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T/N: Up till now, I’ve been translating this ‘Shokai’ as Chamber of Commerce. But I found it such a pain to type such a long phrase that I’ll resort to romaji. Meaning, Shokai would be translated as ‘shokai’.

「So this is Shufelt」
Haruto and Roa came to Shufelt. There are large walls in front of their eyes, but it’s still lower than the walls of Claris.
「I felt it was bigger when I was a child……it’s somewhat lower」
What changed was not the wall of Shufelt but the height of Roa.
「For the time being, let’s enter」
Haruto and Roa head towards the gate. In the gates, there’s a long line of people waiting for entry.
「It’s long. Isn’t it longer than in Claris? Claris should have more people coming and going……or is the efficiency inferior」
A large horse-drawn carriage passed by such Haruto and Roa. A picture of a tree was drawn on the carriage.
「……it’s a carriage of Samaras Shokai」
Roa unconsciously hid behind Haruto. The horse-drawn carriage enters the carriage-only entrance, quickly completed the inspection and entered the gates.
「Samaras Shokai’s inspection is strangely short. Is it VIP treatment?」
Now he can see the power of Samaras Shokai in Shufelt.

After waiting for a long time, it was finally Haruto and Roa’s turn. The soldiers methodically began a physical inspection of Haruto and Roa.
「Nn? What is this」
The soldiers took out the soap from Haruto and listened to Haruto explain.
「It’s soap. Don’t you know?」
The soldiers frowned their brows. They don’t know about it. A soldier makes a dog sniff the soap. The dog shook its head sideways.
「Fumu. It does not seem suspicious」
The soldier returned the soap to Haruto. After that is the long physical examination of Haruto and Roa.
「Fumu. There does not seem to be a problem. You’re good to go! 」
Haruto and Roa entered the city of Shufelt.


「There is little traffic compared to Claris. Well, isn’t it funny to compare it to Claris? How is it? Did something change from ten years ago? 」
Haruto asked Roa. Roa said while frowning.
「I feel that something in the air is heavy. There are also many vagrants. Haruto-san, can you ask someone」
「You can just ask」
「It’s embarrassing」
Haruto sighs. He asked an old man who passed nearby.
「Excuse me. I was here at Shufelt ten years ago, but I feel that it’s gloomier than that time……what happened? 」
The old man answers Haruto’s question.
「Actually, drugs, and kidnapping have been rampant since 10 years ago. What are the police doing at all」
The old man begins to complain. Haruto rewarded him after saying thank you.

「It seems to be that」
「I see. So that’s why the inspection was strict. Even so, kidnapping and drugs. We must be careful」
Roa braced herself.
「I will search for accommodation now. I wonder if there’s a good place」
Haruto and Roa started searching for an inn.


「I’m glad we found a good place」
「I agree. It seems safe here」
Haruto and Roa found an expensive hotel that is 800,000 Doria overnight. Security is perfect because of the price.
「So, what should we do first? 」
「In my opinion, I would like to see grandfather. He’s supposed to be a powerful Congressman, so he has some power. But I wonder if he’ll believe me……」
「Isn’t there something? Like the birthmark shaped like a star at the base of your neck」
「What’s that? That’s not it. I should have brought my mom’s watch」
Roa drops her shoulders.
「But don’t you look like your mother? It’s your grandfather on your mother’s side. Isn’t that good enough? 」
Even Eugene figured it out. Roa’s face right now should be like her mother. Haruto shows a hand mirror to Roa.
「Here, how is it? Don’t you look like your mother」
U~n, it certainly looks like mother……but I am more beautiful. Dad’s features are mixed in to make a good combination」
「Then that’s good」
Haruto bitterly smiles. It’s a good thing you can still afford to say such nonsense.
「Anyway, it’s not good if we can’t see him. For now, let’s go towards his mansion. Do you remember the place? 」
「Yes. Since the view of the city has not changed much」
Roa and Haruto headed to Roa’s grandfather’s house.
In conclusion, they could not enter the mansion. They can’t meet without an appointment. When Haruto tells the Butler about his status as a Congressman, he was supposed to be there three days later.

「So then, let’s investigate Samaras Shokai. It might be helpful regarding establishing a branch office」
「I agree. Because there are things that you won’t understand with just the documents alone. Let’s go quickly」
Haruto and Roa took off to the main branch of Samaras Shokai. The main branch is a luxurious store.

「Welcome, what business do you have today」
The clerk welcomed Haruto and Roa with a smile. When Haruto said he wants to buy a bubble-berry fruit, the clerk responded with a smile.
「First of all, here’s the S-rank. This is A-rank. This is an A-rank bubble-berry mixed with rose perfume」
He~, there’s a lot of kinds」
Roa said while looking at the price of bubble-berry. It’s priced higher than the soap but cheaper than normal bubble-berry.
「How can you offer it so cheaply? Is there a secret to cultivation? 」
A clerk answers Haruto with a smile.
U~n, I agree. My best guess is that they want to provide customers the best quality product at the lowest price」
He’d been evaded. However, Haruto did not expect them to tell him. He’s just wondering what kind of response they’d show.
「Well then, I’ll have this」
Haruto properly purchased a bubble-berry. Casually saying when he’s paying.
「Recently, there seems to be something called soap……what do you think about it? 」
The clerk answers with a bitter smile.
「The bubble-berry is higher in quality and safety. In any case, bubble-berry has been used for over two thousand years」
「I see, thank you」
Haruto bowed and left.

「Is that what Samaras Shokai want them to say? Well, the quality is higher than ours」
「Dunno. But for safety. I never thought about it」
Haruto muttered. For Haruto, soap is a normal thing, but in this world, it’s a new thing. It may be natural that there’s a consciousness that it’s dangerous.
「I hope that image can be wiped out over time. Well, let’s see how this bubble-berry works」
Haruto looked at the bubble-berry fruit they bought on impulse. They brought soap, so they didn’t have to buy it. However, he had no choice but to buy it since he asked inappropriate questions.
「Would you mind if I use it? It’s a waste」
Roa said. In fact, they purchased the bubble-berry with S-class quality. If they don’t use it, it would be a shame.
「I see」
Haruto put the bubble-berry fruit in his bag.

Haruto and Roa investigated Samaras Shokai for a whole day. The image of Samaras Shokai in this town seems pretty good. Of course, the support for bubble-berry is thick. On the other hand, few citizens knew of the existence of soap, and many people think that bubble-berry is better even if they knew.

Since the investigation of Samaras Shokai has completed the first stage, Haruto and Roa headed to an upscale restaurant to take a late dinner.
「They have quite a solid foundation. It seems it will be difficult to take it down」
Haruto brought the steak to his mouth while complaining.
「I suppose it would be tricky. What do you want to do tomorrow? Are we going to pull out」
Roa struggled with the shell of the shrimps. The ruby that Roa got from Haruto is shining on her chest. Since it’s a costly item, she can only wear it at such times.
「Let’s not. We’d better not move until we can be assured that your grandfather will cooperate. It would be dangerous」
The enemy killed Roa’s parents. They can’t afford to be careless.
「That’s true. Well then tomorrow, let’s go sightseeing」
They discontinued their talk of business and concentrated on their meals.

With the two people continuing to eat, there was noise at the door as it opened. It became noisy at that moment.
「Nn? Is a celebrity coming」
Haruto and Roa look toward the door in concern. There was a big man over there. His age is about 50 or 60. The most distinctive of all is his fiery red hair.
「What happened? Roa? 」
Roa turned stiff with her eyes wide open as she looked at the man. A steak was stuck in the fork.
The man asked the waiter to guide him to his seat. He passed by Haruto and Roa on the way.
「Nn!? 」
The man suddenly looked back after passing by their place. And opened his eyes wide.

「Helen? 」
The man and Roa’s eyes met. And stared at each other for a while……

「Roa!! 」
「Grandpa!! 」
They hugged each other.

「Haah!? 」
Haruto cried out at the rapid development.

They suddenly became three people. They ended their meal and headed to the house of the Albertini family. They can’t talk in an area where people might hear them.
Roa’s grandfather, Bertrand Albertini talked through his tears.
「For the time being, I’m glad you’re alive……」
「Yes. Grandpa seems to be doing well. What should we talk about first? 」
「How about who’s the man over there? 」
Bertrand wiped his tears away and glared at Haruto. Haruto stood up and greeted him with a smile.
「Hello. Asuma Shokai’s chairman, and a Claris Congressman, my name is Haruto Asuma」
「What is your relationship with Roa? 」
「I am her fiancee」
Haruto immediately answered. Bertrand reeled back.
「Whaa-t, fiance–eeee」

Bertrand was puzzled. When he thought about it, his cute grandchild whom he thought was dead yesterday suddenly came back alive and even brought a fiancee. It’s impossible for him not to get confused.

「I’ll never acknowledge it! 」
「Don’t be like that, grandpa」
「Who’s your grandpa! 」
Bertrand screamed while his face turned red. Roa entered between Haruto and Bertrand to appease them.
「There~ there~, for the time being, let’s talk about what brought us here. Then you can continue your ‘please give me your grandchild’ battle」
After saying so, Roa explained to Bertrand.

Knowing the cause of death of Roa’s parents made his face go red. After listening to Roa’s life of begging afterward, he shed tears. When he heard the part of Haruto helping her, he had a complex face. After listening to the story, he said while looking appraisingly at Haruto.
「Let me thank you for assisting Roa. But I won’t approve of your marriage! 」
Bertrand asserted.

「But we already slept together」
「What did you say! 」
Bertrand leaned forward. He’s not lying.
「If Haruto-san did not take responsibility at this stage, my reputation……」
Roa looked at Bertrand with upturned eyes. Bertrand squeezed out while clenching his teeth.

「It can’t be helped. I’ll retreat 100 million steps and acknowledge it」
「Thank you very much, grandpa」
「Stop calling me grandpa! It’s annoying」
Bertrand glared at Haruto.

「Even so, I can’t forgive him, that man! Being so shameless just to get the position of Chairman. I’ll beat him up! 」
Bertrand murmurs in hatred. His face is red with anger.
「That’s the thing, grandpa」
「Don’t call me grandpa. What is it? 」
Bertrand said while glaring at Haruto. Haruto tells while confronting Bertrand’s line of sight.
「We, Asuma Shokai, will be the one to crush Samaras Shokai. Can you help me? 」
Bertrand snorted.
「That’s natural. You don’t have to ask me. I don’t like you, but I don’t like that man even more. So, what should I do? 」
Haruto answers.
「For now, could you disseminate information about soap which is the product of our Shokai? It seems that it’s not yet widely known in this country. At the same time, can you gather those from the Samaras Shokai who are dissatisfied with Reinard? 」
「I don’t care. That’s about it. It would probably take three days to find out. In the meantime, you better stay here」
Bertrand smiled and said that. Haruto lowered his head.
「Thank you very much. By the way, the room……」
「Of course you’ll be in separate rooms! See here, I won’t allow it until after the wedding! 」
Bertrand raised his voice.

Haruto and Roa stayed at the Albertini family and three days passed in no time.
「This is Samaras Shokai’s employee list. Blue is Reynard’s faction, yellow is the neutral faction, and red is the anti-Reinard faction. Those who are especially dissatisfied are black. Please use it effectively」
Haruto looks at the roster given by Bertrand. An impressive 60% is yellow, 30% are blue, and 10% are red. There is only one black color.
「Ah! I know this person. I often got candy from him! 」
Roa points to the name painted in black. There, Leon Glaser was written.

「Aahh, that man was a friend of Rivas. He was suspicious of Reinard like I am. That guy is definitely on our side」
「I see……well then, we’ll meet this person first. Can you call on this person」
「Aahh, I understand. You probably won’t get suspected if you meet him directly」
So we decided to meet Leon Glaser.

When Leon Glaser first met Roa, he shouted「Helen-san? 」. But after that, he shouted「Roa-chan! 」three seconds later. When Roa nodded, Leon widened his eyes.

「How are you alive? 」
Leon asked Roa after calming down. Roa said the same story she told Bertrand to Leon.
「So that’s it……it must have been hard. Even so, that guy, I always thought that he was shady……still」
Leon’s face distorted. And turned around to Haruto.
「Asuma-san. I will cooperate with you. Let’s send that guy to the guillotine. Iya, I wonder if tearing him up as punishment is alright? 」
Leon smirked as he said that. Haruto said while pulling back a bit.
「Thank you very much. But more importantly, how could Samaras Shokai produce bubble-berry fruit so cheaply? 」
「I’m sorry. That man seems to be wary of me……so I don’t know. I will investigate a little. By the way, can I call on some friend of mine? 」
Haruto agreed. It’s better to have more people.

The next day, Leon brought ten employees of Samaras Shokai. The ten people were surprised at seeing Roa’s face and wept happily.
「So, what can we do? I can go there right now with my resignation」
One of the employees said. Haruto shook his head.
「No, you guys at the Samaras Shokai, please investigate how they’re producing bubble-berry. We will also examine them from the outside. Please be careful. After doing that, immediately come to Claris. I will help you」

That day, they celebrated at seeing Roa while drinking. The drunk Roa stuck to Haruto. There was also the happening that Bertrand stuck to Haruto for some reason. They enjoyed a lot.


U~n, what should I do? It looks important though. I wonder if I should tell the Chairman」
The man with unkempt hair, Serius muttered while pressing his ear against the walls of the Albertini mansion. Serius rushed to the East so as not to get caught in the civil war and finally arrived at Shufelt. However, if he didn’t have a job, he couldn’t eat. When he was looking for work, he met Reinard Samaras. Reinard saw through Serius’ skill and hired him with a lot of money.

Serius is now eavesdropping because he saw Leon sneaking out. Remembering that Reinard ordered him to trace Leon if he’s doing suspicious things, and thus he arrived at the Albertini mansion.

「Although it will be interesting if I kept silent at this rate. What should I do」
Serius is a strong person as an ally. As far as he’d heard, Reinard seems to be the bad guy. But he doesn’t know that yet.
「In such situations, let’s do a coin toss. Front, tell the Chairman. Back, wait and see」
Serius throws a copper coin in the air. The copper coin fell on the ground with its back facing up.

「So wait and see. Let’s pretend I didn’t hear anything. It just so happen that the walls are too thick. With that in mind」
Serius went home while swaying like a drunk.

A/N: I just thought about it, but is it necessary to have an income and expenditure report? Initially, I will write the December report in the next chapter……but perhaps it’s not needed?
I will decide while looking at the comment section

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