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The traffic congestion is motionless.

Jian Hua stretches his hands to the dashboard while pushing the mycelium away. He opens the navigation and watches the map for a while, choosing a street, and zooming in the target area.

“Danube Western Restaurant, right here.”

Li Fei and Jian Hua were in the Abandoned World for the past five days. Except for looking for the girl with the dog, and assessing Yang Chao, of course, there are other things to do. They tracked some of the ability holders because they felt that there are too many ability holders stuck on this road. The proportion is abnormal.

——Is it a coincidence, or did they agree to meet in one place?

Both thought that the latter situation is more likely.

“The overlap point of the Abandoned World included only us in the Nan’an overpass near the National Theater. It’s a small range. Since five days ago, we have not seen any unfamiliar ability holders.”

Because of the emergence of the Abandoned World, they were abducted by the giant spider, rescued from the spider’s mouth, and made a cleaner by Li Fei for half a day. Every one of them, Jian Hua has seen.

Abandoned World is also very stable, with no increase of “outsiders” in the middle.

This makes Li Fei and Jian Hua’s tracing work much more relaxed.

People suspected of being book transmigrators rushed to the meeting place, soon exposing the address. They found that there was no one at the meeting, revealed anxious voices, which is enough for Jian Hua to piece together some truth.

“A huge organization where the peripheral members are not aware of the identity of the leader. They communicate through an anonymous forum and contact each other through an agreed code. The newcomers who received the summons meet. I can’t dig out useful things from their mouths.”

Jian Hua takes the phone out of the car charger, throwing it to Li Fei, “Call the Red Dragon! I suspect that they’re the ones they haven’t caught yet, the culprit to the bombing of the Huai City Pearl Hotel.”


Danube Western Restaurant, it’s a big name, but the store is average.

Located at the intersection of two roads with a substantial flow of traffic, it’s a good business and a crowded place on Christmass day. From time to time, someone would come in and ask the waiter, and after being disappointed, would come out.

In the dimly lit waiting room, a couple waiting inside seems to be having a dispute. The woman is playing on her cell phone, while the man is walking back and forth in front. From time to time, he would take some free melon juice from the restaurant to please his girlfriend, but with little success.

A man enters and asks about “Box No. 7”. The waiter went to lead the way.

After a few minutes, this person walks out with two more people, all with smiling faces. The receptionist at the front desk rings the bell to call in the waiter, sending a fruit tray to Box No. 7. There are people inside, not intending to leave.

The long-haired woman playing on her phone in the waiting area, under cover of being a “couple”, quickly entered into the dialogue box: “Falcon 9 has entered the meeting area. Confirming the meeting area, transferring to another location is uncertain. There is a table with a businessman at the entrance of the restaurant, looks like their sentry. I suspect that there are such people outside the restaurant.”

After a few seconds, she received an okay reply.

On the busy streets, many people are looking around; all are key positions that can see the area. After finishing an initial assessment, they quickly locked on three suspicious targets.

“Near the fast food restaurant and the record store! Check the window positions of all the stores at this intersection!” Zhang YaoJin commanded.

A man ran up behind him, standing at attention and saluting, “Reporting to Major Zhang, Special S-level target heard that you’re in Haicheng, asks to call you again.”

“Take it.”

Zhang YaoJin picks up the call with a secure phone, waiting a while before the call went through. The voice of Li Fei came, “Major Zhang, I found a pattern. Usually where I am, is the city you’re in, right?”

Major Zhang’s eyelids twitched, seriously correcting, “No, where you are, I have to go there. The place where high-level ability holders go to is prone to trouble.”

Through the phone, Li Fei seems to laugh.

“Thank you very much for this information. If I caught the prisoner, I believe you will be relieved……”

Two large organizations of book transmigrators went to the large-scale awakening in Huai City. One is already caught, but except for disturbing the public order, they have no crimes, so they only got a fine and ten days of detention, but still monitored by the Red Dragon. Another malignant issue is that the core members are still at large. They used several layers of proxy while surfing the net to buy chemicals for homemade explosives, and also made a cover, making them unable to trace the principal culprit.

“We are faced with a villain of rich anti-surveillance experience. Red Dragon believes that he has experience in the ‘world outside the book’, or engaged in criminal investigation related occupations.”

Zhang YaoJin’s words sound like explaining why the Red Dragon hadn’t caught the culprits so far, but his implication is not this, Li Fei said, “The identity of the book transmigrators, seems like you still hold doubts.”

“Liu Shan’s words may be true, but there are too few statistical samples in our hands. I can’t say anything for sure.”

The book transmigrators they currently found are mostly young people, both men, and women.

An inexperienced student, a small white collar, a female otaku, an unemployed person, and there’s also a rich second generation……Zhang YaoJin almost forgot the threat of “book transmigrators”. They were reduced to a kind of resource, because Major Zhang feels that people with common sense would not choose to become a book transmigrator, and also to a dangerous world.

Red Dragon also did a unique survey, analyzing the book transmigrator group’s interest in adventure novels.

The result is almost the same as the data currently in the hands of the Red Dragon. However, Zhang YaoJin still refused to sign the reporter’s conclusion. The reason is that the main culprit and several accomplices of the Huai City Pearl Hotel bombing case have not been caught yet.

Zhang YaoJin has a terrible guess: Except for the young people who are uncharacteristically imaginative, there are also people who live in a place where there is no life. For example, terminally ill patients, someone with a criminal tendency or someone with a life sentence in prison.

These desperate people are even more cunning and difficult to deal with. Not to mention that they may be ambitious, or war fanatics……they have no chances in their world, but they are looking forward to this world full of danger and opportunities.

“The North has a very positive performance. A book transmigrator wants to work with the Red Dragon; his name is Huo Wei.”

“I’ve seen this person.”

The voice of Jian Hua came from the phone. There is also the sound of a horn. Apparently, Li Fei pressed the loudspeaker key.

“You are on the road?” Zhang YaoJin frowned.

“In the Haicheng Nan’an overpass traffic jam for five days and two hours.” Li Fei said solemnly.

“You mean?”

“The location of the fight is the Haicheng National Theater. The damage is not too big.“ Li Fei wants to ask about the giant spider this time. He described the characteristics of this monster, not mentioning the mushroom spider matter.

“What did you say, spider?” Zhang YaoJin is surprised and repeated it, “A spider that is about the size of a small truck?”

“Have nesting habits, and its spider silk has toxins that can paralyze its prey……in the east side concert hall of the Haicheng National Theater, you can go to the ceiling and see the pattern of its back, it got stuck there.”

Zhang YaoJin couldn’t help but pinch his eyebrows to calm himself, “In the Abandoned World now, including monsters that will appear in the future, within our knowledge, there’s no giant spider!”


“Not to mention as big as a truck, there’s not even a small spider.” Major Zhang said seriously.

Li Fei has zero possibility of making a mistake. The probability of Li Fei lying is ten percent, but the most terrible thing is that the information given by Li Fei is real.

The book didn’t mention where the Abandoned World came from! And that there are even many new varieties!

It’s not just the book transmigrators that illegally invade our world, are there more kinds of monsters? What caused this? The giant spider did not exist in the original book, is it a coincidence or a sign of a bigger crisis?

Zhang YaoJin is upset, but Li Fei on the other side of the phone seemed to have been shocked by this.

Monsters that the “book transmigrators” don’t even know of, what terrible change happened in the Abandoned World? Did something change in the setting of “this book”?

“Reporting to Major, the police station received a 110 call with three murder alarms. It occurred in Haicheng downtown. No one witnessed the murder, only saw a mutilated corpse, suspected to be related to the Abandoned World……”

“Got it.” Zhang YaoJin turned his head and said to the phone, “About the Abandoned World monster information manual, I will arrange a copy, and let people send it to you in a few days. This is in exchange for today’s information.”

Before hanging up the phone, Li Fei once again mentioned, “We were stuck here for five days.”

Listening to the busy tone of the phone, Zhang YaoJin severely frowned.

After a dangerous career for many years, hunting all kinds of wicked criminals, and supervising the closing of several significant cases, let Zhang YaoJin quickly switch to the dark side of human thinking——then his face changed.

“Pick up the surveillance near the bodies. Look for suspicious people, especially someone holding a weapon and with blood on their bodies.”

“Yes, Major!”

“Ask the forensic doctor to inspect the corpse’s wounds as soon as possible. I need to get an answer. Those mutilated bodies, except for traces of monster bites, is there anything else abnormal……trace the wound marks on the muscles.”

The Red Dragon members listened to Major Zhang’s orders. How can they not understand? They show a look of horror and disgust, obeying the order in a complicated mood.

“Falcon 9 report, the restaurant had an accident. The people in the box were alarmed and may choose to escape. All units, please pay attention!”

Zhang YaoJin grabbed the miniature walkie-talkie, asking in the encrypted channel, “What happened?”

“There’s a dirty person who wants to enter the restaurant, blocked by the waiter and security guard. He wants to enter Nox No. 7 and made too much noise.”

“A group of newcomers from the organization entered the Abandoned World on the way to the restaurant! Someone may have awakened, be careful! Control suspects with the fastest speed, dispatch a group, start the plan!”

The people in the restaurant watched in horror. They saw someone with a hat and a scarf, hurry out from the inside. A table at the door also shouted for the bill. The partner of the woman undercover, with the phone he’s holding, it seems to touch the man’s back unintentionally. The latter immediately fell into convulsions.

“Aiya!” The young man jumps off with his girlfriend, calling louder than anyone else.

The man with the hat curled on the ground.

“Someone is ill!”

Brought down by a military taser, he will not be able to recover for a while.

The man at the front door table was shocked. He didn’t go to see the situation of his “companion”, immediately staring at the couple with suspicion.

Just when he picks up the phone to notify the leader and the people inside, he suddenly found that there’s no signal (the Red Dragon blocked all nearby signals half a minute ago), even the phone is not working.

Knowing that the situation is not right, the book transmigrator’s eyes changed, looking fierce, and preparing to take hostages while escaping.

As a result, he got a heavy kick on his face!

Still not reacting, his temple was smashed again. The strength is just right, not fatal, but enough to make people dizzy, and faintly aware, followed by collapse.

The restaurant waiters and customers are stunned.

The Red Dragon members posing as a couple has no choice but to take out their credentials, “Police, here to arrest criminals.”

There was also a siren outside the restaurant. Suddenly everyone has funny looks.

The long-haired woman picked up the culprit she dealt with, full of murderous questioning in his ear, “Where did you put my brother Guan Cheng?”

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