sofa without permission.

「Here you go. It’s tea」
Roa gave Eugene some tea. Eugene slowly carried the cup to his mouth.
「You’re using very good tea leaves. As expected of a rich man」
「When you say it, I can only hear sarcasm」
Haruto says while taking a sip of his tea.
「Still, it’s a quiet house. Is it just the two of you living by yourselves? 」
「……is there something wrong? 」
Hearing Haruto says so, Eugene made a face as if he’s amazed.
「You’re a guy with no greed. Hire a servant. When I was about your age, I hired about 30 sex slaves, I made every single one of them pregnant. As a matter of fact, I received 20 sex slaves with cute faces. You want to buy? Ah! Naturally, everyone is a virgin? 」
「This bastard」
Haruto put down the cup while saying so.

「You’re not really here to talk about crap like that, right? 」
Eugene says so while taking out something from his pocket, throwing it to Haruto.
「Right, since your birthday is a week later, here’s a present」
Haruto looked at what Eugene threw at him. It was a badge. It’s somewhat familiar.

「T-that! 」
Roa is surprised, putting a hand on her mouth. Haruto heard and looks at Roa.
「What is this? 」
As Haruto says so, Eugene made a big sigh.
「There’s a limit to being dull. But this guy」
Eugene grabbed his breast pocket, showing it to Haruto. There was the exact same badge shining.
「This is proof of a congressman. You got selected to be one of Claris’ Member of Congress. Do you understand? 」
Three seconds after Eugene say so, Haruto opened his eyes wide.

「Oniisan! Congratulations on your inauguration!! 」
Maria, wearing waitress clothes, brought steaks to Haruto and Roa.
「Aahh, thank you」
They receive the steak and started eating.

「I’m glad that you came to our shop to eat……but aren’t you guys supposed to eat food in fancy restaurants? 」
Marceau said with a wry smile.
「But we do once in a while? When we got a discount ticket or something」
Haruto said while eating the steak.
「And this is a luxury, right? 」
Roa said while pointing at the steak.

「Someone with a monthly income of over 100 million says that a steak worth 1200 Doria is a 『luxury』. Aren’t you supposed to spend your money on wild merrymaking?」
「I also thought about that, you know? But it’s hard to survive with all the expenses. On the other hand, I’ve got nothing to use it for? Let me hear if you have any suggestions」
Haruto said with a frown.
「You’re right……if you have 100 million……why don’t you increase restaurants and inns!! 」
「Dad……I wouldn’t call that as an unnecessary expense」
Maria calmly tsukommi.

「Now that you say it, it’s hard……how do the Members of the Congress use it?」
Marceau said while scratching his head in puzzlement.
「Eugene and Branch seem to use it to buy sex slaves. I spent a lot just to make a bath. And build a mansion, buy jewels and entertain my mistress」
「Haruto-san, it’s absolutely useless to have a mistress!! 」
Roa twines her arms in Haruto’s. Haruto stroked Roa’s head.
「How nice. Onesan can get engaged to such a rich oniisan. I want to get married to a rich man like oniisan」
Maria, while watching Haruto and Roa, enviously said.
「You used to tell me you were going to marry otosan……please listen to me, Asuma-san. Lately, Maria doesn’t listen to us parents when she’s home. She’s such a good kid before but now……」
「Dad! What are you saying to oniisan!! 」
Maria yelled at Marceau in a sharp voice.

Fumu, time flows by so fast」
「Please don’t talk about the flow of time with such strange things」
Roa said with a wry smile.

「Speaking of which, it seems that the drought is still continuing in the Kingdom」
To prevent Maria and Marceau’s argument to develop into a fight, Roa went to a new topic.
「That’s right. Something about a wheat disease. I stocked up on wheat as measures for a price hike」
「You’re exaggerating. Although it will rise to some extent……you didn’t have to buy so much, you know? Wheat is not just coming from the Kingdom, there’s still the City State Union and isn’t it also produced in the Empire? 《Dennis》oni-chan also said that there was little concern that it will rise explosively although it will rise somewhat? 」
Maria said while being amazed.
Iya, there’s no telling what’s going to happen. I have a bad feeling this time」
「What’s that」
The two people are in an argument again. Haruto and Roa both sighed.
「Actually, Marceau-san’s bad premonition hit the mark. I can smell the price rising for wheat. Considering the strength of the scent, it will jump at least 2 or 3 times」
After Roa came out of the shop, she said it with a serious face.
「Does it means a famine will occur in the Kingdom? But that alone is not reason enough for the price to increase that much」
Haruto looks at Roa with doubtful eyes. He understood well the power of Roa’s blessing. But the『smell』of rising prices is hard to understand for Haruto. Haruto couldn’t believe all of it.

「That’s right. So, I also thought about various things. Certainly, the price of iron has increased, right? Taken together……isn’t it war? 」
「War? But recently, aren’t skirmishes decreasing? Isn’t Eugene also lamenting about that? 」
When Haruto say so, Roa groans while holding her head.
「That’s right. I didn’t know that. But the price will rise a few months later. Last time I hadn’t been sure since the time was still far away, but now I can say it with confidence. There is no doubt about it」
Roa said that while staring at Haruto’s eyes.

「So, what do you want me to do? 」
As Haruto says so, Roa smiled.
「Let’s invest. I will buy wheat now. Olives and other oils will also rise. So let’s also stock up on this」
Haruto says after a little thought.
「You’re right. Should we buy about 300 million Doria of wheat? As for oil……let’s buy about 400 million. Is this ok? 」
「I think we should buy more wheat……then is this good? 」
Roa laughed.
After one month, the price of wheat soared because of the poor harvest from the Kingdom. And then at the same time, the Empire declares a large-scale soldier draft and purchase of wheat. Following this, the Kingdom also conscripted soldiers and purchased wheat, making the price of wheat jumped two times. And the merchants of the west had designs on wheat. The price of wheat jumped up to four times and disappeared from the market.

「That’s the cause of the turmoil this time. Ma, but of course the Members of the Congress gathered here already know that」
Eugene spoke to the Parliament.

There is a riot of second-class citizens right now in Claris. The cause is the increase in the price of wheat. More and more people from the middle class began hoarding when the price of wheat began to rise. But the second-class citizens who can only live with their daily pay cannot do so.

「Ha, it’s the annoying guys who do not pay taxes……」
Adonis made a deep sigh.
「But won’t it go away if we leave them alone? 」
Branch says so while looking at Eugene.
「Eehh, so we’ll make a decision. Those in favor of leaving the second-class citizens alone, please raise your hand」
All the Members raised their hands.


「So there’s something like that」
「Haruto-kun, that should be hard~. Just as you became a Congressman」
Pudding gave a look of sympathy to Haruto.
Ma, I’ve also been preparing a bit so it’s not somebody else’s matter」
Haruto answers with a bitter smile.

「Speaking of which, there seems to be a large-scale movement of mercenaries to the Empire and the Kingdom. Most of the mercenaries from the City State Union are heading there」
Rusk said.
「I wonder if this is going to be a full-fledged war」
Rang said that with distant eyes.

「By the way, which is stronger between the Empire and the Kingdom? Isn’t the Empire above in terms of overall strength? 」
When Haruto asked, Tart answered.
「Although the Empire and the Kingdom has engaged in large-scale wars four times, the Kingdom won all of them. The Empire suffered a huge loss in the 4th Empire-Kingdom war that occurred 30 years ago」
Pudding further continued.
「In the Empire, the quality of soldiers is drastically falling~. So it continued losing to the Kingdom. Moreover, the main force of the Empire is infantry while the Kingdom has a cavalry as it’s main force. You can’t win with this」
Pudding said so while shrugging her shoulders.

「Moreover, the Kingdom has a dragon unit known as the Dragon Army Corps」
Rusk said.
「Dragoons (Dragon cavalry)? 」
The dragoons Haruto knows are those who ride on horses and attack with pistols. There is no pistol in the West.
「You have to fight while riding an Earth Dragon. The instantaneous speed of an Earth Dragon is twice as fast as a horse. If you get trampled by that, you wouldn’t be able to escape. But it seems that the upkeep cost is stupidly high. The Empire also tried a long time ago but it stopped due to the reduction in military budget」
「So this time, the Kingdom will win? 」
As Haruto says so, all four mercenaries nodded.

「Everyone is saying that the chances of the Kingdom winning is high. I’m sure His Majesty Westoria I is probably in a hurry」
Pudding said slowly.

Iyaー, it’s a good weather. It’s a good day to go out」
Westoria looks up at the sky. The sun is shining above his head.
「Your Majesty, the soldiers are waiting」
Marx hurried Westoria.
「You’re right. What should I do」
Westoria looked down from the top of the castle.

First, you can see the elite heavy infantry of 30,000. They have a high degree of expertise in the Empire’s regular army. When he moved his line of sight to the right, he can see 10,000 heavy cavalries and 20,000 light cavalries. And on the left, he can see the reinforcements from the equestrian tribes numbering to 10,000. They were gathered in order to counter the Kingdom’s cavalry. And behind them are 200,000 navy and infantry all lined up. The 200,000 infantry is the main force of the Empire in this game. Lined up behind Westoria is his private army composed of 300 desert people and 500 war elephants.

Westoria raised his voice.
「I will destroy the Kingdom that has been opposed to us for many years!! To save the Germanis from the hands of the Kingdom!! 」

Westoria shouts. This is a holy war.
Westoria shouts. To save the Germanis who suffer from heavy taxes.
Westoria shouts. It’s a war of justice.

「God is with us!! 」

The moment Westoria shouted so, the soldiers raised their voice.

「Hail Empire!! 」
「Hail His Majesty Westoria!! 」

The recruitment ceremony was a great success.

「Your Majesty. You used your Blessing? 」
「Ah, I got found out as expected? 」
Westoria stuck his tongue out a little. You won’t think of him as the same man who roused the soldiers a while ago.
「Still, I envy you. Your Majesty’s Blessing of Charm」
Hypia said with a smile.

「My speech would have failed if I didn’t use my Charm Blessing. I mean, just listen to it」
When Westoria said that while grinning, Marx and Hypia stiffened their faces.

Westoria laughs at seeing the two people.
「Just kidding. You don’t have to take it seriously」
Marx and Hypia were relieved.

「Your Majesty!! I was impressed!! 」
Claire hugged Westoria while saying that.
「Really. Thanks. With your power, I have high hopes for you」
「Un. I will do my best for the sake of Your Majesty!! 」
Claire said that and buried her face in Westoria’s chest. Claire is not just a woman, but the daughter of the patriarch of the equestrian tribes and a master of the bow. They are accompanying them in this war and would lead the equestrian tribes.

「Well, let’s go. The aim is to visit the Kingdom’s Capital City Vers!! 」

In this way, Westoria set off.
After Westoria went out, Annalise, Cattleya, and Cecil, these three held a tea party.

「He’s leaving. Aren’t you lonely? 」
Annalise asked Cattleya while drinking tea.
「No. Because His Majesty Westoria will surely return with the victory on hand. Besides, I have the mission of protecting the Capital. Are you not anxious? 」
Cattleya asks Annalise.
「Eehh. Because the role of the wife is to protect the Empire while my husband’s away」
When Annalise says so, Cecil blew up.
「What do you mean by that? 」
Annalise asked Cecil with a smile on her face.
「No, aren’t us two fiances? Although we haven’t had a wedding yet, my husband……we already feel that way」
Cecil laughs while grinning.
「Because it’s the same kind of thing. Both fiancee and couples. Ma, you may not know the difference since a priest like you can’t get married」
A vein is pulsing on Cecil’s temples.

「In fact last night, I was bitten by a mosquito. Please look」
Cecil shows her neck to the two people. There was a patch of cloth on it.
「It’s strange. I was also bitten last night」
Not to be outdone, Annalise also opens her chest a little. There was also a patch of cloth over there.
「You two, too? Me too」
Cattleya raised her skirt a little. A patch of cloth is also applied to Cattleya’s thighs.

The three people glare at each other for a while.

「To suck three people in one night……really lustful, isn’t it. Such a gluttonous mosquito」
「That’s true. When it returns, that’s not it. If you find it, let’s crush it」
「It seems necessary for that mosquito to be judged by God」

Three people have a black smile.

「Aahh, Westoria! Even in such a place! 」
A girl with ivory colored skin, Asuka yelled while looking in the mirror. A kiss mark appears on her beautiful neck in contrast to her beautiful black hair.
「Aahh, sheesh!! 」
Asuka pressed a cloth to the hickey. Asuka’s whole body is full of patches.

「Why in such a noticeable place!! 」
Asuka remembers last night’s act, her face blushing.

「After me, you certainly went to Cattleya-san’s place. it’s true that you have too much stamina……I mean, did you sleep properly yesterday? That sex beast」
Asuka tilted her neck.
「Ha, I hope it doesn’t evolve into a war」
Asuka deeply sighed.

Ma, I’ve been imagining it a few times, but I think it’s okay since they brought the weapons designed by me……」
Asuka thought so.

Asuka’s friend is only Westoria in this country. In the beginning, Asuka can’t speak the Romagu language. Recently, she’d been able to speak a smattering of it, but still only a little. This is the reason why Asuka depends on Westoria. Perhaps Westoria maybe aiming for it.

「Please, God. Please protect that sex beast」
Asuka prayed with her hands together.

After Westoria’s departure, the citizens of Rosyth are talking about the war.

「Did you see His Majesty Westoria? He’s so cool! 」
「That’s true. Speaking of which, I’ve heard rumors that he’s a womanizer」
「No~, what should I do if I’m chosen」
「It’s impossible with your face」

「Women are so carefree」
「Oh! Jealous? 」
「That’s not it. I hope that we win but what will happen if we lose? What if the savage Germanis come to Rosyth? 」
「That’s true. By the way, who is the general? 」
「I heard that it’s General Marx」
「General Marx……I never heard that he’s incompetent, but I’ve also never heard that he’s competent」
「Speaking of which, I heard that Marquis Lutis is not setting off, but what does it mean? Isn’t he the cornerstone of the Kingdom? He’s also His Majesty’s uncle. Why didn’t he go out? 」
「He seems to have a bad waist again? 」
「It’s that year again」
「What happened to General Rago? He fought many times with the Kingdom, didn’t he? 」
「That man was thrown to the northern part of Gallia. Oh, poor him. If times were better……」
「Oi, don’t say such things!! 」
「Speaking of which, did His Highness Pentax have any children? 」
「About that. I wonder why we don’t know for certain? Rumor has it that he threw himself into the river? 」
「Whatever it is, we have to win. Your Majesty」
1 week later, Kingdom’s Vers.

「Your Majesty, it seems that the Imperial army left Rosyth a week ago」
The Kingdom’s vassals told the Kingdom’s King, Friedrich V.
「What about our army? Aren’t they gathered yet? 」
「We apologize. The soldiers have gathered but the military supplies……」
The Army Marshall said apologetically.
It can be said that the Kingdom’s wheat has almost been destroyed by the drought and plague. Naturally, they also grow crops other than wheat, and there is some stocked up but it’s not enough to support such a large-scale military action.

「It can’t be helped. Margrave Zaltran? 」
「He’s been stalling the Imperial Army for a week」
「I see……tell him I appreciate his loyalty」
With the information from Hayama, the Imperial Army is numbered 200,000. They have to do this. First of all, to have enough time.

「Earl Dreis, Marquis Reifels, what happened to Duke Hanol? 」
「Because he’s not in good health……」
Friedrich snorted.
「To refuse the invitation when the Kingdom is in crisis……I would have liked it if he learned from Margrave Zaltran. We have to pursue this after the war is over」
Friedrich said grumpily.

「How is the navy? 」
The Navy Marshall proudly said.
「The Navy can set off at any time」
Friedrich laughs pleasantly.
「I see. For many years, we’ve lost to the Empire in the battles on the sea. Since the last Kingdom War, we poured a lot of funds to the Navy. We have to win. Set off now, defeat the Imperial Navy!! 」
「Ha! 」
After the Navy Marshall saluted, he left.

「Westoria is certainly talented. To the extent that he suppressed the civil war. But I’ll crush you」
Friedrich laughed evilly.

January to June

Income 70,000,000(200,000 ordinary soap)+ 200,000,000(50,000 luxury soaps at 4,000 doria)+ 50,000,000(10,000 milk soaps)= Total 320,000,000 =for 1 month
Total     1,920,000,000

Expense 62,000,000(material costs for 200,000 ordinary soap)+ 9,000,000(material cost for 50,000 luxury soaps + material costs for 10,000 milk soaps)+ 170,000(milk for 10,000 milk soaps)+ 6,000,000(slave maintenance expenses)+ 8,000,000(second class citizens)+ 900,000(mercenaries)+ 3,850,000(employees)+ 9,600,000(sales tax)+ 32,000,000(income tax)+ 250,000(magic stones)= Total 131,770,000 = for 1 month
Total    790,620,000 + 330,000,000(debt repayment)= 1,120,620,000

Income-Expense= 799,380,000
Debt 0
Balance 2,141,240,000
Actual Balance 2,141,240,000
Slaves 200

Accounting Officer and Slave Director Roa・Samaras
Accounting Assistant Dennis →salary 450,000
Supervisors Ash Brothers(Sisters)→salary 200,000
Regular Employees 20 people→salary 150,000
Mercenaries Rusk&Pudding Rang・Tart
Workers 200 people(100 in the first factory・100 in the second factory)


Income 70,000,000(200,000 ordinary soaps)+ 200,000,000(50,000 luxury soaps at 4,000 Doria)+ 50,000,000(10,000 milk soaps)= Total    320,000,000

Expense 62,000,000(material cost for 200,000 ordinary soaps)+ 9,000,000(material cost for 50,000 luxury soaps + material cost for 10,000 milk soaps)+ 170,000(milk for 10,000 milk soaps)+ 6,000,000(slave maintenance expense)+ 8,000,000(second class citizens)+ 900,000(mercenaries)+ 3,850,000(employees)+ 9,600,000(sales tax)+ 32,000,000(income tax)+ 250,000(magic stones)+ 300,000,000(wheat)+ 400,000,000(material costs)= Total     831,770,000

Debt 0
Balance 1,629,470,000
Actual Balance 1,629,470,000
Slaves 200

Accounting Officer and Slave Director Roa・Samaras
Accounting Assistant Dennis →salary 450,000
Supervisors Ash Brothers(Sisters)→salary 200,000
Regular employees 20 people→salary 150,000
Mercenary Rusk&Pudding Rang・Tart
Workers 200 people(100 in the first factory・100 in the second factory)

A/N: I want Haruto to join the war and make a big splash but I can’t think of anything……

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