STB Chapter 70: Cooking Skills

STB Chapter 69: Test
STB Chapter 71: Transmigrator Problems

After being a concert hall cleaner, then being a road inspector, Yang Chao is now a mushroom gardener, cleaning up the monkey corpses that the devouring mushrooms left behind.

Walking inside the dense mushroom bushes, the fleshy caps that touch his arms and body is better than the softest sofa, but the degree of comfort corresponds to the degree of danger.

Compared to the frightened Yang Chao, Li Fei walks freely through the mushroom groves. Sometimes, the mycelium wraps around his arms and shoulders. If the mushroom is not happy, it would cross over and block the road, forcing people to detour.

Yang Chao has the same experience, and his face went blue when bound by the mycelium.

The mushroom soon released him, and all went to “explore” Li Fei. Yang Chao took the opportunity to pull out a monkey under the mushrooms. He mistakenly thought that Li Fei accompanied him to “attract” the attention of the mushrooms. Not daring to delay the time, he carried the corpse and ran, drag and ran. Li Fei looked back, finding it empty after a few minutes.


This work efficiency is probably because the mushrooms are satisfied, so they gave Yang Chao a high score?

“Not so much. We still, have to eat it.” Li Fei cleared his throat, reminding Yang Chao.

The latter heard, squatting on the roadside while breathing heavily, and watching his high piles of loot. His expression is also happy, but there’s another worry.

The food is not enough, he guessed. These days, they’ve only eaten biscuits, and this is just a small snack. Yang Chao ate five packets in two days, but he’s still hungry. How many are there in a box? This is not the way to go.

The monkey corpse that he had eaten in his last Abandoned World is only half a monkey’s arm that is pulled out of the mushroom forest with a long hook. There’s not much meat after cutting, and it’s also too hard to bite. Yang Chao suffered a toothache for three days after eating.

However, to survive……

Yang Chao hesitates then with a straight face, he found a knife to remove the fur and bowed down to have a sip of the blood.

Li Fei tried to stop him before it was too late. Seeing Yang Chao cut another piece of meat, closes his eyes and prepares to put it in his mouth, that decision of “I can’t spit it out”, it makes people laugh.

“Wait a minute.”

Yang Chao suddenly turned, then racked his brains. He handed a piece of meat over, “Li-ge, you eat first.”

Li Fei gave a deep look at Yang Chao. More than smart, lack of resourcefulness, and no divergent thinking but still in touch with reality.

“Did you forget what my abilities are?”

“……” Yang Chao is surprised for a moment, then his eyes widen, endless joy flowing out of his eyes. It spread quickly to his face, and the corner of his mouth rises. Yang Chao was struck with ecstasy.

Fire ability!

High-level fire ability holder! Cooked food can be eaten!!

Not waiting for Li Fei to speak, Yang Chao jumped up and ran to the shopping mall beside them. Ten minutes later, he was carrying two plastic shopping baskets, a bag of special barbecue sauce, pepper, salt, ginger powder, and there is also a grill.


Although in Abandoned World, everyone does not have to pay, if you find a house, just grab some clothes and wear it. But this kind of picnic barbecue set is too much!

When Li Fei looked up at the name of the supermarket, Yang Chao has begun to salt the meat.

“Nothing that didn’t follow you into the Abandoned World can be eaten, it’s useless……”

“Not to disinfect, it’s the taste.” Yang Chao is immersed in his work.

“Wash it off. After a few meals, we’ll return to the real world, and you’ll feel as if you’re going to be salted to death.” Li Fei waved, the condiment bottles flying back to the basket.

“Not even this one.”

A box of brand new stainless steel barbecue grill, it’s not even opened yet.

“These would be sufficient.” Li Fei finally only took the steel pick.

Yang Chao had to bring the other baskets back to the supermarket.

He thought that he could eat grilled meat when he came back, but the result is that Yang Chao found a dozen burned meat waiting for him. Li Fei has not had time to destroy the evidence and was hit by the title of kitchen killer. He is not embarrassed, calmly telling Yang Chao, “You do it.”

S-class fire ability holder and a high-level ability to control——does not mean they can make a barbecue on their first try.

Yang Chao, “……”

Silently cutting the meat and stringing it, this time, Yang Chao saw a fire floating in midair. The steel pick is hanging above it while slowly rotating at uniform speed. The fire is also not fierce, but it’s hard to cook it that way.

Thinking of his last taste of raw food, Yang Chao felt that this was a problem with the meat, and there’s no relationship with Li Fei’s methods.

The meat slowly changes color. Ten minutes later, it turned to black. There was no meat, only smoke.

Yang Chao said with difficulty, “Li-ge, I think we have to cut the meat a few more times……”

This is a good suggestion.

On the third trial, there’s a knife next to the fire flying from time to time towards the meat. This time, there is finally a delicious smell, but the burnt smell became thicker.

Yang Chao doesn’t wait for Li Fei to speak, silently started stringing the fourth batch of meat.


“How’s the taste?” Jian Hua took a deep breath with a puzzled expression.

Through the traffic jam, he discovers that the mushrooms are multiplying. Jian Hua immediately knew that monsters have come.

The strange odor lingering on the tip of his nose made Jian Hua also understand the reason. This is the fifth day they entered the Abandoned World, and most of the water that other people carried must have been exhausted. The monsters became the new food source.

Compared to others who can only eat it raw, fire ability holders can at least cook it.

——Seeing the dull eyes of Yang Chao with a high stack of monkey furs, and before Li Fei is a pile of black charcoal, Jian Hua feels that he had to eat that sentence.

What’s the use of being able to manipulate fire, even the meat is not cooked!

“Li-ge, this is the last two tries.” Yang Chao reminded in a frightened manner.

He felt that raw meat is also quite good, at least he can eat it.

The more Jian Hua got closer, the more he can smell a strong burnt odor. He could not bear it and asked, “How long have you been cooking here?”

Li Fei is absorbed in the connection between the meat and the fire. This time, he came back from himself and found that the mushroom bushes are fresh and clean. There are no monkey bodies in sight, and at least one meter of fur is piled up around Yang Chao.

“Always have to learn how to cook things.” Li Fei subtly interpreted.

This time, they were trapped in the Abandoned World for five days. What about next time? If it’s ten days, one month, what to do?

If you don’t get familiar, Li Fei felt that he doesn’t have to drive a Porsche Cayenne when he goes out, just drive a truck.

Jian Hua blankly asked, “Then can you cook it?”

“……” They’ve tried a hundred different types of cooking methods only to end up with burnt monkey meat.

Li Fei removes his gaze, revealing traces of rare guilt. Jian Hua sighed in his heart if Li Fei is not his friend, he really didn’t want to bother to persuade.

“So what if you can cook raw meat, can your stomach eat these?”

Obviously, even the noodles and dumplings in the eatery in front of the hospital will not work!

Jian Hua poked his sore spot in one sentence. Li Fei has a flash of enlightenment, roasting meat with the steel pick again.

“I will not eat, but someone can eat.” Li Fei maintains a calm answer, leading the conversation to Yang Chao, “Abandoned World has a food shortage. If we want to complete our goals, we can’t starve the others.”

As for his original intention, to master this craft, so that when Jian Hua goes hungry, he wouldn’t have to go out and make a tough choice between a monkey and a rat, Li Fei is not willing to say a word.

“Joe-ge, you persuade……there is really not much meat.” Yang Chao wants to cry.

Jian Hua intentionally concealed his name, and Li Fei still called his English name in front of outsiders, calling him “Joe”.

Although Yang Chao does not know the relationship between the two men, this doesn’t prevent him from guessing that Jian Hua is also a powerful ability holder. Living in the Abandoned World, the fear of the strong is always real, not to mention that Jian Hua and Li Fei also saved his life.

Yang Chao helplessly watched the meat, stopping from speaking.

He doesn’t know if it’s from the sacrificed skewers from before, that let someone’s barbecue methods finally rise from quantitative to qualitative change. The arrival of Jian Hua seems to have stimulated Li Fei. After withdrawing the steel pick from the flames, the unique smell of cooked meat wafted out. The surface of the meat has a cut texture. There are ten accurate cuts, from the surface to the inside are just the right colors, and sizzling with oil.

If this is not a success, it’s a stunning finish!

“Xiao Yang.” Li Fei instructs Yang Chao to wear heatproof gloves before holding the steel pick.

The latter rushed, almost falling in love with the fragrance.

“Eat it when it’s cold.”

“Ah?” Yang Chao was surprised.

There are Li Fei and Jian Hua in front of him, how is the first one for him?

“I ate something outside.” Jian Hua is telling the truth. Even if he didn’t, he would not touch the limited food.

As for Li Fei, let’s not……

Yang Chao, who was hungry for most of the time, found it hard to wait until the meat cooled down. He excitedly bites, then wrinkled his entire face. Jian Hua’s mouth twitched, he has a bad feeling.

After swallowing with difficulty, Yang Chao looks up, telling Li Fei who was waiting for an answer, “It’s not burnt.”

“That’s it?”

“Mu-……much better than raw meat.” Yang Chao searched for a compliment.

God knows that his mouthful of meat continued to stimulate his taste buds!

After being cooked, the smell of raw meat is gone. He can also bite it, it was very friendly to the teeth, but the degree of friendliness towards the tongue has not improved! That greasy, dry taste is like the oil dregs after refining, and that after boiling it for three hours.

The bitterness of Yang Chao can’t be seen since his face is wrinkled too much.

“……don’t eat if it’s unpalatable.” Li Fei did not want to poison the future members of Black Abyss.

“No, Li-ge, it’s really easier to eat than raw meat.” The point is not to suffer. So what if the taste is terrible, it still tastes better than raw meat!

The two people’s expression is subtle as they watched Yang Chao eat the barbecue, not wanting to waste it.

And Yang Chao already felt that the air he exhaled is poisonous……

The most frightening thing is that Yang Chao thought that he is not full. He painfully looks at the raw meat on the steel pick.

Then the ground suddenly shook. Yang Chao jumped up, this feeling of being “saved” is almost turning to reality.

“Pack your things into the car, you don’t need to bother about the monster’s corpse!”

The intensity of the shaking is related to the stability of the Abandoned World.

Li Fei and Jian Hua went to the car. When they open the door and sit, there is still time to buckle up the seat belt. This familiar feeling of drowsiness, and just blackness. Afterward, the hustle and bustle of horns can be heard.

The car’s digital clock displays the time, December 25.

“This time when you went out, did find Corgi and the girl?” Li Fei turned sideways as he changed the seating arrangement to be on the co-pilot seat.

The duration of the Abandoned World is too long. An ability holder may starve to death. Jian Hua went out on the third day to find them since the girl mentioned that her home is nearby.

“Yes, I found them. They escaped to the Luzhou river five kilometers away.” Jian Hua put on his own car gloves, casually saying, “A new kind of monster appeared in the river. It looks like a crab, and they lived by eating that. I also tasted it, it tastes good. Yang Chao really suffered.”


STB Chapter 69: Test
STB Chapter 71: Transmigrator Problems

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