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The strategy is simple.
First, Haruto will leave Shufelt and tell the information about Reinard cultivating demon grass to the Governor’s Office. After being transmitted to Reinard, Haruto and the others will head to Claris after a while. To go to Claris from Shufelt, they must pass a rocky road. There are many blind spots there, and it’s the perfect place for an ambush. Roa’s parents were killed in that rocky area.
There is no doubt that the Assassination Guild will ambush from there. Haruto and the others will resist and capture people from the Assassination Guild alive.

It took four days to prepare. First of all, Haruto called over the five desert people, Rusk, Tart, Rang and ten other skilled mercenaries. There are a total of 19 people. Actually, he can gather everyone together, but he decided to go with a few elites since the trap will become apparent. Next, they organized the information about the demon grass so that it will only transmit to Samaras Shokai’s Reinard. They need to be sure that Reinard would get the information. It would be inconvenient if it got sent to anyone other than Reinard. To verify the murder charge, it’s necessary to capture Assassination Guild members so that we can prove that Roa’s parents are killed based on a request. They cannot afford to catch Reinard before they get the evidence.

The strategy will commence tomorrow.

「I’m nervous……」
「That’s true. But we have to strike. It would be all right. Don’t be careless, though」
Haruto laughed. But even though he’s also anxious, he has to assure Roa.
「Let’s get married when this is over! 」
「Now I’m even more anxious」
Roa laughed.
「Both of you are really passionate. It makes me an outcast. I feel sick! 」
Aisha hugged Haruto. Haruto hurriedly looked for Bertrand. He doesn’t seem to be near. Haruto patted his chest.
「When this is over, I will also be your wife. I can be your mistress in public」
Aisha said that and pushed her chest against Haruto’s arm. Haruto swallowed.

「Ahem, ahem」
Roa cleared her throat.
「What’s wrong? Caught a cold? 」
「That’s wrong! Why are you having an affair in front of your fiance! 」
「Still a fiance. You’re not yet married」
「That’s not the problem. This is an excellent opportunity. Let’s talk. Come here. Haruto-san, please don’t come near! 」
Roa said so and took Aisha out. Haruto was tempted to go and peep, but he endured. The two might fly into a rage when he got discovered.

However, because he’s anxious, he tried to eavesdrop while coincidentally passing by……

「As I said! Haruto-san is mine! Don’t butt in you thieving cat! 」
「Noisy! It’s not for Roa to decide but Haruto! So why are you saying that? Haruto is not Roa’s possession. Why are you misunderstanding? In the first place, you’re too greedy to regard him as yours! How nice. Don’t you know my consideration for being a mistress? 」
「In the first place, is Aisha-san useful in any way? You’ve never been left with an important job while I am always organizing essential documents. It’s evident that Haruto-san doesn’t trust you」
「In the first place, I’m useful just by being myself! I’m stronger than other desert people so my and Haruto’s children might be born while inheriting the『Blessing of Battle』! Besides, I’m super important as a liaison between the desert people. It was because I was there that Haruto became a Congressman so easily. I am indispensable if you want to expand your trading area to the East! And Haruto said「I can trust the people that Aisha recommended」to me. I’m properly being trusted. I can’t say anything about Roa in general. You don’t even talk and have the habit of being a goldfish during negotiations. There is Dennis who can do the paperwork, and also other people who’ve been hired recently. Is there something that only Roa can do? I don’t think so」
「I have the『Blessing of Smelling Gold』! 」
「You don’t use it at all」
「It’s just inconspicuous! I always check to determine the amount of soap to be produced. It’s only because Aisha-san is stupid that you didn’t notice. Idiot, idiot」
「The stupid one is the one saying idiot. Stupid, stupid, so-called erudite woman. A typical fool who has knowledge but don’t know how to survive. Big-headed」
「Do you have an inferiority complex? Just because you don’t have any knowledge. After all, you’re just a steward, it’s not good going against you. Muscle brain, muscle brain woman! 」
「Noisy small tits! 」
「It’s big! You just have a big・・ waste. Did you know? It will sag if it’s big」
「Yes yes, small tits is prejudiced against big tits. Because little milk will come out. It’ll drip off when you’re off guard. Because there’s no demand for such a pitiful amount of milk. Be obedient and shut up, worthless woman! 」
「Even if it’s the same, the bigger one is more likely to sag, because it’s sticking out. Let’s face reality. You shut up, country woman! 」

Perhaps it was better not to eavesdrop.
「Haruto-san! We’re done」
「Sorry. Did we make you wait? 」
Roa and Aisha came back to the room with smiling faces. It doesn’t look like they’ve had a big fight.
「N-no, I’m totally fine. ……are you? 」
Haruto timidly said. Roa and Aisha face each other, sweetly smiling.

Un. We’ve decided our claims to each other. We came to a conclusion that satisfies both of us」
「As expected, discussions are really important. From now on, we’ve decided to talk with each other on a regular basis」
It seems they have come to a reconciliation.
This topic is not unrelated to Haruto. Or rather, he’s the center of the turmoil. He had to ask what conclusions they came up with.
「What do you mean? 」
Roa smiles and answers.
「In regards to Aisha-san being the mistress…I have accepted it. In short, only Haruto-san’s conscience is left. Because men other than Haruto-san would not even consider this. So even if Haruto-san embraces Aisha-san, I will not try to break the engagement or ask for a divorce. However, I decided to think that it’s up to the person concerned to say so. Please do your best not to let me down」
「You don’t have to work hard. Either way, wouldn’t you fall for me sooner or later? 」
The two people laughed. In short, it is close to maintaining the status quo.
「Oh well, I will make an effort……」
Haruto smiles ambiguously. This way of speaking like going with the flow somehow sounds indecent. If Aisha became pregnant first, Roa would be scorned. This will inspire a guilty feeling that may last forever, so it’s tougher than a divorce.

「Well, since the matter has been concluded, let’s go to bed early in preparation for tomorrow! 」
Haruto did not want to continue this topic, so he changed the subject.
「Oi, Roro. Have your wounds healed? 」
「No problem. Anyways, it’s unusual for you to worry about me. What happened? 」
Reinard silently gave a document to Roro. Roro read the paper and laughed at Reinard.
「That’s terrible. However, it has nothing to do with the Assassination Guild」
「That’s true. It may not be related to the Assassination Guild. But do you really have nothing to do with it? 」
Reinard smiles meaningfully.
「If I get caught, my men will release the information that you killed your predecessor to the members of the Assassination Guild. I’m not going to die for nothing. The way left for you is two. Will you kill Haruto Asuma on his way to Claris, or be ruined with me」
「There is another option. It’s the option where I sell you out to the Governor’s Office and Asuma Shokai」
Reinard and Roro stared at each other. And then Roro sighed.
「I killed the former president of Samaras Shokai. I don’t know if Roa Samaras will allow it. It’s a risky gamble. It’s no use. I’ll accept the request. However, there are conditions」
Roro stares at Reinard.
「The mercenary you hired, lend Serius to me」
「For what reason? I don’t want to give him」
Serius is the trump card of Reinard. He cannot easily lend him to Roro who might betray him.
「It’s because the possibility of a trap is high. This is more convenient, and it’s too suspicious that the information will come out at the last minute. Maybe they found out about the Assassination Guild, and it’s highly likely that they’re anticipating us. If so, it’ll really be over. So I need Serius to make it successful」
「Hmm. It can’t be helped. I’ll lend him to you as you said. In exchange, make sure to succeed」
「Of course. If we hurry right now, we can make it to the rocky cliffs. We can put a trap in the rocky place」
Roro said so and left the room.
Haruto and the others were moving in a dragon carriage. The mercenaries and Aisha are scattered around the dragon carriage.
They brought the dragon carriage assuming the worst case scenario. To run away at full speed. Of course, if the opponent is Serius, he would be able to catch up right away.

「Roa. You must stay still」
Haruto looked out the window of the dragon car. In a little while, they’ll arrive at the rocky place.
「I know. Haruto-san also. Please use the crossbow in case of emergency」
Roa says while looking at the crossbow in Haruto’s hands. Haruto is good at shooting crossbows, and it seems like he’s a hair above amateurs. However, it’s impossible to accurately hit the opponent unless on close range.
「I know. It takes time to load once it shoots」
Haruto laughed. Tension is visible in that smile.

「Haruto! The rocky place is in sight. Prepare your crossbow」
Aisha called out to Haruto from outside the dragon car. As soon as Haruto heard that, he applied numbness medicine to an arrow before loading it.

「All right, I just need to release it. It’s okay」
Haruto repeatedly told himself.
「Listen. If you see the dragon car stop, drop the stone. Don’t worry about the falling rocks. As the rocks fall, make sure to run far away. Serius, I want you to oppose the desert people. In the meantime, we’ll clear up the other targets. Bow Corps, you guys will support us from the back. Shoot arrows towards the desert people to aid Serius. Cavalry Corps, don’t participate directly in battle. Just kill if the targets run away. When we are annihilated, run away and inform the Assassination Guild about our defeat. Understood?」
「Ha! 」
Serius and the Assassin Guild’s soldiers replied.
「Serius. Your mission is the heart of the strategy. You have to occupy the desert people! 」
「I know. Don’t make such a scary face」
Serius laughed giddily.

In the meantime, a dragon car approaches. When Roro sends a signal, the four big rocks started to slide down slowly. The rock continues to accelerate, heading towards the dragon car at a tremendous speed. Once the rocks are out, three had gone in the wrong direction, while one headed straight for the dragon car. The dragon car increases its speed but doesn’t make it in time. Every soldier is convinced of victory. But the moment it was about to hit the dragon car, the rock was blown away. A blonde woman appeared from the dust of the destroyed rock. The blonde girl gave off a fearless smile.
「Oi, Serius! It’s a desert people. Kill! 」
Roro instructed Serius, Serius licked his lips and moved forward.

Ne~, Serius. What’s your answer? 」
A blonde haired girl laughs at Serius.

「Aahh. This is the answer! 」

Serius said so and attacked Roro. The Assassin Guild members stopped moving.
「Sorry. I’m the friend of that strong fellow」
Serius betrayed them.
Time goes back to a few days ago.

Are? There’s something in there? 」
Serius thrust his hand into the pocket that has his wallet a while ago. Serius takes something out of his pocket. It was a paper packed with words. It was a letter.

『I am Roa Samaras. I have stolen your wallet. As for the reason why I took it, I would be troubled if you were too stupid not to notice the letter in your pocket.
Let’s begin with the main subject. Reinard Samaras is cultivating drugs. If this is passed on to the Governor’s Office, he will no doubt be arrested. You may be in danger. Because you attacked us once, we can tell that to the Governor’s Office. There’s one way you can survive. Turn over to Asuma Shokai’s side. Tonight, an employee of Asuma Shokai will be waiting at the place called Tom’s Tavern. Please come there alone. Although you may have noticed, you are being monitored by Reinard. Please keep an eye on your monitor as well


I will return your wallet at that time』

Serius stops and think.

This is something he hopes for. Initially, he thought that staying at Samaras Shokai is unpleasant. If Asuma Shokai hires him, it’ll solve all his problems.

「I need to get back my wallet either way」

Serius broadly smiles.

That night, Serius came alone at Tom’s Tavern. Because the entrance is guarded, he escaped from the window. The tavern is obviously suspicious since three people are wearing white masks. The white mask approached Serius and said.
「Here you go, your wallet. By the way, I will get straight to the point. Will you betray me? 」
「It depends on my salary. I would like to have a salary more than what Samaras Shokai gave me. I won’t betray you if you agree to this condition」
Serius stated. Serius had no choice but to have Asuma Shokai hire him. Of course, salary is a prerequisite.
Listening to Serius’s words. The white mask laughed.
「Do you really want Asuma Shokai to hire you that much. You let your guard down」
After saying so, he removed his mask. It was President Asuma who appeared. When President Asuma removed his mask, the others also removed theirs. It was Roa Samaras and a blonde desert girl who appeared.
「You don’t remember after seeing my face? 」
Roa Samaras said. Serius stared at Roa Samaras’ face for a while. A pretty girl. Speaking of which, he feels like he’s seen that face before. Where was it……
「Ah! You’re the one who stole my wallet! 」
「That’s right. I am that person. Do you really have no idea after I change my hair color? 」
Roa Samaras laughed. Her biggest feature is her redhead. The impression would change considerably if it became the common brown hair.

「Even so, with your identity……shouldn’t you be more self-aware? There are many ways to get in touch with me」
If they go directly to Serius, they can solve the problem. Delivering letters is okay as well. He does not know the reason for doing this.
「That’s right, if only we could get in touch. But there is no other way to contact you without Reinard noticing. If the betrayal is noticed, the intended effect will be gone」
Serius think. Both Serius and Asuma Shokai are being monitored. They will surely be found out if the contact each other openly. In other words, this is the best way to do it.

「I will return to the topic. As for the salary, it’ll likely be 1.5 times more than Samaras Shokai」
「Seriously! I will not betray you. Please hire me. At what timing should I betray them?」
Serius thus easily fell. President Asuma tells Serius the summary of their strategy. Serius listened enthusiastically.

Finally, President Asuma told Serius.
「Reinard has the『Blessing of Mind-reading』. Absolutely, do not think about Asuma Shokai or the betrayal. Then it will not be read. He seems to only be able to read the surface part」
「Ha~, is that so……why do you know that? 」
「In this world, there is something called『Blessing of Clairvoyance』 that can clearly tell the Blessing of the other party」
Asuma laughs meaningfully. Serius examines President Asuma’s blood pressure to see if he’s nervous, there was no change. That means he’s not telling a lie.
「I understand. I will be careful. President」
「President! All are arrested. Including the cavalry. Suicide is impossible since all their back teeth are pulled out. What should we do next? 」
Serius kneeled down to Haruto and said that. Haruto unintentionally made a wry smile.
「You’re such a good guy. We’ll take these guys to the Governor’s Office for the time being. At the time of Reinard’s trial, they’ll have to make testimonials」
「Yes! I’ll make them confess everything! 」
「You don’t have to do that, you know? 」
Haruto made a bitter smile.

Ne~ ne~, can you trust this person? 」
Aisha worriedly asked Haruto. Haruto answers while laughing.
「Ah ah. It should be fine. Even after the execution of Prince Pentax, he seems to have served the son of Prince Pentax. There’s obviously a cause for a civil war, but he did not participate since he didn’t like being in a battle where he cannot win. If he really betrayed them, he would have killed the son of Prince Pentax and wag his tail to Emperor Westoria. It was probably because he has some gratitude for Prince Pentax that he did not do it. He betrayed Samaras Shokai because Samaras Shokai is dabbling in crime. If we don’t do something out of line, he won’t betray us」
Serius is different from a coward. If it’s clear that there’s no chance, he’s a guy with a high sense of duty at his root since he even served the son of Prince Pentax up to the last minute even though he can barely pay his salary.
「I hope Haruto’s words are real……no! If he betrays us, I’ll kill him」
「I understand, anego! 」
Anego!? 」
Aisha raised a puzzled voice.
Two days later.

「Reinard-san. I’m sorry I’m late」
Serius’ voice echoes. Reinard patted his chest. Because the Assassination Guild members did not return, he thought it was a failure. When Reinard opened the door and saw Serius’ face, he was relieved.
「Reinard-san. Do you know what I’m thinking? 」
Serius smiles meaningfully. So Reinard noticed it. The way of calling him has changed from President to Reinard-san. He saw a lot of police officers when he looked behind him. Reinard hurriedly ran away.
「Hey, don’t run away! 」
Serius stretches his hand to catch Reinard. He pushed him down. Police officers came in droves from the door.
「Reinard Samaras. You’re under arrest for smuggling and selling drugs, human trafficking, and suspicion of murder! 」
A policeman told Reinard.

Reinard turns his neck and looks around. He can’t escape while being surrounded by police officers. Also, Serius is on top of him.
「Evidence! There is no evidence! I am innocent」
「Stop being a bad loser, Reinard. The people from the Assassination Guild told us from their own mouths. You’re surprisingly not respected」
There is sympathy, but at the same time, hatred is also on that voice. It was his niece, Roa Samaras. She directed a glare towards Reinard who didn’t even let go of his elder brother. She wanted to hear that from Reinard’s own mouth.

「It’s all because of you! Die! 」
Reinard was barely free when he took out a knife from his breast pocket, acting as if to throw it.
The knife flew into the air. Along with Reinard’s left hand.

「Fu~, that was dangerous. Ne~ Serius! You should properly restrain him」
A blonde desert girl said that while holding a bloody spear.

「You can add attempted murder. Stand up! I will listen to your excuse during the interrogation」
A police officer said expressionlessly. Reinard was stood up. It seems like Reinard has no more energy to resist after losing his left hand.

「You look pathetic, Reinard-san」
A black haired man, Haruto Asuma said to Reinard. Reinard glared at Haruto with his last remaining strength.
「You seem to be glad that you’ve put me in this position, but it’s all out now. By the way, you crushed the Assassination Guild, Samaras Shokai, and the Yakuza, these three groups. Don’t think that you’ll be sleeping peacefully from now on! 」
Haruto shrugs his shoulders.
「Thank you for the advice. But don’t worry. All Assassination Guild Officers are now prisoners. The Yakuza group related to the drugs are also prisoners. It also seems to be busy being attacked by the other yakuza groups right now. Samaras Shokai’s slaves,  land, and employees will not be lost since it’s been decided that they will formally be inherited by the successor Roa. I’ll likely be able to sleep very peacefully」
Other than that, Reinard didn’t say any more words other than repeating the word die. He seems to have regressed to a child.

「Die die die, just shut up and hurry up! 」
Reinard was dragged away by the police officer.
One year has passed since the confrontation.

Assassination Guild’s Guild Master, Roro, told that Reinard was an accomplice, so the trial went well. Initially, Reinard was only supposed to be judged from requesting the Assassination Guild to assassinate Rivas and Helen. But thanks to Roro, he talked about all the assassinations requested by Reinard. Reinard even murdered his own parents, and it was revealed that he had buried a total of twenty influential people.
Ultimately, Reinard is judged for murder, patricide (Imperial Law regards this as heavier than ordinary murder), cultivation and selling of drugs, human trafficking, extortion, bribery, prostitution, robbery, and tax evasion. Although Reinard insisted on pleading not guilty, he either gave up or was desperate and honestly pleaded guilty.

Reinard is decided to be sentenced to tearing and was escorted to the Imperial City today. Public execution seems to be in fashion in the Capital City. Haruto is not interested in public executions, and Roa also decided not to go since she doesn’t want to see Reinard’s face again.

「Father, Mother. Sorry, I’m late. But it’s all over, I was thinking of seeing you with a refreshing mood. Yes. It’s all over. I have avenged you. Ah! I’ll introduce you. This is Haruto-san. I somehow became his fiance. Next month is the ceremony. Please come and see. ……I could not fulfill my promise of becoming father’s bride. Sorry」
Roa said so and pushed Haruto in front of her parent’s grave. Haruto scratches his head. He did not know what to say.
「I’m sorry. Mr. Rivas. I will have your daughter. I will absolutely make her happy. Please forgive me」
As Haruto says so, the wind blew. As if they gave him permission.

「Father, mother, and Haruto-san. Actually, I have a serious announcement!! 」
Roa says while broadly smiling.
「What? Me also? 」
When Haruto say so, Roa nods.

「Actually, I’m pregnant」


Haruto hugged and kissed Roa.

「Is it true! A boy? Or girl? 」
「No, I don’t know yet. I just realized it recently. ……but if it’s a girl, I would like to namer her Rea. I heard that it meant miracle in the old days. It’s precisely a miracle why an otherworld person like Haruto-san and I met」
Roa smiles meaningfully.
「I see. I have to think of a name for a boy soon. ……Speaking of which, our meeting is indeed a miracle. I wonder why I came to this world……」
He has not thought about his transmigration since he has his full attention on Samaras Shokai recently. He did not investigate it either.
「Let’s investigate from now on. I have a little time to spare. Didn’t he say that Haruto-san might have something to do with Almus I? Why don’t we ask when we go to the Capital on our honeymoon? 」
「That’s true. Let’s do so. I don’t think I’ll understand the reason. I believe that the different world transition is like an accident. In my hometown, there are Gods rather than spirits. They might be related to the different world transition. What do you think?」
Listening to Haruto, Roa answers after hesitating.
「I think it’s the Love Fairy if we’re romantic here. Fairies have always been mischievous since a long time ago. Besides, didn’t Haruto-san and I have blessings from fairies. We are certainly liked by them」
「Fairy huh……that’s fine then. By the way, why do all the mysterious happenings all attributed to being the fairy’s fault? Let me hear your wisdom」
「There are witnesses. There are also anecdotes from Endars I about he was able to get out from the desert by the fairy’s whispers. It has existed for a long time in the West. Perhaps if you listen carefully, you might hear a fairy’s mischievous voice」
「What’s with that」
Haruto laughed. At that time, something like a child’s voice came into the ears of Haruto and Roa.

「Did you hear that? 」
「Did you hear it……it must be a kid from the neighborhood」
「It’s not an illusion. It’s absolutely a fairy from the timing」

The two continued to laugh for eternity.

That is my ancestor, the story of Haruto Asuma and Roa Asuma who created Asuma Shokai and grew to become Asuma Conglomerate. Everyone knows how what happened after that. They spread their business throughout the Empire and finally made it into a global company. Asuma Conglomerate has grown up to this point, and I am in this position thanks to their help. Some people think that Rea Asuma, who was born into Asuma Shokai, was great and it was thanks to Haruto Asuma and Roa Asuma that Rea Asuma succeeded.

In this book, Haruto Asuma adopted the theory that he’s a person from another world. This theory is described in the diary that Haruto Asuma left behind in his older years. However, it’s a prevailing opinion that the theory of this foreign world is a delusion of an old man. But I am convinced that it is the truth. I did not believe it even a few years ago, but now I can say with confidence, Haruto Asuma is a different world person. I can’t tell you why. ’He’ is concealing the fact that he’s from a different world. ’He’ has a great deal of kindness and a friend. You won’t be able to hate him. You might ask why, but I can’t say something that he doesn’t want to talk about. So you don’t have to believe me. I want you to think that this is fiction to make the story interesting.
Now, let me put down the brush. Thank you in advance from Asuma Conglomerate.

Asuma Conglomerate’s 15th Chairman, Liliane Asuma.

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